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Movie review: Limitless

Sp0iler Alert:

Limitless, starring the very Aryan looking Bradley Cooper, is about the discovery of a pill that makes you more intelligent.  Of course, such a pill would make you able to do pharmaceutical research and perfect the drug even more, which then makes you smarter, which then makes you able to make an even better drug, and so on. Which is what happens with Bradley Cooper’s character.  Also, when he is on the intelligence pill, his eyes are a bright blue:


Gee, I wonder what this is signaling?  At the end of the movie, he has a very hot blonde wife.  He speaks Japanese to the waitress, and looks at his wife, and it’s all quite normal now.  They are both on smart pills, and will live Aryanly ever after.  Get this movie on DVD, someone snuck this past the Hollywood censors!

The recursive nature of getting a smart pill, and using the increased intelligence to make a better smart pill, and then the improved smart pill makes you even smarter, and so on.  Hence, Limitless.

Limitless is actually the expression of the exponential function.  The exponential function is everywhere in our lives — population growth, economic growth.  There is a saying by Hemingway that actually expresses the exponential function, “He went broke slowly at first, then all at once.”

Suppose I had a magic eye dropper and I placed a single drop of water in the middle of your left hand. The magic part is that this drop of water is going to double in size every minute.

At first nothing seems to be happening, but by the end of a minute, that tiny drop is now the size of two tiny drops.

After another minute, you now have a little pool of water that is slightly smaller in diameter than a dime sitting in your hand.

After six minutes, you have a blob of water that would fill a thimble.

Now suppose we take our magic eye dropper to Fenway Park, and, right at 12:00 p.m. in the afternoon, we place a magic drop way down there on the pitcher’s mound.

To make this really interesting, suppose that the park is watertight and that you are handcuffed to one of the very highest bleacher seats.

My question to you is, “How long do you have to escape from the handcuffs?” When would it be completely filled? In days? Weeks? Months? Years? How long would that take?

I’ll give you a few seconds to think about it.

The answer is, you have until 12:49 on that same day to figure out how you are going to get out of those handcuffs. In less than 50 minutes, our modest little drop of water has managed to completely fill Fenway Park.

Now let me ask you this – at what time of the day would Fenway Park still be 93% empty space, and how many of you would realize the severity of your predicament?

Any guesses? The answer is 12:45. If you were squirming in your bleacher seat waiting for help to arrive, by the time the field is covered with less than 5 feet of water, you would now have less than 4 minutes left to get free.

And that, right there, illustrates one of the key features of compound growth…the one thing I want you take away from all this. With exponential functions, the action really only heats up in the last few moments.

We sat in our seats for 45 minutes and nothing much seemed to be happening, and then in four minutes – bang! – the whole place was full.

So you don’t really see what’s going on all around you until it’s too late.  The brilliance and  permanent relevance of Donald Trump is that he showed the bigot vote just how BIG(ot) we are!  Bigot comes from medieval era Jews saying “Bi Gott, I will not convert to Christianity.”  Bigotry is stubborness in the face of state sponsored and socially pressured change in one’s mores and values.

So the Trump constituency is the coalition of the stubborn, who possess internal moral compasses and reject state sponsored Cultural Marxism.

And we are growing as an exponential function.  The world has noticed that the stadium is filling.We are 45 minutes into the 49 minutes, when the exponential function manifests itself publicly.  No question the Trump candidacy has allowed supporters to network with one another, and so now the exponential function goes full hockey stick.  This is as significant as the Reagan Democrats.

The funny thing is, even non-whites support Trump.  The Perpetual Civil Rights Movement does not bring home the bacon for non-whites, and hasn’t for a long time.  Now that American whties are poor, the Perpetual Civil Rights Movement has passed it’s peak in effectiveness.  It either grows or dies, it cannot survive in stagnation.  Now that it has economically stagnated, non-whites can no longer get more gibs out of it and so they lose faith and put their faith in a wealthy strongman.

Trump is not pro-white; he simply fails to be anti-white.  So the Trump presidency will give us some breathing room to initiate our own exponential functions.

The exponential function we must initiate is the Mindweaponization of white children, by doing group funding of well functioning white families.  If the WN movement did nothing else but group fund good white families that were doing all the right things for their kids, we could really do no more.  Had my family been financially able to remain in Boston in 2002 instead of being forced to move to the sticks, my daughter could have had much better education, better dance and gymnastics and music classes, and so on.  She has turned out quite well, but in retrospect she wishes we had been able to remain in Boston.  She was taking gymnastics at a school with Russian Olympic coaches, she was going to the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, dance lessons at the Boston Ballet.

Nevertheless, having been the subject of High Investment Parenting, she is a believer and wants the same but better for her future children.

When a HIP child is growing up, they often object that they are forced to work much harder than their peers.  They’d rather play softball instead of running track.  They aren’t going to need so much math!  The piano teacher is a bitch! This book is way too long!

And as they grow up, they have less and less in common with their prole peers.  Growing up I didn’t have friends because I didn’t watch television.  My daughter had this same problem until she went off to college.  We live in an area where it’s all about the game on TV.

Once a HIP kid goes out into the real world, he sees how the real world beats the crap out of people.  A child who is beaten up by the world despises his parents.  A child who beats up the world reveres his parents.  All white parents must prepare their children to beat up the world, rather than be beaten by it.

The HIP child will find the world a fun challenge, rather than a horror to be escaped from.  There is an epidemic of heroin addiction in the USA right now.  I believe it’s a direct result of children being raised in front of the TV — heroin addicts are all TV babies.

If you are kicking the world’s ass, then the world is simply more interesting and fascinating than an opiate high.  Having a lot of high effort hobbies and high responsibility and/or high skill and/or high prestige jobs is a strong counterforce to the boredom and ennui that lead to addictive behaviors.  Power is a very strong drug.

Living in the Idiocracy Dystopia can be very depressing.  I am not able to shield myself from it owing to the nature of my service job.  Being a “google felon,” I can only get service jobs.  Here’s what my daily life looks like:


I am able to draw upon years of reading classical literature and history  and philosophy and doing qigong and yoga, in order not to be overwhelmed by the Dystopia.  I am able to keep the big  picture in view, and not fall into depression or addictive behaviors.

This is why it is so monstrous that classical Western education has been discarded by the educational institutions.  My daughter’s college, a state school, literally offers no European literature or history to it’s freshmen.  They can study the literature of the Civil Rights Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, or Reconstruction.  The Cultural Marxists didn’t want a place at the table; they wanted to purge all “dead white male” literature from the colleges, universities and primary schools.

I would say this is another contributing factor to the heroin addiction.  The March through the Curricula of the Cultural Marxists deprive white children of the wisdom of their ancestors, and teach them that the only thing that ever mattered was the African-American struggle, the Latino struggle (both against white people) and the Holocaust.  No wonder they become heroin addicts, amirite?

The TV baby heroin addict world is what I term the Idiocracy Dystopia. That’s the bad news.  The good news is that there is more opportunity than ever for HIP kids and Mindweapons to achieve Greatness,  get wealthy and fund HIP white families.

HIPsters and Mindweapons find the world a much more rewarding place.  Anyone who realizes that this actually WORKS, ends up being totally converted to Mindweaponism and HIP parenting.  It’s the stark, brutal difference between a child set in front of cartoons for hours a day, and fed junk food and ends up on Social Security Disabillity and Methadone Maintenance, versus a child growing up eating a very healthy diet and doing gymnastics and kung fu and playing piano and speaking a foreign language and passing AP Calculus and AP Physics.

By the way, math and physics and gentle spinal stimulation with qigong and yoga is the real “smart pill.”  The spine is the same organ as the brain — they are not separate, they are one thing.  Thinking of the gray lump in your skull as a single, whole thing unto itself is a mistake.  The brain is like a broccoli attached to a master root, the root being the spine.  Spinal stimulation through intelligent exercise calms your nerves and increases your reflexes and enhances your ability to focus and learn.  So yoga prepares the ground to study math and physics.  Actually studying math and physics is what makes your smarter in everything.  Just as conditioning with calisthenics and interval sprinting makes you a better overall athlete, math and physics makes you a better overall thinker.  And your mind is truly the ultimate weapon in any struggle.

I lived in Arlington, MA (Boston metro area) in 1995 with, among others, a Chinese artificial intelligence researcher and a Chinese PhD physicist at Harvard.  Both of them were in some kind of Chinese cult where they did qigong and said that they needed it to keep their brains running at full tilt.  At the time I was like, “What a couple of weirdoes, though I must admit they are at the top of their game.”  Only years later did I understand the significance of what I learned from these two Chinese guys.  As an aside, they had a really hard time getting girlfriends, and told me they awarded me a PhD in getting chix since I wasn’t a total incel.

Society definitely sets up disincentives to being intellectually powerful.  Doing math and science makes you mentally powerful, but also introspective and not as “exciting” to females the way smooth talking idiocrats often are.  The Mindweapons must organize as a collective, so the collective is alpha, and it’s individual members can afford to be introspective beta males.

It’s all about getting people to adopt a new habit, and for the number of people who adopt this habit to grow exponentially.  Facebook is a great example of this, whatever you think of it or it’s founder.  Mindweaponism and HIP are already on an exponential curve.  I meet lots of parents who raise TV-free kids, and they relate how much above their peers the children end up being.  One of them is a relative who acted on my advice, and her child, according to my daughter, is “scary smart.”  He’s three years old and asks very complicated questions that force the adults to think about the answer.  His verbal abilities show sophisticated thinking beyond the years of a typical TV baby three year old.

We really live in TV baby Idiocracy now, not 500 years in the future.  We know because the TV-free kids are taken for geniuses by adults and schoolteachers, when they are probably just what the baseline intelligence of average white kids is supposed to be.

The main difference between TV babies and TV-free kids is intellectual curiosity.  Intellectual curiosity is the beginning of Mindweaponization, and it is always integral to it.  The second element of Mindweaponization is the Pure Will to Power, the rejection of all self limiting identity statements such as “I’m not the kind of person to do that.”  The Pure Will to Power person says, “I’m the kind of person to do whatever it takes to win.”  The Will to Power person tries things, and sees what he can get away with, and finds that a lot of “obstacles” to Power are mere illusions.  All it took was to make the attempt, to have some audacity.  The Will to Power person experiences the old Latin saying, “Fortune smiles upon the Bold.”

In the Current Year, people are poor and the economically is bankrupting itself slowly at first, then all at once.  This poverty and hardship is the catalyst for Mindweaponization to go viral, to go exponential.




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21 comments on “Movie review: Limitless

  1. icareviews
    February 24, 2016

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Mindweapon’s non-review of a movie called Limitless, segueing into his thoughts on high-investment parenting, television, yoga, and the Will to Power.


    • mindweapon
      February 24, 2016

      A “non-review” LOL. It gets the important points across — namely the bright blue eyes, the Aryan waifu at hte end, and the use of the pills to make you smarter to develop better pills.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. icareviews
    February 24, 2016

    “So the Trump presidency will give us some breathing room to initiate our own exponential functions.”

    The “Trump presidency”, if such a farce comes to pass, will be Jew bankster business as usual.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mindweapon
      February 24, 2016

      I think we should give the man a chance. He did retweet the White Genocide twitter account after all. He says “we don’t have time for political correctness, we’re in too much trouble.”

      This may be a chess move by the Jew banksters, but what matters is that Trump supporters are networking with one another and getting to know one another, as Trump supporters, not Ron Paul Libertarians. Whether or not Trump is not anti-white it doesn’t matter; his followers are not anti-whites.

      Liked by 3 people

      • icareviews
        February 24, 2016

        The only benefit I see from a Trump election would be the inevitable disillusionment it would cause his more naive supporters. I see him as Tea Party redux + circus atmosphere at best.

        Liked by 1 person

      • smartwhiteguy
        February 24, 2016

        Cool movie review MW!
        Here’s my latest movie:

        Good to have you back!
        Hope everything is going well for you!

        Liked by 1 person

      • smartwhiteguy
        February 24, 2016

        Sorry about the name of that last movie MW. I uploaded it last month so I assure you it was an unfortunate coincidence and you know I can’t edit my comments on other people’s blogs.
        Maybe you’ll like my other movie better:

        Hang in there bro.
        Any chance you can start a new blog, something top secret just the initiated?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hipster Racist
        March 3, 2016

        People on the alt-right are just being completely naive here. YES – Trump is dog-whistling to the white base, the alt-right, the young 4chan types. YES – that is good for us. YES – he is using the “Sailer strategy” long promoted by VDare types. His campaign is the best thing to happen for us in mainstream politics in a long time.

        But Trump is a politician (businessmen are all politicians anyway.) He is saying what he needs to say to get the vote of the GOP primary voters, and this was his way of taking on the presumptive establishment pick, Jeb Bush. It worked beautifully, he’s almost certainly going to win the GOP primary.

        But if one looks at the SUBSTANCE of Trump, he’s an Israeli asset, and always has been. He spent the ENTIRE Obama administration doing the stupid “birther” thing at the behest of the Israelis in order to pressure Obama to bomb Iran. He freaking actually did a TV commercial for Netanyahu. Trump has spent his entire career fronting for Jew money. He name checks freaking Sheldon Adelson. His handler is none other than Carl Icahn. His campaign director is a former AIPAC staffer.

        Trump has never said anything overtly pro-White, but he has said plenty overtly pro-Jew.

        Most Republicans suck up to the Israel lobby for money and press. Trump doesn’t have to – his family is Israeli. He has grandchildren living in Israel. He has two Jew children.

        Who wants to be the first to have their son – or daughter now – come home in a box because Trump started a war to save his favorite country, Israel?

        Trump is a freaking national security threat. We just had the former CIA director explaining that Trump’s attempt to normalize torture – at the behest of the Israelis, who are pro-torture – will cause a huge crisis in the military.

        Trump will put actual freaking Israelis in the center of the military and intelligence establishment.

        I am absolutely stunned at the naivete of alt-righters on what is actually going on with the Trump campaign. We are literally seeing a hostile takeover of the GOP by the Likud party of Israel. We will have never seen such an infiltration by Israeli assets since freaking LBJ.

        I suspect high raking military personnel to revolt over this is a way we have never seen before, which, who knows, may be a good thing.

        Everything I am saying about Trump is absolutely common knowledge, well-known, not at all hidden, discussed in the mainstream press – yet still, the alt-right, and the WNs are just wishing it away because Trump said some “politically incorrect” things.

        Why don’t we all just marry Jewesses and move to Israel, if we are going to support turning our country over to a man whose own children turned against their nation and race in order to garner favor with the Jews?

        Liked by 3 people

  3. indravaruna
    February 24, 2016

    If Trump becomes President it might create a total new realignation in US politics, National Kikeview and other Neocohen opinion makers are in total despair by this prospect.

    Trump needs to create his own TV channel and magazine, blow the Neocohens put of the water.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mindweapon
    February 25, 2016

    @smartwhiteguy Funny movies. “dog weapon” Ouch, that poor doggie. if you want to correspond privately message me on Twitter, I am @mindweaponsinragnaro (the k is missing, twitter limitation) we’ll exchange emails.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. clytemnestra57
    February 25, 2016


    ,b>”The only benefit I see from a Trump election would be the inevitable disillusionment it would cause his more naive supporters. I see him as Tea Party redux + circus atmosphere at best.

    Oh, come on, now. I knew the Tea Party was D.O.A the moment the NAACP, egged on by the Usual Suspects, played the If You Disagree With America’s First Historic Black President, You Must Be a White Supremacist Race Card and instead of telling them, “fuck you, we don’t care what the hell you call us,” they call caved and whined and spent all their energy defending themselves against charges of racism.

    Just like I knew Ron Paul was done for because of the same reaction and Rand Paul didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell because he had to prove that he didn’t have a racist bone in his body by coming up with anti-incarceration schemes for felonious Black thugs because they fill up the majority of our prisons.

    Donald Trump definitely does not pass any White Nationalist Purity Tests, i.e. he’s not The Second Coming of Adolf Hitler. He’s got business dealings with Jews. He’s got Jewish in-laws. Hell, he has Jewish grandchildren, thanks to Ivanka’s marital conversion.

    Oooh, let’s not forget, most importantly, there will be a lot of Court Jews advising him. Big Hairy Deal. Name me one candidate, Republican or Democrat that WON’T have a lot of Court Jews in their administrations. Name me one alternative candidate that WON’T be Pro-Israel and WILL tell AIPAC to go pound sand.

    I have made myself scarce from this board from Jump Street, because it was obvious to me that minds had already been made up, including mine. I supported Trump from the moment he announced his candidacy. Not because I believed or still believe he can deliver on all his promises. This country’s crash is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if but when and I think when is coming a lot sooner than any of us think.

    I simply detested the rest of the candidates, was sick and tired of boring elections where the candidates do handstands to dog whistle to me while making sure that they can provide themselves plausible deniability to Marxist Media Watchdogs by promising me nothing substantial. I thought Trump would take us on a more scenic route to the Highway to Hell and watching the hysterics of the establishment was and remains very amusing to me.

    What is most important to me is that Trump is the one, the only candidate for the Presidency that may not be a “White Supremacist,” but is the only Presidential candidate that is NOT ACTIVELY ANTI-WHITE. That is merely a crumb to chew and a bone to gnaw on, but I’ll take it. And the rest of us would be wise to go with it when you look at the kulakization of Whites in process in the media, liberal college think tanks and Hollywood.

    Is there anyone on this board who doesn’t want to cheer, watching this scene?

    Trump is NOT Anti-White. He’s NEVER been Anti-White. And he’s not afraid to show it. What? I’m supposed to prefer Jeb “Act of Love” Bush or the foam party-loving pool boy, Marco “Gang of Eight” Rubio to a White Anglo Saxon Protestant who ISN’T Anti-White because he DOESN’T pass the White Nationalist Purity Test? He’s NOT Uncle Adolf Reincarnated?! Fuck that!

    But going with this board’s theory, that Trump actually has Jew backing, because it is White Nationalist Conventional Wisdom that Jews like to put themselves on ALL sides of every issue so they can lead any opposition to themselves. Then, yes Virginia, there are going to be … heaven forbid … some Jews that might actually BENEFIT by preserving a large population of viable Whites. So, naturally, the knee jerk reaction of White Nationalists MUST be that WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!

    I have pointed out before at Mindweapons that, the only way any seminal Pro-White movement can get going is if the “right” White people are adversely affected by the Snivel Rights Movement. That the Black Undertow must, must MUST rise to the doorstep of Paycheck Liberals and Black crime MUST start hitting the most affluent White neighborhoods before we can get any traction. That only when the White Hall Monitors find themselves having to watch what they say lest THEY be turned into the principal, especially by some easily offended minority actively looking for any microaggression or nanoaggression or even the appearance of indifference or neutrality to any imagined butt hurt they can come up with would things start to change.

    We are seeing this scenario play out right now and the vast majority of White Americans have become so beaten down and demoralized over the years that all they could do is give up and play dead because White Libtards and Cuckservatives basically rendered their votes useless. Except for ONE GROWING GROUP. As I pointed out in my “They Ain’t Going Nowhere” column, White-skinned JEWS like Michael “Weiner” Savage and Tal Fortgang whose “White Privilege” diatribe was an early shot across the bow have shared interests with White Nationalism.

    Are Michael Savage and Tal Fortgang “Cuckoo for Cocoa Pops” for Israel? Of course, they are, that’s par for the course and I am highly suspicious of any Jew that isn’t, to be honest. Unlike Noel Ignatiev and Tim Wise, any antipathy they might have for White Europeans does not override their own self preservation instincts. They are the sharper knives in the Semitic Drawer who know that, in the Cannibal’s Crockpot, they are the OTHER White Meat and can be as easily devoured as the rest of us. They know that, in any race war, one’s skin is one’s uniform and they will be drafted to OUR side whether they want to be or not. And they intend to be on the Winning Side. How is that bad for Whites?

    Let’s stop allowing The Perfect to get in the way of The Good and allow ourselves to be so paralyzed by Judaeophobia that we just sit here with our thumbs up our collective asses waiting for the Leukopalypse. The patient is worth preserving even if all we have in Trump is a triage surgeon in a battlefield tent right now. He can staunch the hemorrhaging until the patient can be flown in to a hospital where the miracle surgeon who can put him back together waits.

    Until then, Trump is better than the rest of them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • icareviews
      February 25, 2016

      “Let’s stop allowing The Perfect to get in the way of The Good and allow ourselves to be so paralyzed by Judaeophobia that we just sit here with our thumbs up our collective asses waiting for the Leukopalypse. The patient is worth preserving even if all we have in Trump is a triage surgeon in a battlefield tent right now. He can staunch the hemorrhaging until the patient can be flown in to a hospital where the miracle surgeon who can put him back together waits.”

      Trump is more like the disingenuous whore waiting by the patient’s side to steal his boots after he dies on the operating table. He earns himself a big “Fuck you forever” from me for appointing a 9/11 insider as his national campaign director, no matter how “good” he might otherwise be.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hipster Racist
      March 1, 2016

      Oooh, let’s not forget, most importantly, there will be a lot of Court Jews advising him. Big Hairy Deal.

      LOL George W. Bush 2.0.

      Yah RIGHT – I’m sure that Carl Ichan is irrelevant in all this, right? Big Hairy Deal – Trump isn’t “politically correct” cause something about black people, so, um, never mind his ENTIRE CAREER going on 20 something years.

      “Those who forget history are bound to repeat it” or something like that.

      Don’t get me wrong – if I voted, I’d vote for Trump, but you’re fooling yourself.

      I bet you voted for Reagan, didn’t you, Cly?

      *shaking head*

      It’s like I’ve been talking to myself for five years now. BTW, icareviews is RIGHT, and you and MW are WRONG.

      RamZPaul is right, too, Trump will win the primary and lose to Hillary.

      What then? Do either of you have ANY plan for that outcome?

      *shaking head*

      Eating bugs isn’t going to do it.

      This isn’t about making you feel better.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hipster Racist
      March 3, 2016

      Tal Fortgang

      Cly is absolutely, 100% wrong here. The article by the Jew Fortgang said that he didn’t have “white privilege” BECAUSE HE WAS A JEW.

      He said that us White people DO have white privilege, but he’s a Jew, therefore, also oppressed by the Evil WASPs.

      Fortgang said NOTHING pro-white, merely pro-Jew. The article in question was nothing but an anti-white diatribe by an anti-white Jew who was just pissed off that the Blacks didn’t consider him a “minority.”

      The article was not, in any way, shape, nor form, anything other than a typical anti-white diatribe by an anti-white Jew.

      the OTHER White Meat

      This issue has been discussed numerous times on various pro-White blogs, including The Occidental Observer. European nationalists have tried, over and over again, to gain some legitimacy by supporting Israel. The canonical example of this is the English Defense League. They have achieved nothing. They are still actively attacked by the Jewish establishment. They are still called “racist” even as they have Black and Brown Christians “protesting Islam” along side them.

      Some people simply wish that Jews were not our enemies, but that is all it is, wishful thinking. The Black undertow, the Brown illegals, all of those problems could be solved overnight – EXCEPT for the fact that hostile Elites – i.e., JEWS – have weaponized them against Whites. Before the Jewish takeover, America was basically a White Nationalist state, race realism WAS the conventional wisdom, and segregation was supported by the vast majority.

      It was Jewish media power, Jewish money, and Jewish political organization that INVENTED the Snivel Rights movement. MLK’s every word was scripted by his Jew handler. The NAACP was run by Jews for its entire history.

      And they intend to be on the Winning Side. How is that bad for Whites?

      I have numerous family members who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, two wars engineered for the state of Israel. When are YOU signing YOUR sons up to fight and die for the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine?

      It’s not MY fault that Jews hate White people. I did nothing to them. I have never done anything to harm a Jew, nor to hurt the state of Israel. It is Jews that are anti-White, not us who are anti-Jew.

      You simply cannot wish that away.

      Donald Trump is no different than the “NRx” people – the Jew Moldbug saw the White Reaction coming, so he got in front of it, did his best to obscure Jewish hatred of White people, and blamed everything on … Protestants.

      This is like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. How many times are we going to fall for this trick?

      Blacks and Browns are a SIDE-EFFECT of the Jewish problem. America had no problem with dealing with Blacks and Browns until Jews took over the media and brainwashed everyone with anti-Whiteness.

      The internet is destroying Jew media power; hence, their desperation. Trump is their latest damage-control attempt.

      Now is NOT the time to go soft on the Jews, not now, especially since we are WINNING and they are LOSING.

      This is why you don’t put women in combat, their desire for peace is simply too strong. I’m sorry Cly, I wish you would write more, but if you can’t stand some criticism of your ideas, what can I say? I’m not here to circle-jerk about Trump’s latest “politically incorrect” joke. This is serious shit. We have enemies inside the gates, it’s real. We’re in a battle for survival here, and Jews like Fortgang – and the Jews that are handling Trump – they are the main enemy.

      Dindus aren’t the problem, Jews are.

      You simply cannot wish that away.

      Stop trying to convince Whites to be pro-Jew. You should, instead, be over on the Jew forums convincing Jews to be pro-White. THEY are the problem, not us.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hipster Racist
      March 3, 2016


      Why don’t you just call us “anti-semites” or “neo-naaazis?”

      When did you start channeling Abe Foxman?

      Even RamZPaul, a hard-core Trump supporter, gets this:

      White people are NOT the problem – Jews are.


  6. fuhrerious88
    February 25, 2016

    Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words..

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  7. kerberos616
    February 25, 2016

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  8. Hipster Racist
    March 1, 2016

    “We used to vote Democrat but now we vote Republican.”

    CHANGE you can believe in!!1


  9. Pingback: Movie review: Limitless | Hipster Racist

  10. Antiochus
    March 1, 2016

    i was also thinking…the concept of reverse engineering the drug to work out the kinks of the withdrawal syndrome is kind’ve like the singularity effect of transhumanism….whereas intelligent machines/AI/robots start to make their own replicas at a faster and faster pace until it blows the exponential mores law out of the water! now all we need is a little tiger mom action and we’re good to go!


  11. Hipster Racist
    March 3, 2016

    There is a saying by Hemingway that actually expresses the exponential function, “He went broke slowly at first, then all at once.”

    Ha! I was just thinking about that saying and wondering where it came from. It went en vogue during the financial crisis I remember.


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