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When Lefties Are Right

So fixed is mainstream political discourse in the “Left” vs. “Right” paradigm that many dissidents and identitarians, notwithstanding their protestations that these concepts have lost all meaning, still find it hard to relinquish their ideological attachment to this same terminology – hence the emergence of the “Alternative Right” and the “Neoreaction”. The fact that so many race-realists and alt-righters identify so strongly as “the Right” and insist that “the Left” is the cause of civilization’s downfall is to some degree indicative of the fact that so many participants in the struggle retain a vestigial Republicans-vs.-Democrats (or, for the neoreactionaries, a monarchists-vs.-Jacobins) mentality. Erstwhile Aryan Skynet contributor Thrasymachus, for example, titled his blog Deconstructing Leftism – the implication being that “Leftism”, an ideology, constitutes the single most important problem facing the world.


John McCain

Matt Forney, in the above video, insists on the legitimacy and the primacy of the “Left” vs. “Right” dichotomy in the struggle for civilization. The ideas of “the Right” – the unassailable “free market” and uber-alles opposition to hated “government regulations” included – are, Forney asserts, a bulwark to be defended against the depredations of “the Left”, which, he further avers, is wholly responsible for the various wrongs visited on Europeans – or “men”, as Forney insists on limiting his audience. He challenges his auditors, furthermore, to produce a single instance in which “the Right” has been responsible for the introduction of “evil” public policy. Absurdly, he cites Zionist gangster and military-industrial stooge John McCain as an example of a man of “the Right” whose crime is not “active evil”, but merely “failing to fight the Left” and “refusing to fight evil”.

Where true identitarians differ with “the Right”, much of the “Alt-Right”, “Neoreaction”, Christian fundamentalists, and “conservatives” of every stripe – “trad”, “paleo”, or other – is in their understanding that tribe trumps all ideology. John McCain is the enemy not because he fails to “fight the Left”, but because he is a traitor to his race. True identitarians are nationalists, with “nation” and “race” understood to be interchangeable concepts in this context. Widely recognized white nationalist heroes – men like Francis Parker Yockey or Revilo P. Oliver, for instance – are remembered as figures of “the Right”; but nationalism in its best and purest expressions has always been a synthesis of ideas and positions. Goofy though their antics are, it is instructive that so many Republicans make such a show of their self-abominating conviction that Hitlerism was unadulterated “leftist ideology” in practice.

Amerika’s Brett Stevens avers that “realism […] is what all non-Leftist movements including neoreaction and the alternative right share,” his implication being that “the Left” distinguishes itself by its uniquely unrealistic ideas; but is this necessarily an accurate assessment? Is “the Left” always wrong? One traditional truism for those on “the Right” is that birth control is a crime that paved the way for saturation depravity. Incog Man, for instance, after rightly identifying the disproportionate number of Jews active in reproductive rights advocacy, calls abortion “just another part of the Jewish supremacist agenda to destroy their enemy, the Goyim,” while Andy Nowicki deems it “a much graver matter” even than mass Third World immigration. It is not necessarily this writer’s intention to suggest that the Roe decision was good; but is abortion all bad, and is no more nuanced position available? Again, the Republicans’ ludicrous harping on the theme of fetus-flaying death camp system Planned Parenthood’s “genocide” of black babies is unintentionally instructive.


Margaret Sanger

Forgotten by many – but not by Republicans! – is the fact that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a horrible white supremacist who associated with the Ku Klux Klan and that eugenics was popularized not in the Third Reich, but in the Progressive Era, and that the idea was promoted by notable socialists H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw, tax-and-spend economist John Maynard Keynes, as well as anarchist Emma Goldman and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Eugenics, according to Discover the Networks, a site advertising itself as “a guide to the political Left”, “was wholly compatible with the progressive era’s faith in science, the future, the regulatory potential of the state, and human perfectibility.” Should those racialists claiming to be “the Right” abhor eugenics if only because of its radical provenance? No, says Patrick Le Brun in an excellent article at Counter-Currents:

What would America look like with a Catholic social policy? According to the CDC, there have been 13 million abortions conducted for African American women since Roe v. Wade. There are more black fetuses aborted than are born, and every year about 5% of reproductive age black women have abortions. There are no reliable statistics on how many White women who procure abortions are pregnant with Black babies. Currently about 2% of births issue from Black-White mixed parentage. If we were to conservatively assume that 2% of abortions by White mothers in 1990 were of Black babies that would raise the Black abortions by over 20,000 and increase their total by 4%.

A back of the envelope estimate shows 6 million black children would be of reproductive age had they not been aborted, not including mixed race births. They would almost certainly be raised in poverty. Whether analyzing impoverished communities in developed or undeveloped countries there is a direct trade-off between family size and exiting poverty. So these 6 million adults, with no abortion access and living in poverty, therefore reproducing at the rate of poor Blacks, would have contributed at least 18 million new children to the Creedal Nation by now. That is the equivalent of 40 more Detroits!

Thank God for abortion!


Paul Craig Roberts

What about the divisive proposal for a raise of the minimum wage? Surely, no self-respecting man of “the Right” could lower himself to countenancing such communist nonsense? Conventional conservative “wisdom”, as this writer’s neocon coworker recently admonished him, teaches that this will only put more labor out of a job; but is this true? Paul Craig Roberts, one of the founding fathers of Reaganomics, once espoused such a conventional viewpoint, but has since that time become more open-minded about increasing the minimum wage. Ron Unz has also come out in favor of a higher minimum wage, arguing that public assistance programs for underpaid workers function as de facto corporate welfare, shifting much of employers’ burden to taxpayers; whereas, if workers were permitted to earn a living wage, they would lose eligibility for further assistance, with the economy also receiving a genuine and distributive stimulus. Steve Sailer, thinking outside the bogs, adds:

Why not a $15 per hour minimum for non-citizens?

Why not a $6 per hour minimum for teenage citizens? And a $9 per hour minimum for 20 to 22 year old citizens?

A high minimum would only seem to work when tied into effective job-site enforcement of immigration laws. But, put them together and you might really have something.

Of course, the worst solution would be the inverse result where huge numbers of currently employed American citizens get squeezed out by a higher minimum wage and get replaced by new illegal aliens working off the books for less than the nominal minimum.

Most strikingly, the Alt-Right has tended to distinguish itself from the ruling duopoly in its opposition to needless war. “In a foreign-policy context, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ don’t have any real meaning and never have,” argues Andrew Bacevich of The American Conservative. “Present-day Left and Right are distinguished by which elites they prefer, not by a fondness for, or hostility to, elites in general,” posits John Derbyshire, who adds, “The world is way more complicated than it was in 1789, and the concepts Left and Right don’t capture all that complexity.” This, however, has not stopped some on “the Right” from attributing to their opponents a loathsome “leftist” foreign policy worldview. Cis Scum of The Right Stuff dismisses the “leftist/libertarian/anarchist” bluster of those with the nerve to suggest that the September 11th attacks were anything but the dastardly deeds of remedial Arab flight school students – this despite the fact that leftists and anarchists like Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky overwhelmingly excoriated these same “conspiracy theories”.


James Petras

Many on “the Right” have entertained a parallel disdain for independent investigation of the September 11th psyop partly because they retain vestigial Republican prejudices and make the mistake of interpreting the mere suggestion that “radical” Muslims could be blameless in the attacks as a manifestation of carcinogenic political correctness. Notwithstanding the fundamentally non-partisan nature of the search for truth in any undertaking, many self-described reactionaries would benefit from reading, if not the “Fake Left” identified by News Junkie Post, then the authentic and conscientious Left represented by such figures as James Petras and Michel Chossudovsky. These men, whether despite or because of their committed anti-colonial and socialist credentials, know more about the forces shaping world events than 99% of those on either “the Left” or “the Right”. Two of the best sites for keeping abreast of world events as these encompass war and economic machinations are Non-Aligned Media and Global Research – the latter site, maintained by Chossudovsky, presenting a markedly eclectic forum that finds space for writers as varied in background as Stephen Lendman and Paul Craig Roberts.

Aryan Skynet encourages identitarians not to confine themselves to their own neighborhoods in obtaining their news and analysis. Read Global Research, News Junkie Post, CounterPunch, TeleSUR, and Axis of Logic. Much of the content on these sites, particularly as it touches on race, will be imbecilic garbage; but readers will also encounter valuable commentary not to be found at Radix Journal, The Right Stuff, The Occidental Observer, The Daily Stormer, or Alternative Right. How many Trump Train tools continue to make fools of themselves for failing to grasp the following insights offered by Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery at News Junkie Post?

In most of the world, and especially the US, elections are staged, with the primary goal being to let off steam from targeted sectors of the population. A secondary goal is to make a rigged political process appear believable and give the impression of a free exchange of ideas. The candidates are presented as caricatures that trigger an emotional identification in specific groups of people. In the US in 2016, the mean, misogynist and racist ugly American stereotype is served well by Donald Trump for the right. On the other side, the reincarnated Occupy leftist champion of social justice is played by Bernie Sanders. Nonetheless it is Hillary Clinton’s turn to win. Trump and Sanders serve to keep the elections in the news and to make Clinton the only supposed pragmatic choice. […]


Bernie Sanders

The fake left poaches the narrative of the real left so as to kill it. Outright plagiarism and abundant appropriations and rewrites are hallmarks of the fake left.  Since it lacks a heartfelt leftist rhetoric, it must continually borrow one, ironically, to excoriate it so as to present a superficial version of it. Any critical examination will show that the self-proclaimed firebrands of the left have, for decades, never moved the revolutionary dial an iota. If books like Noam Chomsky’s Occupy or Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine, or Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco’s Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt had been genuine, they would have brought people to the barricades in the streets, and there would surely have been attempts to suppress them. Instead the books have been celebrated and glorified by the media establishment, because these pseudo-radical manifestos have not brought action but paralysis. The latest offering by Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, will, by design, change absolutely nothing at all, except the balance of her bank account.

Those few of us who are genuinely trying to change the course of events sometimes wonder how we can compete against this powerful new machine that appropriates our message, twists it, and then blasts a degraded version of it through countless bullhorns. Doesn’t the public realize that wealth and fame are not the normal trappings of revolutionaries? Don’t people know that revolution is never easy, and that if it appears to be, it is not real?

None of this is to suggest that the identitarians of “the Right” ought, as Richard Spencer bravely proposed, to go full Che-shirt and rebrand white nationalism as a phenomenon of “the Left”. Aryan Skynet’s Hipster Racist recently called for the recognition of a position that he terms “Alt-Center”; but, sound as his reasoning might be here, “Alt-Center” just has a cold porridge ring to it. This writer, raised as a Reagan-Bush-Gingrich-Starr-era Republican, will probably always feel an instinctive revulsion at the utterance of the syllable “Left”, and likewise will probably also retain a residual fondness for the cruel Alex P. Keaton sensibility of the stereotypical “Right”; but this is a reaction of the heart – the sentimental plaque in the coronary arteries – and not an assessment by the mind. Ultimately, it is not the name of the movement that matters, but its openness to powerful ideas irrespective of the political brand.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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  1. icareviews
    January 23, 2016

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  2. kerberos616
    January 23, 2016

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  3. Hipster Racist
    January 23, 2016

    First off, Paul Craig Roberts is The Man, I don’t think there is anyone more courageous in the mainstream when it comes to September 11.

    Conservative Inc. is so unbelievably hypocritical when it comes to economics. They are constantly attacking social welfare programs for the poor, while at the same time doing nothing but subsidizing the rich, and business in general. One of America’s biggest and most important industries is Defense; Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc. These are essentially businesses with one main customer: the military. Thus, the entire industry is subsidized by the taxpayer.

    Let’s not even talk about Wall Street and finance in general. Or farming subsidies! There are thousands of wealthy New York landowners that have “farms” upstate that do nothing but get agriculture subsidies to not grow anything – these people have often not even visited their properties since they bought them. It’s pure welfare for the rich. But you will never read a Republican even mentioning any of that, except maybe some orthodox libertarian like Ron Paul.

    Conservative Inc.’s love of “free markets” is purely rhetorical, in practice, they are as communist as some Commissar of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1920’s USSR.

    Then these same Con Inc-ers have the gall to complain that Trump suggested a tariff.

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    • icareviews
      January 23, 2016

      Paul Craig Roberts wrote a great column on one of the most recent 9/11 anniversaries, and it was so good I was thinking about showing it to that neocon Christian Zionist coworker of mine until I got to the end and Roberts threw in some non-sequitur about “global warming”. For the most part, though, Roberts is one of my favorites and I always look forward to his columns.


  4. Hipster Racist
    January 23, 2016

    Just to be clear, the “alt-center” thing was not a serious proposal, just a quip. I find the right/left distinction to be completely useless, it was an accidental of history due to the seating arrangements of the French parliament and it’s meaningless.

    I notice some of the NRx types – in reacting to the left – actually LARP about kings and monarchies. This is just reaction, of course. Monarchies were formed organically. I also wonder why such a movement seems to completely lack any understanding of the actual hierarchies of their own techno-commercial wing – have any of these people read anything about modern management, corporate hierarchies, activist investors, etc?

    They are against “populism” because it’s incoherent – this is true, of course. But they are also consumer capitalist which is essentially a commercial form of populism. I find Henry Dampier to have some truly interesting insights at times, but the whole NRx movement in general really does seem to be an exercise in mutual intellectual masturbation.

    They really are reactionaries. Liberals are for democracy, so we’re against democracy. Well what did we have before democracy? Monarchy! So let’s have a king.

    Liberals are populists, but we’re an intellectual elite, so anything that smacks of populism, we have to do the opposite. But we like markets … um.

    The Enlightenment was bad. So what did we have before the Enlightenment? Catholicism. OK, so let’s all LARP as Crusader Knights and pretend we actually believe in literal miracles.

    It’s all just so much play acting. Our version of this has been called “White Nationalist Sim City” – come the revolution, we will have these rules, and order society in such and such a way, and our wives will stay at home and not work, etc.

    Back in the real world, we need to focus on meta-politics. When the time comes, the policies and politics will work themselves out.

    These NRx people seem to believe that society can be “constructed” – they are frankly not particularly different than the French Enlightenment Revolutionaries that thought they could build a utopian society on Pure Reason – only the NRx types want to be thought of as “hard headed realists” so instead they want to build a dystopia of autocrats and force the peasants to be their slaves. Their vision is just as artificial as that of the egalitarian leftists.

    Personally, I blame autism. Too many computer programmers got rich and now think they are needed to reform society but no one asked them.

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    • icareviews
      January 23, 2016

      Okay, I thought maybe “Alt-Center” was a term you were going to start using. Not disagreeing with the concept of such. I just thought it had a lame sound to it, so I’m glad it was a joke.


  5. eyeslevel
    January 24, 2016

    Pro-white vs. anti-white. That’s where it starts.

    In a normal environment, we can have rational debates on all aspects of politics. But we’re not in a normal environment. We’re in an environment which is flooded with anti-white propaganda. That has to be neutralized before you can worry about anything else.

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  7. thrasymachus33308
    January 26, 2016

    To the NRx people I’m just a filthy socialist. They regard nationalism as just another kind of leftist socialism or something “fuzzy” because it is not tied to a simple set of principles. Being theorists they have trouble conceiving of practical, pragmatic solutions to problems- an idea has to work or it’s not much of an idea. What you do to make it work might not fit in some neat theory, but that’s not the point.

    My parents were progressives who believed things that were both obviously idiotic and actually evil, so my response to that was to become a National Review neocon. That has worn off mostly. I still have a mimetic reaction to things that are “left wing”.

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    • Hipster Racist
      January 27, 2016


      As Gregory Hood just said in his latest article on Radix – “conservatism” is now just an excuse for why white people can’t organize in our own interests. For some reason, endorsing any collective interest of white people is “not true conservatism.”


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  9. smartwhiteguy
    January 27, 2016

    Matt Corney.

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  10. Mike
    February 1, 2016

    Since when has man managed to pick up the box with either his left or right hand? When both hands are united in its task the box can be gauged of its weight and thus the force necessary to pick it up can be learned.


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  12. Georgewemo
    March 25, 2016

    And he isn’t going away

    he’s down the track. He is your prominent campaigner

    even so, regardless of this, The GOP [url=]charmdate[/url] continues to hold the whole lot it’s got at the front jogger. additionally continues to disparaging offer also aside. it’s actually become some type of mania.

    The virginia primary answer was a solid illustration showing the atmosphere [url=][/url] of the Republican bash. page was any chances during Marco Rubio [url=]charmdate[/url] genuinely getting accepted your way through. the guy was basically successful among later deciders. only to be the weekend put on on because votes arrived in, It got likely he or has not been going to accomplish it.

    Rubio was the winner the college informed, The overspill such as california along with also the well-to-do. nonetheless Trump completely outclassed among out of the way dwellers along with the suburbs. few preliminary research tells of which john Kasich stole ample votes to not think Rubio their state, although reasons why take that all those of Kasich’s voters would have self-assurance your guy?

    when virginia is labelled as, you could feel the impetus drain off of Rubio even he’d go on to profit one state level: minnesota. will, no doubt the vitality really yield? it’s difficult to find out how or perhaps a howcome.

    they have was pleased with solitary strengths: A week in large news bullitains, The reinforce together with the buildings, A agreement which often he or she is top rated rubber stamped to get over Hillary Clinton. in spite of this, your husband still did not make his target over turbo saturday and looking Trump in the your home nation out of orlando.

    however the fundamental other choices still left involved in the event can be found ryan Kasich, via modest interest beyond your North, and also Ted johnson, with who moderates extensively not like. the particular most lucid right decision these days quite on behalf of Kasich additionally Rubio dropping out earlier johnson contra – the one Trump won has. but without doubt the majority of important rational consideration a fortune quite possibly sound available.

    We recognize that the GOP wants results. colleagues experience tried to steer other types to decrease offered an approach which is stymied to self confidence. in which way in addition to describe the type of absurd assertion on Kasich’s leading strategist which often: “Rubio’s awareness within a speed is considered retaining Republicans through bringing together in existance Governor Kasich,

    former shindig employers have learned to raise personal savings in an anti Trump PAC; a certain are already be prepared for a brokered custom. simply because a great number of delegates remain passed out proportionately, wedding and reception a bad are planning B.

    truth that it’s tough to imagine that Rubio is the main beneficiary, because he [url=][/url] did badly in a very primaries. the reason why top a real loser?

    the majority of poor quality, about the, are called the dreams by means of congressional Republicans only to break because of Trump from a selection. they’ve achieved the maths. they have personally enjoyed the forms which in turn arranged Trump system at the rear Hillary Clinton and understand which keyword phrases might asking price all of dearly. significantly better, some people think, to finally cauterize the nomination permitted Trump possess presidential plane ticket, get her dad at bay and quit the pollute damaging all of them with.

    But the greater, Existential malfunction they deal often that Trump’s awake provides exclaimed things about these voters where did they just weren’t able to hear and don’t aren’t able to react to. it actually is unquestionably remarkable that particular a wide variety of have selected as for an applicant who would like to soften their particular thoughts of organized motherhood, which people senses that the particular irak fight was a blunder or tend not to change entitlements.

    around coverage, Trumpism is frequently a whole lot more channel when compared to orthodox conservatism. inside of atmosphere, yet, without a doubt to a large extent cruder. surely old-fashioned populism: a financial program that is supposed to help middle north america, even if its monetary uneducated resulted on harming the actual region.

    while 2016, Conservatives may need to submit to Trump and/or find some way of distancing their company by way of your guy. But once time had passed, they must recognize the problems brand-new areas such as reared plus art some form of constructive jv along with his voters.


    • Hipster Racist
      March 25, 2016

      Folks, I approved this comment only because it’s a really decent example of “Artificial Intelligence.”

      It WAS caught by the spam filter, but it’s pretty damn good, so I’m approving it just for the sake of an example.


      • icareviews
        March 25, 2016

        “the front jogger” made me laugh.


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