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Blame It on the Calypso

Asami Nagakiya

The late Asami Nagakiya

Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand

We’ll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band …

“Once you go black, you never go back,” goes a popular expression which ironically lends itself to more than one interpretation. Asami Nagakiya, a calypso musician, would never go back home to Japan after visiting 36% black Trinidad for this year’s Carnival in Port-of-Spain. Asami was strangled to death, her bruised body abandoned among bushes and “heaps of discarded food and beverage containers” in Queen’s Park Savannah.

This year’s festivities, nevertheless, were deemed to have been “safe” by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Harold Phillip, the “Gold Commander for Carnival”, explained that there were “no reported serious disruptions at any Carnival-related events.” This year’s celebrations saw a 46% reduction in “serious offenses”, boasted “Gold Commander” Phillip.

Asami 3

Asami gets a dose of enrichment.

TTPS Carnival Was Safe

Official safety seal of Trinidad and Tobago

“But it was the reaction from Port of Spain’s mayor Raymond Tim Kee that got people talking,” the BBC reports:

“You know before Carnival I did make a comment about vulgarity and lewdness,” he said.

“Women have a responsibility to ensure they are not abused during the Carnival season. It’s a matter of, if she was still in her costume – I think that’s what I heard – let your imagination roll”.

The comments sparked a major backlash on social media in the Caribbean nation. […]

At the same time, some actually agreed with Tim Kee’s remark. Another Facebook user wrote: “We are a vulgar society. Half of the naked women [at the carnival] would not want their children to see them like that… When did nakedness became our culture?”

Asami 4

“We are a vulgar society.”

Asami 2

Trinis debate the murder.

Kee’s less-than-sensitive statements attracted attention internationally, and the mayor was finally moved to resign; but there is a fundamental honesty underlying his seeming crudity. What do women of any race expect to happen when they visit a city inhabited by such obvious savages and then go reveling in their midst, unaccompanied by a male escort and half-dressed, to boot?

Col. Arthur Stephanos Mavrogordato, a British officer who had officiated in Palestine before taking charge of the peace in Trinidad and Tobago and bequeathing to the island nation’s Police Service its odd Star of David insignia, once placed a ban on the “indecent and immoral dances” and “juicy songs” of the calypso genre. Are “juicy songs” to blame for the natives’ behavior and their “vulgar society”, or is the problem somewhere in Tyrone’s genes?

Asami, for whatever it may be worth, was last seen by one of her friends at a KFC in Port-of-Spain.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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8 comments on “Blame It on the Calypso

  1. icareviews
    April 29, 2016

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  2. kerberos616
    April 30, 2016

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  3. Don Logan
    April 30, 2016

    Interesting piece. Seeing the backside of Uncle Ellis is all I want to see. No telling what that guy is doing with his hands.

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    • icareviews
      April 30, 2016

      All you need to know is that it was finger-lickin’ good.


  4. Pingback: Blame It on the Calypso | Hipster Racist

  5. Hipster Racist
    April 30, 2016

    Not sure about Japanese, but Chinese are some of the most “race realist” people on the planet.

    That is one of the things most infuriating about “anti-racist” types in America. They will swear up and down that Chinese particularly, or Asians in general, are poor victims of “racism” while excusing Chinese “racism” against – well, basically, everybody. Chinese people call whites/Europeans “English big noses” – and don’t even get them started about black people.

    But apparently all non-European people are supposed to side with each other against the hated “Whitey.” It just goes to show how transparent “anti-racism” is.

    Bob Whitaker and the BUGsters are right – “anti-racist is a code for anti-white.”

    Anyway, I can’t be bothered to shed any tears about a Japanese woman engaging in sex tourism with African men getting exactly what you would expect. I swear, though, not to be misogynist or anything, but women are attracted to dangerous men likes moths are to flames. It is what it is. People are the same all over.


  6. smartwhiteguy
    May 2, 2016

    I find it very difficult to feel sorry for these fools.
    If you insist on walking through life with your eyes closed you will likely meet an unfortunate end.
    I thought the Japanese had more common sense than that.

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  7. Helvena
    May 4, 2016

    I’m sure the Japanese are ashamed.

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