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Rednecks: Objects of Monumental jewish Hatred

As the obvious token redneck representative at Aryan Skynet, I feel it my obligation to share my thoughts on what is going on with these attacks against my heritage (I touched on it here) and how I know personally, mainly via family documentation (a huge search of family history my dad did in the 90’s), that the reasons given (and accepted) are a lie.

But first, why Redneck?

Joe Bob Briggs at TakiMag explains what he means by “redneck” and how these very white pissed off people who own incendiary devices from the Ulster area of Ireland (Scots-Irish) came to be known as such?

They’re also pissed off, they own firearms, and they like to fight.

And they play fiddles and clog-dance.

But the main thing we know about people from both these areas, Ulster and the Lowland Borders, is that their skin is white.

Their skin is very white.

Their skin is so white they can go to a beach in northern Sweden and they’ll sunburn.

And so when people from these areas work in the sun, their necks don’t tan, they just break out in red rashes like somebody threw measles cooties all over ’em.

Hence, rednecks.

The rest of Joe Bob’s piece is good.

Wouldn’t you like to be a redneck, too?


Just wishing I could sport redhead redneck like Billy Bob does here

Yep. I had flaming red hair and my skin would burn. Red neck and red legs (another derogatory name used towards my folk). I am one of those people he talks about.

I know where my family came from (England via Scotland… pre 1690’s), where they arrived (NC 1697), their migration/homesteading (AL and others). I know some of the family members that fought in the Revolutionary War (traced at least 3) and many that fought in the Civil War (all for the Confederacy, as far as I know).

His research included snippits of information like letters, deed copies, marriage licenses, etc.

I, too, was blessed to have known my grandmother who at age 90, died in 1995. I learned a lot about the family from her, especially the down home nature of these strong, hard working folks. It took two tours in Vietnam and endless amounts of alcohol consumption to turn my old man into a POS. You knew the polar opposite in his sister.

Suffice it to say, that from a family history perspective, I have an idea of what rednecks are in reality (not the caricature that is portrayed in media to demonize and belittle white people). The good, the bad and the ugly.

Since you haven’t noticed, the 1960’s Redneck is dead

I grew up in the deep south in the 60’s, where life was safe, fun, and mostly wholesome. il_570xN.88986222Additionally it was RED NECK. It was southern white folks, many uneducated because you went to work as soon as possible to help the family. There weren’t many lazy rednecks, because most actually liked living and would work to eat. These white men worked and had families they wanted safe. They wanted to protect their families from what their parents warned them of: the unpredictably dangerous black people and wanted to stay separated from them. They also knew what a disaster mass immigration of “others” would be on a homogeneous society. (This mass influx of “others” has brought about the forces needed to implement this lie instigated by the jew that is removing my heritage)

We respected our elders, those awakened during the horrendous post War of Northern Aggression years and those awakened during the lead up to the civil rights era and mass immigration (it took decades for the brainwashing that makes us now consider them “racists”).

But we especially respected and revered those elders that fought for us and our way of life. We grew up understanding (because it used to be taught) the reasons for the secession of states. We knew  that these brave men memorialized (NOT worshiped) had honest, moral, and rational reasons for wanting to leave the Union.

Ignore the lies


You must understand that the main reason we seceded, leading to the invasion from Northern forces, was mainly financial and vexation of being under the taxation reign of the North, who benefited off of the cash cow of the south via Tariff’s, strong-arming, and jewish mendacity. As I have mentioned before, my family was anti-slavery because they were kept poor (no work because wages were kept artificially low). Share cropping or the ones that were lucky enough eked out a meager existence on small bits of acquired property. They fought, but it damn sure wasn’t to defend slavery.

What so many people are indoctrinated to believe is that what went on during the Civil War and the 60’s is all the same. The TV propaganda of the 60’s is still used to this day as if white people are still out in the streets lynching black people in the 1800’s. The evil 1800’s white slave owner is now equated with the 60’s era KKK hater is now equated with white people in general.

This is so obviously false to anyone living in the mixed society of the deep south today. The fact is that in places where you find black people working (outside places like little Africa, aka Memphis, Jackson, TN, Birmingham and Atlanta), you find racial harmony, by and large. You certainly hardly ever hear of white supremacist racial instances. You NEVER hear of whites attacking blacks (although you can find instances of the opposite daily).


Some black families have even become somewhat sophisticated

Believe me when I say that white people in the south don’t throw the word nigger around like they did in the 60’s. It just doesn’t happen. And, really, in a nutshell, that is all they have against us, isn’t it? The fact that every now and again some white person uses a WORD they don’t like us using (while uttering it with every breath, themselves)?

The ghetto rats grow up being propagandized by media, their leadership, and their broken families that these evil white racists are the reason why they are what they are and are shown that it is acceptable and even deserved that they attack whitey and take his shit because they are so evil.

But never forget (((who))) it is

8a602402ab08d30800ef23c4209e2432544f151f84728ba51112150be7f1b3ccThese attacks on monuments (my heritage) are really an attack on our entire history, because I guarantee you that they will not stop with those evil white southern slave owners. We are already seeing them go after many others monuments, churches, and historical memories. They want these removed. they want these forgotten. They want these replaced.


This is obviously Social Marxist agenda driven by the jew.

Unfortunately, it appears there are too few Rebels left to fight it.


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25 comments on “Rednecks: Objects of Monumental jewish Hatred

  1. BMan
    September 17, 2017

    Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt.


  2. icareviews
    September 17, 2017

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    B’man’s personal response to the ongoing onslaught against Southern Civilization.

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  3. icareviews
    September 17, 2017

    This year, the bellyachers in Kansas City, site of the battle of Westport, followed the national herd and started making noise about a harmless Daughters of the Confederacy memorial that none of them probably even knew existed before this summer. Some local Antifa types vandalized it, spraypainting it with a hammer and sickle, after which the memorial was removed.

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  4. bob saffron
    September 17, 2017

    Great article, thanks. Ditto the TakiMag piece.

    It’ll be interesting to see how long ZOG can continue its balancing act of stigmatizing Southerners at home while depending on them for military adventures abroad.

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    • Rel
      September 18, 2017

      You’d have to pretty damned dumb to fight for a country that is getting rid of you.

      You’d also have to pretty damn dumb to be rabidly anti-ZOG, and then campaign like crazy for the most ZOGY Presidential candidate in history, like WN just did, and ignore a Pro White candidate like Bob Whitaker.

      I am disgusted with those people. Ignorance is not a virtue. It gets you killed.

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      • BMan
        September 18, 2017

        I recently traveled with a new guy my firm hired. He is a marine. Very cool guy.

        We had the discussion about employment. It was the ONLY reason he and his brother joined (his brother was killed by an IED in Iraq).

        I almost cried when he told me the story, then I got mad and told him how I felt about those who sent these boys into harm for NO reason except Israel.

        He agreed but said others will not discuss it.

        They know (maybe afterwards), but they end up figuring they have been used, if they don’t get killed.


      • Rel
        September 18, 2017

        Support the troops! No more wars for Israel!

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  5. bob saffron
    September 18, 2017

    A lot choose the military in lieu of unemployment. Family or personal prevailing over racial interests.

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    • Rel
      September 18, 2017

      The South is the backbone of the US military and the bible bashers down there are 100% for Israel.They take great pride in serving. Service is generational. If they were desperate for work, they could seek it in another state, like half the third world seem to do in white countries. Why spend years overseas with a risk of getting maimed, only to return to more unemployment?

      The jews are winning not because they are particularly smart, it is because our people no matter how intelligent, have no common sense nor loyalty. Again, look to how Bob Whitaker was treated for proof of that. They picked Donald f#@$ing Trump over a Pro White.

      I’m willing to bet it will be Donald Trump who outlaws and smashes them. That slip about David Duke deserving a bullet, made it clear what the Trumps say about WN behind closed doors.

      Liked by 2 people

      • BMan
        September 18, 2017

        The South is the backbone of the US military and the bible bashers down there are 100% for Israel.

        “Down there” indicates that you aren’t here.

        I do live here and I am telling you you are wrong about the 100% for Israel BS.

        I’ve worked on that particular subject for at least 10 years and it is a changin’.

        People are starting to see what a conman Trump is, as well.

        What pisses me off is that it was obvious long ago.


      • Rel
        September 18, 2017

        Trump is just one in a long line of Republican conmen. They’ll keep voting for them until the Republicans vote to put them in a gulag.

        After reading the news at Stormfront, and seeing their shenanigans day after day, I would never sign a contract with a jew, let alone a guy as mobbed up as Trump, because I know I would get screwed. Yet WN knew what he was and made a deal with the devil anyway. They dug their own grave and jumped right in.

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      • Rel
        September 18, 2017

        Ween them off Republicans and then I might feel optimistic.


      • Sam J.
        September 19, 2017

        I’m “down there” and I’m with BMan. All Southerners are not at all in for the Jews.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)
        September 29, 2017

        I’m shocked any Southrons would vote for any Lincoln Party stooge. Even Reagan was up to the gills with ’em. Hollywood you know. Best keep up some appearances of calm for now. You are all being watched. Real Deal White Nationalists like Old Bob are getting taken out. Either taken off the web or out CIA style. Guy over at Countenance had an “accident”. Only nose goblins like Voice of the Day, Cernovich and others are being let through the internet nowadays. Civil War II has already started. Charlottesville lit the match. It will go hot soon. Load up on ammo and supplies and tell your friends. Its about to get Hot. Real Hot.

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  6. BMan
    September 18, 2017

    Ween them off Republicans and then I might feel optimistic.

    My mantra, for years, has been Never a R or D Again.
    I can’t seem to get people to jump on to the meme, but it is necessary.
    #NeveraRorDAgain goes nowhere.


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  8. Michael Marrotti
    September 20, 2017

    What about the white slavery in America that predated African slavery? This is a fact that has been concealed by the Jew media. We were slaves first. Check out the book, “They Were White And Were Slaves.” This needs to be a talking point amongst the White Community from here on out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BMan
      September 21, 2017

      Hi Michael,

      I did a pretty good post on the subject at my personal blog:


    • Rel
      September 21, 2017

      I can go you one better:

      “There is no historical evidence of any white man enslaving a black man. White men bought slaves from blacks, who enslaved other blacks.” – Bob Whitaker

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bob
        October 21, 2017

        Except when slaves had kids they were slaves. You could argue that it was automatic, but that’s a little too tricky for most ears.

        Besides that, nobody cares.

        Should have shipped them all back. Oh God why weren’t they shipped back?


  9. Hipster Racist
    October 1, 2017

    The redneck only became the scapegoat for America’s problems with the advent of the TV, and we know who had the monopoly on all three TV networks.

    The serious Blacks, like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Harold Cruse, even guys like Mohammed Ali, et. al., knew that these “civil rights” organizations – like the NAACP – were completely run, top to bottom, by people with white skin – and most of them were clued in that they weren’t “nice white liberals,” Knickerbocker WASPs from New England, or Southern sheriffs with bulldogs either. Blacks were always used against Whites, and whenever they was a sort of peaceful and voluntary segregation – essentially what the better people of both races wanted – you’d have some “radical” types on both sides agitating for integration – and those were the people declared “leaders” of both sides – declared “leaders” by the media, of course.

    You really just can’t overestimate the detrimental influence of the Tribe on American culture. Obviously plenty of our problems are self-inflicted and sometimes just happenstance, and of course we’d have plenty of problems even without them. But you can see the influence of the tribe by the distortion of what would be our own policies.

    I’ve always found it ironic that Blacks are far more clued into the Jew problem than the average White, especially your typical redneck.

    You know BMan, my family history is extremely close to your own you’ve described here, and while I grew up in the upper South as opposed to the deep South, I am essentially a redneck on the inside. I certainly grew up listening to the music – Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe etc. I’m always surprised at how hated that music is.

    David Duke one did a great video showing how you can’t even listen to Italian music without conjuring up scenes from a mafia movie – that is how influential Hollywood has been. It’s the same for bluegrass, what used to be a joyful and soulful folk music has been turned into something comical at best, sinister at worst.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BMan
      October 2, 2017

      All my youth I did anything and everything to NOT be a redneck. I was fooled by the TV.

      Stereotypes ignored, a redneck is far more than the old “Squeal like a pig” narration, which, if truth be known, I have never met a redneck that would fuck a man like that. seriously. Maybe there are some, but in my 56 years I’ve never known one.

      The weird fags you see in Hollywood are mainly jews and other assorted freaks, but it ain’t the redneck.

      Frankly, as a redneck, I am not a big country music fan. Sure, there are some good songs, but I am a rock and roller, by and large.

      I can attest to the fact that blacks and rednecks get along far better than the TV lets on.

      I just can’t stand or trust niggers, no matter what color they are.


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