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Flip The Script

There are three predictable ruts that pro-Whites get into.

The first is Blacks vs. Whites. Blacks accuse Whites of slavery, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan. Pro-Whites then tend to tailgate, talking about Black crime, or IQ tests, or how Blacks, Democrats, and liberals are the “real racists.”

But that’s tailgating. That is allowing them to set the context. Instead, follow the White Rabbit and flip the script and change the context.

The second rut is Mestizos vs. Whites. Mestizos say Europeans stole America from the Indians, therefore America really belongs to Jose Martinez. Pro-Whites then tailgate, talking about how Spain stole it first, or something about diseases, or how they are only against “illegal immigration,” or how many Whites are 1/16 Native American.

That’s tailgating. Instead, White Rabbits flip the script.

The worst of course is Jews vs. Whites. Whites just don’t know how to respond when a Jew starts screaming “NAZIHITLERHOLOCAUSTANTISEEEMITE!” Pro-Whites get into a rut, talking about the Holomodor, or revisionism, or the Bolsheviks.

Instead, White Rabbits flips the script:

Never let them set the terms of debate. Never let them choose the categories. It is never Blacks vs. Whites, or Mestizos vs. Whites, or Jews vs. Whites.

It’s Anti-Whites vs. Whites. Never forget that some of the worst anti-Whites are White themselves.



15 comments on “Flip The Script

  1. guest
    September 12, 2016

    >How Whites Took Over America Part 2


  2. kerberos616
    September 12, 2016

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  3. icareviews
    September 12, 2016

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  4. icareviews
    September 12, 2016

    These are, of course, effective rhetorical strategies for certain situations – but I hope you’re not suggesting that there’s something wrong with discussing other ethnic groups’ histories of aggression against us. White nationalism shouldn’t consist only of that, but white activists have as much use as Jews for history and journalism written from revisionist perspectives. These sorts of videos can be fun, and might be good for sharing with people who are unacquainted with the arguments against white genocide; but it gets stale after a while, same as the pictures of blondes in prairies. White nationalism also shouldn’t be boring. Don’t forget that one of the reasons the counterculture succeeded was that it was able to present itself as a fascinating new way to live and a total departure from an allegedly dull, pathologically stultifying society of empty white propriety. We need our own cultural content to compete with mainstream infotainment, and tabloid-style reportage, like it or not, will be part of that. Just as there are all sorts of individuals who will need to be reached, there will need to be material tailored to their particular interests – all hopefully having an overarching trajectory that leads toward unity rather than the formation of subcultures, something that currently threatens the movement.


    • Hipster Racist
      September 12, 2016

      It depends – is it effective? The “movement” has been bitching about black crime since, well, slave times. It doesn’t seem to have been effective, it certainly hasn’t been effective in my lifetime. It’s sort of beating a dead horse. It’s one of those things that everyone knows but doesn’t think it’s polite to say out loud. It’s sort of like making fun of a retarded person, or constantly mentioning that someone is fat. How do we break out of that rut?

      As far as Jews, it seems to me the most effective people at actually pointing out Jewish power have been the left on the Israel/Palestine issue. Certainly the conservatives do nothing but worship Jews and Israel. Duke has been singularly ineffective on that issue despite years of patiently explaining how anti-white they are. How do we break out of that rut?

      Everyone has their own sense of humor, but “Anti-racist Hitler” was the funniest thing I’ve seen from the movement since forever. I still laugh when I watch it, and Sam Hyde’s better stuff still makes me laugh too.

      (((Daily Stormer))) was funny to me about three time until the jokes just got stale. How many times can you really laugh at frogs in a gas chamber cartoons?

      The fact is, repetition works. It’s not strictly for entertainment purposes. Some of the most repetitive and obnoxious TV commercials are the ones that stick in your head the most. Bob Whitaker is a professional, he was literally paid cash to create propaganda. And Mantra-style stuff *IS* repetitive – and that is why it’s effective.

      How many TV jingles from your childhood can you still remember the lyrics to? Even the obnoxious ones? Especially the obnoxious ones?

      I’ve seen anti-Whites consistently win on the three issues I mentioned: Blacks vs. Whites, Mestizos vs. Whites, and Jews vs. Whites. Yet those videos turned that around.

      And pictures of blondes in prairies? Since when has putting hot women in advertisements NOT been effective? Ever heard of a “booth babe?” Miss America contests exist precisely to find hot women to sell cars.

      “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” I’m willing to bet has been the most effective slogan the pro-White movement has come up with ever. The BUGsters – who do little more than repeat that slogan and that idea in various ways – have almost certainly been far, far more effective than all the pro-white blogs put together, and far, far more effective than (((Daily Stormer))) style trolling.

      Is it repetitive and even kind of boring? Sure – that is why it’s effective. “White genocide” was actually tweeted by Donald Trump and now the anti-whites are repeating the slogan to “debunk” it.

      They’ve even made Mantra music videos and jingles. That’s effective.

      I’m all for pro-white art, pro-white music, and cultural production that isn’t just propaganda. But we’re still a long way from even reaching a critical mass. Right now propaganda is the most effective thing we can do. When it comes to reaching “normies” short and sweet beats complicated rhetoric. The philosophical essays are meant to appeal to philosophical people – and that is fine.

      The Pepe trolling memes have a specific audience – angry teenage boys who like telling naughty jokes online. Fine.

      But a Mantra style slogan on an image macro with a Beautiful White Woman in a Wheat Field? That gets everyone’s attention – men, women, normies, liberals, conservatives, everyone.

      “Movement” stuff appeals to “movement” people – and considering the “movement” has been 100% ineffective, even counter-productive, so far, pretty much anything new is going to be worth trying. And frankly the best thing a lot of “movement” people could do for us is to just shut up and go home.

      There really is no “movement” to speak of, it’s a cultural ghetto of cranks and malcontents. So the best thing we can do is reach out to “normies.” When the messages get out there, people will form their own “movements.”


      • icareviews
        September 13, 2016

        I agree with you about the basic brilliance of the AntiRacist Hitler cartoons – at least the ideas behind these, if not necessarily the execution. I think the average jerk our there would watch a few seconds, see the cheap animation, get bored, and say “This sucks.” They need to up their game in terms of the animation.

        I disagree that everybody already understands black crime. So many whites really are brainwashed. I have a liberal friend, a Clinton nostalgist I’ve known professionally for over a decade now, so I feel fairly comfortable having un-p.c. discussions with him that don’t go too far. Sometimes I’ll show him Tommy Sotomayor or Pastor Manning videos and stuff like that. Stuff that’s funny, since he’s one of these people who just wants to go through life being entertained and doesn’t want to have to think unpleasant thoughts about the future of his civilization. I think I lost a lot of credibility with him initially when I tried to nudge him into 9/11 truth a few years ago, but I’ve kept sending him mild “conspiracy” stuff and race-realist content now and then, and by his own admission he’s becoming more open to the credibility of alternative media. A while back I sent him a Sotomayor video about black crime and he replied that people who cover this subject tend to distort crime statistics. I responded with a link to a quick, to-the-point piece at AmRen utilizing Department of Justice crime figures. “Obama’s DOJ wasn’t a white supremacist hate group the last time I checked,” I told him. I knew I was taking a chance by linking to AmRen, but he actually responded in a positive way and conceded that the information had changed his mind. This poor sap will probably never be racially or politically aware in the way that we are, but it gets me down to see people blowing their lives in ignorance.


    • Hipster Racist
      September 13, 2016

      Your friend who rejected black crime stats shows that we’re dealing with a taboo and breaking taboos can’t be done with facts and figures. Regardless of what he says, I bet he locks his car doors when he’s driving through a black neighborhood at night.

      He knows that blacks commit crimes, and he also knows it is “immoral” to mention it without making some excuse for it.

      The problem with (((Daily Stormer))) is that they just reinforce Holocaust taboos. They say, “they are going to call us Nazis so let’s just be Nazis.”

      What the Mantra people have done is to switch the moral poles. Facts and figures about gas chambers are important to academics. But “Hitler” just means “the Devil” so Anti-racist Hitler just paints the Hitler Moustache on the anti-whites. Whether we like it or not, Whites are a moral people and appeals have to have some moral basis.

      The Holocaust taboos were broken by Seinfeld back in the 1990s with his Schindler’s List episode. Does the Holocaust stuff even resonate with anyone anymore? The (((Daily Stormer))) people talk about the Holocaust more than Jews do these days.

      Try showing your friend the Boondock’s MLK speech. That did more to break the “black oppression” taboos than anything the ostensibly pro-white movement has done in the last few decades.

      We know the Mantra stuff works because (((they))) are attempting to bury it – they don’t want that stuff to get attention. They love to give attention to the (((Daily Stormer))) and Matt Heimbach because they fit into the script.

      The three anti-whites arguments, Black Slavery, Indian Genocide, and Jewish Oppression, are effectively countered by these videos – the quality of the video is a side issue – it’s the way it was done. They used judo; they used the momentum of the anti-white strike and simply shifted it slightly which throws them off balance.

      You can argue all day about how many Jews can fit into an ashtray, how many Indians died to to diseases and how many black were lynched – facts and figures don’t break taboos. But this stuff reverses the taboos, it shifts the categories and it uses their own power against them.

      I haven’t seen anything else nearly as effective.

      The typical response to Mantra thinking is to reject it at first – that’s simply cognitive dissonance. But once you see it working on normies and understand how to apply it it becomes second nature.


      • Apollonius
        September 14, 2016

        I like Whittaker’s videos too; they’re great, I laugh every time. But, I don’t understand what you mean by “flipping the script”. What script is flipped in Anti-Racist Hitler?

        “Look, the evil Hitler is back and he’s going to exterminate the Jews with their own genocide plan!. LOL!”

        Is that it? If so, why should anyone outside the “movement” care about it? Most normal white people aren’t paying enough attention to anti-racist propaganda to see the full cleverness of this video. They’ll get a few laughs, but their participation ends there. This video is excellent “anti-anti-racist” propaganda, but you won’t build a real political or social movement being an “anti”. You know this, but perhaps can’t or won’t admit that the “movement” has no future on account of this fact.

        What’s your idea of the endgame anyway? Do you expect to spend the rest of your life as a critical observer on the outside? Is this blog or Amren or any other “Pro-White” community supposed to be anything other than a place for pundits to air their latest grievances and repeat the same facts everyone already knows? I don’t have a problem with forums and meetings of like-minded people, and this blog is fine as far as it goes, but is there anyone who really thinks that all this is going anywhere other than a convention hall, at most?

        You mentioned Europe 2050 or 2070 in a previous article. Well, what kind of a world do you want to see fifty years from now? A hundred years? Who can tell me what a “Pro-White” world would look like and how we would get it? I have read quite a few articles of yours and those by many others, and the unifying vision that would be necessary for these questions to be answered is simply not there. We have only cacophony and discordance, not harmony, not the concert of deed and thought that it takes to think seriously about Europe 2050.

        Who and what is going to change this situation for the better?


      • Hipster Racist
        September 14, 2016

        perhaps can’t or won’t admit that the “movement” has no future on account of this fact.

        You know this because you have successfully built a social/political movement?

        the unifying vision that would be necessary for these questions to be answered is simply not there.

        I’m not building a cult for you to join. If you want a “unifying vision” go join the Scientologists or maybe get back in touch with your Jewish roots. We’re trying to defang anti-words like “racist” and make people realize it’s acceptable to be pro-white.

        In any case, your pose at asking tough questions is just that, a pose. Why is it that Jews always overestimate their own intelligence? If I recall correctly, your big plan was to talk about the Holocaust and Hitler at a lot.

        You have no experience building social or political movements. You have no experience in marketing and political propaganda. You constantly complain that “the movement” (which doesn’t exist) isn’t giving you a reason to live.

        What you need isn’t a political or social movement, what you need is a therapist. We can’t help you.


  5. Hipster Racist
    September 12, 2016

    o/t – but just more proof you should never bet against Hipster’s political analysis.

    Guess who Trump just named as a natsec advisor? A former CIA director that Hipster has written about extensively.

    James Woolsey, who served as CIA director in President Bill Clinton’s administration, will serve Donald Trump as a senior adviser on national security, defense and intelligence, the campaign announced today.

    And what do we know about Woolsey? Other than the fact he tried to blame Iran and Iraq for 9/11?

    Woolsey says that “Iran was involved [in]… the support to the terrorists that brought about 9-11.”

    Woolsey, a complete failure as CIA director, lets us know which side he’s on:

    I sometimes get asked these days if I’m Jewish — it’s my neoconish views on defense and foreign affairs, I suppose. For a while I would just say, “No, Presbyterian,‘ but I’ve started saying instead, ’Well, I anchor the Presbyterian wing of JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs).”

    Colin Powell said the Iraq war was started by “the JINSA crowd.”

    So let’s put this in context: Israel wants the US to attack Iran. The US defense establishment wants the US to peel away Iran and the Shia crescent from Russia because they are Russia’s greatest allies in the region. If the US makes peace with Iran, we’ll have the two biggest mid east powers – and the two biggest oil producers – under our thumb.

    So the Iran question is a simple either/or. Either you are for the pro-US policy of bringing Iran into America’s orbit, or you are for bombing Iran because that is what Israel wants.

    And what has Trump spent the last eight years saying? Telling everyone that Obama is a Secret Muslim with a fake birth certificate that is going soft on Iran, the biggest threat to America and Israel. Not coincidentally, reading from the script written by “birther” Orly Taitz and Bibi “Bomb Iran” Netanyahu.

    Now this.

    Never bet against Hipster Intelligence Agency.


    • guest
      September 13, 2016

      From Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind:

      “By the late 1990s Woolsey had jumped on the “get Saddam” bandwagon. He was a signatory, along with fellow neocons Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz , of the Project for the New American Century’s letter to Bill Clinton that called for “the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime from power” using “a full complement of diplomatic, political, and military efforts.” Sept. 11 gave Woolsey and his associates their opportunity, and they began working diligently to shift the government’s emphasis from destroying al-Qaeda to invading Iraq.”

      “Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sent Woolsey to the UK to find a link between Saddam and al-Qaeda. Woolsey came back with a story alleging that Mohammed Atta had met a senior Iraqi intelligence official in Prague shortly before Sept. 11. Never mind that only the most slender evidence supported the tale and that the FBI soon determined that Atta had been in Virginia Beach on the day in question; the story was told and retold, especially by Vice President Cheney, and believed by a significant segment of the American public.”

      It gets better:

      “Woolsey claims that in the 1960s he and his wife Sue actually saw a UFO. Now back in the ’60s there were plenty of reasons folks might have seen strange things, but let’s give the Woolseys the benefit of the doubt. In any event, when President Clinton appointed Woolsey to head the CIA in 1993, the new director of Central Intelligence immediately tasked senior officers with combing the files to ferret out secret information about flying saucers and extraterrestrials. Not satisfied with the explanation that the CIA had no secret UFO files, Woolsey commissioned a report, CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-1990, which was released in 1996, the year after his resignation.”

      And from Ex-CIA Makes Ass of Self:

      “Last week (2014) it was reported that former CIA Director James Woolsey, forced to resign during the Clinton administration for his bungling of the Aldrich Ames (KGB mole) affair, was going around telling people that the reason Jonathan Pollard, the notorious Israeli spy, was still in prison after 29 years is because the U.S. government is anti-Semitic. In short, Pollard remains in prison because he’s a Jew.”

      He probably dreams about antisemitic aliens.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hipster Racist
        September 13, 2016

        And Trump is likely to hire another PNAC signer as Secretary of State, the notorious neo-con John Bolton.

        Wooley could have been seen a just a sop to the neo-cons, because Woolsey is a light-weight.

        But Bolton is perhaps the most important of the goy frontmen for the neo-cons. This is a guy who is reported to actually use physical intimidation tactics on various government officials, like a mafia captain.

        For a guy supposedly hated by the neo-cons, Trump is surrounded by them and he’s been reading their script for eight years.

        Since I’m a guy of moderate intelligence who just reads the news, my question is, why is no one else pointing this stuff out?

        Oh – ALSO – considering Woolsey “failed” to be deal with Ames and is actually supported Pollard … and considering he’s up for State, State being basically the heart of federal corruption, the ground zero of bribery and payoffs and dirty deeds, and in in fact indistinguishable from the CIA – putting a notorious Israel-first neo-con with a personal devotion to the Holy Jews is likely to mean what, exactly?


  6. Apollonius
    September 14, 2016

    “I’m not building a cult for you to join”

    What ARE you building exactly? Your career as a pundit and an erotic fiction writer is flourishing, but are you telling us there is more to come? The suspense is killing me.

    “We’re trying to defang anti-words like “racist” and make people realize it’s acceptable to be pro-white.”

    You keep deflecting me by saying that line, but then you turn around and say things like,

    “but really – let’s develop a vision for the future. What will Whites be doing in 2050? 2100? Likely most of us posting here will still be alive by 2060-2070, and if not our kids will be, and our grandkids will be alive in 2100. What will White culture look like in 2100?”

    So who’s crazy, you or me?

    “You know this because you have successfully built a social/political movement?”

    So everything is fine, and victory is right around the corner then? “Pro-White” is going to get us all the way to the finish line as long as we keep posting BUGS memes, talking about David Duke, and voting for Trump, right?

    “What you need is a therapist”


    I literally laughed out loud at that one. Since you’re so concerned, I’m sure that you’ll recommend a good one for a brother in need. Oh I forgot, I am a Jew because I don’t agree with Hipster’s Party Program.


    • Hipster Racist
      September 14, 2016

      I’m not concerned. You’re not my brother. Your concern trolling is just not as clever as you think it is. If you don’t understand the point of this thread and the videos, then I can’t help you.


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