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Artists United Against Apartheid Except For Israel

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s remembers the boycott against South Africa due to their apartheid policies. And if you were watching MTV at the time, you would remember a truly awful song and video, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City” by Steven Van Zandt, guitarist for Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band.

The boycotts and negative attention were eventually successful, the apartheid policies were repealed, Nelson Mandela was elected President, and the Black South Africans unleashed a decades long wave of terror, murder, and gang rape against the White minority that continues to this day.

But that was apartheid being done by South African Whites, Dutch Calvinists, thus it was evil and racist. But Israeli apartheid? Well, that’s different. That’s “complicated.” The goyim just don’t understand the nuance of the situation. I mean, you don’t want to be anti-semitic do you?

So Little Stevie is back in the news for a profanity laced attack on people daring the question to right of the Holy Jews to implement the same policies against the Palestinians as the Afrikaaners did to the Blacks.

“You and the other Israel boycotters are politically ignorant obnoxious idiots. Israel is one of our two friends in the Middle East.”

When one user accused him of hypocrisy, Van Zandt tweeted, “Ok asshole. It’s time for you to go f**k yourself. Justify that.”

It’s always useful to remember that there are two groups of people that are not allowed to have their own nation: Palestinians, in Palestine, and Whites, anywhere on earth. Jews have been the core of the anti-white movement in America for at least 100 years.

Watching an “anti-Social Justice Warrior” video recently, one part stuck out like a sore thumb. In the middle of a long litany of extreme positions that “Social Justice Warriors” hold, the video maker tried to get viewers to believe that “anti-semitism” is ok with the left, and that Social Justice Warriors “hate Jews” and think Israel is “always wrong.”

Israel/Palestine is the one issue that the Social Justice Warriors actually receive pushback on. The left is allowed to smear all white people as “racists” – but not Jews. Jews are above criticism, even mild criticism about the policies of their favorite country, Israel.

Of course, Jews in the Democratic party will tell you it’s the right wing conservatives that are “anti-semitic.” But neo-conservative Jews in the GOP will tell you that it’s those left wing liberals that are “anti-semitic.”

The hypocrisy is so thick and so expected it’s almost boring to talk about it.

So, Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam are going to boycott North Carolina for having sex-segregated restrooms, but don’t expect any Hollywood actors or rock stars to breathe a word about the oppression of the Palestinians.

Some people are just more equal that others.

We’re All Palestinians Now.



6 comments on “Artists United Against Apartheid Except For Israel

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  2. indravaruna
    May 4, 2016

    During the last israeli bombing of Gaza the only Hollywood actors that showed support to the Palestinians were two Spaniards, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.

    Anglos have been educated to show submission to their Jewish masters all the time.

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    • Hipster Racist
      May 4, 2016

      As an Anglo, in fact, a classic WASP, I have to say, while it pains me, you are basically correct.

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  3. kerberos616
    May 5, 2016

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  4. icareviews
    May 5, 2016

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  5. icareviews
    May 5, 2016

    I can remember listening to Mark Levin once and hearing him go on a rant against Jon Stewart (i.e., Leibowitz) as a “self-hating Jew” for daring to question Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians.

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