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Humorless Religious Fanatics Trying To Ruin Halloween

It happens every year. While families are dressing up their little children as ghosts and goblins to go door to door collecting sweets from friendly neighbors, self-righteous religious busy bodies do their best to ruin the holiday. Taking the spirit of Halloween much too literally, they turn an innocent American tradition into an excuse to morally signal, to shame the young over their choices of costumes, and otherwise to rain on everyone’s parade.

Bible thumpers in the rural South complaining about “Satan’s birthday?” Radical evangelicals taking the idea of “witches” too seriously?

No, our modern puritans are progressives, and Halloween has been turned into yet another excuse to complain about Sin, the only sin that really matters in the Current Year:

“White racism.”

University Declares Halloween Costumes Racist, Orders White Female Students Not To Go As ‘Sexy Pocahontas’

Remember when you were a little kid…when picking a Halloween costume was fun… simple? You just wanted to be a cowboy, Indian (in the parlance of the time), fireman, princess, policeman, hobo (yup) Cinderella, Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman.

The little girls and boys of years past have now grown up to be big boys and girls who go to college and still like to the dress up in the same simple, fun Halloween costumes — with a little grown up flair. But if you’re a female student at the The University of Massachusetts, Amherst who decides to dress up as a ‘sexy Pocahontas‘ for Halloween, you’ll likely be labeled a racist who is engaging in “hypersexualized racism.”

No, folks you can’t make up such nonsense. Now, celebrating Halloween is a microagression, and white women wearing Indian costumes are engaging in cultural appropriation.

Racist Halloween Costumes Get Temporary Warning Labels In Regina Store

Warning labels briefly appeared on packages of select Halloween costumes in a Regina store on Sunday, warning shoppers of “offensive” products that promote the “sexualization of Indigenous women and peoples.”

“Please avoid contact with these dangerous materials,” they read.

Two groups, the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism and Colonialism No More, visited the Spirit Halloween store with 60 paper labels. They taped them onto the front of costumes including ones named “Reservation Royalty,” “Native American Princess,” and “Pocahottie.”

10 Offensive 2016 Halloween Costumes To Avoid At All Costs, Because Racism & Sexism Are Never Funny

But when it comes time to decide what you’re going to dress up as this holiday, make sure it isn’t one of the many (and unfortunately popular) offensive Halloween costumes out there this year. After all, Halloween should be about candy and mischief, not cruelty and misogyny.


If You Choose To Wear Blackface On Halloween, You’re Just Plain Racist

It happens every Halloween, like clockwork. Some clueless white person, whether it be a famous actress like Julianne Hough or an Alabama schoolteacher from a small town, wears a costume that includes blackface. It goes viral. The internet is outraged. Explainers pop up about why blackface is not OK, ever. Apologies and pseudo-apologies (”I’m sorry that you’re offended”) are issued.

At this point, it has been thoroughly established on nearly every corner of the internet that blackface is bad.


Come to think of it, isn’t Halloween itself a European pagan holiday? Maybe no one EXCEPT for White people should be celebrating this holiday at all.



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    October 26, 2016


    It appears Hipster Racist favorite CIA chief, James Woolsey, is in the Trump team.


    • Hipster Racist
      October 26, 2016

      The most incompetent CIA chief. Never even met with Clinton, did nothing about “Al Qaeda” while in office, then tried to start a war with Iran. Calls himself “the Presbyterian wing of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs” and pledged his loyalty to “the Jewish people” because something Nazis or whatever. A neo-con’s neo-con.

      It’s a bad sign for Trump because he’s singularly ineffective.

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