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The Sunk Costs of Anti-White Religion

The New Brighton, Minnesota City Council recently held a meeting that degenerated into a “cat fight” when a Nice White Liberal lady was attacked as a “racist” by the White anti-White mayor for refusing to acknowledge “white privilege.”

Panelist Burg would bring up the term “white privilege.” She intimated how everyone in the room was incapable in walking in others’ shoes.

That’s when the conversation took a tense turn. Bauman said she “resented” Burg’s talk of privilege, as if the life she had somehow required no effort.

“Because I’m white, you think I was privileged my whole life?” she asked. “Are you kidding?”

Johnson’s voiced changed. She said Bauman was “the exact reason” New Brighton needed a task force. If Bauman didn’t understand white privilege, the mayor continued, she was handicapped in representing the community in its entirety.

“What you have just said,” Johnson said, “is the most racist – ”

“Excuse me?” interrupted Bauman. “Don’t you ever, ever accuse me of that. You have no basis to say something like that in public.”

The mayor offered clarification: “Let me rephrase it. That statement was one of the most racist things I’ve ever heard. … That statement that you’re not feeling the white privilege thing.”

The anti-White lady began to cry, overcome with emotion, and actually used the classic SJW line that she was “literally shaking” because the liberal lady had denied she had “white privilege.” It used to be that being against “racism” was a given and you’d receive no pushback. But “racism” as a concept morphed from “hating someone because of the color of their skin” to “not being actively anti-White.” The mayor received pushback and that stripping of her moral authority gave her an emotional breakdown.

As Bob Whitaker famously said, anti-whiteness is not “like” a religion – it IS a religion. It is not a rational assessment of social reality, it is a superstitious cluster of ideas. NPI’s Richard Spencer, in a famous speech titled “Why They Hate Us,” pointed out how many White people’s ideas about “racism” are deeply held beliefs, tied with emotions of shame and guilt, with a decidedly religious character – very similar to Victorian notions of sexuality and inherently evil.

The Nice White Lady at the New Brighton City Council meeting reacted with anger at being accused of “racism” – and the anti-White mayor burst into tears when she received pushback against the idea that all White people had “White privilege.” The incident was not two people having a rational discussion about social policy, it was two White women in an emotional confrontation about the religious notion of sin.

In many American Evangelical Christian cultures, a typical way that a young person, even a child, is “saved” is by showing them images of Jesus being tortured on the cross, making the child feel that he or she is guilty of all sorts of heinous sins, and that it is his or her fault that Jesus was murdered. Often times the child will cry and then beg to be forgiven, as children are traumatized by the idea that they caused the torture and death of some innocent person they didn’t even know.

When they “accept responsibility for their sins” by “accepting Jesus into their heart” they are then “forgiven” provided that they are constantly on guard against committing any more “sins.” This is, of course, textbook child abuse, a form of causing emotional trauma that without the cover of religion would never be acceptable.

The “anti-racist” religion works in precisely the same way. I recall in high school, in a mixed class of whites and blacks, being shown pictures of lynchings and slaves being whipped, and all the white kids were told that this was “our fault.” The black kids were of course humiliated and angry, and the teachers were quite explicit that the black kids had the “right” to be angry at the white kids, and the white kids had the duty to feel guilt and shame.

The way the white kids could be “forgiven” for their “sin” of “racism?” Why, to become anti-white and to constantly be on guard against the “sin” of “racism” in their daily life.

Without the veneer of “anti-racist” religion, this sort of “anti-racist awareness training” would be considered nothing but child abuse and the purposeful abuse of children leading to emotional trauma. — Hipster Racist,

If you accept MLK into your heart he’ll forgive your sins of racism.

Anti-Whiteness has replaced Christianity as the religion of post-1960s White America. Original sin has been replaced with “racism” and “white privilege.” Jesus Christ has been replaced with Martin Luther King. Satan has been replaced with Adolph Hitler. Anti-whiteness is not rational, it is an irrational and superstitious religion. The conflict between the two White women at the City Council meeting had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with irrational superstitions about “racism” and “white privilege.” When Johnson called Bauman a “racist” she was essentially calling her a “witch” in league with Satan.

Anti-Whites are receiving more and more pushback – there is starting to be a cost to being anti-White. But the anti-Whites aren’t going to stop just yet.

In economics and business decision-making, sunk cost refers to the cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. In traditional microeconomic theory, only prospective (future) costs are relevant to an investment decision. Traditional economics proposes that economic actors should not let sunk costs influence their decisions. Doing so would not be rationally assessing a decision exclusively on its own merits.

Evidence from behavioral economics suggests this theory fails to predict real-world behavior. Sunk costs do, in fact, influence actors’ decisions because humans are prone to loss aversion and framing effects. In light of such cognitive quirks, it is unsurprising that people frequently fail to behave in ways that economists deem “rational”.

The entire facade of anti-Whiteness is based on the idea that it’s moral, the religious notion that people of European ancestry are uniquely evil and born with original sin. In order to atone for this original sin, White people must marry someone of another race, promote mass immigration into White countries and only White countries, make public apologies and displays of subservience for other races, and demean and disparage white people, white history, and white culture – while at the same time loudly proclaiming such things don’t exist.

But if what they are doing is actually immoral – if it’s actually driven by hate, not love, then these people are guilty of crimes. Some could be prosecuted. Some will be socially ostracized. What do they have to show for decades of anti-white actions?


13 comments on “The Sunk Costs of Anti-White Religion

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  2. BMan
    December 9, 2017

    I never write these kinds of people, until I saw this. I found both Bauman and Johnson’s email addresses and wrote them both the same email (addressed the single email to both of them).

    I just witnessed the most disgusting example of leadership I have ever seen in my 56 years. Val Johnson needs to lose that position in the next election for idiocy and social justice warrior sickness that has obviously caused her to lose her ever-loving mind.

    I commend you, Ms Bauman, for standing your ground and addressing such idiotic attempts to strongarm you with total bullshit.

    You, Ma’am, should be the next Mayor of that town and Ms Johnson would do well manning a cash register at the local convenience store.

    I didn’t receive a response.


  3. guest
    December 9, 2017

    Everyone knows that If you are white, you just click your heels and a golden egg falls out!


  4. Tyrone Trump
    December 9, 2017

    I agree with the premise of the post but not with the interpretation of the video.

    WNs (in general, as I’ve read a few other articles commenting/analyzing/mocking this segment) seem to conclude that Bauman’s reaction to the concept of White privilege is a pushback against political correctness and/or the anti-White axiom and/or ZOG, etc.

    I’ll admit I didn’t watch the entire vid, because it’s boring, but that’s not really what I heard.

    The Bauman character is attacked in two ways.

    1. White Privilege -> you’re not a real councilwoman / you don’t understand the suffering of MINOs / you can’t represent them.
    2. Racist -> you’re not a real anti-racist.

    In both cases, one of her ‘tribes’ is targeted (Whites / anti-racists).

    To one of these attacks she responds in a moderate, sensible and quasi-rational way.

    To the other she interrupts the speaker (mayor?) and launches a barrage of anti-racist invective and hysterical accusations.

    Compare the tone, body language and speech rate… clearly she cares more about one ‘tribe’ than the other.

    The Alt-Right decided to make Bauman the hero and Johnson the villain.

    So I’ll ask a question: which is more detrimental to White identity, Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

    BLM is obviously more hostile to Whites, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a more efficient form of anti-Whiteness.

    There is a ceiling to BLM / SJW / Johnson-level grotesque “it’s the current year”.

    At some point, when sufficiently beaten with the stick of guilt and repentance, Whites will just take their ball(s) and go home.

    There is no such ceiling, IMO, with ALM / integration / moderate anti-racism.

    White identity wins when both sides are radicalized.

    It’s too easy to be an ‘anti-racist’ when there are no stakes, such as in Vermont or the 1960s.

    The Alt-Right decided that Bauman’s reaction was a pushback against anti-Whiteness, all I see is anti-Whites desperately trying to backpedal out of an unwinnable situation.

    The clever ones know that Johnson’s antics turn people off, they desperately want to recreate a pre-Obama moderate Left.

    I say we worked too hard to allow that to happen.

    Johnson is the way forward )))fellow Jews(((.

    Something you may also notice is that while attacks on Whites, ‘privilege’ and even personal rudeness are legion, there isn’t a single reproval of anti-racist theology.

    So to bounce on the premise of anti-racism as a cult / religion, I don’t see megacuckboi Richard Dawkins ridiculing Christianity.

    All I see is Christian Identity arguing with Djibril Farrakhan about the Lost Tribes of Israel, Edomites, ‘true Israelis’, etc.

    BLM or ALM?

    Obama or Romney?


  5. kerdasi amaq
    December 9, 2017

    I’d describe anti-whiteness as an ersatz religion for unbelievers.

    Guilt-tripping confers political power on the guilt-tripper in ex-puritanical America.


  6. icareviews
    December 9, 2017

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  7. icareviews
    December 9, 2017

    Sunk costs – that’s why I stupidly finished graduate school and completed the totally boring coursework for the useless degree I now hold. Halfway through, I knew it was a waste of my time – but somehow I thought that if I quit all the work I had done would be an even bigger waste than it already was. And I didn’t want people to think I was a quitter!


    • bob saffron
      December 9, 2017

      Hey, from one who did pull out and took the psychic write-off, at least you won’t get non-completion-themed nightmares! (Which of course fade to nothing over time). Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

      Almost all the economics I learned was garbage, for what that’s worth.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. bob saffron
    December 9, 2017

    Holocaustianity, the master-faith, of course, rests on the premise of irredeemable white evil.


  9. james
    December 12, 2017

    Its insanity alright.


  10. TheSociologicalMail
    January 1, 2018



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  12. ELN
    January 7, 2018

    Reblogged this on TORONTO News & Views.


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