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Weaponizing LGBT (1)

All around the world, prominent monuments are being draped in the colors of the LGBT rainbow flag in memory of the victims of the Orlando shooting. The pro-white movement tends to be somewhat socially conservative, so it’s never been particularly “gay-friendly.” Many people just don’t understand why it’s official United States policy to promote LGBT rights and same-sex marriage around the world. While homosexuality is universal, so is disapproval of homosexuality.

There is also a lot of confusion about the events in Orlando. On the one hand, the targets were mostly LGBT, and the terrorist was a Muslim, a culture that disapproves of homosexuality. But the terrorist himself is said to be a homosexual, or at least a bisexual, and as anti-Islamic voices tell us all the time, various Muslim cultures engage in quite a bit of homosexuality, even while often executing “gays.”

Because of the near universal disapproval of homosexuality, and because it’s a sexual issue, it’s difficult for many people to look at the situation dispassionately. It’s “triggering.” People often react with disgust at the thoughts of same-sex activity. Recently, two prominent “alt-right” figures, Milo Yiannopoulos, who is homosexual, and Gavin McInnes, who is not, kissed each other in a stunt to “piss off homophobic Muslims” after the Orlando shooting. It’s almost as if we’re being asked to choose sides: either we are pro-Muslim, or we’re pro-LGBT. Since most people in the pro-white movement are neither (to put it mildly) the reaction has been one of cognitive dissonance.

But there is an explanation for the promotion of LGBT by the United States and its various establishment institutions that has nothing to do with homosexuality itself. Various white nationalists have discussed the reaction to Joe Biden crediting the Jewish community for the passage of gay marriage and the mainstreaming of homosexuality. Biden received push back on this, because while it’s true, it’s not supposed to be openly mentioned. A prominent Jewish activist explained why organized Jewry has promoted LGBT: it’s not because Jews actually approve of homosexuality. It’s because Jews perceive it to be in their interests to have a society in which many practices and customs are acceptable, or at least tolerated. After all, waving a bloody chicken around your head as a sacrifice to the devil doesn’t seem so bizarre next to various male homosexual practices.

Jews promote a mutli-racial “diverse” society for the same reason. In a monolithic society, Jews stick out like a sore thumb; in a society made up of various minority groups, Jews are simply one minority among many.

Donald Trump is famously unpopular among one very conservative Republican constituency: Mormons. Mormons react with hostility to Trump’s anti-Islamic statements, because Mormons themselves have been on the receiving end of hostility due to their religion. In a Christian society, Mormonism sticks out because it’s not quite Christian, in a society that includes Islam, Mormonism is “close enough” to Christianity to be mainstream.

I posit that the promotion of LGBT by the US government and various international corporations serves three purposes, none of which have anything to do with homosexuality itself. The “LGBT movement” has been weaponized as a tool of capitalism and imperialism. Of the three purposes it serves, two are cultural and one is tactical.

First, as E. Michael Jones points out, sexual liberation is a form of social and political control. Starting from the premise of the old adage, “a man has as many masters as he has vices,” Jones postulates that sexual liberation serves the interests of capitalist oligarchs by promoting passions in the population. While libertarians promote loosening gambling laws as “freedom,” a compulsive gambler is not at all free – he is a slave to the vice of gambling. Libertarians want to legalize narcotics, but a drug addict is hardly “free” – he is a slave to his addiction. It’s difficult to see a homosexual who has anonymous sex with multiple partners as “free” – if anything, this behavior seems to be that of someone quite enslaved to a compulsive sexual habit.

Famously, women’s suffrage was used to promote cigarette smoking among women. Smoking was seen as a vice, and unfeminine, so the cigarette and advertising companies co-opted the concept of “equality” to promote women’s smoking as a form of “freedom.” Of course, there is nothing “liberating” about an addiction to cigarettes. But Virginia Slims were using feminist iconography in their famous commercial campaigns all the way until the 1970s.

“You’ve come a long way, baby, to get where you got to today. You’ve got your own cigarette now baby, you’ve come a long, long way.”

For Jones, homosexuals are “proxy warriors” of the oligarchs. “LGBT rights” are used by the courts to overturn state and local laws, thus diminishing the idea of representative government. Promoting compulsive behavior in the population serves an economic interest – compulsive consumption and debt.

Second, “LGBT,” and sexual liberation in general, inhibit family formation and “individualize” people. Even notable leftists such as Noam Chomsky and the authors of Empire, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, have noticed that “multi-culturalism” and “individualism” can be, and are, used as tools of imperialism and capitalism. Modern advertising does not sell to families – they sell to individual consumers. There are TV commercials meant for Dad, commercials meant for Mom, and commercials meant for the kids – each with their own bank accounts, debit cards, email addresses and mobile phones. A large, tight-knit family can share economic resources, individual consumers do not. Organization is power: the reason the labor movement was destroyed is because workers organized in their own interests have the power to actually take on capitalists organized in their own interests. “Civil Society” institution, such as churches, fraternities, and service clubs, can provide a buffer between the state and the individual, thus, the Leviathan State must destroy them.

When Bruce Jenner decided to become a “woman” the media engaged in a massive publicity campaign promoting the concept of “transgenderism.” The conservatives, as one would expect, took the bait and completely missed the strategic reason for promoting transgenderism. While conservatives panicked about men dressed as women creeping on little girls in the restroom, the campaign to break down single sex institutions proceeded apace. Fraternities are now being run off of Ivy League campuses if they don’t admit women, thus destroying the entire concept of a fraternity. The promotion of “transgenderism” has nothing to do with the unfortunates with gender dysphoria disorder, nor does it have to do with perverted men gaining sexual access to women in the restroom. The promotion of “transgenderism” is about breaking down institutions that are segregated by sex and even blurring the distinction between the sexes.

None of this is new. The early Communist revolutionaries like Wilhelm Reich promoted these ideas. The early Zionists in Israel brought up their children to use mixed-sex restrooms and even their military was sexually integrated from the beginning.

Groups in which individuals are specialized are powerful and more complex than a loose collection of individuals. A society where women are focused on raising children and building community, while the men are focused on building physical and economic resources is effective, and efficient. A society where women postpone child-raising in order to build physical and economic resources along side with men, while men’s abilities are co-opted into traditional women’s spheres, will see a plummeting population because of this inefficient allocation of human resources. An army that has infantry, an air force, and a sniper battalion is going to win a war against an army that only has infantry.

The promotion of transgenderism is not about sexual gratification, it’s about destroying cultural specialization of the sexes. Racial integration is a war that’s already won – most Americans are led to believe that racial segregation is a contemptible evil. Now, the last cultural spaces that can be segregated are by sex, and transgenderism is ushering in an age in which even bathrooms are integrated. In Oregon, one may now declare themselves to have no sex.

The “End Goal” is a society of interchangable individual workers and consumers, with no loyalty to the organic ties of family, tribe, ethnicity or religion. The only institution will be the state, as all civil society institutions will have been destroyed.

But the the third reason that the US is promoting LGBT is tactical – a weapon to be used not only against the domestic population, but other countries as well. Why is it that is pressuring Singapore to promote gay marriage? Why is it that the US State Department is pressuring African countries to legalize homosexuality?

Is it because the oligarchs of and the State Department really care about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders in Singapore and Africa? I wouldn’t bet on it. Instead, access to the “LGBT tribe” of foreign countries is a strategic intelligence asset, and this has been known and discussed for at least 100 years.

There are two “white” groups that are usually excluded from the “white tribe” by Nationalists: Jews and Gays. Understanding the differences in the nature of the two tribes and the distribution of Jews and Gays in white societies is the key to understanding the way that “LGBT rights” is weaponized as a tool of Western imperialism.



9 comments on “Weaponizing LGBT (1)

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  2. guest
    June 18, 2016

    More a battering ram than a tool.


  3. Hipster Racist
    June 18, 2016

    In case there was any doubt that was on to something, here’s a quote from the article about Oregon’s new “non-binary gender classification.”

    Shupe uses the honorific “Mx.,” a gender-neutral alternative to “Mr.” or “Ms.” which was added to the Oxford-English dictionary last year. The honorific has become increasingly popular among people who do not identify with either a male or female gender identity.

    Shupe, 52, served in the military before retiring in 2000

    The military (thus, the intel agencies) have an over-representation of “LGBT” people as well as what ANolen calls “narcissists” (two overlapping categories.) This is by the military’s own studies.

    Even during the era when homosexuality was against the UMCJ and grounds for a court-martial, “LGBTs” still flocked to the military.

    ICAReview’s previous article that mentioned the security firm where homosexuality was expected in return for promotions is not unrelated to this dynamic.

    In part 2, I cover the intelligence benefits of infiltrating the “LGBT network” in foreign nations.

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  4. Hipster Racist
    June 18, 2016

    LOL – from twitter:

    Legendary LGBT added you to list LegendaryLGBT/lgbt-influencers

    Aryan Skynet is now an “influencer” in the LGBT community!

    Let’s see – we’ve been endorsed by the famous Jewish actress Rosanne Barr, the famous Tea Party CPAC “Never Trump” activist, the Florida campaign of Marco Rubio, and “Luke Skywalker” himself, Mark Hamill.

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  5. kerberos616
    June 19, 2016

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  6. icareviews
    June 19, 2016

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Must-read discussion from Hipster Racist on the significance of the predatory capitalistic promotion of the LGBT agenda.


  7. vikingbitch
    July 4, 2016

    Hate to get all woman centered, but why not.

    LGBT is men who fuck other men and women who want to be men who are ultimately gay males in female bodies.

    So where does this leave women who are pro motherhood and doing things related to being a woman? Out in the cold….

    LGBT is a prong of a spiritual war being waged on the Female life source. LGBT is just a distorted outgrowth of Tyranny of the Dick run amuck.

    Patriarchy got corrupted and is now steering the West towards self destruction. Women’s space at the home and in mere bathrooms and with their children in public no longer exists. THIS is the plan, to enslave the Goddess.

    Won’t work though. Mother Nature always wins


  8. fuhrerious88
    July 4, 2016

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