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Disgraced Performer’s Past Shrouded in Mystery, Riddled with Cult Memberships and Unexplained White Supremacist Associations


[Ordinarily Aryan Skynet does not publish articles written by communist Jewesses, but this investigative piece from Professor Velvita Krohn-Kryberg of Brooklyn’s Waters Eastward University is so extraordinarily impactful and relevant to the enduring themes of this site that a special exception has been made in this particular case. – Rainer Chlodwig von Kook]

Source: The Jewish Sentry

Mac and Friends

365Black my ass

Nazi hip-hop superstar Moonman – widely regarded by his more rabid acolytes as having been ignominiously cheated out of an Album of the Year nomination for “groundbreaking joint” The Lunatic at this year’s upcoming Grammy Awards – has, ever since launching into the YouTube charts and achieving instantaneous racist “gangsta cred”, cultivated an air of the enigmatic, obliging adventurous interviewers to content themselves with his inscrutable answers to questions about his mysterious origins. “Shut up, baboon. I advise to. Get back. I’m straight out. Of a panzer’s nut. Sack,” the rhymester told Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield.


Secret ingredients?

Intensive research by the resident scholars at Know Your Meme, however, has established that Moonman previously performed under the stage name “Mac Tonight” in the service of multinational corporation McDonald’s during the 1980s. The New York Times reported in 1987 that the Moonman-to-be was the brainchild of shadowy figures Brad A. Ball and Peter Coutroulis of Los Angeles advertising agency Davis, Johnson, Mogul and Colombatto. “We said, ‘[…] let’s make him a cult,’” illuminated initiate Coutroulis confided to the Times, letting the mask slip and not bothering to conceal the ad campaign’s sinister purpose. The white supremacist “Mac Tonight” cult caught fire like a gasoline-soaked hate cross in the Deep Southern California night and rapidly spread in a raging anti-Semitic Holocaust across the dark expanses of torch-toting America. As the Times reported in these desperate days:

The ads began appearing just after [anti-Semitic death festival] Christmas last year in several cities in [California Reich base of operations] California and [white supremacist anti-government KKK militia hotbed] Oregon, plus a few other markets including Phoenix and Las Vegas, Nev. Increased sales, customer attendance at promotions and the fact that viewers were talking about the ads convinced the home office that this was, indeed, something special.

”Word of mouth [i.e., anti-Semitic hate speech] was the thing that kept our attention more than anything else,” said [kapo] David Green, McDonald’s vice president of national marketing. ”There was a buzz [of crematory ovens] in the city. When something’s hot, you hear it from all avenues.” He knew he had a hit on his hands when he heard about the [de]spot from a cab driver.

McDonald’s, for its part, won’t disclose sales figures except to say that the program [i.e., pogrom] had ”great success.” But Nation’s Restaurant News, a trade magazine, reported that some restaurants in California enjoyed double-digit increases in dinner business as a result of the ads.

Mac and Doug

“Mac Tonight” performer Doug Jones

Equally convincing were the crowds that turned up for ”live” appearances [at Nazi rallies] by an actor dressed as the Mac Tonight character at local McDonald’s restaurants. A McDonald’s spokeswoman, Terry Capatosto, said 1,500 people flocked [with arms thrust in the Roman salute] to a single promotion at one Los Angeles outlet.

But it still wasn’t clear whether Mac Tonight would travel well to the hinterlands [i.e., Hitlerlands]. After all, some at headquarters said, the West Coast was so different. Was it just another Hollywood fad?

”There were some doubts [about our ability to exterminate the Jewish race],” Mr. Coutroulis said. ”Some people said, ‘Well, there’s a different kind of mentality there [which requires extremely low frequency brainwashing on a completely different wavelength]. But we’re dealing with Indiana, Nebraska. We don’t know if it will relate to them.’ ”

Straight Outta Whitopia

Moonman with unidentified white supremacist ho

In February, the answer became evident at a marketing conference, which drew ad agency executives representing franchisees nationwide. Company executives were close to giving Mac Tonight the go-ahead, says Mr. Green of McDonald’s. When the [de]spot was shown to the visitors, ”there was no doubt that there was tremendous enthusiasm,” he said.

Three different ”Mac Tonight” [de]spots had a six-week run nationwide during September and October. (McDonald’s traditionally runs ad campaigns of that duration.) In one, Mac and his piano are resting on a cloud [of Zyklon B], in another on a giant-size Big Mac. McDonald’s Ms. Capatosto calls the campaign ”very successful” in increasing sales [of assault weapons], and Mac’s promotional appearances seemed to play well coast to coast, too. For a ”live” moon-man appearance at a McDonald’s [Nazi KKK NRA occult ritual] in Boca Raton, Fla., more than 1,000 people turned up.


The Ronald McDonald Youth

Why would a seemingly harmless, family-friendly company like McDonald’s lend itself to the project of white supremacy? Company founders Richard and Maurice McDonald were born to Irish parents, Ireland long having been home to the virulent anti-Semitic world-domination cult of Catholicism. The involvement of other McDonald scions has long been a source of speculation. McDonald’s Corporation has never, for instance, acknowledged its rumored links to anti-Semitic “evolutionary psychologist” Kevin MacDonald, but the Nazi international’s apologists will have to do better than pointing to a mere change in spelling to dispel the suspicions of vigilant truth-seekers within the independent media. “Fuck you. Contact my attorney,” MacDonald replied in answer to this writer’s emailed queries.


The Donohue connection


Artist’s rendering

More crucially, the McDonald brothers partnered with Republican and admitted Satanist Ray Kroc in 1954. Kroc’s ambition soon outpaced that of his co-conspirators. In 1967, the same year that the epochal Report from Iron Mountain was published, Kroc founded his own Hitler Youth, the “McDonald’s All-American High School Band”, and turned the company into a globe-spanning octopus with the establishment of the first McDonald’s restaurant in Canada. Only in 1977, in an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, did Kroc own up to his satanic affiliation – only to be forced by popular outrage soon thereafter, however, to deny that this was true and that he had ever made such a statement on national television. In 1974, Kroc had purchased the San Diego Padres baseball team – significantly, an organization named for agents of the Vatican-headquartered global fascist network, thus further reinforcing the Catholic-satanic connection evident at multiple nodes of the McDonald’s control grid.



Where does Moonman fit into the picture? “Mac Tonight” was Kroc’s experiment in mind manipulation and mass consciousness engineering through popular culture – a chilling attempt to woo a hip, swinging, McNugget-eating youth market to a rebranded Hitlerite New World Order. A similar strategy, almost nakedly displayed, can be discerned in the 2006 “unpimp your ride” campaign of Nazi collaborators Volkswagen. Known demonic shaman Doug Jones donned the Mac mask for the 1986-87 McDonald’s advertising blitz, but the identity of the character’s latest incarnation remains the subject of heated and highly divisive debate among deep state researchers. While some maintain that Jones is both McDonald’s crooner Mac Tonight and the unapologetic hip-hop shitlord Moonman, others advance a disturbing theory that takes the investigation into still more unsettling territory.

Leno Shades

Jay Leno

Voice layer analysis by technicians at Israeli firm Nemesysco purported to demonstrate through careful comparative scrutiny of the two artists’ recordings that there was no possibility that Moonman and Mac Tonight could be one and the same individual. David Beaver, a professor of Lingustics at the University of Texas at Austin, however, claimed that these and other analyses have been misinterpreted and that no definite conclusion is possible given the low fidelity of the available materials. David Emge, who played “Half Moon” in Frank Henenlotter’s film Basket Case 2 (1990), has of course denied being responsible for the


Long-lost twins or the fucking psyop?

Moonman recordings, as has former Tonight Show host Jay Leno – neither of whose denials has, however, entirely satisfied this writer’s contacts within the Moonman Truth movement. One of these, Jerry Mills, has been especially firm in his stance that Leno is, in fact, Moonman’s secret identity. Facial structure analysis published by Mills at The Vatic Project has established the eerie extent of the physiognomical coincidences of bone


You decide.

structure as well as fashion sense the two figures exhibit. “I’ve been doing this for years, and this is only the third time I’ve found such a close match between one photo and another – any photos,” Mills commented. “I haven’t been able to match any photo of me with any other photo of me.” Leno, neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists have alleged, was fired by NBC for making fun of President Barack Obama’s policies. Is “Moonman” Leno’s Mansonesque and apocalyptic Helter Skelter revenge scenario finally thrown into activation?

Mac and Doug2

Doug Jones pledges allegiance to Hitler and Satan

AT&T has also doggedly parried persistent rumors that Moonman does not use a human voice, but actually utilizes the company’s text-to-voice program “Mike”. The “Mike” controversy, the most explosive to rock the pop world since the Milli Vanilli scandal, continues to embarrass not only the publicity-shy brass at AT&T, but also Moonman’s most devoted admirers, many of whom refuse to entertain the mere suggestion that Moonman is not a legitimate vocalist and a credit to “the Aryan race”. AT&T is particularly sensitive to allegations of white supremacist activity after Aaron Slator, the telecommunications giant’s President of Content and Ad Sales and executive in charge of U-Verse, was discharged following a lawsuit alleging he engaged in a racially charged harassment campaign against an African-American AT&T employee.

As the Moonman debate continues to roar, fears of ISIS-linked Moonman-style terrorist attacks targeting audience members or performers of color at February’s Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles have both Homeland Security and the LAPD (as well as the NAACP) on high alert. Moonman – whoever he may indeed be – is, if this recent interview is any indication, still straight-up KKKaliphate 4 Life. Tyrone, reached by this writer for comment, had only this to say: “Sheeeeeiiit.”

Velvita Krohn-Kryberg



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  1. icareviews
    January 10, 2016

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Shocking investigation by Velvita Krohn-Kryberg at The Jewish Sentry


  2. Hipster Racist
    January 10, 2016

    Post this on /r/conspiracy and see who bites.

    Shiksa Goddess says she believes the world is flat.

    Then again, so does Thomas Friedman, and he writes for the New York Times.


    • Alex the Goon
      January 13, 2016

      A coworker of mine believes the world is flat, and that the Sandy Hook and Oregon shootings have been false flags. But he wasn’t always like that. Before he saw his wife screwing two niggers at the Swingers Club (first time, in 18 months of swinging), he thought the world was round.
      Anyone who says they’ve been “triggered” by a twitter post or whatever, doesn’t know what “triggered” is.


      • Hipster Racist
        January 13, 2016

        Before he saw his wife screwing two niggers at the Swingers Club (first time, in 18 months of swinging), he thought the world was round.
        Anyone who says they’ve been “triggered” by a twitter post or whatever, doesn’t know what “triggered” is.


        I mean, I just don’t believe you. I think that sounds like a fantasy scenario you just made up.

        I know, we’re all SUPPOSED to believe that sort of thing – poor “racist” white guys are sitting by helplessly while our women fuck black guys …

        I know – that’s what says – they post pictures constantly – but honestly?

        I think you just made that up.


        I think “Alex the Goon” is just posting his cuckold fantasy.



      • Alex the Goon
        January 13, 2016

        He wasn’t sitting there watching. He was walking to/from the other room where he had his own thing going on. I had trouble believing it too, because anytime someone ribbed him about Mandingo on his wife, he denied even the possibility of it, because his wife is “mostly into it for the chicks”, and “she hates blacks”. He also said that if a single chick ever talked (“bragged”) about mudsharking, he and his wife (and other couples they palled around with) would lose interest in them. That’s the picture he painted, anyway.
        But it’s swingers. They convince themselves they’re not jealous, that jealousy is “weird”… well, if anything goes, anything will. One other thing bugged me about his revelation — he had said there’s an unwritten “code” that they abide by, where you don’t just chat up a chick in the club, and if she likes you, you take her into the banging room. No, if she came with a dude, you have to chat him up a little, talk about football, politics, and hey is it ok if I bang your wife? “Because some guys are weirdly jealous,” and even if they brought their wife there, they might not be 100% ok with it. OK, that’s odd, but understandable. William H. Macy in Boogie Nights. So why was he shocked to see what he saw that night? He obviously wasn’t expecting it, because Shitavious and Shiturdious didn’t read the unwritten rules, and announce their intentions.
        I’ll also add that his wife is obese as hell, so there’s a reason he’s not “weirdly jealous” about her. But still, after 18 months of that lifestyle and whatever all that entails, the sight of …that… was shocking enough to physically flip a switch in his brain.


      • icareviews
        January 13, 2016



      • Hipster Racist
        January 14, 2016

        his wife is obese as hell

        I was discussing the hilarity of people who pretend to believe in a “flat earth” and other such stuff – usually, meant as disinformation to defame 9/11 truthers such as myself – and somehow, someway, you decided to talk about “obese” white women going to swinger’s clubs and having sex with black men.

        I just don’t really know what to say. My life has hardly been an example of moral rectitude or Christian chastity, and it would be a lie to say I’ve never seen the inside of a swinger’s club, but really, I just don’t know what your point is.

        Miscegenation, especially between white women and black men, is and always has been a fringe phenomenon, despite what Hollywood would have you believe, and something I am completely unconcerned about.

        “Anti-racists” are always trying to say that white men being concerned with the future of our race is caused by of sexual jealousy of black men, but that’s certainly not why I became concerned with advocating for my people.

        I became an Identitarian because of the Israel Lobby getting the US into the Iraq war, and barely surviving the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Black people had nothing to do with it.


      • Alex the Goon
        January 15, 2016

        I mentioned the obesity because you implied some sort of “cuckold fantasy” was at stake; nobody is fantasizing about that, or even considers it a great loss to White Men Everywhere. I’ve never posted this, or any other miscegeny anecdote, anywhere else either. I only brought up the guy’s story because of the Flat Earth connection, and how he came to believe it, very near the time he caught a glimpse of What’s Wrong With This Picture. The guy will literally talk your ear off for 8 hours straight on any topic if you let him, and not once before that weekend did he mention the Flat Earth. The only knowledge I have of those clubs is from hearing about it at length, while simultaneously trying not visualize anything. The infrequent phrase “You know, there were a couple of hot chicks there last time” tells me I’m generally right to block it out.
        He also started talking about mass shootings as false flags recently, but since I hold out the possibility that there is more to those stories, I never would have associated those discussions with his other event, and especially not a minor brain trauma. The Flat Earth stuff, however, is too much, and begs an explanation for how an otherwise-rational adult could cross that line. The fact that it was probably a one-time occurrence (AFAIK, or want to know), is what makes me think part of his brain got re-wired. That’s all there is to it, for me.

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  3. kerberos616
    January 10, 2016

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  4. Hipster Racist
    January 10, 2016

    KKKaliphate 4 Life


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  5. smartwhiteguy
    January 11, 2016

    Moonman’s complete works:

    That nazi work ethic of his is nothing short of amazing.

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