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Muammar Gaddafi on the Essential Nature of Nationalism


Gaddafi as he inspired at the time of the 1969 Libyan revolution.

Colonel Gaddafi’s Green Book, his political manifesto, constitutes the theoretical ideological framework for the Jamahiriya, Libya’s experiment with socialist nationalism. Much of The Green Book, particularly its author’s simplistic endorsements of direct-democratic participation in governance and a radical egalitarian economic system, is tedious and redundantly written; but the leader’s language springs to life in discussing nationalism, and this is clearly the topic in which Gaddafi shows himself to be the most personally interested. “The Social Factor; the National Factor, is the dynamic force of human history,” he begins his exploration of the social basis of his Third Universal Theory. “This social bond, which binds together human communities from the family through the tribe to the nation, is the basis for the progression of history.” “Social causes are […] national,” stresses Gaddafi, “and the national relationship is a social one.”1 More urgently, he continues:

Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin. Minorities […] are nations whose nationalism has been destroyed. The social factor is, therefore, a factor of life – a factor of survival. It is the nation’s innate momentum for survival.

Nationalism in the world of man and group instinct in the animal kingdom are like gravity in the domain of material and celestial bodies. If the sun lost its gravity, its gases would blow away and its unity would no longer exist. Accordingly, unity is the basis for survival. The factor of unity in any group is a social factor; in man’s case nationalism. For this reason human communities struggle for their own national unity, in which its national survival lies.

The National Factor, the social bond, works automatically to impel a nation towards survival, in the same way that the gravity of an object works to keep it as one mass surrounding its focus. The dissolution and dispersion of atoms in an atomic bomb are the result of the explosion of the nucleus, which is the focus of gravitation for the particles around it. When the factor of unity in those component systems is destroyed and gravity is lost, every atom is separately dispersed. This is the nature of matter. It is an established natural law. To disregard it or to go against it is damaging to life. Similarly man’s life is damaged when he begins to disregard nationalism – the social factor – for it is the gravity of the group, the secret of its survival. Only the Religion Factor is a rival to the social factor in influencing the unity of one group. The Religious Factor may divide the national group or unite groups with different nationalisms, however, the social [i.e., national] factor will eventually triumph. This has been the case throughout the ages. Historically each nation had one religion. This was harmonious. […]2

Consequently, Gaddafi advises the “sound rule […] that each nation should have one religion. For it to be otherwise,” he claims, “is abnormal. Such an abnormality creates an unsound situation which becomes a real cause for disputes within one national group.”3 He also discourages intermarriage between different national groups: “Though both man and woman are free to accept whom they want and reject whom they do not want as a natural rule of freedom, marriage within a group, by its very nature, strengthens its unity and brings about collective growth in conformity with the social factor.”4


Egyptian nationalist Nasser stands with Gaddafi in 1969.

Regarding the relationship of the individual and the family to societal growth, Gaddafi metaphorically approaches the problem as one of agriculture:

Societies in which the existence and unity of the family becomes threatened due to any circumstance are similar to fields whose plants experience uprooting, drought, fire, weathering or death. The flourishing society is that in which the individual grows naturally within the family and the family within society. The individual is linked to the larger family of mankind like a leaf is to a branch or a branch to a tree. They have no value or life if they are separated. The same holds true for the individuals if they are separated from their families – the individual without a family has no value or social life. If human society reaches the stage when the individual lives without a family, it would then become a society of tramps, without roots, like artificial plants.5

“Common origins and a shared destiny, through affiliation, are the two historic bases for any nation, though origin ranks first and affiliation second,” Gaddafi writes in allusion to the reality of race.

A nation is not defined only by origin, even though origin is its basis and beginning. In addition to its origin a nation is formed by human affiliations through the course of history which induce a group of people to live in one area of land, develop a common history, form one heritage and face the same destiny. A nation, irrespective of blood bond, is formed through a sense of belonging and a common destiny.6

What of the multicultural United States? Does Obama’s U.S.A., when viewed through the lens of Gaddafi’s Third Universal Theory, coalesce into anything resembling a “nation”, and is a single American “nationalism” even possible given the country’s present demographic constitution? “When a political structure embraces more than one nation, its map will be torn up by each nation gaining independence under the banner of each respective nationalism,” Gaddafi forecasts7. “All states,” he continues, “which are composed of several nationalisms for whatever reason – religion, economics, military power or man-made ideology – will be destroyed by national conflict until each nationalism obtains its independence, because the Social Factor will inevitably triumph over the Political Factor.”8

Rainer Chlodwig von K.

[Read more about Muammar Gaddafi at Aryan Skynet here.]


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18 comments on “Muammar Gaddafi on the Essential Nature of Nationalism

  1. icareviews
    December 14, 2016

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  2. rudolfalbert
    December 14, 2016

    Reblogged this on rudolfwordpressblog and commented:
    Nasser, Saddam, Al Assad, Gheddafi. Nationalism, secualar nationalism has a name in the Middle East.
    Let’s briefly remember a few facts.
    1) Gheddafi was supported by the Italian Secret Service aka SIFAR, when the colony Italiya still had an ounce of honour.
    2) Ing. Mattei, president of ENI in the late 50s and early 60s was murdered by thje zionist seven sisters after he proposed a 50/50 share for the extracted oil in African countries, hence ousting the criminal oil corps from there.
    Despite Mattei being a former white partisan (anti-communist) he appointed as his personal pilot a RSI flying ace.

    2) Gheddafi Green Book exposing his traditional, but modern (not modernistic) vision can be downloaded hereby:


  3. kerberos616
    December 14, 2016

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  4. Hipster Racist
    December 14, 2016

    Basically off topic, but the take-down of Gaddafi illuminated some truths about our current situation.

    1. The conspiracy theories about gold are true. No one ever mentions the fact that before 9/11, gold was $285. By the time Bush left office, gold had hit nearly $1900. The London gold fixing scandal showed us that the “market” in gold is completely fake. The Germans found out that the US doesn’t really have the gold it says it does. And the reports about gold being driven out of the WTC on 9/11 give us a pretty good indication what that was all about too.

    2. Al Qaeda is a Saudi, thus US, proxy force. The US openly took the side of Al Qaeda against Gaddafi. After a decade of pretending to fight Al Qaeda, the mask slipped. The Republicans used the Benghazi incident merely to attack Clinton politically, but did not want to explain the situation to the public. The US was arming Al Qaeda right out of the US embassy.

    3. Taking down Gaddafi was counter-intuitive. He was a well behaved if somewhat independent actor that openly sided with the US after 9/11. The only explanation is that Libya had an independent supply of monetary gold that was needed to pay off Venezuela. This also shows us how short-term the actions of the US Empire can be. Chavez had put them on notice and after the debacle with Germany they had to act swiftly.

    This validates that the Dollar-Oil-Gold triangle is at the heart of the US Empire and its primary concern.


    • icareviews
      December 14, 2016

      “This validates that the Dollar-Oil-Gold triangle is at the heart of the US Empire and its primary concern.”

      I’m going to write a post sometime during the coming month that’s relevant to this claim. I don’t think that every U.S. intervention overseas is necessarily about exactly the same thing. Clearly, the defense contractors benefit in every case; but the Libya situation definitely seems to be more of a specifically financial crime than, for instance, Iraq, which – while also largely a financial crime – was in no way a “war for oil”. Panama, for an altogether different example, has been argued to have been variously about the terms of the Canal treaty or (according to Perkins) a black bag destruction of incriminating evidence (photographic or other documentary dirt that Noriega had on public officials) housed in one of the buildings assaulted by U.S. forces. With Libya, the further entrenchment of AFRICOM might also have been a long-term objective of relevance.


      • BMan
        December 14, 2016

        I contend there is a jewish run Central Bank connection to all these being taken down.

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      • Hipster Racist
        December 14, 2016

        True, it would be simplistic to say that every single US war is “about oil.” Afghanistan was simply the Great Game and more against Russia than anything else. Iraq was of course an Israeli plan, and the neo-cons recruited two old hands, Cheney and Rumsfeld, who both had direct financial interests in attacking Iraq and had a track record of lying. They were the “Team B” in the 1970s that made up tales about Soviet weaponry in order to direct more money to military contractors.

        During the Cold War it was another story, but since the fall of the Soviet Union maintaining the Empire has been about controlling the gold and oil in order to keep the dollar afloat.

        Syria is like Iraq – it’s part of Israel’s plan but it’s also directed against Russia, their naval base specifically. We see “ISIS” playing the part of “Al Qaeda” now.

        The general conflict with Russia is just Great Game; it would be the same even if Israel didn’t exist.

        The Middle East conflicts are of course “about oil.” Back in the day they released a map and a strategic plan – the Middle East is the last place left that isn’t under the control of the West, China, Russia, or India. And of course Israel has their own plan for the Middle East.

        It seems there was a gold connection to Ukraine as well.

        To keep the US dollar as the reserve currency, the US has to keep down the price of gold and maintain an oil market running on dollars.

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      • Adit
        December 15, 2016

        If I recall correctly, Gaddafi was behind an attempt to allow multiple currencies and gold to be used to purchase oil, thus undermining the need for petrodollars. That would have hurt the dollar, and thus the central bankers. Is it any wonder he’s dead?


  5. BMan
    December 14, 2016

    Sounds like something Adolf would have written.

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  6. Sam J.
    December 15, 2016

    Gaddafi was a Godsend to the Libyans. No he was not an angel. Very much like the Chinese. If you don’t try to overthrow the country he would leave you alone. He had health care, schools, the whole works for free. I don’t think he kept near the amount of money for himself that say, the Saudis do.

    I think the reason they offed him was pure revenge by the Israelis.

    He funded a lot of trouble for them in the past. Lately he seemed to have made a decision to just go along. See what it got him. Getting rid of Gaddafi was a huge long term mistake. Everyone sees what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi. In the future the Jews adversaries will just dig in as they never just let things be. Never go along with Jews as they will fuck you every time.

    I wonder why the oil guys, Cheney and that type bunch keep going along with the demented Jews? It always leads to failure. They make up these brilliant plans that go to shit and leave everyone else holding the bag. Will they ever learn? I wonder if the Jews make some case to them that they can’t resist intellectually or are they just blackmailing them? Whatever the case all the elites have been shown to be dumb asses who have no long term planning at all. We have frightfully poor leadership.

    So far the “great game” is based on the “Great Island” theory that anyone who consolidates power in Europe can consolidate power in central Asia and from there rule the world. I forget who wrote this but was, I think, 1810 or way back. One thing I’ve noticed is it’s not true anymore and no one seems to take any heed of the fact. The truth is that whoever controls low Earth orbit can control the Earth. Example. The Chinese are building fast rail to Europe. The whole thing could be blasted in orbit faster than you could replace it.

    I suspect that eventually, especially if Whites move towards White nationalism, the split will be between North and South of the planet. All the invasions of the South can’t help but bring a reaction and stopping it will bring resentment from the South. The Chinese and other Asian countries have been practicing Mercantilism and trade with them is a losing proposition with the economies in the North. It pointless to trade with someone who always cheats. Would you play cards with such a person?

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    • icareviews
      December 15, 2016

      I recommend the documentary Semantics on the toppling of Gaddafi.

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    • Hipster Racist
      December 15, 2016

      The truth is that whoever controls low Earth orbit can control the Earth.

      Yep, but don’t tell the Navy that. What would the admirals do without their big fancy boats? There are two kinds of boats, subs and targets. But you’re not a Real Man unless you have an aircraft carrier.

      If we ever had a real war with a real enemy, Russia or China, they would just sink all the damn surface boats with missiles.

      Generals always fight the last war. At least we have NRO.

      Someday China is just going to build a billion cheap drones and we won’t be able to shoot them down faster than they make new ones.

      As for Rumsfeld and Cheney … two forgotten, irrelevant Cold Warriors with nothing to do. But sucking up to the Jews made them big players again.

      I read it’s worse for Rumsfeld. The Abu Ghraib fuckup actually had him kicked out of high society. I recall a Washington Post article, one of those stories that peels back the curtain a bit. At the fancy DC parties, he was being so openly dressed down he and his wife were so embarrassed they left early.

      Recall that the Bush family bought land in South America, where they don’t have extradition. If the CIA didn’t get their guy, Obama, in after Bush, someone might have actually made trouble for them. And of course Jeb – “please clap” – he’s a national joke now.

      There is a reason we WASPs used to have restricted clubs – to keep out trash like the Jews and Donald Trump.

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  7. bob saffron
    December 15, 2016

    “Arab nationalism” is a unicorn.


  8. guest
    December 15, 2016

    Gaddafi even financed Sarkozies (president of France until 2012) campaign, and as a thank you, France lead (with Britain) the effort to overthrow him, he was literally stabbed in the back by the west, i bet that’s not the sort of reach around he had in mind.

    Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

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  9. weeedwacker
    December 15, 2016

    King of Swag:

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