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Knights in Black Leather


Mad Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky


Mick Farren

The late Mick Farren, in addition to leaving behind a respectable catalogue of confrontational sixties-seventies British psych and proto-punk, was the author of several science-fiction novels as well as assorted non-fiction including an interesting item titled The Black Leather Jacket. This short book is a work of pop-cultural anthropology and an engaging excavation of the social history of a garment that like no other would zipper the union of dangerousness and hip mystique.

Among Farren’s many thought-provoking observations is the curious circumstance that the black leather jacket would be adopted during its postwar heyday by both police and delinquent youth – figures operating on opposite sides of the law and conventional mores. “There doesn’t seem to be any argument that there’s something more going on with the black leather jacket than just a simple, utilitarian garment,” Farren begins his most intriguing digression.

Divorced from sociology and culture, it doesn’t look like much more: waist length, unobtrusive collar, sleeves, a couple of zips, some studs, maybe a buckle or two, ideal protection from the weather for motorcyclists, aviators, anyone with a taste for the rugged outdoors or the wild blue yonder. On the surface, the black leather jacket ought to have a positive and wholesome reputation. In its straightforward form, it has no frills or flounces, no titillating, peek-a-boo slits or anything else custom designed to facilitate crime, violence or psycho-sexual freaky-deaky. By rights, it should be a yeoman garment with no hidden significance. But it isn’t.


Marlon Brando, as Johnny in Stanley Kramer’s 1953 production The Wild One, would establish the leather-clad outlaw persona for a general audience, inspiring the Shangri-Las’ 1964 hit single “Leader of the Pack” as well the aspirations of any number of image-conscious fifties greasers and hoodlums. The look would quickly become associated with violence and rock and roll. In addition, The Wild One would contribute in a quiet way to a later association between black leather and homosexuality, as seen in the British biker drama The Leather Boys (1964).

This inescapable fact leaves us just two basic alternatives. On one hand, we must assume that there’s something in the make-up of various kinds of bullies, sociopaths, rock musicians and policemen which gives rise to an overwhelming urge to clothe the top halves of their bodies in shiny black leather. This, however, hardly seems logical. The sweep is simply too great, for the story of the black leather jacket spans almost a century and stretches geographically the long way around, from Australian surf punks to the LA Police Department. This has to be more than just a shared taste. If we abandon this argument, though, it leads us into somewhat strange territory. We have to conjecture that the garment is somehow able to invest the wearer with a certain power and maybe even bring out the aggression for which people in black leather jackets are significantly famous. Are we faced with the possibility that we may be dealing with actual twentieth-century magic? […]

In this context, it becomes much easier to think of the black leather jacket in the context of […] a solid and potentially powerful totem.1


The fascistic quality of the vigilante patrolmen in Magnum Force (1973) is reinforced by their black leather jackets.

Farren makes clear that in using the word “magic” it is not his intention to evoke the concept “in strictly medieval, ‘eye of newt’ terms.”

However, there is a close connection between medieval and modern magic – and it is embodied in the black leather jacket. The parallel between the leather jacket and the armour of the Middle Ages is neither so far-fetched nor romantically fanciful as it might at first appear. Sure, in my case it was an adolescent fantasy, but there was at least a slight factual basis. For a start, a leather jacket does afford a good measure of physical protection. Any motorcyclist sliding along the highway having just dropped his bike will attest to this, as will the experienced bar-room brawler, who is well aware that leather is a great deal better protection against knives, brass knuckles, broken bottles, chains and straight-edge razors than seersucker. Armour has always been something that demanded to be taken seriously. […] A man in armour really was an individual with whom you didn’t mess. At the sight of a man in armour, the patched and threadbare peasant was very well advised to make himself scarce, to hide in the bushes until the human tank had gone by.


Baron von Richthofen, the world’s first rock star.

It doesn’t really matter whether the character in the armour is a crusader in chain mail or a Hell’s Angel in a bike jacket. A set of basic principles apply to both. The armour confers both a purpose and an identity. The man in armour is flaunting his power. He might not be out looking for trouble but at least he was well prepared for the eventuality. This has to be part of the obvious appeal to adolescents. […]

Both leather and plate armour easily transcend a simple display of identity. A bowling shirt is a display of identity but it hardly evokes any particular fear or inspires awe. The armoured knight and the biker in the leather jacket were and are something a little different. Both put such an emphasis on communicating the idea of power and potential aggression that their garments quickly become a very personal fetish for the wearer. The knight adorns and decorates it to make himself seem even more dashing and dangerous. Medieval armour was decked out with any manner of religious symbols, ladies’ favours, good luck charms and fanciful decoration. […]

The decoration of armour and the accompanying shield were part of the complicated system of heraldry. The heraldic quartering of the knight’s shield and the cloth surcoat that was frequently worn over the armour clearly stated the fighting man’s allegiances […] In rather ironic parallel, the motorcycle gangs of the modern world also have a kind of surcoat in the familiar sawn-off denim jacket that’s worn over the basic black leather. It too carries all manner of formalised information regarding its wearer. It proclaims to the world the name of the club with which he rides and his position in that club’s hierarchy, while the degree of unpleasantness of the club logo – death’s heads, demons and eagles have always been big with bike clubs – provides a gauge of the collective badness to which they aspire. […]


Iggy Pop models distinctively leopard-ornamented leather punk protection during his days with the Stooges.

To the vast majority of the general public, the most disturbing part of motorcycle display – and the punk rock display in the late seventies – was the adoption of Nazi regalia. The usual rationalisation for this, in both cases, is a statement to the effect that they didn’t actually embrace the philosophy or want to set up death camps [sic] but only used Nazi symbols as something to administer the ultimate shock to the surface-dwelling citizens. The Iron Crosses, the swastikas and the Wehrmacht helmets however, bring us right back into the realm of twentieth century magic. The swastika goes to the very roots of Indo-European symbolism. All the way, almost to prehistory, it has been associated with the sun, fertility and good luck. This was a swastika, though, in which the right-angle arms of its crooked cross pointed in an anti-clockwise direction. When, in the 1920s, Joseph Goebbels commissioned the Nazis’ basic house style, the cross was reversed. Its arms now pointed clockwise. Whether this was a deliberate act or merely an ill-omened oversight […] the result was the same. This flip-over also reversed the mystic connotations of this historically potent sign. Instead of sun, fertility and good luck, it now represented the diametric opposite. According to the fundamentals of folklore and magic, it stood for darkness, death and absolute evil. All of which were horribly apt, considering the glazed, lockstep brutality that followed the Nazi banners. Sad to say, the Nazis play an uncomfortably major role in any history of the black leather jacket.2


An ancient Macedonian helmet sports the clockwise swastika.


Ancient Aryan symbolism displayed on a silver coin unearthed in what today is Pakistan.

With regard to the alleged sorcery of reversing the swastika, Farren is lying in order to make a poetic point, as just a few seconds’ searching of the internet will confirm. The clockwise swastika, like the counter-clockwise, dates to antiquity, and can be found, for example, on an ancient Macedonian helmet3 or on silver coins discovered in what is today non-Aryan Pakistan4.

Farren devotes a chapter of his book to the German influence on the development of the leather jacket. Notwithstanding the cultural appropriation of the likes of the Black Panthers, Richard Roundtree, Lou Reed, and Henry Winkler, the black leather jacket, more than the universal swastika, constitutes a distinctly European innovation and magic as well as a hip expression of a peculiar strain of implicit whiteness. Rock that hide with pride.

Rainer Chlodwig von K.


  1. Farren, Mick. The Black Leather Jacket. London: Plexus, 2008, pp. 17-18.
  2. Ibid., pp. 20-21.



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16 comments on “Knights in Black Leather

  1. icareviews
    September 9, 2016

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  2. Hipster Racist
    September 9, 2016

    Did James J. O’Meara of Counter Currents hack into Ranier’s account?

    One of the key tenant of magic is: “each thing evokes its opposite.” “Reversal” is a form of magic.

    (Of course, “magic” is meant in the anthropological sense. A quick way to understand the difference between magic and technology: bullets are not magic, they are technology. Dollar bills are magic. If people stop beliving in the purchasing power of the dollar, you’re left holding worthless green pieces of paper. But if you get shot with a bullet it makes no difference if you “believe” in the power of bullets or not.)

    We see the “each thing evokes its opposite” and “reversal” themes at least three times in this article: the counter-clockwose wise “good” swastikas are reversed into the clockwise “evil” Nazi swastikas.

    We see the leather jacket becoming a symbol of both the “Good” police as well as the “Evil” bikers.

    And you even have the image of the masculine motorcycle gang that inspired the women to write a love song, “Leader of the Pack,” reversed into the homosexuals of “The Leather Boys.”

    The pagan dichotomy is the Sun and the Moon, Day and Night. The Judeo-Xian (Zoroastrian/Mosaic Distinction) dichotomy is Good and Evil, God and Satan.

    The (((DailyStormer))) kids love to talke about their “meme magic” because they “reverse” Nazi/Jew imagery. But it’s a low form of magic, they just simply reverse the cateogies as is. A much more potent form of “meme magic” is what Bob Whitaker has done. He jettisoned the pair “NaziRacistKKKWhites” vs. “JewDiversityPeoplesofColor” to a completely different pair “Whites vs. Anti-Whites.”

    Children immediately respond to reversals with laughter. Think of the silliest joke that will appeal to a four year old, it will involve some sort of “reversal” – but the categories will remain the same, because a four year old can understand a simple reversal, but not a category shift.

    Frankly, one of the most controversial conflicts in the pro-white movement has always been “Pagans vs. Christians” which tends to play out over homosexuality. The priest class of Judaism are bearded rabbis – ugly, masculine. The priest class of Euro-Christianity has been the Celibate Priests of Catholicism – clean shaven, beautiful (look at Catholic art, Jews don’t do art because idolatry) even somewhat effeminate. Rabbis tend to pass their rabbinate to their sons, the Catholic priest class has “spiritual sons” – the priest class is recruited from the population at large. It’s the distribution that makes the difference. In Judeo-Xianity, the Tribe itself is a distinct genetic priest class spiritually ruling over the goyim, in Pagan-Catholicism, the priest class is genetically a part of the population itself.

    Even the crypto-Catholics in nRX have understood this. has written a half dozen articles about the Mannerbund, but do their best to distance it from homosexuality, in fact, explaining how homosexuality tends to prevent and pathologize naturally occuring mannerbunds. All the men have to say, “no homo!”

    Part of this is, of course, simple ressentiment. The weakling and unathletic boys who didn’t make the soccer team will often try a “reversal” by calling the athletes “fags.” “Ha ha, the male athletes playing with each other’s sweaty balls.” We see the obvious jealousy there and no one is really fooled, because the gals are paying attention to the soccer players and won’t even sit next to the dorks who didn’t make the team.

    Remember the article about Mexican fascists? The image of the Mexican men with some sort of pink ribbon as part of their uniform immediately provoked a commenter to say it looked “faggy.” This is a knee jerk reaction, of course, you always want to feminize the image of a competing gang. That is why the Communist movement used to constantly accuse the Fascists of homosexuality, the anti-fa were calling the skinheads “Nazi fags” all the way up until the Left officially adopted LGBT in the 1990s. But I caught one doing the same thing on reddit last month. In an article about “fascists” this Jew immediately started posting what he found to be “homoerotic” pictures of Nazi men.

    I find it interesting too that the (((Daily Stormer))) types have a favorite slur, “faggot,” although they actually create memes of their Rabbi Anglin with tight t-shirts and 1970s Village People glasses and declare that Anglin himself is a “reason to live.”

    In primitive tribes there were often priests/magicians that would do something that today we would call “cross-dressing” and this was seen by everyone as a form of “reversal magic” and it was accepted as a symbol of their magical power. In fact, the Judeo-Xian Conquistadors always targeted that class first, as the Jewish Bible is clear that a man may not wear clothing “of the woman” and vice-versa.

    Of course I love to use a very similar form of magic, that interestingly also seems to constantly provoke a fearful sexual reaction among Judeo-Xian oriented men – but virtually never among pagan oriented women. Show an image of a feminine woman in a submissive pose to a masculine man – magical props like ropes and handcuffs are optional – and Judeo-Xians (and feminists, who are a form of Puritans/Quakers) get scandalized. Paganish women, on the other hand, get aroused. It’s of course a reversal of pleasure and pain, and a reversal of sex and violence. Anyone interested in seeing it in action can just go to my blog posts from three years ago and read the comments.

    Or, you know, just read the second most common genre of women’s erotic romance novels.

    Hardly a surprise that when I criticized the (((Daily Stormer))) that was the very FIRST thing they used to try to discredit me, going so far as to screenshot one of my stories (using the same tactic that the Jewish hasbara of reddit have done with my blog for two years now, not coincidentally.)

    Of course “Hipsterism” is just the same thing. Hipsters take old, ugly, unfashionable clothing and “reverse” them into the height of fashion. Hot hipster girls reverse the saying “guys don’t make passes on girls who wear glasses” by wearing the biggest, thickest rimmed glasses they can find. Hipster men wear “geek chic” clothing.

    When I was growing up, computer programmers were the anti-heros of “Revenge of the Nerds” and were universally stereotyped as painfully autistic geeks. Now, the characters on the HBO show “Girls” compete over who can date a Dot-Com Startup Millionaire.

    There are a lot of related concepts here, and a lot of powerful magic to be mined, but the lumpen-proles of the Judeo-Xian variety are very, very afraid of this magic. As Andrew Anglin has accidently revealed about himself, the second he stops saying “faggot no homo” is the second he can no longer control his urge to mouth kiss his male friends. The “real conservative men” of the “macho right wing” variety have to counter-signal “hipsters” all the time. Even the white right can barely restrain themselves from mocking Jared Taylor’s upper class refined diction – “huy-white” – and mock it as effeminate just like the Negroes at Townson university did.

    The Judaics have used a powerful form of magic by reversing styles of Aryan masculinity to the point where even when a white man puts on a leather jacket decorated with the symbols of his army and mounts his steel horse, he second guesses himself and hopes it doesn’t come across as “faggy.”

    Steve Sailer’s recent article about the death of Prince called “Rock ‘N Roll Reversal” touches on similar themes.


  3. Hipster Racist
    September 9, 2016


    • Hipster Racist
      September 9, 2016

      Pay close attention that video and notice some of the reversals going on.

      The obvious one – they switch out the clothing. When the women all of a sudden appear in men’s clothing, you hardly notice it, as women wearing men’s clothing is not really even unusual. Women wear pants, button up shirts, it’s hardly something that even seems out of place.

      But it’s a tiny bit more shocking when the men are wearing women’s clothing – but in the “hipster” upper middle class white party of the video, half of it just comes across as slightly odd fashion. So, some guy is wearing a scarf that looks a little bit more feminine. A guy is wearing a skirt or a dress. There’s no real “cross dressing” going on because most of the clothing is sort of half unisex anyway – the men aren’t wearing makeup of changing their hairstyles.

      But you know what DOES catch your eye?

      The Asian guy and the Black guy (only two non-Whites in the entire video.) Dress them up however you want – you can’t change race. Put a Black or an Asian into hipster white clothing – they still stick out like a sore thumb.

      The White men and women – they could be brothers and sisters or boyfriend and girlfriends. Swap their clothing and it’s just a fashion statement. The actual sexual distinctions between men and women are still there even with the clothing reversed, but it’s all just one big Happy White Family.

      But you can hardly fail to notice when an actual non-White (male) intruder shows up on the scene. Dress him up however you wish, the costume doesn’t change the genetics…

      One of the most blatantly racist videos I’ve ever seen, and the song is catchy too, a pure example of white hipsterdom.

      You see the theme of “reversal” and the theme of “categories” (men/women, White/non-White.)


  4. Hipster Racist
    September 9, 2016

    Unfortunately not on youtube, but just watch the closing scene of “Secretary” for the “reversal magic” in action.


  5. Hipster Racist
    September 9, 2016

    On of the most effective “pro-Hitler” movies on youtube does a very simple “reversal” trick.

    Typically, a Hitler documentary just shows some Nazi footage and puts some scary music in the background. This one just shows the **exact same footage** but plays inspiring music in the background.

    I showed it to my ladyfriend and she actually quite spontaneously wrote the lyrics for the music, “poor, poor Hitler so misunderstood.” – lol. She picked up on the message immediately, emotionally and subconsciously, without knowing anything but the most perfunctory typical image of Hitler and the Nazis.

    The conservative British philosopher Roger Scruton in “Why Beauty Matters” compares and contrasts the “art” of Tracy Enim and the masters of actual European art. Enim has an installation piece that is literally just her unmade bed. Scruton then shows a famous painting of an unmade bed and notes how the ugliness and randomness of the bed is transformed into something beautiful by this old master; Tracy Enim does not magic, no transformation. It’s literally just her unmade bed. The actual magic is being done by the gallery owner – by placing a piece of non-art – Enim’s unmade bed – in an art museum – he reverses not the bed itself (which remains just a bed, not art) – but reverses instead the art gallery itself.

    Scruton points out that one of the most iconic images in European art is Christ crucified. They take a horrific image of a man being literally tortured to death in the most awful way possible and reverses it into some of the most sublime and beautiful art that Europe has ever produced. That’s the “reversal magic.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hipster Racist
      September 10, 2016

      Sorry if this is a bit off from the original subject of leather jackets, but it’s all about the context.

      Some hilarious and inspiring examples of “reversal magic.”

      Remember the 1990s cult comedy classic Office Space? Here’s the trailer recut as a horror film:

      Or how about Steven King’s nightmarish IT as a heartwarming tale of a lovable clown that shows the depressed citizens of a dying small town that life is indeed worth living?

      Watch the heartfelt story of a lovable loser find meaning in his life thanks to a sympathetic Marine Corp drill instructor.

      George: a cynical New Yorker turns his life around and finally accepts that he can find true love.

      Can a modern District Attorney find her true love with a mysterious billionaire with a fetish for unusual costumes?

      What makes an Oscar worthy film? It’s all about context.


      • icareviews
        September 10, 2016

        That It one is pretty funny. That movie gave me a nightmare after I watched part of it when it was first broadcast, but I watched it again in its entirety a few years ago and it’s some of the hokiest shit I’ve ever seen.


  6. kerberos616
    September 9, 2016

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  7. Hipster Racist
    September 9, 2016

    A recent story announces that Brown University is going to start putting tampon machines in the men’s bathrooms.

    Now supposedly this is about transgenders. But of course it isn’t, that’s the excuse. At most there are one or two transgendereds on the Brown campus. What this is really about is two fold. Breaking down segregation, in this case, the segregation of men and women, even in the potty.

    But you’ll also notice that they are trying to do “reversal magic” here:

    More importantly, it’d be a good societal practice to remove the stigma from the idea that tampons exist and are somehow ‘gross’ or ‘mysterious’ or that it would be weird for people to need them. They should seem no more ‘gross’ to anyone than seeing a package of toilet paper. By putting them in every bathroom on campus, Brown University is taking an important step towards normalizing the fact that some people have periods.

    Now anyone can understand that this is nothing but squid ink. No one thinks that tampons are any more “gross” than toilet paper. But everyone does think that feces and menustral blood are “gross” – and well they should, as hygenine is literally a bedrock of civilization. If you don’t have plumbing and hygenine, you don’t have a civilization.

    But if you will note that “feminist art” is constantly using period blood etc. – it’s always trying to “reverse” blood from something gross (which it is) to something profound (which it isn’t.)

    It’s hardly a coincidence that feminism denigrates motherhood – the actual act of creating life – which is quite profound. But “feminist art” instead tries to glorify something like menustral blood (the leftovers of NOT creating life) and even the actual act of infanticide itself. What is wearing a “I had an abortion” t-shirt if not a reversal? Women like to show off their babies – feminists (who are themselves a sort of reversal of femininity) instead like to show off their not-babies – their period blood and their abortions. (Have no doubt, they will be wearing t-shirts bearing the images of their dead fetuses as soon as they can get away with it.)

    It’s all a form of “reversal magic.”

    Of course, the conservatives have completely missed the point of the “Transgendered” thing and have allowed the left to set the categories. The opposition to this has been conservative suggesting that weird perverted men are going to be creeping on little girls in the restrooms. It’s not about that at all. The mentally ill people who are actually “transgendered” are simply used to distract you from breaking down sexually segregated spaces.

    If they can get you sexually aroused by the ideas of college girls and college boys talking showers together – or “anti-sexually aroused” by some sort of gross gay/trans version – you’re still going to be reacting in an irrational way – you are being “triggered” which is exactly the point.

    As E. Michael Jones mentioned, the first thing the Israelis did when they invaded Palestine was to start broadcasting hard core pornography on the Palestinian TV stations. The French Revolutionaries said they could declare victory when women were displayed nude in the theater.

    Quick – don’t think of an elephant. What just happened? You thought of an elephant, didn’t you?


    • Adit
      September 11, 2016

      You can get the tampon machines removed quickly enough with a little sabotage. Flush. They’ll get tired of fixing the plumbing ever other day. That is the kind of thing that won’t directly bring down the system, but will help counter their nonsense. There are tons of things that can be done to counter the system’s bull without slinging lead, marching in demonstrations or getting into shouting matches with the idiot brigade. Millions of little acts of defiance can really add up and cost the system a fortune to boot.


  8. Sam J.
    September 10, 2016

    As a gesture to completeness on the leather theme.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. bob saffron
    September 10, 2016

    Leather jacket and marginalized, white, working-class youth.


    • Hipster Racist
      September 11, 2016

      Another yin/yang reversal magic happens in England all the time with class. In Yin terms, it’s better to be rich than poor.

      But with a transvaluation of values in the Nietzschean sense, “blessed are the poor.” Just think of how overloaded the term “posh” is in England. The working class are more “authentic” than those upper class snobs.

      P.G. Wodehouse (who had intel connections) turned the British class system on its head – Bertie was a frivolous clown, it was Jeeves that really kept the great traditions of the British aristocracy alive.

      And this proto-hipster number took the isles by storm, turning a dirge about being poor into a defiant working class anthem.

      “Laugh along with the common people, even though they’re laughing at you, and all the stupid things that you do, because you think that poor is cool.”

      (Sid Vicious was a manufactured character that would have been forgotten as a talentless hack if he hadn’t have died before he could do the reunion tour.)

      If AryanSkynet is anything, it’s propaganda.

      Just consider how Muh Holocaust turned the victims into the heroes.

      Part of the entire progressives/leftist gimmick is turning victims into heroes, weakness into a strength, and courage into cowardice.

      The two themes here: the category shift and the reversal; both are both about shifting the context.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. KSA
    September 12, 2016

    I always thought leather jackets, outside military use, had a scummy look to them. They’re nice on pilots and SS officers but on civilians they have a try-hard look. They were also popular with bolshevik commissars, but they probably just stole it from the Germans.


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