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O.J. Simpson’s Ordeal in the Court of Public Opinion: Was It a Bloody Bundy Drive-By?


I was only twelve years old when the discovery of the mutilated bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman initiated the media circus surrounding the grotesque “Trial of the Century” to determine whether or not Orenthal James Simpson had murdered his ex-wife and her friend outside her home on Bundy Drive in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Consequently, I took little interest and gleaned whatever I understood of the case from snippets of television and a general awareness of how “The Juice” was perceived by those around me. The certainty with which we all – we white Americans – accepted or even enthused at the thought of the guilt of the accused was such a natural matter of course that it never crossed my mind that Simpson might have been innocent of the charges – until this past week, that is, when, on a whim, I happened to listen to a series of podcasts addressing the twenty-first anniversary of the case and the lingering evidence of a frame-up perpetrated against the defendant.


Pearse Redmond

The intermittently frustrating and interesting Pearse Redmond, host of the Porkins Policy Review program, has, along with guests Brian Heiss and Stephen Singular – specifically, with episodes 47, 53, 61, and 62 – offered his listeners ample food for thought where the Simpson case is concerned. Singular, the author of Legacy of Deception: An Investigation of Mark Fuhrman and Racism in the L.A.P.D., has also written about the murder of Alan Berg and is keen to play up the possible “neo-Nazi” motivation for the framing of Simpson for the murders. Similarly, Heiss is an open promoter of “diversity” and clearly has an ideological stake in Simpson’s posited innocence. Redmond also annoys with his stubborn insistence on taking the street-clogging astroturf idiocy of the Black Lives Matter movement seriously. Notwithstanding the foregoing criticisms, however, I am encouraging those who read this to take the time to listen to the information and the arguments presented in Redmond’s retrospective series of podcasts and to judge the material on its merits and independently of any of the presenters’ advertised prejudices.


Brian Heiss

White nationalist wisdom, to the extent that such exists, indicates that Hebraic mainstream media spin elevates an imaginary black righteousness while vilifying the dispossessed majority – even to the absurd height of misrepresenting an episode of black thuggery during the Baltimore riots as some inebriated white woman’s attempted theft of an innocent black man’s purse. Hypothetically positing that the jury made the correct decision, was there any factor present in the Simpson case that would cause the mass of the media to override its habitual anti-white programming? Could it have been, for instance, that probing too deeply into the sordid life of Ron Goldman might have produced a revelation to spoil the spell cast by Schindler’s List’s eternal wail of unending Jewish victimhood? Were drugs involved? Was record executive, rave promoter, and Ron Goldman acquaintance Brett Cantor’s very similar murder by butchery in 1993 a mere coincidence? Was Fuhrman an ardent Hitlerite or was he merely protecting the interests of someone more powerful than Simpson? It is interesting to note that Fuhrman, excoriated for using the word “nigger” and then lying about it under oath, has, unlike the similarly tainted but comparatively innocuous celebrities Paula Deen and Michael Richards, been rewarded with fame, book deals, and frequent “forensic and crime scene expert” guest appearances on Fox News. Has Fuhrman been rewarded for services rendered in his handling of the Simpson case?

Conspiracy researcher Alex Constantine is convinced of Simpson’s innocence and has this to say at his Anti-Fascist Research Bin site:

The Dragonfly nightclub in Los Angeles. It was owned at one time by Brett Cantor, a close friend of Nicole Brown-Simpson. Cantor died a year before her – in exactly the same manner …

This is the essential point the media universally ignore – there were a score of murders around Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and Simpson himself. Brett Cantor was one of them.

Simpson wasn’t responsible for murdering his ex-wife, though I will concede the proposition that he MAY have been an accessory – but then, so is the Mockingbird press.

I wrote about the decapitation of Cantor 12 years ago – and no one wanted to hear it. It got in the way of a simple verdict. Simpson had to be guilty, so all contradictory evidence was ignored or explained away. It’s “black and white.” Most Caucasian talk-show hosts agree.

“MAYBE there was EDTA [blood preservative] in the laundry detergent,” Marcia Clark informed Judge Ito in conference, referring to Simpson’s socks … it had to be explained … is this bit of idle speculation so? …

The LAPD lab FINALLY had “copious amounts of blood” on the socks AFTER TWO careful inspections found “no blood” at all, not a dribble … and ETDA, too …

“Maybe?” May be. May be. Or may not be.

Or maybe Simpson had EDTA in his blood when it was circulating through his veins. It wasn’t in the laundry detergent.

And how to explain the EDTA in the samples collected at the back gate and on the sidewalk – or did someone plant evidence?

Every item of evidence was fabricated, planted or otherwise contaminated. Who would do a thing like that? White LAPD officers? No, insists the conventional wisdom. Honorable men. […]


Brett Cantor is one reason why Simpson is innocent.

But no one seems to care much about his murder. It’s not high-profile, very unsexy – and it gets in the way of the clean black-and-white verdict. Simpson must be guilty because Larry Elder on the radio said so, and Fox News, and all the far-right pundits. Ignore Cantor.

And Simpson once had an argument with Nicole – merely the cocaine she was snorting in front of his children – with her boyfriends. What an unreasonable bastard. He yelled. It was on tape – but the knowing talk-show hosts censored the cocaine, stopped the recording before the word was uttered. They wanted him screaming at Nicole for no particular reason. That made him look REAL guilty. So the tape was redacted.

Radio talk-show hosts across the country declared Simpson guilty within 24 hours of his arrest. The judicial system is superfluous. Talk show hosts have made trial-by-jury unnecessary because they know best. That’s why they’re on the radio, telling us what to think.

It’s so difficult to say that Simpson did it if Brett’s corpse directs us elsewhere.

Cantor lost his head. The murder weapon – a knife – was identical to the one used in the Simpson case.

The wounds were identical to Nicole’s (she was also nearly decapitated).

Presumably, Simpson gets around. Driven by jealousy, he murdered his ex, her boyfriend, Brett Cantor and a few Mezzaluna waiters, even tried to blow one up with a bomb planted in the waiter’s car. Simpson is everywhere, killing his bud Butch Sucharski, killing his wife and her beau and a few waiters at the Mezzaluna – for good measure, and to work off that jealous rage.

Let’s all ignore Cantor and a dozen other corpses and pretend that the gloves fit, cite that “mountain” of blood evidence – despite the presence of chemical PRESERVATIVE in the blood samples BEFORE they were collected – because … because that’s how we prefer to look at the world – as the media tell us to see it.

We are good little nazis with proper programming.

Does posting this make me a bad Nazi?

Rainer Chlodwig von K.


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20 comments on “O.J. Simpson’s Ordeal in the Court of Public Opinion: Was It a Bloody Bundy Drive-By?

  1. icareviews
    October 15, 2016

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


    • bob saffron
      October 15, 2016

      I’ll have to study this provocative thesis later, but I recall considering his gratuitous performance in a Ruby Wax interview (5:35) as damning.


      • bob saffron
        October 15, 2016

        Again, before delving into the merits of the case for innocence, why wouldn’t OJ be vilified by the media? As in the stabbing of Yankel Rosenbaum, black lives matter relatively less than Jewish. If it were Nicole Simpson the media were upset about then I’ve misread the entire episode. Goldman was the “white” victim that mattered. Victims with identifiably Jewish names are going to get plenty of media and institutional support, even if it is in the guise of solidarity with whites.


  2. guest
    October 15, 2016

    Wait a minute, someone is actually named Fuhrman? That’s hitlarious!


    • icareviews
      October 15, 2016

      He’s supposedly even tied to white nationalist groups like the Order; but an interesting tidbit that emerges a few minutes into F. Lee Bailey’s cross-examination of Fuhrman is that the detective did undercover narc work as a military policeman in Vietnam:


  3. kerberos616
    October 15, 2016

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  4. Sam J.
    October 15, 2016

    My first thought is that if Simpson didn’t do it then the (((Star Whackers))) did it to get Simpsons money.


  5. guest
    October 16, 2016

    Now i remember Porkins Policy Radio, the honcho from Spy Culture was their inaugural guest, i just listened to it last week, and it’s a site you’ll most certainly dig Rainer, that Spy Culture, “Intelligence Agencies and Popular Culture”, but I’m sure you already heard bout it, but just in case, and for everyone else…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hipster Racist
    October 17, 2016

    I remember the typical attitude was that OJ has killed his wife due to jealousy that she was fucking other men – no racial connotations at all. A typical “crime of passion” – the kind that men of all races do every day. The fact he staged the big “slow chase” in the white Bronco was seen as an admission of guilt.

    Then, the blacks started coming up with all sorts of racist conspiracy theories. I think a lot of people were red pilled when the media show the live reaction of the black college students at Brown – they all erupted into cheers of joy at the verdict.

    The woman prosecutor thought that stacking the jury with all women would mean “feminist solidarity” with a victim of domestic violence. LOL – only white women believe in a multi-racial sisterhood. The all black women jury was all like, “that white bitch got what she deserved, stealing a rich black man.” Etc.

    The whole incident really just showed that it didn’t matter how “not racist” white people were – white people loved OJ and didn’t mind him marrying a white woman – but when the stakes are down, blacks only see race. Only whites care about “anti-racism” and “colorblindness” and “judge people not by the color of their skin.”

    All other races are 100% racist, all the time, no apologies.

    Whether or not OJ really did it or if it was a drug hit, no idea. It was never really about OJ himself, it was about race.


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  8. eyeslevel
    October 18, 2016

    Trump talks about rigging the election.

    The press denounces it, thereby widely publicizing it.

    Then this comes out:


    • eyeslevel
      October 18, 2016
      • Hipster Racist
        October 18, 2016

        We here at AryanSkynet were talking about staged events at Trump rallies months ago. As usual, we were ahead of the curve.

        Unfortunately, too many were cheering when a hapless Trump fan took the bait and acted out. The Clown Corral would cheer because people were “finally fighting back.” Whether you like it or not, the DNC was right – the violence made Trump fans look bad and played into the anti-white narrative.

        When will Whites get smart?


  9. bob saffron
    October 18, 2016

    Thanks for those podcasts. I had no idea of the larger picture behind the OJ incrimination. O/T: If you want another example where the media narrative is unstoppable and hides a sinister crime, look no further than then non-sinking of RMS Titanic.


  10. MaddDoggButtkickingBrown
    March 29, 2017

    No, Rainer Chlodwig von K., as a black man I don’t think your posting of this makes you a “bad nazi” at all. Whatever moral indignation you may have had I believe kicked in to examine what you saw as a potential flaw in this on-going diatribe of recklessness, and intentional unprofessional conduct by sworn officers of the court to frame a man. This immoral conduct of “crossing the line” is what applies here presumably if one even believes in the adage of “Honor amongst thieves”, what was done here was dangerous to all in this nation and went too far. What was done in the Simpson case including suppression of evidence, official concealment, aiding and abetting the removal of exculpatory evidence from the exhibit department Simpson case file BA-097211 are all things that could be used to frame any man, including white ones like you. That’s what I believe, and though I don’t know you to determine whether I have any affection for you at all I do respect you attempting to point this clandestine activity out. By mid-July 1994 barely a month after the murders took place police officers in the West Side Division of the LAPD were reporting to the complaints officer within the LADA’s office of Fuhrman’s neo-nazi activities within the precinct and his corrupt nature of planting evidence. An internal affairs investigation was advised by the complaints officer but then sabotaged by those determined to point the finger at Simpson. By the time of the trial the narrative subsequently embraced and forced fed to the herd within the public forum was offered presumably by a WASP, the late Dominick Dunne, in Vanity Fair in early 1995. He wrote about experiencing an epiphany while attending an operatic performance of the Shakespearean tragedy Othello. Othello is Shakespeares usurped 15th-century Italian story “The Moor of Venice” where a celebrated Moorish (Black) General of the Mediterranean became so fanatically infatuated with a white woman that out of enraged jealousy he subsequently stalked and killed her. Rolled forward 400 years this became the off-the-rack cheap suit placed on OJ Simpson and promulgated by Ashkenazim within the LADA’s office who concealed exculpatory evidence and deposited phony evidence with other Ashkenazim in the powerful media to exponentially expand the fraud. This motley crew was a strange alliance it appears of neo-nazi sympathizers within the LAPD higher command and perfidious Ashkenazim within the LADA’s office whose reckless activities are worthy of recognition as any of those betrayers in Ben Hecht’s PERFIDY who conspired with the nazi commanders in Hungary to betray their Hungarian brethern by tricking them onto trains headed to the death camps of Aushwitz and Buchenwald. What was achieved in the Simpson case certainly was pecuniary gain since several people made millions off the on-going fraudlent Simpson propaganda and networks on the threshold of bankruptcy saved. However, more importantly, was the retaking by whites, both WASP and Ashkenazim, of the perceived moral high ground in LA and probably the US which was threatened and potentially lost after the global viewing of the Rodney King electrification and savage beating by multiple LAPD officers in 1991. Their subsequent acquittal in a Simi Valley, CA courtroom in 1992 leading to broad civil insurrection across LA interrupting air traffic into LAX was I believe a major factor in this clandestine decision to retake the moral high ground as well. Turning Simpson, one of the white folks supreme favorite Negroes, into the fanatical 20th century Othello is believed to have succeeded in accomplishing that while redirecting attention from other serious areas of malfeasance associated with LA’s sworn officers of the court. Was this level of seditious conduct worth it that threatened to destroy the fundamental protective guarantees of this Republic? Those myopic thinkers will undoubtedly say yes since myopia has no color boundaries, but only time will tell. —-Maddoggbrown


    • icareviews
      March 29, 2017

      The “neo-Nazi” leanings of Fuhrman, if those are his genuine sympathies, seem like a pretty weak motivation for his actions to me. As you indicate, Jewish media were fully complicit in conveying a seeming consensus on Simpson’s guilt. Michael Collins Piper wondered aloud on one of his podcasts if Fuhrman hadn’t rendered some COINTELPRO-type services for the ADL? The “neo-Nazi” and KKK-style movements are notoriously rife with government plants and Jewish hoaxery. Furhrman may very well dislike blacks on a gut level, as many police officers no doubt do; but it also wouldn’t surprise me if some of those white nationalist connections of his had suspicious McVeigh-ish agendas. (Jews, by the way, aren’t “white”, and honest ones will admit as much. The Ashkenazim tend to have an approximate average of 50% European DNA.)

      As far as Buchenwald, not even mainstream historians maintain any longer that any of the camps within German borders were extermination facilities. They do, however, continue to maintain that Auschwitz was such a place in spite of the fact that no forensic evidence has ever supported that assertion. Here are one Jewish researcher’s findings on the subject:


      • MaddDoggButtkickingBrown
        March 29, 2017

        I made no suggestions of Fuhrman’s engagement in malfeasance having anything to do with his neo-nazi leanings. He was, it appears, simply a corrupt individual no more, no less. I’m sure that neo-nazis must have some standard of integrity that they would expect even among their own; however, based upon the testimony of multiple witnesses regarding their engagements with Fuhrman he has little. His prior misconduct protected by higher command officers that the three LAPD officers from different precincts came forward to the DA’s office a month after the murders to report. They spoke of his braggadocious allegations of intimate knowledge of the nice “boob” job of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole, implying a closer relationship than Fuhrman wants to admit. The breast enhancement was subsequently confirmed by the autopsy report,

        Fuhrman lies even when he doesn’t need to lie which is clear in his testimony, (1.) about when he first saw the glove at Bundy, first he reported it was around 7:15 AM or an hour and a half after sunrise which was 5:41 AM but the LAPD photographer Rokhar under cross-examination shot that down by revealing that it was approximately 4:15 AM when that photo was taken or an hour and a half before sunrise. (2.) He lies further about when he first saw the glove by stating under cross -examination that he first saw the glove when he took another officer outside the gate to the northside of the Bundy property fence and while looking through he states in the plural that he saw “them” lying at Goldman’s feet. He seems to suffer from temporary amnesia since he noted initially that once he arrived at around 2:10 AM it was the initial officer Riske who arrived at the scene at 12:30 AM and secured the property that showed the glove to him on a walk through. Even the African American female jurors said in their book, MADAM FOREMAN, that they thought it was funny that Fuhrman would lie about something as trivial as the use of the word Nigger when they could understand that the stress of the job in the areas he was working may have caused him to use the word, but he feels he can mask a lie with his Hollywood good looks and authoritative persona and not get caught. That’s what made him dangerous to anyone. Those are just a few instances of his lack of veracity.

        Upon reading his book “Murder In Brentwood” one can see that Fuhrman has real psychological problems. His real intent in framing Simpson, in my opinion, appears to be related to his narcissistic attitude, and arrogant determination not to be denied recognition as a crack detective once again when his West Side Division supervisor, Phillips, tells him around 2:45 AM that he would no longer be lead detective on the case but an assistant to the glory boys from Robbery Homicide who were not due on scene for another hour and a half. In his book he denigrates with few limitations virtually every department within the LAPD for incompetence but pays special attention to his superior officer, Det. Phil Vannatter, by repeatedly using derogatory descriptions of Vannatter’s unprofessional decisions, including leaving one crime site and going to another, and thus contaminating both sites albeit allegedly being Fuhrman who encouraged them to go. This time, his second visit, that evening according to Stephen Singular’s LEGACY OF DECEPTION

        Vannatter it appears played Fuhrman for a patsy once he returned to the main house to tell them he’d found a glove on the side of the house near the guest quarters of Kato Kaelin. Vannatter wasn’t stupid, he knew the distance to the street on Rockingham where the Bronco was parked was at least 160 feet away but as Fuhrman states in his book and testimony there was no blood trail for that distance of half an NFL playing field back to the front gate. So their theory is Simpson with adrenalin pumping and bleeding walked along the fence line 160 feet and climbed the fence and pounded on the wall outside Katos room. Then traveled 160 feet back to the front Rockingham gate to deposit the 8 drops of alleged blood found. How does one do that without dripping blood? Vannatter played him to use him, in my opinion, because according to Joseph Bosco’s book A PROBLEM OF EVIDENCE he circumvented the protocol of calling an emergency hotline for the deputy DA on duty when one is, rarely, needed at a crime site. Instead, he called the personal residence that morning of one of his socializing smoke and drinking buddies, Marcia Clark. Allegedly because of her being associated with the crime the longest DA Garcetti is alleged to have assigned her to the case but initially under Deputy Bill Hodgman. Hodgman would come down with a mysterious heart palpation that would elevate Clark to lead prosecutor. However, Hodgman acting as watchdog to this malfeasance would be the one to go behind closed doors to seek an ex parte court order to remove all evidence from the Simpson case file, including what we believe to be those exculpatory phone records of Juditha Brown that Clark, Shapiro, Ito, and Cochran would avoid showing to the jury by entering via stipulation. The same action occurred in the Civil trial as well.

        I apologize for the Buchenwald mistake since I was simply reaching quickly for names of camps that I thought were mentioned in the Kastner trial in 1952 Palestine/Israel. Kastner was the main subject highlighted in the betrayal of Jews loaded onto Nazi trains in Hungary and not for a land of milk and honey as they’d been promised but for the German-controlled death camps. The activity of Marcia Clark and all was equally a perfidious and reckless act as that of Kastner in 1944, in the sordid alliance between Ashkenazim and neo-nazis in Los Angeles to promulgate this false narrative that has led to the denigration of African Americans and the destruction of an American sports icon, OJ Simpson.


      • MaddDoggButtkickingBrown
        March 29, 2017

        -“””The “neo-Nazi” leanings of Fuhrman, if those are his genuine sympathies, seem like a pretty weak motivation for his actions to me”””.

        I never cited personal what his motivations were. Fuhrman, in my opinion, was motivated to frame Simpson by those same things in human nature that drove others involved, like Marcia Clark. His being a nazi, parading around the precinct in Nazi paraphernalia and planting swastikas in lockers was pointed out by a white police officer that Fuhrman allegedly denigrated for becoming engaged to a Jewish woman. Clark’s appears to be pecuniary gain trying to get away from the drudgery of a bad job and a second bad marriage. Fuhrman’s problem appeared to be the lack of professional acclaim which he was missing while being stalled as a junior detective from from advancing to being an elite detective in Robbery Homicide. He exposes his disenchantment with this and his disdain for the incompetence of much of the LAPD departments and harboring special disdain for senior Robbery Homicide Detective Vannatter. Thus, unbeknownst to Fuhrman he became the perfect vessel and patsy for Vannatter who he seems to despise in his book “Murder in Brentwood.

        Fuhrman understood the potential of this being a celebrity trial when it was revealed who the female victim was, and he was not going to accept demotion again when his Supervisor Phillips told him he was off the case as lead detective, in my opinion. Vannatter and Clark had been close, socializing/drinking buddies. Thus, Vannatter had his case to satisfy Clark’s desire to achieve pecuniary gain and bail out of the DA’s office and had his patsy, Mark Fuhrman in case things went sideways.

        Vannatter was smart enough to recognize that Fuhrman was a fool when he brought them around to the side of Simpson’s house to show him a glove which Simpson allegedly threw down on his own property. The subsequent problem that the glove was at least 160 feet from the Bronco on Rockingham and 150 feet from the 8 drops of blood allegedly found at the Rockingham gate but yet there was no blood trail. How do you travel by foot the distance of an NFL football field on both sides of the separating fence and not deposit any blood. At least that was the testimony of Fuhrman, no blood trail leading away from the glove.

        The significance of the neo-nazi/Ashkenazic alliance in LA was the perfidious nature of the betrayal similar to that in which they engaged in 1944 while selling out the Jews of Hungary by encouraaging them to board the nazi death trains through trickery. In 1994 they did the same thing once again to the African Americans in America by passing fraudulent information from the dirty hands of Clark, to Geraldo, Chuck Grodin(sky), Barbara Walters and Katie Couric. And it still continues for pecuniary gain. Fuhrman was the beard and no more in case they needed a diversion which he intentionally or inadvertently provided. The play was to regain the moral high ground as stated before in the wake of the brutal unprofessional conduct against rodney King caught on tape that besmirched the well-cultivated 50-year-old persona of William Parker’s LAPD.


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