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Nothing New Under the Sun

Reading the follow-up article, “How To Passivism” and the comments at, I was struck with an amazing sense of deja-vu.

Your mention of fraternal organizations got me thinking. Belonging to a fraternal organization used to be a big thing for American men. There were dozens of these associations (Lions, Shriners, Woodsmen of the World, Moose, Elks Lodge, etc.) with millions of members going to frequent local, state and national meetings.

Though membership has plummeted for these organizations since the 1960’s, many of them still nominally exist. They have organizational and communication structures in place that link chapters nationally. Not to mention privately owned meeting places in most American towns & cities. What they do not have is members below the senior citizen age range.

This presents a fine opportunity for entryism on our part. We could begin joining these organizations and use them as an environment for building our mannerbunds.

If anyone wants to go through the old MindWeaponsInRagnarok articles from five years ago, this was a quite regular topic of conversation and was initiated by yours truly, and specifically discussed as a form of entryism. The idea eventually found its way to not only (where MindWeapon was referenced by name) but, surprisingly, to the Black Supremacist blog “We Are Respectable Negros” written by Chauncy DeVega (who was a huge fan of us “white supremacists” and quoted us dozens of times.)

In fact, when I came to the line, “status sovereignty requires a Mannerbund” I was taken back to one of my earliest HipsterRacist articles where I made the same point. (That was the article that got me tagged as a “manosphere” writer and a “misogynist” by the male feminist at

The basic point was that the male hierarchy – the mannerbund – is the source of status for men (1). Before the progressive takeover of college campuses, being in a fraternity was a marker of high status. In fact, sororities were invented as “sister organizations” to these fraternities.

Mark Yuray’s idea is simply the right wing version of the old Wobbly slogan, “building a new society in the shell of the old.”

The old fashioned American fraternities were attacked in the media (Superman used to demonize the Klan and The Honeymooners used to mock the Elks and related groups) and eventually by business interests. A fraternity often had a doctor on salary that would treat the members and their family, the American Medical Association put a stop to this. Fraternities had official and unofficial insurance programs; the professionalization of insurance saw these regulated out of existence. And to this day, credit unions are the banking system’s number one enemy.

College fraternities are increasingly attacked by progressives for the obvious reasons: they are exclusionary and confer status to the members in a way that is outside the power of the university itself.

These groups are what is known as “civil society” and they traditionally act as a buffer between individuals and the state. And since the left main goal is to increase the power of the state, civil society groups are always a danger to the left.

It’s somewhat astonishing to see the cluelessness about what Yuray is suggesting, as well as the outright hostility.

A finely tuned cabal has achieved intellectual and status sovereignty, and is then capable of achieving and defending some further measure of sovereignty – physical, geographic, economic, financial, whatever.

Too many on the right and in the pro-white movement want to ape the left – they want to be the right wing version of anti-fa. This, always, leads to cringe-worthy spectacles, the record of which has been consistent failure. “Taking it to the streets” is nothing more than a slogan, after all. Mass public spectacle was rendered mostly moot by the era of mass media.

First, there are legal and illegal activities. We forbid illegal activities.

Second, there are activities that garner media attention and activities that do not. We forbid activities that garner media attention.

That’s it. That’s passivism. Nothing illegal. Nothing that garners media attention.

It’s astonishingly stupid for pro-white and/or right-wing activists to seek media attention, considering that the media is 100% anti-white. David Duke is perhaps as media-polished a person as can be, and anytime he’s given media time it’s simply to attack him as a “former Grand Dragon of the KKK” and have him fend off various smears and attacks. Media attention is counter-productive at best, even when it’s somewhat neutral (which it almost never is.)

Making our own media, however, is effective. Blogging basically created the modern pro-white movement and gave it a place to spread ideas that was independent of the hostile media. Youtube videos are extremely effective in the hands of people like Richard Spencer and RamZPaul.

The people who decry “keyboard warriors” and scream about “taking it to the streets” are missing the point. There is really no such thing as an “online community.” If you happen to frequent a blog, you’ll often make the mistake of thinking of it as a substitute for a real life community. It’s obviously not, nor should it be. If you are complaining that “the movement” is too online, you are really talking about yourself. You’re online too much. Turn the computer off and actually get involved in a real community.

The second mistake people often make is the same one that many young men make when they talk about trying to find a woman that agrees with them politically. Women just do not do “movements” – and especially not currently out of fashion right wing movements – the same way that men do. Politics do not a happy marriage make, but there are plenty of men that have paired with liberal women, only to turn them to “their side.” In fact, it’s a common dynamic.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your offline cabal should be based on politics. You do not need to build a cabal of men that have all read Kevin MacDonald or agree with your racial ideology. Your cabal is based on interests, not ideology.

What are the characteristics of this mannerbund? It’s private. It’s invite only. It’s for life.

What do you do with this cabal? If your immediate thought was to start stockpiling weapons for the showdown with the man – please, stop reading now.

The goal is to build power. In NRx terms, sovereignty and status. In the real, modern world, that means money, property, connections, and business networks.

If, and when, the shit hits the fan – who are people going to turn to? Are they going to turn to the blogger who has read the most Mencius Moldbug? Are they going to turn to the right-wing “activists” that have a lot of practice screaming at lefty protestors while on the “streets” waving signs?

No. They will turn to accomplished men who have property, status, money, and connections. Men who have a record of working together effectively in the real world.

In such a scenario, as Yuray said (and his comments so cluelessly do not get) all you have to do is accept power. They will be asking you to lead.


18 comments on “Nothing New Under the Sun

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  2. kerberos616
    June 5, 2016

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  3. icareviews
    June 5, 2016

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Hipster Racist with some points of practical significance for whites.


  4. icareviews
    June 5, 2016

    I might just quibble with one of your statements:

    “It’s astonishingly stupid for pro-white and/or right-wing activists to seek media attention, considering that the media is 100% anti-white.”

    If you’re only referring to outrageous behavior, dress-up, and the self-parodying street theater you’ve addressed elsewhere, then I would agree; but I think there’s something to be said for appropriating the power of the mass media as a weapon to be used against it. On the most basic level, comments sections of major publications – those, anyway, that remain open to comments – work this way, with thousands of visitors of any number of backgrounds being exposed on a regular basis to the no-nonsense observations of “racists”. In other instances, as with the recent attention devoted by the mainstream online media to the (((echoes))) “cowbell”, reporters can be triggered into giving free publicity to commentators who otherwise would have remained unknown to the lamestream readership. That freak Milo Yiannopoulos made us a present of a huge number of visits from conservatards just because we mentioned his name and tickled his vanity bone with our whip. Then, too, a total stranger informed me that I had redpilled him on Israel’s role in 9/11 just because I responded under a Breitbart tweet. So I think there’s definitely something to be said for attracting mainstream media attention – within the bounds of sanity, of course.

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    • Hipster Racist
      June 5, 2016

      I certainly agree that comment boxes on mainstream news sites are effective, and “social media” like Twitter is not really the same as, say, doing an interview with ABC News. RamZPaul did an interview with some ((journalist)) but he knew what to expect: he recorded the interview himself and immediately leveraged his own media channel to preempt her expected attempts at undermining him. So sure, that is all good.

      And trolling the progressives sites is really the ONLY good thing the 1488ers have ever done, so I can’t really complain about that either. Online media is all about getting clicks so however you do that is fine.

      But it would be pointless to have, say, the AryanSkynet Media Coordinator go on CNN and get interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, who will ask us why we have Israel so much and interrupt us when we mention their border walls.

      You know, I went back to an older Espionage Model article I did about NRx where I laid out my suspicion that this new altright/reactionary/pro-white movement was starting to be hijacked by the GOP and the usual suspects. What happened six months later? Trump announced and the entire movement has been coopted into being his free online media team. I’d say I called it 100% correctly.

      Also, unlike NRx fundamentalists, I do think it’s worth appealing to “the people” and a little bit of populism is fine by me. But I think on balance the SocialMatters author has it quite correct: in the real world you should not try to attract media attention. Online is a little bit different, especially if you are – as we are – basically a media channel.

      A while back there was this idea “Pioneer Little Europe.” The idea was to get a few like-minded families and move to some small town, form a sort of intentional, racially aware community, and maybe do things like share some real estate or home school each other’s kids. A great idea for young families.

      But then some 1488 nut (almost certainly an ADL/FBI plant) went on TV and declared he was started a PLE is some little town – a town already known for having an explicitly pro-white community. All he did was bring negative media (and law enforcement) attention against what was already a kind-of successful pro-white project.


      • icareviews
        June 5, 2016

        I’m fortunate to have one racially redpilled fellow as a good friend in “real life”; but interactions with other white male acquaintances, to the extent that I’ve tested the waters with them without coming right out and saying “Hey, by the way, I’m a 14/88 KKK crypto-Nazi and Sam Hyde accomplice in 6,000,000 staged mass shooting events”, have been disheartening. So much of the time, without even bringing up race realism, these people will engage in cuck signalling a propos of nothing. Last week, alone at work with a blue collar white guy, I made a reference to MLK that, while not exactly negative and certainly not hateful, wasn’t religiously reverential; but his response, being a drone, was to indicate his undying fealty to He of the Innumerable Memorial Boulevards. I have one friend who’s a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and liberal who nonetheless will once in a while give indications of disliking blacks or at least holding them in a low regard; but the guy has just sealed himself up inside a cocoon of permanent adolescence and junk food and pop culture escapism and recoils from any insinuation that something isn’t right in the world while his favorite cool postracial dude is president. I really think a lot of these people aren’t going to wake up or even begin to think of themselves as Europeans until Tyrone shows up in person and spears their mother or girlfriend and the luxury of indifference or of willful ignorance is forcibly taken away. Religious differences are something else that stands in the way of constructive real-world interaction. It united us once upon a time, and so many still want to hang onto it. These fraternal organizations would be a great vehicle if only these could be maintained as a secular common ground; but people who have retained and cultivated their sense of social capital are in many cases also the most ardent in their Jew-and-negro-worship, it’s sad to relate. I’m basically talking about my personal frustrations with my environment and my individual situation, I guess. Didn’t intend to rain on your worthwhile post’s parade.

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      • Adit
        June 6, 2016

        There are a few people on our side, who if they got media attention would eat the system guys alive (think Whittaker or his protégés) but the system also knows that. Only some foolish ‘cub reporter’ would ever try to tangle with Whittaker and any old pros in the media would know better and avoid him like the plague. So you’ll only ever get controlled opposition or folks they think they can steamroll appearing in the MSM. Once in a while they’ll get surprised and that will be the first and last time that person will ever be interviewed.

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  5. BMan
    June 5, 2016

    I really think a lot of these people aren’t going to wake up or even begin to think of themselves as Europeans until Tyrone shows up in person and spears their mother or girlfriend and the luxury of indifference or of willful ignorance is forcibly taken away.

    When Tyrone takes their daughter’s life, they finally learn its all been a lie. That they are not the same and that there should never be such forced integration.

    And then comes the anger and the sadness at their own failure that culminated in their worse loss in life. It is a shame that it takes this to convince someone.

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  6. BMan
    June 5, 2016

    Accepting the leadership roll.

    I don’t want it, even if anyone else might think I need to.

    I have been a leader most of my life (either within my family, being the oldest male and our adoptive father passing when the others were quite young). I basically raised my little sister because we were too poor for my mom to stay at home and my real father left us to fend for ourselves when I was 6.

    I was a leader in various organizations in school and in the Navy. I have managed hundreds of people at factories.

    But when it comes to this “movement”, I am no leader and don’t want to be.

    I struggle with the correct words to use. You used “cabal” and that works. Other, like Justin Garcia of The Pressure Project use that tainted word “tribe” (tainted because I negatively assign it to jews).

    I went many years without an ally near me. Then Dr Doug showed up out of the blue, only to die within a couple of years.

    Unless I consider folks like you here at Aryan Skynet, I have no real tribe/cabal.

    Even my own little brothers and family have no idea of the things I write/rant about.

    So, how does an old redneck find such a like-minded tribe to associate with?

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    • Hipster Racist
      June 5, 2016


      So, how does an old redneck find such a like-minded tribe to associate with?

      Church, of course.

      If you have a functioning fraternity in your town (Elks, Moose, Masons, etc.) join that. Unless you are *really* old, you will probably be the youngest one there.

      Don’t look for your cabal to be ideological, just have similar interests. You all probably have an interest in maintaining a functioning community, and chances are anyone talking about how much they love MLK is just signaling. You have to say that because racist. “I love MLK, but I don’t want Tyrone living here. I’m judging on the content of Tyrone’s character, just like MLK said.”

      That way, when your country elects a good sheriff on Trump’s coattails, your Elks lodge can hold a fundraiser for his favorite “Blue Lives Matter” charity group and everyone makes friends with each other. So when some federal judge tries to open up a public housing project right next door to your nice rural neighborhood, you already know who to call to bury them in regulation and court orders.

      Think globally, act locally.

      Think of yourself as a “deep state.” Don’t be showy and flashy, don’t draw attention to yourself. Bide your time and only strike when the time is right and you know you can win.


  7. TheZOG
    June 5, 2016

    HipsterRacist, you were exactly right about Donald Trump being a plant of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:


    Iran Nuke Deal Drove Trump to Run for President, Son Says

    Controversial 2015 accord was a ‘game changer’ for real-estate mogul on journey to becoming presumptive Republican nominee

    By Tamar Pileggi | May 29, 2016, 10:13 pm

    The controversial nuclear agreement reached between Iran and major world powers last year compelled real estate mogul and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to run in the 2016 presidential elections, his son said Sunday.

    “I think, honestly, the Iran nuclear deal was one of the things that made him jump into the race,” Eric Trump said in an interview with the New York AM 970 radio station. “I think that was a game changer for him.”

    “That is when he finally said, ‘Kids, I am going to it. I am going to give this a real shot,’” he added.

    After years of negotiations, Iran and world powers, led by the United States, reached an agreement last year to freeze and inspect Iran’s rogue nuclear program in return for sanctions relief.

    Since launching his campaign last July, Trump has repeatedly criticized US President Barack Obama’s handling of the diplomatic talks that led to the multilateral agreement — it involved five other world powers in addition to the US and Iran — which eased crippling international economic sanctions levied against Iran in exchange for a curtailing of its nuclear program.

    In his first-ever foreign policy speech in April, Trump accused Obama of capitulating to Tehran at the expense of Israel’s security for the sake of the “disastrous” nuclear accord.

    He went on to claim the Jewish state was “snubbed and criticized by an administration without moral clarity” during Obama’s presidency, whereas Iran was treated with “tender love and care.”

    In February, at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference, Trump railed against the Iran deal at length before asserting Obama’s foreign policy made him “the worst thing that ever happened to Israel.”

    At the Washington, DC conference, Trump vowed that his “number one priority” as president would be to dismantle “the disastrous deal with Iran,” winning him a standing ovation from the audience.

    A May report by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency’s said Iran was in compliance with the terms outlined in the 2015 agreement.

    The report was the second quarterly assessment since the accord came into force on January 16 that showed Iran was meeting its main commitments.


    • Hipster Racist
      June 5, 2016


      Yes, I noticed that.

      Everyone has completely ignored Trump’s long history, not just working for the Democratic party, the NYC/Florida Jewish establishment, but in the last ten years, pretty directly for the Likud party of Israel. Orly Taitz’ “birther” thing and Netanyahu’s opposition to the Iran deal are Trump’s signature issues for the last decade.

      It’s all out on the public record, covered in the mainstream press, clearly and openly.

      However, when Trump decided to run, he had an aide listen to right-wing talk radio and tell him what the people were talking about. Three issues: Common Core, trade deals, and illegal immigration. So Trump started talking about those issues.

      Never mind he never talked about any of those issues before he started running.

      Plenty of reasons to vote for Trump, but there is no reason to engage in make-believe or ignore his long, consistent record of actions.


  8. TheZOG
    June 6, 2016

    Top Trump Surrogate says Border Wall and Mass Deportation will be “Virtual”

    Buffalo New York Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) was the first member of Congress to endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and he’s become a key campaign surrogate for the reputed billionaire businessman. But in a Tuesday interview with The Buffalo News, Collins said he believed two of Trump’s signature campaign proposals would never be carried out.

    Collins said he believed the wall Trump promised to build along the US-Mexico border would be more an idea than a physical wall. “I have called it a virtual wall. Maybe we will be building a wall over some aspects of it; I don’t know.”

    Collins also said that Trump’s controversial plan to deport roughly 3% of the current US population would be a “rhetorical” exercise rather than a physical deportation.

    From The Buffalo News …

    “I call it a rhetorical deportation of 12 million people,” Collins said.

    He then gestured toward a door in his Capitol Hill office.

    “They go out that door, they go in that room, they get their work papers, Social Security number, then they come in that door, and they’ve got legal work status but are not citizens of the United States,” Collins said. “So there was a virtual deportation as they left that door for processing and came in this door.”

    Collins added: “We’re not going to put them on a bus, and we’re not going to drive them across the border.”

    Collins went on to say that he was sure Trump would deny these plans. But he was nonetheless confident that Trump’s bold assertions were merely opening gambits in a long negotiation.

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    • TheZOG
      June 6, 2016

      These statements by Congressman Chris Collins agree perfectly with what Donald Trump himself has said about his illegal immigration program, i.e. it is mass touchback amnesty.


    • Hipster Racist
      June 6, 2016

      When this is all over, there are going to be some very prominent “White Nationalists” that are going to have (Trump Steaks and) Egg all over their faces.

      As for me, I’ll just be saying, “I told you so.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • TheZOG
        June 7, 2016

        When this is all over, there are going to be some very prominent “White Nationalists” that are going to have (Trump Steaks and) Egg all over their faces.

        That’s only assuming that these very prominent “white nationalists” aren’t govt. spooks and/or trolls.


    • guest
      June 7, 2016

      All this big wall talk is even funnier when you know that Israel is financing the construction of it’s concrete (literal) separation barriers (25 foot high with gun turrets) directly from the 16$ million daily US aid its gets, which was just bumped from 11$ million in 2016! Let that sink in, in the last decade the US tax payers financed more miles of border in Israel than in the homeland.

      Meanwhile Trumps wall will require a virtual reality headset, LOL!

      Liked by 2 people

  9. TheZOG
    June 7, 2016

    Meanwhile Trumps wall will require a virtual reality headset, LOL!

    It was real in my mind.


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