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Is Richard Spencer a Fed?

Short answer: I don’t think so.

But for my own amusement, and hopefully yours, I’m going to try to make a plausible, hypothetical case that Richard Spencer is a Fed.

Some people say it is bad and counter-productive to accuse people of being “feds” or “shills” with no evidence. I disagree. I think it’s actually quite useful to at least consider the possibility.

In fact, I myself have pretty much gone out of my way to LARP as a “fed” or a “spy” online. In the same way that many people say, “they are going to call us a Nazi, so we may as well be a Nazi,” I’ve decided that people were going to call me a fed anyway, so I may as well take the bull by the horns and use it as a gimmick.

My online avatar is Maxwell Smart of the old TV show “Get Smart,” about a bumbling but well meaning spy during the Cold War. I use the avatar because I wanted to blog about intelligence agencies, the CIA, espionage and spies – but I didn’t want people to take me too seriously. I have used James Bond imagery in the past, but dropped it because I didn’t want people to think my online fictional stories about suave womanizing intelligence agents were anything other than tongue-in-cheek humor, and I definitely do not want to come across as taking myself too seriously. My fictional characters are clearly more Austin Powers than James Bond.

I’m just a blogger.

I’ve also claimed seriously that I grew up in Washington DC surrounded by spooks. There is of course no reason for anyone to believe that. I could be some guy in the Midwest. I could be a Jew. I could be a woman – I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of being a woman pretending online to be a man, an accusation that also amuses me quite a bit.

But enough about me. Is Richard Spencer a Fed? I have a long record of supporting Spencer and his NPI group. I’ve said that he is one of the most valuable public figures in the movement, and that NPI was the best thing we have going for us when it comes to a public, official, pro-white lobby. Even after the latest NPI conference and all the controversy that it caused, I still assert that.

And to be clear, I’ve never met Richard Spencer, I’ve never attended any NPI events, and only know him from his online presence, his youtube videos and podcasts, and his websites. I have zero “inside information” about Spencer, I’ve never stalked his old Facebook profile for incriminating pictures, and don’t know anything about him other than what he has said about himself and his media coverage.

Does Spencer have the background typical of a spy? He sure as hell does. He obviously comes from a wealthy background, he attended a prep school, later went to a somewhat prestigious university, and has a home base in Arlington, Virginia – spook central. His demographic is exactly the demographic that the CIA has tended to recruit from.

What about Spencer’s career? Spencer used to publish Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative, and later became the editor of Pat Buchanan is certainly a mainstream conservative Republican, but Taki is not really. Spencer appears to have started as a typical, everyday conservative Republican and slowly became more and more pro-white. Especially at Taki’s, Spencer first started to court some controversy by writing about race in a more overt way, sometimes raising the hackles of “cuckservatives” who were desperate to take the position that “liberals are the real racists.”

Then, Spencer started the publication Alternative Right, which was just a little bit more overtly racial than Taki’s. Spencer later distanced himself from the other writers at Alternative Right, apparently Spencer himself taking the more “moderate” side in that situation. He then joined NPI and started his current website, RADIX. RADIX has been notable for not only being overtly pro-white, but also explicitly associating with Judeo-critical authors like Kevin MacDonald, who has spoken at NPI’s last two conferences. By inviting Kevin MacDonald to speak, NPI has gone much further on “the Jewish question” than other overtly pro-White groups like Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance.

Up until now, Spencer has certainly never associated himself with anything to do with “Nazis” or “Neo-Nazis” or “Hitler.” RADIX has never engaged in any cartoon “anti-semitism” but on the other hand has not been particularly shy about criticism of the Jewish community’s anti-white core. Spencer has even interviewed David Duke recently, which is clearly courting controversy, Duke being a regular boogey-man of the anti-white left and the anti-white Jewish groups like the ADL and the SPLC.

The story of the recent NPI conference has been hashed out over and over again. A quick recap: Spencer used the German term “Lugenpresse,” a word that does have some association with the German NSDAP, but has also been used both before the World War II era and even quite recently by the current German right. Spencer ended his speech with the quotes “Hail Victory” and “Hail Trump” which many have suggested was flirting with “Nazi” rhetoric. He has allowed Tila Tequila, a Vietnamese former porn star who dresses up in “Nazi” attire as part of her gimmick, to attend the conference, presumably to de-fang the “Nazi associations.” And at the conclusion of his speech, Mike Enoch, an author at, an “ironic Nazi” site, ran to the front of the crowd, gave a “Nazi salute” which was then mimicked by an overweight and elderly gentlemen who was apparently quite inebriated.

The Atlantic, which was present at the event at the invitation of Spencer, did what the “Lugenpresse” always does, and released a short video of the conclusion of Spencer’s speech, edited precisely and deceptively to make the conference look as close to a “Nazi rally” as possible.

The “controversy” has been exactly what one would expect, many people in the larger “Alt Right” immediately distancing themselves from Spencer, others denouncing him openly, and the more trollish elements of the “Alt Right,” such as, cheering him on.

Some people have said that Spencer purposefully, and with malice aforethought, at the instigation of powerful government forces, “set up” the larger Alt-Right to appear as “Neo-Nazi” as possible. Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow were essentially forced to “disavow” and distance themselves from what happened at the conference, and of course Donald Trump himself, along with the website, took no time to “disavow” Spencer and NPI. Many on the “Alt Right” and in the White Nationalist movement in general, such as Greg Johnson of, vlogger RamZPaul, and even Spencer’s old writing partners such as Colin Liddell, have been very critical of Spencer’s actions, calling it a mistake, a gaffe, and a misstep that hurt the movement.

If I was a “fed” that wanted to undermine the “Alt Right” and the growing pro-White movement, and had five years to do it, I would, in fact, do exactly what Spencer has done. I would slowly but surely set myself up as a “leader” then slowly, inch-by-inch, with just enough plausible deniability, begin courting “neo-Nazis” and flirting with “Nazi” imagery.

If I was a “fed” that was attempting to undermine the Trump administration, however, I would have staged the “neo-Nazi” money shot before the election. Giving the Trump administration yet another chance to “disavow” all the “bad people” seems to work in his favor. Trump advisors like Steve Bannon, formerly of, can (and are) using this as an opportunity to distance themselves from the “bad” parts of the “Alt Right.” The Democrats are gunning for Steve Bannon and desperately want his scalp, and I’m not really sure this helps him or hurts him, it could go either way.

Similarly, the latest event could turn out to be a disaster for the pro-White movement, or it could turn out to be a case of making lemonade out of lemons – certainly, the Red Ice Radio media outfit is making a name for themselves with their excellent coverage of the NPI conference and taking the “controversy” head on.

So, to reiterate, I don’t think Spencer is a “fed.” I think he made a pretty obvious bone-headed mistake by associating too closely with the 4chan style “Nazi” LARPers. I think he made a “gaffe” thinking he could try to “defuse” the associations by ironically embracing them, and sort of “flip the script” on the anti-white media.

But I do understand exactly why many people are now openly questioning Spencer’s motivations, and I understand exactly why some people are wondering if he is a fed.

So, I open it up to the peanut gallery: is Spencer a Fed? Was the latest NPI conference a mistake, purposeful disruption, or even a clever gimmick to get publicity? How can we tell when a public pro-white figure like Spencer is actually a “fed” or working against us secretly? How do we distinguish the inevitable mistakes in style and substance with purposeful subversion?

Do the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA even want to undermine a pro-white movement? Certainly, if you ask the non-whites and the left, the FBI and the CIA are nothing but overt White Supremacists that are secretly on the side of the “Nazis” anyway, that America is already a “fascist” state, and that Donald Trump is Literally Hitler without the mustache. I would suspect that many on the left believe that Richard Spencer is in the pay of Donald Trump and that Trump’s disavowals are nothing more than clever politics, that Steve Bannon and are 100% behind Spencer and NPI and that they are just putting a Smiling Face on the Fascism.

So which is it and how can we tell?



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  1. kerberos616
    December 2, 2016

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    December 2, 2016

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  4. Zobbo
    December 2, 2016


    Your point, I think, was to prove Spencer was no con man working for the gvt and you did it right. But we believe we need to make a clear distinction between CIA and FBI, the former being a weapon in the hand of the deep state that escapes all gvt control.

    On a side note, do you believe the nomination of Tom Price as Surgeon General to is a good thing ? I personnaly do.


  5. icareviews
    December 2, 2016

    Like you, I find it plausible but not probable that Richard Spencer is a “fed”. His behavior seems to me to suggest occasional opportunism and a willingness, therefore, to compromise on the degree to which he is forthcoming with truth; but the fact that mainstream outlets are so obviously eager to misrepresent his sensibility is indicative that the establishment does feel threatened by what he represents. I do think it’s much more likely that figures like Anglin, Weev, or Tila Tequila are, if not government agents of some sort, then actors working on commission. Then again it’s possible that they’re just outrageous attention-seekers.

    You ask, “How can we tell when a public pro-white figure like Spencer is actually a ‘fed’ or working against us secretly?” Short of access to the resources of the NSA, we really can’t tell with much certainty. All we can really go by is behavior and statements and whether these comport with friendliness or hostility to the cause. It’s even more difficult to tell with non-public figures in this age of the internet, particularly where anonymity (like yours or mine) is the norm and all you see is a name on a screen. I don’t jump to the conclusion that somebody is a government agent just because he happens to disagree with me about something. People can sometimes just be wrong and have misguided instincts. I’m sure there are even a lot of these “rope culture” types who really believe they’re the revolutionary vanguard of the pro-white movement; but ultimately it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re on the ADL or Department of Justice payroll if that’s the image they choose to project, as they’re doing the devil’s work either way.


    • Hipster Racist
      December 4, 2016

      Those three people are exactly what they appear to be, and it’s easy to figure out what they are by just considering what they do now and what they have done in the past.

      Tila Tequila is a porn star that dresses up in “Nazi” outfits because it’s a pretty well known sexual fetish. LOTS of Jewish men have sexual fantasies of being dominated by a “Ilsa of the SS” type. Tila Tequila is Vietnamese, not a buxom blonde, but she’s cute enough for the sexual fetish to work for some people.

      Andrew Anglin in 2012 was just a typical “anti-waysis” whining that people are just jealous of Jews because they are so smart, and that the Evil White Man went around the world being mean to everybody. He started his site “Total Fascism” which was an obvious mockery of right wing types. Wihen TRS got popular, he tried to be a bit more subtle with the (((Daily Stormer))) and the JIDF set up a home base there to try to discredit anyone pro-white. Anglin’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer – just read him or listen to his podcasts, he’s basically a dimwit. But he knows perfectly well that he is being used to discredit the pro-white cause and he is perfectly fine with it, because he is being paid to do so. His likely Israeli funder (apparently took over after the Joshua Goldberg fuck up) outed himself by raping a white girl who described him as “not white.”

      Weev – poor Weev. I remember his GNAA gimmick from when I was a young internet troll.

      Are you gay?

      Are you a nigger?

      Are you a gaynigger?

      Join the Gay Nigger Association of America!

      I laughed my ass off whenever he would post that somewhere after doing one of his computer hacker stunts.

      His next gimmick was as a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, the “God Hates Fags” people. That gimmick was also hilarious, and a lot more elaborate.

      Then, weev messed with the wrong people – he interfered with Apple’s profit margin, and they stuck his ass in prison. You can imagine that prison was not very nice for a skinny white guy like Weev.

      So, he gets out early, paints a big swastika on his chest, and declares that he’s a neo-Nazi and joins up with Anglin.

      Anglin and Weev have to keep doing what they are doing or else they will stop getting paid and weev might have to go back to jail.

      So I think everything is as is appears. My 14 year old niece believes that the reality shows on TV are real, and when I was a kid I used to think that professional wrestling was “real.”

      But I think once you are about 16 you start to understand that sometimes people play roles and lots of flashy stuff is done for entertainment.


      • icareviews
        December 4, 2016

        I think you mean “a skinny (((white))) guy like Weev.”


  6. guest
    December 2, 2016

    The hail was clearly a reference to the god emperor meme, even the speech itself is named Long Live the Emperor for Christ’s sake, he also cracks similar jokes on his podcast all the time, so that’s nothing out or character. Like how the latest Radix Podcast episode, is titled Hailgate, another pun!

    I don’t see how getting called a Nazi the nth time changes anything, it happened the year before, and before that. Summa summarum the kerfuffle was even good, because it drove a lot of traffic his way, said speech is already the most viewed NPI thing on YouTube, and if people see that he “only” raised his glass while leaving the podium, and then click on another NPI video, that’s a win.


  7. KSA
    December 2, 2016

    Spencer seems to way too disorganized, or maybe freewheeling would be a better word, to be a spook. If the job of federal plants is to make WN look clownish and dumb, then Spencer is the last kind of guy they’d hire, even with this recent gaffe. An imbecile like Craig Cobb is the kind of guy they’d want. Unless of course the idea with Spencer is to attract well-educated, intellectual WN’s, put them all into a government building and compile as much info on them as they can. That’s plausible. But if that’s the plan why ruin it with the salutes? Why not keep it going and let Spencer bring in more and more educated Whites into the trap?


    • Hipster Racist
      December 3, 2016

      If the job of federal plants is to make WN look clownish and dumb

      And that is the $10,000 question. What if the job of federal plants is NOT to make us look dumb – at least not “us” if you mean NPI types. (Craig Cobb types are another story entirely, of course.)

      I still don’t think Spencer is a “fed” and I don’t believe he is purposefully trying to ruin his own movement. Quite the contrary – I suspect that Spencer believes he can troll the media with his fashy haircut and get publicity without getting too damaged by the Clown Tards. That is an open question, and my take is that Spencer (along with the wonderful Red Ice) is doing a far better job of that than it seemed even last week.

      But what if the job of “Feds” is not to make us look like Cobb-style clowns?

      What if the leftists are right to a degree, and we have some friends in the “Deep State?”

      Sean reminded me of Spencer’s trip to Hungary – at the time someone even mentioned that Orban likely freaked out because he assumed a meeting in the middle of his country with Dugin types – at a time when the USA and Russia were in near open conflict – was some sort of CIA and/or FSU set up he was getting caught in the middle of.

      Have you seen the new list of “likely Russian propaganda” websites?

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  8. bob saffron
    December 2, 2016

    “Hail Trump!” is embarrassing in any other sense than ironic. TRS isn’t just an altar for Pepe worship, however. Fash the Nation and Rebel Yell have a more serious tone than some of the other offerings. I think their goy pool-party initiatives are great.

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    • Hipster Racist
      December 4, 2016

      I think TRS can be funny, and they do have some actual content. I think they are obviously different than the (((Daily Stormer)))

      I’ve listened to Enoch’s podcasts and he comes across as somewhat smart and pretty normal – I could have a beer with him. He is obviously not trying to make anyone think he is a “real Nazi” although he apparently thinks Anglin is just fine.

      But consider this – Enoch is fine with running to the front of the crowd at NPI and “sieg hieling” for the cameras.

      However, Enoch has made it very clear – he does NOT want you to think he believes that Israel had anything to do with 9/11. He is quite serious about that. Sure, sieg hieling for the cameras is fine, posing online as a Nazi is fine – that’s good for the movement.

      But we better not ever breathe a word that we think Israeli may have been complicit in the 9/11 attacks – oh, no, that would “discredit” us. That would make us look bad.

      Interesting, isn’t it?


  9. bob saffron
    December 2, 2016

    What, if anything, does Spencer say about 9/11?


    • Sam J.
      December 3, 2016

      Good point and the acid test.


  10. Sam J.
    December 3, 2016

    Spencer can’t be held responsible for all the audience.

    I personally believe we need Nazis as it makes the rest look milder so I’m hoping the deep state gives lots of money to the Nazis. Cheap bastards need to fork up some money for some snappy looking Storm Trooper uniforms.


  11. Primarius Krone
    December 3, 2016

    Is he an agent?

    Well, since they’ve got the “neo-Nazi” act down-pat, it would make sense to at least put in some effort to undermine the burgeoning alt-Right too. I’m not saying that Richard is that person, I really don’t know. Maybe it was just the Atlantic putting a bit more meat on the bones of the story they were reporting on.

    But some might also say: Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.


  12. Sean Fielding
    December 3, 2016

    The precis of Spencer’s career was interesting – sometimes a relative newcomer sees the forest more clearly. Here, I mean the ‘forest’ of Spencer’s career and its continual movement to right, which you came very close to identifying but missed, because you are misinformed about the ideological aspect of schism of the original ‘Alternative Right’ blog: Spencer was definitely to the right of Liddell and Nowicki.

    Liddell has periodic movement dust-ups – a fairly prominent one not long before the schism was his disavowal of the NatSoc orientation of some work, especially at Counter-currents: your readers can search the C-c blog for the relevant material, if they want.

    Nowicki has written some of the better short fiction to be associated with the movement and was courageously ‘out’ very early on, perhaps in part so his proper name would be associated with his writing, but ideologically he was not prepared for that, being a mild-mannered, rather eccentric family guy with little or nothing of the fascist about his personal self.

    From the beginning, and Tom Sunic had a good interview with Spencer about this at the very start of the original Alt Right blog, it was clear the willingness to address the JQ would be a mainstay ideological distinction between Takimag and Alternative Right.

    So from American Conservative to Takimag to Alternative Right to Radix we see a continual rightward shift, with the last step actually the least – more personal than political, in part related to activism style and the publicity attached to Richard’s arrest in Hungary.

    If I had to label the four publications, I would say: paleocon to race-realist libertarian to judeoskeptic dissident to ‘New Fascism.’

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    • Hipster Racist
      December 3, 2016

      @Sean Fielding

      Thanks for the clarifications, perhaps in a follow up I would point out:

      1. I should have mentioned the Hungary trip and the attempts to network with Dugin types, those factors actually increase the probablity of Spencer being a “fed” by a great deal. If Spencer really is a “fed,” it still does not necessarily follow that he is purposefully trying to blow up the movement. In fact, it may even reflect something far more interesting about our current system, our “deep state,” and perhaps even our new elites, especially the Silicon Valley types increasingly calling the shots.

      2. If Spencer and Radix are indeed “New Fascism,” than I suspect my support for him will necessarily lessen. It makes sense of course: I’ve tended to roll my eyes at Spencer’s Batman movie reviews, his “Faustian” musings, and what I were assumed throw-away references to “imperiums” and the like. If he indeed takes those things seriously and they are a core of his message, he’s not much use to me. I had assumed the “fashy haircut” was just a tone-deaf gimmick.

      My support for Spencer has alwas been more about his style than his substance. I’ve never considered him a great philosopher, but instead a competent administrator, spokesman, and public relations figure, all based mostly, to be blunt, on his physical appearance, presentation, and speaking style.

      “New Fascism” is a dead end, inappropriate for America and outside of the character of White America, and will devolve into just another form of progressivism.

      In fact, I’m mostly fine with some sort of nationalist semi-socialism (free of any hint of historical LARPing, of course.) I have no objection to a natural aristocracy of talent.

      But fascism, outside of the context of formerly Catholic countries under threat from Communism and just falling under the influence of radio in the 20th century, is not good. The closest America has even come to fascism is FDR. Fascism inevitably tends towards imperialism, and imperialism is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place.

      At last year’s NPI, Kevin MacDonald’s discussed egalitarian individualism, the core psychology of Northwestern European peoples, and the fact that Northwestern European peoples are moralist that must define their ingroup and outgroup by moralism, for good or ill. He constrasted this to the more southern, more “Med” peoples, who have tended toward a “Indo-European” style.

      Bob Whitaker has made a similar point, that in order to counter the anti-white narrative, we must make a moral case, that being “pro-white” is moral, while being “anti-white” is immoral. This has the benefit of being both objectively true, and an appeal that works for the specific psychology of average European-America.

      Thus, Nietzschean appeals simply do not, and cannot, work for White America because it is incompatible with our evolved psychology.

      This all makes sense, and I’ve commented on this trend before. Most of the “Nazi LARPing” and even “Nietzschean imperium” stuff comes from frustrated former Catholics and tends to repulse WASPs like me. We’re all really post-Christian, perhaps even post-religious now, but the (loosely) “WASP” vs. “Papist” divide in America has always been at its heart a psychological difference between Nordics and Meds, to define those groups quite loosely

      America will simply never go for a New Fascism, so Spencer is really just wasting our time here with yet another form of LARPing, if a bit more highbrow.

      This all just reinforces my view that Bob Whitaker is in fact the MVP of the pro-White movement.

      Now if we can just find someone with Bob Whitaker’s marketing skills and Spencer’s good looks, we’ll actually have something that will work.


      • Sean Fielding
        December 4, 2016

        “My support for Spencer has always been more about his style than his substance. I’ve never considered him a great philosopher, but instead a competent administrator, spokesman, and public relations figure, all based mostly, to be blunt, on his physical appearance, presentation, and speaking style.”

        I basically agree with this assessment, but you have to realize, I’m a strong proponent of going beyond the purely intellectual sphere in politics and metapolitics. So, for example, I always felt that Liddell and Greg Johnson had more original ideas, and a more intellectually persuasive way of putting them, than Spencer, but Spencer had more personal courage and stylistic appeal.

        Basically, of all the leading dissident spokesmen of the internet era, young and old, as of 2014 Spencer was the only one to internalize Alex Kurtagic’s pivotal advice at Amren a few years ago: that we had to start projecting an image of winning instead of losing (Kurtagic himself utterly failed to take his own advice, and dropped from the scene right around that time). Were it not for Donald. J. Trump, I daresay Richard would still be the only survivor of that era successfully attempting to project a winning image, though relative newcomers like Roissy and Mike Enoch would be a big help.

        Regarding ‘New Fascism’, that’s just my label, which is why I put it in quotes. I’ve never been into ‘theological disputes’ about differences between NS, Fascism or even WN, though I’m sure they have some importance. For me, it’s a fairly loose label to try to encapsulate in a phrase Spencer’s transition from the “judeoskeptic dissidence” of Alternative Right (which I do think is a fair label) to his pivotal absorption of Kurtagic’s ideas on style with the formation of Radix.

        Lastly, and again this is consistent with going beyond pure intellect, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I have met Richard Spencer and I’ve never thought he’s a Fed.


      • Hipster Racist
        December 4, 2016

        I’ll certainly agree that it’s important to project a winning image – on the old blog we called it MindWar, which is an actual US Army doctrine.

        And I will also agree that Spencer has showed tremendous personal courage. He could have easily become a Defense lobbyist, or a GOP hack for Conservative Inc. He would have made a lot more money and had to deal with a lot less nonsense. And I don’t really think he is a Fed, this post is essentially a defense of him and I hope it’s taken in the spirit it was meant.


      • eyeslevel
        December 4, 2016

        An effective meme can’t be infiltrated or co opted or even discredited. There’s only two things you can do with an effective meme:
        1. Ignore it
        2. Spread it

        If a Fed wants to spread pro-white talking points, great. If a Jew or a black wants to repeat effective memes, why would that bother me?

        If the NSA spies on me, the only thing that can happen is the spy gets counter subverted.

        You’re either pro-white or anti-white. If you’re pro-white, you’re either repeating something effective or you’re not.


  13. Hipster Racist
    December 3, 2016

    On the TRS thread the other day, I made a mostly-friendly jab on the Catholic thread. The Catholic author explained that I had “Judeo-Enlightenment” values and was rebelling against “lawful priests and kings.”

    When all you have is a Papist Anti-Semitic hammer, every opposition looks like a Jewish nail. Since the Catholics could not plausibly accuse everyone who opposed them of being a Jew, they tended to instead accuse every European White who opposed them of being a “Mason.”

    And of course, as the Taxil hoax showed us, the Catholic superstitions about Freemasonry rival their superstitions about Jews.

    The idea that the Enlightenment was “Judeo” is patently absurd – as absurd as the phrase “Judeo-Catholicism” or “Judeo-Christianity” or “Judeo-Science.” It’s perhaps fitting that both Jews and Catholics want to give Jews credit for virtually every philosophical idea that was opposed by the Catholic Church. There’s actually some ancient literature, written by Jews, trying to pretend that Socrates stole his ideas from Moses, and that the Bible sparked the Greek philosophical revolution.

    It is true that Freemasonry was influenced by Jewish ideas – it’s also just as true that Catholicism was influenced by Jewish ideas.

    It is true that Protestants were heavily influenced by the Old Testament. It’s just as true that once Protestants actually finished reading the Bible (it’s a really long book) the first thing they did was to craft “Confessions of Faith” that were blatantly Aryan in character. These Confessions of Faith were essentially religious Constitutions.

    Kevin MacDonald has on numerous occasions pointed out that certain strains of “progressivism” are purely North Western European tendencies – in this, the “Neo-Reactionaries” are partially correct, though they use this fact merely to distract from the Jewish role in White dispossession.

    The idea that the Enlightenment had a Jewish character is belied by the actual Jewish state, Israel, which is increasingly losing its Western influences and devolving back into its desert people, Middle Eastern, third world character. The Jewish state, as the old European-derived Labor Zionists die off, looks more and more like its Arab Muslim neighbors, as Judaism and Islam are basically the same religion.

    It is no coincidence that the more Northern Europeans were the ones that went Protestant and threw off the Catholic empire. It’s also no coincidence that Protestantism itself didn’t last very long, and was quickly replaced by Enlightenment liberalism. Where the Enlightment revolutions were the most counter-productive were in the nations that had a more entrenched Catholic power. Sure, the French revolution turned out pretty badly, primarily because France had been so heavily Catholic for so long. The Scandanavians threw off the Papist yoke quite naturally and quite efficiently.

    No coincidence at all that England threw off Catholicism and easily advanced far beyond still Catholic Ireland, who remained a beaten backwater. No coincidence at all that the Northern parts of Italy are not only the scientific and industrial core of the nation and quite secular, while southern Italy is full of racially questionable types and still mired in both Catholic superstitions and plagued by mafioso.

    And it’s no coincidence that the Catholics on TRS are writing articles about brown South American peasant girls giving religious lectures to Europeans about the future of Communism (and getting the distinction between orthodox and cultural Marxism wrong.)

    Greg Johnson is right – all we need is a racially realist, naturalistic liberalism with a bit of right-wing populism for the masses.

    America was on the right track – it was, in fact, the “New Fascist” FDR and his Jews that drove us into a ditch.

    Traditionalist Catholic LARPing goes hand in hard with Nazitard LARPing which goes in hand with NRx counter-Enlightenment LARPing.

    We can be racist, sexist, anti-semites without having to join the Historical Reenactment Societies.


    • anonymousobserver
      December 7, 2016

      A big part of my awakening was reading Eiseinhower’s and Pattons’ recollections of WWII.

      Eiseinhower spent, what? 3 whole sentences? talking about the “concentration camps” in “Crusade in Europe”.

      Patton’s anti-Semitism was so shocking I thought “he was a Nazi.”

      It was then I realized that you can be a racist ant-Semite without “being a Nazi.” Ultimately I then learned that “the Nazis” weren’t even “the Nazis”.

      Christ it was 70 years ago. “My ancestors” would’ve been among those invaded by the Nazis; had I been alive I probably would’ve signed up to “kill Nazis.” Can’t we all just move on? Who cares?

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  14. dead men
    December 3, 2016

    Richard Spencer’s wife (Nina) is known to be part of the “New Resistance” group which includes one Josh Caleb Sutter, who is well known to be a FBI informant:

    “Louisiana based Aryan Nations leader and preacher of the White Supremacist hate church Sons Of Yaweh Morris Gulett wrote from the Louisiana West Monroe Correction Center on May 12, 2005 accusing Joshua Sutter of being an undercover government informer. “

    The leader of the group, James Porrazzo, is also widely rumored to be a informer.


    • Hipster Racist
      December 3, 2016

      Richard Spencer’s wife (Nina) is known to be part of the “New Resistance” group

      There’s nothing in that link that mentions Spencer, nor his wife. Nor have I ever read anything even remotely suggesting that anyone involved in NPI is part of this “New Resistance” group.

      Speculation is fine, but you’re got to give at least some reason for the speculation, and you’ve given none.


  15. bob saffron
    December 3, 2016

    Is Enoch the guy Red Ice (1:04) refers to as “nice, but kind of eccentric”?


    • Hipster Racist
      December 3, 2016

      @bob saffron – I don’t think so, I think that is the overweight, elderly drunk gentleman that followed Enoch’s lead – the second guy in the picture.

      I’ve listened to a number of Enoch’s podcasts – he comes across as perfectly normal, intelligent enough, and not clueless. So he did what he did on purpose with a full understanding of how it would come across. Make of it what you will.

      He is also apparently quite friendly with Anglin and does podcasts with him – they are even holding a “fundraiser” together.

      So, really, what does that tell us?


      • bob saffron
        December 4, 2016

        No, I meant the skinny guy, the one behind Erik. Doesn’t matter. Enoch’s intolerance of any skepticism towards the various terror events staged in different countries over time is one of the reasons I don’t listen to The Daily Shoah. He’s too intelligent to buy into that nonsense. I always assumed it was because he’d decided that that was a line he didn’t want to cross. Bad things happen to public figures guilty of 9/11 wrongthink. I’d understand silence or agnosticism, but expressed hostility or disdain towards truthers irks me (even if my ideas don’t coincide with theirs).


        I know next to nothing about Anglin, though a quick search reveals pretty much what you say. An ideological volte-face without explanation is highly suspect. Daily Stormer just isn’t a site I visit. And those who frequent it aren’t going to be the vanguard of any new nationalist movement in any case.


  16. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street
    December 3, 2016

    If they were trying to make “us” look clownish then the 1000 lb elephant in the room was that big fat slob inexplicably waddling up the aisle right after the hailing took place. That was bizarre.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hipster Racist
      December 4, 2016


      I missed that, but I laughed at your turn of phrase, “inexplicably waddling up the aisle.”


      • bob saffron
        December 5, 2016

        @ HR: a bit of cloak and dagger for you.


  17. 0jr
    December 10, 2016

    zionist crypto-jew wanna be bolshvik traitor mongrel fake opposition


  18. Primarius Krone
    December 13, 2016

    He still interviews well – getting better, not sure if you’ve seen these:

    I can actually forward his videos to friends and family.

    We can probably just move past the whole conference incident now… hopefully.


    • Hipster Racist
      December 13, 2016

      My newest conspiracy theory is that it was all a planned gimmick by Spencer to troll the media – it’s apparently working.

      The ABC hit piece was hilarious – straight out of that old Simpsons episode. They were playing the “Jaws” theme in the background and showed this picture of Spencer sort of growling with his hand up – SCARY!

      But who is fooled by such silliness in the Current Year? Who even watches ABC News anymore? Some 73 year old Bernie Sanders in Florida? Anybody relevant is going to go online to see what this whole thing is about and listen to an actual Spencer podcast.

      It seems to all be working perfectly. Score for our side.

      That’s my measure – can I send something to the people I know IRL? I actually had some white normie ask me, “hey have you ever heard of this guy Richard Spencer?” because it was on Facebook. I said, “yeah he’s good you will probably agree with him.”

      Trump is Literally Hitler without the mustache, so I think the media calling Spencer “Hitler” is just going to be met with a roll of the eyes.

      We’re winning.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. fuhrerious88
    December 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words .


  20. McZOG
    January 16, 2017

    Central Intelligence Agency (1947) ———-> Regnery Publishing (1947) ———-> Henry Regnery ———-> William Regnery II ———-> Charles Martel Society (2001) / National Policy Institute (2005) ———-> William Johnson / Kevin MacDonald / Richard Spencer / Jared Taylor / The Occidental Quarterly / The Occidental Observer


  21. McZOG
    May 25, 2017

    Richard Spencer is part of the C.I.A./Regnery intelligence octopus:


  22. TheZOG
    October 14, 2017

    New, updated charts with more detailed information:

    C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures


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