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Beatnik Fascism


Do you feel like an outcast in most facets of daily life for refusing to check your privilege, opting instead to act in your own interests? Regardless of your particular ideological bent, do you often find yourself feeling alienated and on your own even within white identity or related dissident movements, forever at odds even when surrounded by supposed allies? With corporate, state and academic propaganda pulsating at you nearly 24 hours a day on every frequency, the act of tuning out the echoes and going off to explore thoughts on your own terms is to select a path many people are too comfortably entranced to traverse. The race realists, futurists, nationalists and anti-consumerists are among today’s last stalwart non-conformists, navigating outside of society’s social and artistic taboos. For better or worse, eating ass is perfectly acceptable on network TV, and gibberizzle has become the unofficial language of today’s most celebrated sportsball figures and pop stars…but if you merely express the mildest aesthetic preference for Western Civilization, just watch how fast the squares cube up to box you in, until no one can hear your screams but the UPS man.

Beatnik Fascism isn’t some way out new ideology(do we really need any more “offshoots” at this point?) or a lame (((Goldbergian))) revisionist attempt at retroactively defining Kerouac, Burroughs, (((Ginsberg))) and the rest of the beat generation as crypto fascists(even though many of them are now considered “white” supremacists and misogynists by contemporary social justice hall monitors equipped with current year measuring sticks.) In the end, the beats were just artists doing their own thing who happened to inspire a cultural movement. Rather than wasting the book’s meager space dredging up Kerouac’s vintage anti-semitic slurs, Beatnik Fascism presents itself as a collection of imaginative(and sometimes humorous) poems for the non-conformists of today. Just as the beats were people who didn’t assimilate into the post WWII, industrialized America of the 1950’s and decided to hit the road in search of kicks, racially aware whites now live an alien existence in our own cities and towns. We’re the scattered and stubborn holdout actors in the post Cold War, globalized, transnational corporate PC shitshow that’s currently playing in dying mall theaters everywhere. The bizarre poems in Beatnik Fascism convey our experiences and challenges for the future, on an abstract level rather than through a conventionally political framework. We’re seekers too after all, in search of our collective identity and a means to cultivate it.

Beatnik Fascism is available in paperback and ebook format. Just buy it. It’s only a few bucks. Even if you hate poetry, you can strategically leave the book lying on the coffee table, and it might be useful for triggering your annoying, busybody neighbors when they pop over unannounced(or your square family members for that matter.) There’s even a poem about Harambe, that wild yet gentle creature who managed to go-ape without chimping out(but still got needlessly iced by a cold humanoid anyway.)

For more info, check out this interview on The Stark Truth podcast, with Robert Stark.




10 comments on “Beatnik Fascism

  1. kerberos616
    August 21, 2016

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  2. icareviews
    August 21, 2016

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  4. Hipster Racist
    August 24, 2016

    Old people are always noticing my handle and asking me about “the White Negro” and stuff about Kerouac and the beats.

    I have to sheepishly explain that “hipster” to me means, like, microbrews and Colin Oberst. It’s all pretty white to be honest.

    In fact, you can practically define “hipster music” by its complete lack of black musical influence. That’s where the whole trend started.

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  5. Hipster Racist
    August 24, 2016

    LOL – TANSTAAFL has spent a week accusing me of being a crypto-Jew (even before my conversion last week.)

    Just now, on Twitter, he apparently ran to google, typed in “Jack Kerouac jew” and came across an article about Kerouac’s “anti-semitism” and mistook it for proof that Kerouac was Jewish.

    He admitted his error, but decided that Kerouac looked sort of Jewish, so probably was – because he knew another French-Canadian that was Jewish.

    This is the guy that announced his wife was a quarter Jewish, and when I reminded him of that, he said that’s exactly why he can tell who’s a Jew. /eyeroll.

    Again – the Jewish problem is that they are anti-White. It’s not that they aren’t Christians, or that they want to segregate, or that they want their Jewish children marrying other Jews. It’s not even that they have an ethno-state in the middle east.

    It is simply that they aren’t us, but pretend to be us, in order to spread anti-whiteness.

    But some people are just obsessed with Jews in an unhealthy way.

    Someone asked me about TANSTAAFL a while back, so here’s my response:

    He tries to “out anti-semite” everyone else. He’s even complained that Kevin MacDonald – yes, that Kevin MacDonald – is somehow “soft on the Jews.”

    But I won’t complain about him too much because I think he’s a truther. He just needs to grow a sense of humor and maybe figure out how the Espionage Model works.

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    • Sam J.
      August 25, 2016

      You have to give people fighting Jews some slack. With the 24/7 multi-megawatt Jew propaganda machine constantly blaring out lies it takes someone a little testy and troublesome to black that out and go their own way.

      Not that I’m saying you don’t just making an observation.

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    • Hipster Racist
      August 26, 2016

      Hmm – scratch that. At least back in 2006 he was referencing Jew comedy shows to attack 9/11 Truth – using typical – very kosher, in fact – personal smears. The whole typical nonsense. Even attacked AE911Truth, the serious groups.

      Mind you – he didn’t actually argue any facts or evidence – he merely engaged in ad hom, typical Jewish psycho-analysizing type smears.

      Has he changed since then? Not sure.


      • guest
        August 27, 2016

        Many people simply avoid 911 to remain in “polite society”, like libertarians. You should really give him a second chance, Stupid/Crazy/Evil is a good one:

        “Stupid/crazy/evil is one tactic used against Whites who have gotten beyond the guilt-tripping, or were never affected by it to begin with. You’re White and not paralyzed with guilt? Well then, you must be a stupid/crazy/evil racist-KKK-nazi!

        As with guilt-tripping, stupid/crazy/evil is a form of psychological aggression against Whites. It is a progression of escalating hostility that starts with ridiculing and pathologizing Whites as mentally defective, and ultimately leads to demonizing Whites as morally defective.”

        He even sounds a little like David Duke on top of it all!

        “I came to eat bagels and to pathologize and subvert healthy, homogenous gentile society with endless critique and tribalistic cultism AND I’M ALL OUT OF BAGELS!” *pic*

        One example of this is calling anyone against mass migration a xenophobe, it sounds medical, you are sick and you fear is irrational, hence you and your reasons can be dismissed outright.

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    • guest
      August 27, 2016

      I asked, his age of treason site is still worthy of reading, or even better listening to, good stuff like how: “jews on their jewsmedia soapboxes pontificate and moralize about the virtues of “free speech”, while at the same time distinguishing and arguing in favor of punishing “hate speech”, with jews literally and figuratively defining what “hate” means, cloaking their concern for their own particularist interests in disingenuous universalist language.” or how “jews are nation frackers”, and his most important work, from my perspective, is countering the White suicide meme.

      And this universalist thing really is our smallpox-infested blanket.

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