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Do You Know “Jack”?

Ruby 5

No tales forthcoming.

“You all know me, I’m Jack Ruby,” Oswald’s assassin famously stated after silencing President Kennedy’s putative killer on November 24, 1963. He addressed the Dallas police who immediately took him into custody. Indeed, the proprietor of the Carousel strip club was well acquainted with most of the city’s police force – but does the public at large really know Jacob Rubenstein, the man who introduced himself to the world as “Jack Ruby”?

Rubenstein was born in Chicago’s heavily Jewish-immigrant Maxwell Street neighborhood in 1911; but even his birth is shrouded in an air of absurd mystery:

There is some confusion about his exact birth date. School records report it as June 23, April 25, March 13, and March 3, 1911. Other early official records list his date of birth as April 21 and April 26, 1911. During his adult life the date Ruby used most frequently was March 25. The police arrest report for November 24 gave his birth date as March 19, 1911.1

Ira Berkow, in his book Maxwell Street, calls it “one of the filthiest streets in the world”2 and paints this picture of its condition in the seventies:

Ira Berkow

Ira Berkow

Once, the stands made a continuous line along the curb for eight blocks. Many stands were torn down while others collapsed from sheer disregard, as Maxwell Street’s business declined. Even the Sunday market – always bustling – gave way to the emerging Sunday commerce in neat and safer suburban shopping centers.

One can get a good perspective of Maxwell Street from the walk of the low-arching Dan Ryan Expressway, the structure that lopped off the eastern end of the marketplace. From the expressway, Maxwell Street, with its hollow spaces between wooden stands, has the peculiar gaping smile of a Halloween pumpkin.

To the west, much of Maxwell Street and the surrounding area has been razed, though a few three-story, pitched-roof buildings from the turn of the century remain among the rubble and are still lived in. […]

Although truncated and waning, some of the old-time mood of Maxwell Street remains, recalling its heritage in the ancient labyrinths of Baghdad and Jerusalem.3

“Maxwell Street is the center of a ghetto about a mile square which served as a blighted garden of promise,” Berkow writes4.

The son of Jewish immigrants from what is now Poland, Jacob Rubenstein grew up speaking Yiddish in a violent and sometimes broken home and thrived in an atmosphere of street thuggery. He got into brawls with neighborhood toughs and helped his father make gin in his bathtub5. Notwithstanding these tawdry pastimes, however, Rubenstein was possessed of a strong racial pride, promising to his mother that he would never marry a goy and losing his temper whenever Jews were insulted. Private Rubenstein, while stationed at air bases in the South during World War II, even pummeled a sergeant who had called him a “Jew bastard”6. According to the Warren Commission Report:

Following his return from the Army, Ruby was described as ready to fight with any person who insulted Jews or the military. [His brother] Earl Ruby testified that on one occasion in 1946, Jack returned from downtown Chicago with his suit covered with blood. He explained at that time that he had fought with a person who had called him a “dirty Jew or something like that.”7

Ruby 3

“Jack Ruby”

It was after the war that the Rubenstein brothers began styling themselves “Ruby”. It is at this point – from Rubenstein’s move to Dallas to help his sister manage her nightclub and up to the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald – that Berkow’s account of “Jack Ruby” becomes a blank. The reader is left to assume that these were uneventful years – or would be if not for Michael Collins Piper’s indispensable study Final Judgment.

Rubenstein was an associate of Los Angeles gangster Mickey Cohen during the postwar years, when Berkow conveniently loses his trail8. “Ruby’s criminal ties are legendary,” Piper elaborates.

As a youth in Chicago, Ruby worked for Al Capone himself. His other organized crime connections, in Chicago, Dallas and elsewhere have been documented time and again.

However […] Ruby was more than a low-level Jewish henchman in the employ of the Italian wing of organized crime.

Ruby, in fact, was very much a part of the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate and, what’s more – the Warren Commission’s conclusions notwithstanding – was also working for Lansky’s longtime collaborators in the CIA, itself tied closely with Israel’s Mossad […]9

JFK researcher James DiEugenio contributes that, “as with Oswald, the Warren Commission’s exploration of Ruby’s actual background was, to be kind, cursory. To be unkind, today it looks humorous.” DiEugenio continues:

Ruby 9

James DiEugenio

For instance, the Commission famously wrote that Ruby had no significant link to organized crime. […] Yet the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) listed a series of phone calls made by Ruby in the month leading up to the murder of Kennedy. It clearly exposes that assertion as dubious. In fact, the House Select Committee specifically criticized both the Warren Commission and the FBI for “failing to analyze systematically … the data in those records.” […] Ruby’s phone usage went up by a factor of 300% in November of 1963. […] At this time, Ruby was in phone contact with the likes of Irwin Wiener, Barney Baker, Nofio Pecora, Lewis McWillie, and Dusty Miller, all of who had ties to organized crime. […] And as Jim Marrs writes in Crossfire, “the record shows his involvement in a number of criminal activities including gambling, narcotics, prostitution, and gun running.” […] But, as the quote above shows, these activities were not done only with the Mafia.

Ruby’s gun running was at least partly done with former CIA agent Thomas Eli Davis. […] Davis had a slight resemblance to Oswald and he used the name Oswald at times in his work. […] In fact, Ruby was so close to Davis that, after he shot Oswald, Ruby actually volunteered Davis’ name to his attorneys. Incredibly, Ruby said that if he beat the Oswald rap he wanted to go back into the gun running business with Davis. […] Both Davis and Ruby had been involved with another gun runner named Robert McKeown. […] McKeown had run guns to Castro and during one of Ruby’s contacts with McKeown, Ruby offered him 25,000 dollars for a letter of introduction to the Cuban dictator. […]

Less than three weeks after the assassination, Davis was attempting to sell guns in Morocco. He was arrested. While he was searched, the authorities found a strange handwritten letter on him referring to “Oswald” and the assassination. […] Geez, those are interesting Ruby connections to the JFK case: Castro, the Mafia, the CIA, and the usage of Oswald’s name. […]

Ruby 2

Jacob Rubenstein

Ruby also lied about how many times he had been to Cuba. He said he had been there only once, in August of 1959. […] Yet there is evidence Ruby was there two times just in that same year. Again, it appears the Commission tried to cover up this fact about Ruby. How? By blending the two trips, which took place in August and September, into one. […] Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel of the HSCA, once wrote that it was “…established beyond doubt that Ruby lied repeatedly and willfully to the FBI and the Warren Commission about the number of trips he made to Cuba and their duration … Their purpose, was to courier something, probably money, into or out of Cuba.” […]

The man who Ruby was closest to in Havana was the mob associated gambler, Lewis McWillie. […] While managing the Tropicana in Havana, McWillie became associated with some of the Mob’s top leaders like Santo Trafficante and Meyer Lansky, who were part owners. […]

Ruby 0

Meyer Lansky

Further, Ruby was reportedly involved in gun running with Miami arms dealer Eddie Browder. Browder was also involved with Sturgis. […] Frank Sturgis, of course, was connected to the CIA, Castro, and the Mafia. […]

In fact, this aspect of Ruby’s life – his relations to CIA-Mafia activities in Cuba – was obvious to even Commission staffers. Warren Commission attorneys Leon Hubert and Burt Griffin, who ran the Ruby investigation, wrote a memo to Chief Counsel J. Lee Rankin in March of 1964. They wrote that, “The most promising links between Jack Ruby and the assassination of President Kennedy are established through underworld figures and anti-Castro Cubans and extreme right-wing Americans.” […] Two months later, they wrote another memo: “We believe that a reasonable possibility exists that Ruby has maintained a close interest in Cuban affairs to the extent necessary to participate in gun sales and smuggling … Neither Oswald’s Cuban interests in Dallas nor Ruby’s Cuban activities have been adequately explored … We believe the possibility exists, based on evidence already available, that Ruby was involved in illegal dealings with Cuban elements who might have had contact with Oswald. The existence of such dealings can only be surmised since the present investigation has not focused on that area.” […]

Like Oswald, Jack Ruby was in the middle of the Cuban conflict as it extended into the United States. And he connected to each of the domestic power centers that interacted with that conflict. […]

As most everyone knows today […] Ruby was also an FBI informant. A fact that J. Edgar Hoover tried to get the Warren Commission to conceal. Which they willingly did for him. […] As one FBI report, partly censored by the Warren Commission revealed, the FBI not only knew about Ruby’s ties to underworld gambling in Dallas and Fort Worth, but their informant said that for Ruby to carry them on as he did, he had to have police connections in both cities.10

Peter Dale Scott has connected Rubenstein to Meyer Lansky’s international narcotics syndicate, “probably the biggest drug-smuggling channel into the United States.”11 Piper continues:

Ruby 8

Mike Piper

Now although Jack Ruby was long known to be proud of his Jewish heritage, what is little known is that Ruby himself had an intimate connection with an individual with deep ties to the world of intelligence and to the pro-Israel lobby in the United States. This was Ruby’s “longtime associate and former lawyer,” Luis Kutner of Chicago, who had represented Ruby when Ruby was called before the staff of the Kefauver Senate Rackets Committee in 1950 to discuss underworld activities in his former home base of Chicago. According to Kutner, Ruby’s offer was contingent upon the condition that the Kefauver Committee stay away from investigating organized crime in Dallas where Ruby was by then ensconced. […]

Although a “mob lawyer,” it seems, Kutner did have additional interesting connections. According to Scott, “Kutner, by his own account, had known Ruby since 1936, when he had used Ruby to ‘run errands’ in his unsuccessful 1936 congressional campaign. Later Kutner had inserted himself into what can only be described as international intelligence operations, ranging from Latin American coups to the defense of ousted Congolese leader Moise Tshombe.”

But Kutner was himself also active in efforts to advance the interests of Israel. He was among a host of people who formed the Center for Global Security, Inc., which he served as “honorary counsel.” Serving as “honorary chairman” of this pro-Israel lobbying group was General Julius Klein, an American military figure who not only played a major role in supplying weapons to the Israeli Haganah underground prior to the establishment of Israel, but also assisted in the founding and training of the Israeli Mossad.

Ruby 6

Julius Klein with Dwight Eisenhower

Klein also later served as chairman of the Swiss-Israel Trade Bank on whose board of directors was Mossad financier and arms procurer Tibor Rosenbaum, founder of the Banque De Credit International of Switzerland, Meyer Lansky’s chief European money laundry. […]

JFK researcher A.J. Weberman has revealed the little-known fact that Ruby traveled to Israel in 1955 and that while in San Francisco that year, Ruby told a friend, “After I leave here I’m going to Florida to buy a load of contraband to send to Israel.” […]

In addition, citing FBI documents, Weberman notes that Lawrence Meyers, Ruby’s long-time friend with whom he met at the Cabana Motel the night before the JFK assassination was a salesman for Ero Manufacturing. The FBI determined that calls were made from Ero to a corporation investigated for illegal arms shipments to Israel.

There is, in fact, evidence of other Ruby connections to Israel at the time of the JFK assassination itself. It is well known that while Ruby was milling about the Dallas Police Department after the assassination that Ruby claimed to be translating for Israeli “reporters” who were on the scene.

This is interesting, obviously, in that it seems unlikely that Israeli correspondents in the United States would have English capabilities so lacking they required the services of a Dallas strip club operator.12


“You all know me, I’m Jack Ruby.”

In addition to Rubenstein’s relationship with Dallas police, it is interesting to note that, as Berkow claims, he also courted the press:

Ruby had ingratiated himself with local police authorities. He thought it was good business, as well as something to satisfy his urge for respectability. He did the same with the newspapermen and with various businessmen. He always seemed self-conscious about his looks, his lisp, his background, his business, always seemed to be trying to prove something, always seemed to be trying to be bigger than life. Lenny Bruce called him “the Jewish cowboy.”13

Ruby 4

America’s “Jewish cowboy” greets a redskin at the pow-wow.

Rubenstein’s theatricality and his courtship of reporters is crucial to an understanding of the myth creation that was accomplished with the assassination of Oswald – the patriotic, all-American immigrant’s son and “Jewish cowboy” who loved his country not wisely, but too well. Rubenstein himself claimed to have shot Oswald so as to spare Jackie Kennedy the horror of having to sit through the assassin’s trial14. Earl Rubenstein, who ran a large laundry business in Detroit, did much to contribute to this mythology. “I think Jack was a very good Jew and a very good American,” the brother told Berkow. “He believed in America. He really did.” Rubenstein even goes as far as to characterize the Jews as a people uniquely wounded and grieved by the country’s loss of President Kennedy.

He was a man our age. He was our generation. Our President. Everybody loved him, you know. That’s why I put this picture up on my wall in ’61. He was also kindly toward the Jews, toward Israel. He put a Jew, Arthur Goldberg, into his cabinet. Come to think of it, Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy because of his friendly views toward Israel and Jews.15

Ruby 7

Jacob Rubenstein’s brother Earl

Earl Rubenstein, too, was quick to dismiss any talk of a conspiracy in the matter of JFK’s death. “Something funny,” he says of his contacts with Jack after Oswald’s murder. “We spoke in Yiddish when we wanted to discuss something confidential, like family matters. And that’s when some reporters thought we were really talking about secret things.”16 Berkow gives this account of Jacob Rubenstein’s final days:

In jail, the prisoner was guarded twenty-four hours a day. He spent much of his time playing gin rummy with the guards. He cheated, the guards said, in keeping score.

He read newspapers, a Hebrew Bible, novels with erotic themes, and dictionaries. He prided himself on being a faultless speller. He told those policemen he became close to that he had acted “to show the world Jews had guts.” […]

Ruby worried that attempts to link him with a conspiracy would result in harm to his family, to Jews generally. […]

By 1966, Ruby had developed cancer. He was apparently also a tormented man mentally. His lawyer, Elmer Gertz, said, “He was fifty-five and he looked like a man of eighty.”

Gertz said, “At various times, apparently depending on the subject, Ruby appeared sane or insane during his final illness. He thought the Dallas jail was a Buchenwald.”17

So JFK had to be killed, his patsy “assassin” silenced, and Israel’s nuclear arsenal fully developed at U.S. taxpayer expense because …“Six Million Jews”!

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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  1. icareviews
    July 1, 2016

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  2. Charles Bukowski
    July 1, 2016

    Great article! I didn’t know many of these facts. Thanks for the research.

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    • indravaruna
      July 2, 2016

      From the Jewish Press:

      Before he killed the president of the United States, Lee Harvey Oswald was a metal lathe operator at a radio and television factory in Minsk. He had defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959, hoping to take part in a revolution that, unbeknownst to him, had been snuffed out three decades earlier, when Stalin liquidated the old Bolshevik guard.

      When Oswald learned of this he fled to Moscow, since he hated America and his mother. The KGB did not want him to stay, and they refused to extend his six-day tourist visa, but then Oswald tried to kill himself in his hotel room and they relented. In January 1960 he was sent to Minsk, which was sleepy and far away from anyone important.

      In 1960 and early 1961, before Oswald met his future wife, Marina Prusakova, the people who inhabited his world were mostly Jews. Even though their Jewishness had been attenuated and warped by their Soviet experience, it flickered on. It was, in fact, unmistakable. Their religious identity colored their thinking about the Soviet Union, communism, the war, the West, God and man. They were different, even if they didn’t like to think of themselves as different, from the Russians.

      Read more:

      “If Lee Harvey Oswald, who got framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas, had been a bit more patient, he might have been living in Israel today, a man in his 70s.”

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  4. guest
    July 1, 2016

    >Israel’s nuclear arsenal fully developed at U.S. taxpayer expense

    No, it was financed and made possible by West German material aid. From this very interesting pdf:

    “The U.S. government was against re-armament in the Middle
    East in the fifties and the spread of nuclear weapons. As early
    as July ’63 President John F. Kennedy had, in writing, called on
    the Israeli Prime Minister to have the Dimona complex in the
    Negev inspected. Five months previously, in February ’63, the
    Argentine government had decided to supply 100 tons of uranium
    to Israel.”

    The interesting part is how the Argentinian National Atomic Energy Commission (or CNEA) was mostly made up from former Third Reich nuclear physicists who previously worked on Hitlers “Uranprojekt”, and that the nuclear reactor in Dimona is rumored to be based on the German 1941 “Uranmaschine” patented design! Oh the irony…

    “In December 1959, a high-level delegation of German Nuclear
    scientists, including Otto Hahn, President of the Max Planck
    Society in Göttingen, and nuclear physicist Wolfgang Gentner,
    travelled to the Israeli Weizmann Institute. Both had worked on
    the “Wonder-weapon” (Wunderwaffe) in Hitler’s “Uranium Group”
    (Uranverein). And four months later, the Cabinet granted three
    million marks from the budget of the
    Atomic Energy Ministry, for nuclear cooperation with Israel. The
    Raw material – uranium – was sourced in Argentina, who gave a
    total of 116 tons of so-called “yellow cake” to Israel. Now only the
    money needed to build the nuclear reactor itself had to be found.”

    Which it was, in the form of a reconstruction loan totaling 630 million Deutsch Marks from West Germany for a nuclear-powered civilian desalinization plant (wink wink) in the Negev, which was never built. The loan eventually morphed from a “credit on a commercial basis” to “government assistance” and was never paid back.

    “Karl Carstens of the Bonn Foreign Office noted:

    The Secretary of State was able to tell me in strict
    confidence that, by an absolutely reliable method, President
    Kennedy has learned of the measures taken by us. The
    information had been deliberately limited to his person. From the
    intimations of the State Secretary, I understand that the Israelis
    have adopted the information.”

    (by measures he means the mentioned reconstruction loan)

    “What Kennedy thought of the German financing of Dimona is not
    known. In November ’63 he was shot, and the next U.S.
    presidents did not officially raise any further objections to the
    Israeli atom bomb.”

    No man, no problem! No president since dared to.

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    • icareviews
      July 1, 2016
      • guest
        July 2, 2016

        Yes, but this was a few years later, those NUMEC thefts happened in 1965, while the first batch of Uranium was shipped from Argentina via West Germany to Israel in 1960, just in time and right after they managed to source 20 tons of heavy water from Sweden, this heavy water is the key to one type of reactor in which plutonium can be bred from natural uranium.

        That was all because “when Charles de Gaulle became French President in late 1958 he wanted to end French–Israeli nuclear cooperation, and said that he would not supply Israel with uranium unless the plant was opened to international inspectors, declared peaceful, and no plutonium was reprocessed”.

        How this objection worked out for de Gaulle can be read in The Day of the Jackal. Piper also mentions this in the linked YouTube video.

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  5. Hipster Racist
    July 1, 2016

    There are two historical figures that I wonder about in regards to this issue: LBJ, and especially, Eisenhower.

    Eisenhower’s school yearbook called him “The Terrible Swedish Jew” and he seemed to be a sort of political replacement for George Patton.

    ANolen dug up some questionable actions of his regarding the USSR, occupied Germany, and a counterfeiting operation. There is that strange story of the leader of the John Birch Society calling Eisenhower a “conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy” – a statement that politically destroyed the JBS.

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    • icareviews
      July 1, 2016

      Another interesting factoid about Eisenhower is that his given name was David Dwight Eisenhower but he instead chose to style himself “Dwight D. Eisenhower”, de-emphasizing the Jewish name.

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      • Hipster Racist
        July 1, 2016

        I was reminded of her article about Eisenhower by that picture of his in your article – it kind of came across as sort of effeminate to me. ANolen posted a picture of Eisenhower that … well, I showed it to my ladyfriend (who isn’t an American) and asked her, “what do you think of this picture?” Her immediate response was, “well he looks gay obviously.”

        I’m not sure what ANolen was implying, if anything, but certainly a theme in her work is that “sexual degenerates” – and that would include not only homosexuals but promiscuous people in general – are targeted by the intel agencies because of their personality profile. Apparently, this understanding goes all the way back to the French Revolution, as the infamous de Sade even remarked that the sexually immoral could form a core of his ideal (anti-Catholic) republic.

        The Soviets had certainly targeted the “gay network” in other countries to recruit as double agents. Some of this was for blackmail, but it apparently wasn’t that simple.

        There is a long-standing rumor that Patton was actually murdered, and Eisenhower was famously drafted to counter the anti-war Republican faction. But Eisenhower, to my knowledge, didn’t seem to particularly favor Israel. He did oppose McCarthy behind the scenes, which does suggest he was “soft on communism” and perhaps was even protecting various Soviet assets in the US government.

        But he certainly had no problem vigorously engaging the Cold War proxy wars with the USSR and had no problem spying on them.

        He’s just one of those guys you almost never hear anything negative about at all. Which is, itself, suspicious.

        We know that Truman took a bag of money to recognize the Zionist entity, but as far as I know Eisenhower seems to have been for the most part hands off.

        Eisenhower famously went to the media after the JFK assassination and supported LBJ.

        I don’t know, it could be nothing really. But the officially received history of the US is half the time complete propaganda, so you never know.

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      • icareviews
        July 1, 2016

        “the infamous de Sade even remarked that the sexually immoral could form a core of his ideal (anti-Catholic) republic.”

        Saint-Just, an ally of the “incorruptible” Robespierre, was a writer of pornography before the Revolution.

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      • Hipster Racist
        July 1, 2016

        I don’t know, there doesn’t really seem to be much public evidence that would suggest Eisenhower as a crypto-Jew. According to wikipedia, his name means “iron miner” suggesting German, not Jewish. His family has been in the US since the 1700s, and were PA Dutch.

        “His mother originally named him David Dwight but reversed the two names after his birth to avoid the confusion of having two Davids in the family.”

        Whatever the deal was with Ike, I don’t think it is as simple as crypto-Jew.

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      • Tar Baby
        July 2, 2016

        I read, over 50 years ago, that Eisenhower’s name was screwed up when he entered West Point. “David” is Jewish? Gimme a break.


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  7. Hipster Racist
    July 1, 2016

    List of OSS employees who allegedly “pass info. to the Russians and are known members of the CP.” Major Arthur Goldberg, T. D. Schocken, E. A. Mosk, Fleisher, A. O. Hirshman, Julius Rosenfeld, Carlo A. Prato, Manuel T. Jiminez, Irving Goff, Michael A. Jiminez, David Zablodowsky, Carl Marzani, Virginia Gerson, Bert D. Schwartz, Victor Dimitrievich, Leo Drozdov, Alexander Lesser, Louis E. Madison, Donald Wheeler, Gerald Davidson, Seymour Shulberg, Fena Harrison, Robert M. McGregor, Netty Solovitz, Tilly Solovitz, Frederick Pollock. Both Jiminezes and Zablodowsky are on a list of individuals “known to pass info. to the Russians.”

    I ran out of parenthesis for that list of names.

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    • guest
      July 2, 2016

      Reading about the VENONA project makes me always think poor Joe McCarthy, he must be spinning in his grave, not only was he right, the rabbit hole went deeper than in his worst nightmares, even sadder is that his efforts were, in the end, counter productive, and his legacy is but a mere straw man for the establishment to tilt at, like the Tea Party:

      “McCarthy was not a real threat. He got a few people fired, most temporarily. Most of them were actually Soviet agents of one sort or another. They became martyrs and have been celebrated ever since. His goal was a purge of the State Department. He didn’t even come close. If he had somehow managed to fire every Soviet agent or sympathizer in the US government, he would not even have done any damage. As Carroll Quigley pointed out, McCarthy (and his supporters) thought he was attacking a nest of Communist spies, whereas in fact he was attacking the American Establishment. Don’t bring a toothpick to a gunfight.”

      via The ugly truth about government

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      • Hipster Racist
        July 2, 2016


        Perhaps Moldbug’s best essay.

        I have a physical copy of Tragedy and Hope, and while I skipped the first 1,000 pages about ancient history, I have read all the juicy parts, including where Quigley expressed his hatred and contempt for McCarthy. Yes, Quigley said it pretty well. McCarthy was also wrong in assuming that the Communist Conspiracy was run out of Moscow and their various agents in the US were taking orders from Moscow. The John Birch Society made a similar mistake, Welsh actually thought that Ike was taking orders from his brother Milton who was taking orders from Gus Hall.

        The headquarters of the Communist Conspiracy was never Moscow, it was New York City (and London.)

        The USSR was a Western project – funded, protected, and assisted by the usual suspects in London and the FDR administration.

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      • guest
        July 2, 2016

        >by the usual suspects in London and the FDR administration.

        This reminded me of Major George Racey Jordan, who was responsible for facilitating the transfer of American Arms and Technology to the USSR during WWII under FDRs Lend Lease Program. He kept a detailed diary including Primary Source documentation, one funny anecdote:

        “One day it was announced in the paper that a 3 ounce bottle of Uranium was missing, and there was headlines in all the papers that this Uranium was missing, and the public mustn’t get excited because they had 600 police out on the dump with Geiger counters looking for this bottle of Uranium, they wouldn’t let the Russians get it!

        So I’m standing in front of a bulletin board, there were a couple of officers standing there and they were talking about, gee, if the Russians ever get that bottle we’re sunk! One of the them said to the other, the internal policy of the pentagon is predicated on the fact that that Russians won’t get the atom bomb for another 15 or 20 years. So i turned around, casually, to these officers and said don’t worry about, i used to ship to Russians Uranium in 100 pound boxes!”

        That was paraphrased from this speech he gave in the 1960s, and his whole book can be read online here.

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      • indravaruna
        July 2, 2016

        “The headquarters of the Communist Conspiracy was never Moscow, it was New York City (and London.)”

        “The USSR was a Western project – funded, protected, and assisted by the usual suspects in London and the FDR administration.”

        Its noticeable that it was the CIA who promoted Cultural Marxism and not the Soviet Union or China, the Frankfurt School jews worked for the USG in reshaping the “New Germany”, The Queen of Feminism (((Gloria Steinem))) worked for the CIA and was surprised how “Liberal” they’re, Obama’s mother was likely CIA, Modern Art was a CIA promotion.

        The promotion of anti-Soviet Leftism was always part of Jewish Trostkyits/Neocons and the USG.

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      • TheZOG
        July 3, 2016

        The Queen of Feminism (((Gloria Steinem))) worked for the CIA and was surprised how “Liberal” they’re,

        Kind of like how Alex Jones works for the CIA and is surprised at how “patriotic” they are.

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      • TheZOG
        July 3, 2016

        Joseph McCarthy was a puppet of Roy Cohn.

        There’s that Irish-Jewish alliance again.

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      • indravaruna
        July 3, 2016

        McCarthy needed Cohn to not appear “antisemitic”, most of the high profile commies in the US were jews and he was going after them hard.

        Cohn was fag that died of AIDS but he influenced Trump directly, the “American Savior”.

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  9. guest
    July 2, 2016

    Pipers books can be downloaded here, he also just passed away in 2015, heart attack.

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    The Kennedy assassination, like most other tragic events in our history, is absolutely lousy with jewish involvement!

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  15. TheZOG
    July 4, 2016

    Kind of like how Alex Jones works for the CIA and is surprised at how “patriotic” they are.

    Kind of like how various leaders in the white nationalist movement work for the CIA and are surprised at how “racially aware” it is.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. TheZOG
    July 4, 2016

    Cohn was fag that died of AIDS but he influenced Trump directly, the “American Savior”.


    The Men who Gave Trump his Brutal Worldview

    How Gay Jewish Lawyer Roy Cohn became Donald Trump’s Mentor

    The Gay Jewish Man who Showed Donald Trump how to Exploit Power and Instill Fear

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  17. Sam
    July 5, 2016

    Ruby says almost directly who killed Kennedy. Look at this short TV clip of him.

    This is from the film “Evidence of Revision”. It’s 6 parts. A guy who collected video and information on the Kennedy assassination made it. It’s ALL first person news clips, news videos and filmed interviews. It’s very striking and shows that the Warren commission did diddly squat to investigate anything at all. It’s long but worth watching. Especially because there’s no commentary just clips as people recorded them. Here’s part 1.

    It struck me how much Meyer Lansky looks like a Neanderthal.

    Look at this mock up made to look like a Neanderthal.

    In Michael Bradley’s books “The Iceman Inheritance” and “Chosen People From the Caucasus and The Cronos Complex” he talks about the possibility that Neanderthals with some human admixture cause the large majority of violence on the planet. Bradley is half-Jewish by the way. An anthropologist surveyed all the Neanderthal bones and found they had enormous numbers of fractures. Double the amount of all others. Maybe the Jews are not only psychopaths maybe they’re Neanderthals. The link below has some good reading.


    • Hipster Racist
      July 5, 2016


      Both Ranier and I have seen Evidence of Revision and both highly recommend it.

      I had never even heard of that video of Ruby talking about the “conspiracy.”

      As for Neanderthals, I thought the latest studies say that all humans, except for sub-Saharan Africans, mixed with Neanderthals.

      Liked by 2 people

      • guest
        July 7, 2016

        Evidence of Revision is also on YouTube.


      • Sam
        July 8, 2016

        Bradley says it may be a lie. Get this. The DNA study says an “average” of 5% Neanderthal. The guy doing the work was a Jew. So what if all the people in the Middle East and the Jews are 50% Neanderthal and everyone else is way less? The average is still 5%.


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  19. Axe Man (@Axe_Man_says)
    July 10, 2016

    Great article, thanks.

    More clear evidence Israel killed Kennedy over his opposition to the nuke program.

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