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Offered With Minimal Commentary

The “NRx” blog has an excellent article, “Right-Wing Activism Always Fails,” by Mark Yuray.

[O]n January 9, the Cologne police had 1,700 police officers in riot gear and reinforced by water cannons break up a rally of around 1,700 [pro-European/pro-White] people, but a week or so earlier they couldn’t muster more than 80 police officers to patrol the main square during the busiest night of the year as a thousand Arabs went nuts on the locals. Are these even the same police forces? Apparently, rather than fearing thefts and rapes, the police feared that “emotions would boil over,” and going by the numbers of arrests, they indeed prepared terribly for the former, but magnificently for the latter.

[Activism] is not the way to gain power and influence, it is a victory dance for those who already have it. Doing the victory dance when you have power only reinforces your power. Doing the victory dance when you don’t results in an unceremonious crushing by the state, followed by subsequent official wiping of anybody’s memory of you – unless you came close to succeeding, in which case you are officially rewritten in history as a villain and trotted out as a dirty, evil bogeyman to anyone who suggests anything vaguely resembling your ideas or opinions.

As long as I can remember, the media has been claiming that there are Nazis, fascists, and religious right-wing theocrats hiding in every closet and under every bed, just waiting for somebody to express an opinion that was in vogue 30 years ago but horribly unfashionable now, at which point all these Nazis, fascists and religious right-wing theocrats would jump out and reveal themselves, impose a totalitarian government, and kill just about everybody. This would be horribly offensive to women and minorities, and therefore unacceptable. I would not recommend potential right-wing activists take the media’s word for it, however.

The media’s business model depends on printing comfortable and popular lies, and it is therefore full of society’s best liars. The media does not stop lying when it claims there are brownshirts under your bed just waiting to suddenly return and attempt a Fourth Reich. In reality, there are no powerful right-wing institutions, few if any powerful people who are openly right-wing, and no powerful right-wing political parties on the cusp of seizing power. But if the ordinary person realized and internalized that fact, there would be no need for the radically left-wing parties masquerading as level-headed moderates that rule Western countries nowadays.

Mob violence is a leftist’s strategy. The key elements of mob violence are destruction, inclusion and non-discrimination. The Right has been losing because it’s been imitating the mob violence strategy of a leftist, but doesn’t have the moral and personal depravity necessary to out-do the Left at its own game. It’s time the Right started using a right-wing strategy based instead on creation, exclusion and discrimination – conspiracy.

Perhaps even more interesting than the article itself are the responses to it. Some internet handles attacking the article are quite familiar. Some sentiments about “taking it to the streets” or the importance of Donald Trump are familiar. Some internet handles trying to defend the article, while clearly spinning in an attempt at (((redirection))) should be obvious.

If anything, the article and the responses are a perfect example of the Espionage Model and its enemies, both overt and covert.

Some choice quotes:

#Gamergate, AmRen & NPI conferences, and the Trump campaign are some recent examples of successful right-wing activism.

As for the Prophet Moldbug he’s seldom very practical but when he is he’s telling Whites to lay down and die.

Of course he is – it’s in his interest.

Why mingle with these lazy, pretentious, Jew-luvin’ pricks?

In Russia, you have big right wing organizations like the LDPR (ironic name) who are hyper-nationalist and racialist, and who furnish massive demonstrations in Moscow every year, much bigger than the pitiful “pro-democracy protests” the West like to inflate. For all their activities, they have achieved little more than whining about how the Kremlin arrests them for rowdiness.

Meanwhile, the more intellectual and extreme rightists, those of a more “white emigre” philosophical bent, used the Yeltsin era to establish themselves in the halls of power as political strategists, advisors, propogandists, and financiers. Their relations with the opportunistic kleptocrats in the Kremlin are close, close enough to have unwatched wine glasses touching, with narry a shot fired.

I find it interesting that the Usual Suspect finally does accuse a commenter of being a “Fed” – seemingly for bringing up a very obvious point.


Have your sons join the NSA, not infantry.


12 comments on “Offered With Minimal Commentary

  1. icareviews
    June 4, 2016

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  2. kerberos616
    June 4, 2016

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  4. Adit
    June 6, 2016

    Its been noted before that its very hard, if not downright impossible to take down a system from the inside. I can’t think of any successful revolution (of any political persuasion) that did not need get help from the outside. Even if you look at the American Revolution, probably the most famous successful revolution, would not have been possible without French intervention.Too many people on the inside are invested in the system, no matter how corrupt or destructive, to let it fall easily. Since we are now facing a ‘global world order’ where there is no outside, that might change the paradigm. If not, our goose is well and cooked.

    I hate to say it, but lies (aka evil, chaos, etc.) will usually defeat truth (aka Truth, order, good, etc.), but once that happens then evil usually starts to eat itself and self destructs. Thats when ‘good’ gets its chance again. Let’s not kid ourselves here, a key element of the current regime is extermination of all ‘Whites’ since we represent in persona everything they hate. However, if our race is dead, I could care less if the others live under stupefying horror or not. The trick is how do we survive a global regime intent on our extermination? They’ll come for even the compliant whites eventually just in case they might get any ideas and to appease their little brown pets. So far Ive seen nothing on a large enough scale to save us from extermination.

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    • Hipster Racist
      June 8, 2016

      I think it’s important to keep in mind that this is essentially a White Civil War. Sure, the Jews are a problem – a big one – but they would not be effective without the help of a significant faction of Whites.

      Cly used to say that “White Privilege” is a commodity in limited supply. The idea being that the more Whites there are, the less White Privilege there is to go around.

      Consider the stereotypical White “Liberal” Anti-White. Who is their most hated enemy? White southerners – working class, religious, conservative, etc.

      Who is really the biggest threat to a White “Liberal” Anti-White? Who is the biggest threat to White Oligarchs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or the Koch Brothers?

      It’s middle class White people – the kind that (with a little hard work and a lot of luck) could actually become rich themselves. Especially if they cooperated with each other.

      Who doesn’t threaten the White Oligarchs? Demoralized, degenerate, unorganized whites. “White Trash” – drunk, over-weight, fast-food eating TV watchers.

      It’s hardly a coincidence that historically mass immigration has been used to bust unions. The traditional labor movement (before their takeover by kosher communists) were fanatically opposed to mass immigration (and even black slaves and black free labor.) For obvious reasons – competition, supply and demand.

      The Knights of Labor was opposed to immigration and opposed to non-white labor generally.

      The “right” has nothing good to say about labor, let’s notice, while the “left” only supports labor in the abstract, and as long as they are not white.

      So, really, figure out a way to defeat the white anti-whites, and the non-whites really won’t present much of a problem – really, not even Jews. Jews would be powerless without the mass media (which they are rapidly losing to the internet) and the Christian/conservative Zionists (which are on the way out, hence, the new Kosher Goy, Trump.)

      I’m always amused at the people talking about “race war” and the like, because White American men (and plenty of women) are literally the most heavily armed population on the planet. My old high school buddy owned a half dozen AR-15s. My old coworker used to drive around in his car with a dozen pistols. White American men are so armed any sort of actually “hot lead and cold steel” war would be over in a week or so – providing it was White against non-White.

      But it isn’t White against non-White – it’s White against White.

      Just look at icareviews article about Franco – that Great White Fascist reveled in using non-Whites to attack his working class Spanish opposition.

      The Yankees used Blacks against Dixie.

      It’s a White Civil War. Once we understand that, it all comes into perspective.

      I have pretty much nothing good to say about the Zionist terrorist Anders Brievik, but I will note that he didn’t attack Muslims – he attacked other Norwegians that were using Muslims against their Norwegian foes. That showed he did understand the actual issue at hand.


  5. kroneprimarius
    June 8, 2016

    I agree, it’s a great article. Exposes the futility of many people’s efforts. So, let’s focus on this part.

    “It’s time the Right started using a right-wing strategy based instead on creation, exclusion and discrimination – conspiracy.”

    How is this done?

    We’ve established that mob violence is off the table. Maybe:

    “…establish themselves in the halls of power as political strategists, advisors, propogandists, and financiers. Their relations with the opportunistic kleptocrats in the Kremlin are close, close enough to have unwatched wine glasses touching, with narry a shot fired.”

    How did they do this? Well, they waited for the old system to collapse for starters. Now you know who to vote for.


    • Hipster Racist
      June 8, 2016

      No one can accuse AryanSkynet of drinking the Trump Kool-Aide. But here’s a good reason to vote for Trump.

      1. Clinton, not Trump, will be able to keep the system going longer. Clinton means that Whitey will still hold out hope that electing a Republican will somehow save them.

      2. If Trump wins, it’s a show of Whitey strength. Trump isn’t even pro-White – not by a long shot – but the media has made him to be the Nazi-KKK White Candidate, and white people voting for him the New Racist Nazi Hitlers. Therefore, a Trump win defeats that tactic.

      3. When Trump amnesties all the illegals – as his surrogates have told us, Trump’s “deportation” plan means “deport them to a conference room, then give them legal status” – and he starts more wars for his grandchildren’s homeland, Israel – Whitey will finally wake the hell up and realize pussy-footing around isn’t going to work.

      You are either pro-White, or you are anti-White. “Racist” is just a code word for “White.” Your skin is your uniform – that is the way of all of human history and it isn’t going to change.

      So, vote Trump. When he stabs us in the back (and he already has) we’ll finally realize the stakes, and who knows, maybe next time it won’t be a “civic nationalist” who is against “political correctness.”


      • kroneprimarius
        June 9, 2016

        I’m not in the States either way, but I hope you’re right.

        My country is about to hold elections, a face off (sure) between a former Banker (Jewish) and a Union guy. How’s that for choice?

        I’m compelled by law to turn up to vote as well (or face a fine.)


  6. Erudite Knight
    June 13, 2016

    Why join the NSA? How was that the conclusion?


    • Hipster Racist
      June 13, 2016

      It was a metaphor.

      Although if you can you should actually join the NSA, literally, as well


      • Erudite Knight
        June 13, 2016

        No, not interested. I wanted to join the military a long time for the brotherhood, but could never bring myself to fight for corporations (as a hyper liberal) now I see who really controls USA.


      • Hipster Racist
        June 13, 2016

        If you join the NSA, YOU can start controlling America.


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