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The Islam Question

The purpose of this essay is to examine the Islam Question and its perception among nationalists, how it’s been rhetorically deployed, the implications of this, and approaches to dealing with the problem, which has a bearing on our future of world-historical proportions.


Cui bono?

The Anti-Islam Narrative

Many nationalists, in the wake of serial terrorist attacks in Europe and America presumably carried out by Muslims or “ISIS” supporters, have generally adopted a position on Islam that is not altogether different from that found among prominent neocons, Israel’s Likud party, and other political affiliations that represent fanatical Zionist settlers. Some may echo the likes of fifth-columnist Zionist propagandists like Pam Geller. The narrative, put simply, goes like this: Islam is fundamentally warlike and its promise of eager virgins in the afterlife provides potent justification for young Muslims to put their beliefs into practice, or wage jihad, by means of shedding the blood of infidels and encroachers on Dar al-Islam. To be sure, this framing has enjoyed a popular hearing since the September 11, 2001 attacks and even before this to some extent.


Helen Mirren

Most significantly, several large-scale terrorist attacks have helped to fuel this narrative among Whites: San Bernardino, the recent multiple coordinated attacks in Paris, Charlie Hebdo, the Boston Marathon bombing, the London and Madrid bombings, and numerous others – all held up as obvious examples of “Islamic terrorism”. Little consideration seems to have been given to the contradictions, inconsistencies, anomalies, and outright deceptions that inhere in the official narratives of these events, and they are rarely questioned openly by anyone currently serving with an imprimatur of institutional authority, civic or otherwise.

However, a sober awareness of the modern state’s military and intelligence capacities, not to mention some elites’ thoroughgoing contempt of the citizenry, combined with the convergence of evidence, points toward the likelihood that groomed patsies have played an integral part in most of the operations in Europe and America. These “conspiracy theories”, however, remain largely on the fringes of the internet. A strong taboo prevents these from being discussed in polite society, and doing so would probably lead to detrimental social and economic repercussions. I will not discuss any theories or evidence that calls into question or refutes the official narratives in any of these events – that is not the purpose of this piece – but I encourage the open-minded to conduct research of their own. Even those hardened nationalist skeptics of false-flag terrorism claims can take comfort in the fact that we have the same objectives – only our rhetoric and argumentation differ – both approaches being susceptible to uses that may either improve or harm nationalism’s appeal.

RemoveKebabOn the other hand, numerous less dramatic, “everyday” events occur, as well, which have tended to provoke indictments of a monolithic Islam: gang violence and intimidation, particularly in Europe; random “honor killings”; Muslim connivance with Jews and the minority coalition in squeezing resources, privilege, and power from Whites; an explosion in the number of rapes in European cities, and grotesque scandals such as Rotherham. Accompanying this anti-Islam discourse is a reasonable excoriation reserved for Political Correctness. To be sure, one aspect of the Counter-Jihad mindset that makes it so much more attractive is that it is the one ideological position in which one is allowed to manifest “politically incorrectness” in public discourse and still suffer few if any negative social consequences. In other words, Whites are drawn to Islam-bashing by default, because they aren’t allowed to disparage “diversity” in any other form.


Finally, the historic threat posed by Muslims to Europe is frequently invoked by nationalists. Many academics employed by Jewish-controlled think-tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute also assert this argument and are frequently invited to make appearances on radio or television stations (owned by Jewish media conglomerates) where they deploy the narrative. The threat of Islam is always depicted by them as cultural and political, never ethnic or racial; ergo, the threat is conveniently global and nebulous. Since the demographic threat to Europe posed by mass immigration is virtually synonymous with Islam – the majority of the immigrants are Muslim – the invasion is seen as the latest attempt at Islamic conquest, this time confronting little native resistance to the coming caliphate. The rise of the Counter-Jihad movement, represented by groups such as the English Defence League and led by dubious politicians such as Holland’s Geert Wilders, has coincided with this alarm. Anders Breivik was a product of this milieu and is seen as a hero among some Counter-Jihadists. Counter-Jihad groups are generally supported by Jewish funding, are pro-Israel, and most importantly, eschew open racial politics (Breivik was both pro-Israel and discouraged talk of race, as declared in his manifesto-compendium).

“Islamic Terrorism”

Broaching the subject of “false flags” around segments of nationalists, primarily the Alt Right and some “mainstreamers” who seek respectability, will inevitably elicit groans, laughter, and, in some cases, outright hostility. Their concern is that any discussion of these matters will simply discredit and marginalize the growth of a movement in dire need of broad-based support if it hopes to save Western civilization and forestall a future White extinction. Some are not familiar with alternative theories or have only been exposed to sloppy accounts available on numerous conspiracy websites trafficking in Illuminati, extraterrestrial, or reptilian tales. Some of this online refuse may in fact be examples of Cass Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration” in practice.

HomeMichael Enoch (The Right Stuff), a skeptic of false flags, has argued that it’s inconceivable why nationalists would not want to blame “Islamists” and rather blame corrupt White governments for terrorist attacks – after all, Muslims are a significant demographic threat to Europe and therefore it makes sense to target Islam in the hopes of awakening European consciousness to their vulnerability and the eventual Islamization of their civilization. Western governments – so this line of reasoning goes – are, however, to be excoriated for allowing “refugees” to immigrate in the first place. From this viewpoint, Islam is vilified, but then so are Western governments – a win-win message and rhetorical position of undeniable internal coherency. Enoch, like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents, is representative of much of the Alt Right/New Right outlook and discourse on Islam in embracing this strategy.

Truth be told, I don’t hold out much hope that the actual nature of terrorist attacks in the West will be exposed to the broader public – at least not anytime soon. After all, if many intelligent nationalists won’t even consider it, it’s pretty far-flung that the general public will. In addition, if the orthodox narratives around events as far back as JFK’s assassination and 9/11 still remain firmly intact, why would these change all of a sudden? Consequently, a strategic analysis would seem to indicate that it’s perhaps better to ignore any Western or Zionist complicity in terrorism to achieve nationalist objectives and not risk being lumped in with Alex Jones and assorted loons.

Donald Trump Presents New Proposal For World Trade Center Site

Donald Trump

Notwithstanding this assessment, I believe it is important to discuss these matters even if it is a seemingly thankless, fruitless task for two reasons: 1) the truth should be pursued always, no matter the consequences; and 2) the future is uncertain. When the reality of the threat that international Zionism poses to the West and its position in world affairs begins to take root in the popular consciousness – and it will – these events finally might receive a conscientious scrutiny from the population at large, so that a potentially legitimate justice could be pursued for the victims and their families. Also, and perhaps more importantly, a revised understanding of world history would encourage awakening to the deadly threat of organized Jewry and their corrupt allies and possibly prevent world war and nuclear devastation. A broad understanding that “Islamic terrorism” and radicalism has been fostered would mitigate against the insane drive for total war being pushed by zealous Jews and their Shabbos goyim.

Nevertheless, an acknowledgement that Muslims make up the raw material of terrorist attacks, inasmuch as they are patsies coordinated by clandestine intelligence and military networks, still argues against the notion that they ought to be allowed to emigrate into Western countries. Why invite into White homelands a population even a small number of whom may be motivated to commit terrorist attacks? Are the lives of Westerners really worth risking by bringing them in? Of course, the possibility of organic terrorism committed by Muslims on their own accord remains a strong possibility, particularly considering historic and contemporary Western actions in their countries of origin. It must be noted that these Muslims would be far more likely to engage in such an event as retaliation for Western actions against their people (not simply religious brethren) or country – whether they be Somali, Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghani, Iranian, etc. Framing the narrative solely around a monolithic Islam clouds a clearer understanding of more parochial motivations and bolsters the anti-Muslim narrative that has been weaponized for Jewish strategic interests.


ISIS – Mercenaries for ZOG

The origins of ISIS lay with Western, Zionist, and U.S.-and-Israeli-manipulated Saudi direction and coordination. The game of organizing radical Islamic groups as proxy forces for geopolitical goals has a long history. The United States infamously supported the “mujahideen” (al-Qaeda) in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, and Israel played an instrumental role in the development of Hamas, now a legitimate anti-Zionist opposition force in Gaza. ISIS is an international mercenary army being used as a wrecking ball against Israel’s enemies in the Mideast while acting as a bogeyman domestically to increase support for the state surveillance apparatus and censor dissident views, particularly online. Further wars which ultimately serve to expand Israeli hegemony in the Middle East are argued under the specious rubric that groups like ISIS, and al-Qaeda before them, necessitate “fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here,” concurrently and absurdly increasing immigration of fighting-age Muslims into Western lands in a suicidal display of the “freedom” and the American “values” for which they supposedly hate us.

Lucas_KinneyWith an omnipresent ISIS threat pumped into the homes of Westerners around the clock, there is no end in sight to the wars for those who hope to live to see their troops brought home – with the result that the prospect of a long-term-to-permanent occupation of the Near East becomes a political plausibility. The slick, stylized propaganda videos that mysteriously appear on the internet and are always attributed to ISIS feature outlandish tortures and murders that would be worthy of a James Bond villain, and, indeed, most seem as inauthentic as such cinematic blockbusters. Even if they are legitimate, these barbarous acts are hardly representative of the broader Islamic world but represent a fringe element artificially stoked for geopolitical purposes. As Michael Enoch has argued, a marginal element of Muslims can likely be induced to wage violent jihad. This is true – but he fails to point out these are not organic movements but synthetically formulated extremist movements. This is not to dismiss the innate potential for radicalization of Muslims in the West or to suggest that they are not capable of such savagery without the added catalyst of Western manipulation; but we must properly contextualize the problem so as not to feed the monster of Zionist war propaganda that pits the entirety of the Islamic world against the West – a clear recipe for a catastrophe that the West, at this pivotal point in its history, cannot afford to endure.

Islam vs. The West

Radix Journal’s Roman Bernard displayed the stubborn ignorance of much of the Alt Right in a podcast debate with Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis. Bernard argued that the malevolent influence of military and intelligence agencies, whose role he denied in relation to terrorist attacks, was irrelevant since we only had to look at the history of Islam. According to Bernard, Islam was simply following its genetic blueprint in gunning down concertgoers at the Bataclan theater in Paris and will not stop until the Caliphate sits astride Europe. This theory coincides with Jew Bernard Lewis’s popular thesis, borrowed by Samuel Huntington, known as the “clash of civilizations”, and has become a mainstay of Jewish neoconservative rhetoric.

StyenThere is some truth to the notion that Islam is a virulently monotheistic religion that by its nature seeks to exclude competing religions through repressive measures. Importing Islamic civilization into Europe, where someday it might achieve demographic hegemony, would be cataclysmic for the Western heritage and culture, which is already in poor shape. Could demoralized Europeans conceivably find solutions for their spiritual malaise in a robust theology such as Islam, particularly as they become minorities and as conversion to the newly hegemonic religion is incentivized? This may be a plausible scenario, but if so, things will have gone too far at that point; if any European country goes Islamic, it is because it has been numerically bested. This catastrophic scenario, rhetorically deployed by Counter-Jihadists so as to single out the undying scourge of Islam, confuses an accurate picture of what is actually taking place in Europe and could be prohibitive of a final solution to the West’s ongoing post-1945 nightmare.

Race War, Not Holy War

Most ethnic aliens born in Europe are only nominally Muslims. Most have adopted the decadent lifestyles of the Zionist-occupied West and have only a tangential relationship to their parents’ and grandparents’ faith. The animosity they harbor towards the West is primarily of the standard non-White variety: jealousy and resentment of Western achievement, their relegation to the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, and disgust at Western brutalization of their mother countries. In short, political and ethnic dimensions account for a greater degree of hostility and danger to Whites than religious motivation. Rotherham happened not because of Islam, but because there were two fundamentally different ethnic groups living in close proximity, the predator group descended from formerly subject peoples of the British Empire who have an outsized sense of grievance and little respect for a feeble, emasculated nation such as the British. A certain sense of religious solidarity certainly persists for these rootless barbarians – they are, for instance, more likely to support predominantly Muslim Palestinians than Israelis – but religious identification is not the cause of the “everyday” friction and violence that have beset European countries. Rather, ethnic and racial divisions mark the rumbling fault-lines that really matter. A future of simmering-to-boiling race war is what the West will likely face if present trends continue. Grim forecasts of Europeans being forced to live as subjects under a future Islamic theocracy miss the mark for the reason that these predictions fail to address what really matters – namely, non-White immigration.

Towards an Authentic Nationalism


Geert Wilders

Hitching pro-White activism to the same exclusively anti-Islamic calliope that blares its incessant Hebraic racket from Judaic airwaves is poorly considered for a number of reasons. First, it coopts and distorts the newly stirring nationalism of Europe by distracting from race-based identitarianism and redirecting these powerful motivating energies toward what are essentially abstractions. Geert Wilders, for example, contrasts liberal-democratic values, presumably including the “right” to peddle pornography and engage in usury, with Islamic abhorrence of women’s rights, homosexuality, and other assorted liberal values. This contention can always be rebutted by liberals who simply claim, as they are wont to do, that Muslims can always assimilate and internalize Western values, and their religiosity will inevitably wither by way of progress.

It’s worthwhile to point out that many self-described “Radical Traditionalists” ought to have more appreciation of the mainstream of Islamic civilization than for 21st Century Western values, at least those that enjoy cultural hegemony in the current year. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars, a traditionalist Catholic, frankly admired much of what he saw in Iran on a visit there to take part in a seminar on Hollywood. Certainly, ethnicity and race are not all that matter for what nationalists would like to achieve, but an obsession with Islam only prolongs the absence of these crucial matters from the public discussion and offers a wasteful release valve for natural feelings of fear, alienation, and dispossession. For others, it offers a cop-out, a means of avoiding the more controversial and incendiary subject of race for those faux-nationalists who hope thereby to escape the full nuclear payload of the Jewish command that has maintained its ideological no-fly zone over Western countries for seventy years. This is the enemy that must be squarely dealt with if we are to save our people.


Trump propaganda from shitlords. Certified kosher.

Donald Trump’s recent campaign pitch to halt Muslim immigration is, in a way, a victory for our side philosophically, because finally egalitarianism has been dealt a serious blow in the public sphere. However, the misdirection of nationalist sentiment toward what are essentially psychological Band-Aids is something we should be wary of, as exemplified by France’s Front National and other European “nationalist” parties.


Rush Limbaugh, the face of safe quasi-racist respectability, models a Band-Aid

Furthermore, focusing on Islam, bashing it and relentlessly provoking its believers around the world, helps to seed and fertilize the disingenuous narrative that has been engineered and exploited thus far for specifically Jewish objectives. We need not engage in any “clash of civilizations”. The only battle we have to fight is that against our own domestic enemy, not some war against an international chimera that furthers no purpose of ours. The waste of countless White lives in unending wars fought for the very forces that are actively coordinating the murder of these very soldiers’ nations is deranged. Provoking a nuclear war with Russia and/or China as a result of slavishly pursuing Zionist agendas in the Middle East is suicidal. Adding your own voice to the swelling anti-Islamic chorus is self-defeating “strategery” – you’re not going to convert anyone to an authentic nationalism by utilizing it since there are already “acceptable” political affiliations that exploit this cause and that entail no negative consequences for membership.

While the immigration transformation of Europe may be roughly synonymous with Islam, we must avoid being reckless in our rhetoric, definitions, and platform; we must be precise. The transformations of our homelands are inseparable from non-White immigration. Let us do nothing that mitigates or poisons the truth and the strength to be realized in authentic nationalist movements in all of the White homelands.

Don Logan


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  1. donlogansfortress
    January 9, 2016
  2. icareviews
    January 9, 2016

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  3. Hipster Racist
    January 9, 2016

    Race, not religion.

    There are two things the current invaders of Europe, and most of the terrorists attacking Europe and America, have in common.

    1. Islam

    2. “MENA” (Middle Eastern and/or North African.)

    A very simple thought experiment:

    If one million Nigerian Christian “refugees” were imported into Germany over the course of a year, would there be problems similar to the problems we have now with the rape and sexual harassment of European women by “Islamic” and “MENA” (Middle Eastern and/or North African) men?

    Any honest person would answer “yes.”

    If one million atheist/pagan/Shinto/Buddhist Japanese “refugees” were imported into Germany over the course of a year, would there be problems similar to the problems we have now with the rape and sexual harassment of European women by “Islamic” and “MENA” (Middle Eastern and/or North American) men?

    One might answer “possibly not” but undoubtedly, at the least, we’d see a HUGE increase in the services of fair-haired and bright-eyed white European prostitutes by these Japanese “refugees,” and perhaps an increase of passive-aggressive style sexual harassment, such as groping on trains.

    When Eastern Germany was defeated and occupied by the Soviet Union, there was a massive wave of rapes of German women by Russian men. Both Germans and Russians are considered “white” – and both are Christian – yet still we saw the same basic dynamic.

    Sure, Islam may make it worse, and the racial differences between “MENA” (Middle Eastern and/or North Africans) and Europeans certainly make it worse, but the basic dynamic is still the same.

    If Germans all of a sudden decided to convert to Islam tomorrow, would that change the basic nature of German people? Maybe over the course of generations, but not in the short term. Likely, the Germans would change the nature of their Islam.

    If “MENA” (Middle Eastern/North African) men all converted to Christianity – or atheist – would that change their basic nature? Maybe of the course of generations, but not in the short term. Likely, the “MENA” (Middle Eastern/North Africans) would change the nature of Christianity.

    It’s race, not religion. It’s genetics, not ideology.

    Culture, society and religion are racial constructs.

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    • Don Logan
      January 9, 2016

      Perfectly reasoned HR. The sad fact is that most people in the “Alt Right” never encounter such a seemingly obvious point. I hope some read this and consider it. At any rate, it’s great to be back. I’m going to try to be more active this year on AS.

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    • icareviews
      January 10, 2016

      “When Eastern Germany was defeated and occupied by the Soviet Union, there was a massive wave of rapes of German women by Russian men.”

      A lot of the “Russians” who were most active in the raping of German women were Mongoloid Asiatics, actually. In saying this I’m not attempting to exonerate all of the white Soviet soldiers who also participated – we know how men in combat will tend to behave, as the man in the video you posted says – but the presence of racially alien men on European soil made a definite difference for the worse in the “Russian” occupation of Germany. This is mentioned in Kyle Hunt’s documentary Hellstorm.

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  4. Hipster Racist
    January 9, 2016

    an acknowledgement that Muslims make up the raw material of terrorist attacks, inasmuch as they are patsies coordinated by clandestine intelligence and military networks

    organic terrorism committed by Muslims on their own accord remains a strong possibility

    I see absolutely no contradiction between the two ideas: both are true.

    See the work at about the CIA “studying” how urban American blacks can be induced to riot. The raw material for rioting is already there. The raw material may riot because of “organic” or random causes, or the raw material may be induced to rioting by “non-organic” or contrived causes.

    The raw material is “necessary” but it may only become “sufficient” in specific cases by external, “non-organic” triggers.

    Consider an analogy. A teenage boy “hanging out” unsupervised with your daughter may – or may not – rape her. But add in something like pornography, or a “fraternity culture” that minimizes rape or justifies “overcoming last minute resistance” and that “raw material” may be encouraged to rape when it otherwise may not be.

    You need both a “necessary” factor and a “sufficient” factor. Male teenage hormones and a natural aggressive sexual instinct may be “necessary but not sufficient.” Some other external factor might be added to the situation in order to tip over the the “necessary” factor into a “sufficient” factor.

    The 9/11 hijackers were brought to America and trained at CIA-affiliated airfields. The desire to commit terrorism against America was a “necessary” factor, but if they weren’t given visas by the CIA (see Michael Springman,) there would have not been a “sufficient” factor.


  5. kerberos616
    January 9, 2016

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  6. smartwhiteguy
    January 10, 2016

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  7. eyeslevel
    January 10, 2016

    Muslims have no power. They’re bioweapons being used by anti-whites in power to force-blend whites out of existence. Muslims did not invade Europe by force of arms. They do not have that capability.

    Things get worse, people get used to it. White people are brainwashed by 70+ years of anti-white propaganda and have to be deprogrammed. Talking about black crime, immigrant ingratitude, how horrible Islam is, how wonderful white people are -DOESN’T DEPROGRAM ANYBODY! Water on a duck’s back. In one ear and out the other. No effect whatsoever.

    What works is pointing out the internal contradictions of the anti-white system, humiliating white anti-white traitors, and destroying anti-white terminology and imposing pro-white terminology -OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

    Just stop wasting time talking about Islam. JUST STOP!!


    • Don Logan
      January 10, 2016

      If that’s directed at me, I’ll kindly ask you to fuck off.


      • Hipster Racist
        January 10, 2016

        I wouldn’t take it as a personal attack, it’s more of a general point. In fact, he’s sort of agreeing with you. EyesLevel has a function, to keep everyone on point when it comes to our propaganda.

        Talking about how bad Muslims are, discussing black dysfunction, or illegal mestizo criminality, doesn’t really change white people’s minds. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the anti-white system does.

        The Bob Whitaker/Mantra/BUGs people are the sharp end of our propaganda, and as far as I can tell, the only thing that has really been effective.

        The general reaction to the Mantra from the anti-whites is to first deny they want white genocide, then move on to justifying white genocide. Once they start justifying white genocide – and BUGsters point that out – it changes white people’s minds.

        I’ve seen it in action, it’s very effective.

        If you haven’t gone through their entire program and learned their technique, you should.

        It wouldn’t matter if Muslims were the most wonderful people in the world, it doesn’t justify replacing Europeans with non-Europeans. It doesn’t matter if Asians are far smarter and more skilled than white people, it doesn’t justify replacing European people with non-European people.

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      • eyeslevel
        January 10, 2016

        Have you ever actually engaged with a competent anti-white propagandist?


    • Mike
      March 18, 2016

      In theory the possibility does exist for whites to remain “white” inside the confines of the Islamic ideology, as Islam is not race based, its faith based and strictly monotheistic, a faith that would only be improved by western minds, inventory and all the other aspects and at the expense of Christian Europe. That jews have had to harness all this before they could themselves enjoy relative success in their own minds and seem to of had their fill from our usefulness.

      All the occult jewish stuff and intellectual refuges would be outlawed in Islam, not to mention all the major corrupting influences that have been so successful in lessening the white demographic, like pornography, homosexuality, drugs etc etc
      The problem I see is that Muslims are happy to sell pork and alcohol and pornography (in England anyway) to get their foot in the door to Europe, Something that has proved both insightful and hypocritical on behalf of Islamic words and deeds.

      If white males who have converted to Islam seek white Islamic wives then you will see a white child being born, albeit a Muslim child.

      Highly unlikely though as this is not what the jews intended for whites in general as they want white males to be killed by non-white males or slowly by their own kin in female counter parts, to self destruct (at least be come genetically watered down or mongrelized in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan) as they watch muslims grow stronger in numbers and bare witness to increasing numbers of white european females produce illegitimate, racially confused children who are ever more likely to lean towards the Islamic traditions as the state education has to ensure they will anyway.


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  9. Don Logan
    January 10, 2016

    Okay. So I’m just supposed to sit back while nationalism & the survival of White civilizationis is totally hijacked by a meaningless crusade against Islam? Sorry but needs to be addressed guy.


    • Hipster Racist
      January 10, 2016

      The “counter-jihadists” are just another permutation of the “liberals are the real racists” shtick. They won’t stand up for White interests, instead, they attack Muslims. So all the anti-Whites have to do is say, “but most Muslims aren’t jihadists, and some Whites commit crimes, so mass immigration by non-Whites into White countries is ok.”

      Trump does the same thing. When Trump says Mexican illegal aliens are “rapists and murderers,” he also says “some are nice people” and he wants them to come in legally. So, all the anti-whites have to do is make them legal.

      It’s approved to be “racist” against Muslims, and in fact they are the only outgroup you are allowed to be hostile towards. It’s approved to be “against illegal immigration” as long as you are “for legal immigration.”

      So neither the counter-jihadists nor the pro-legal immigrationists are against white genocide, they just want it to happen legally, by non-Muslims.

      Trump may have pushed the Overton window a bit to our side, but it’s just that – a bit. He’s maybe one degree better than Sarah Palin on those issues. He still hasn’t broken the taboo on defending white interests. And the counter-jihadists are worse than that.

      I’ve always said that in Europe, MENA (Middle-Eastern and/or North Africans) are the real demographic threat, but they are not a threat to America, except for the actual Jihadists mercenaries brought to the US by the CIA. (The Boston bombers were part of a CIA sponsored anti-Russian Chechnyan terrorist group, brought to the USA by someone literally married into a CIA family. Bet you didn’t hear that on FOX News.)

      If I was ZOG Chairman of the Elders of Zion, I’d promote wars against Muslim nations, then steer the refugees towards Europe. That way, when the Europeans finally do expel them, have the Zionist entity use that as cover for enacting the Final Solution against the Palestinians.

      Then, spend the next 100 years shaming the Europeans for “racistly” expelling Muslims.

      Now, that’s chutzpuh! Where’s my check?


      • doomdigit
        January 10, 2016

        “Trump may have pushed the Overton window a bit to our side, but it’s just that – a bit.”

        He just got away with saying we should ban Muslims traveling to USA. I like that slippery slope–tired of all the shitlib slopes. Don’t care if he’d make a good President as we were never going to get one anyway.

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      • Hipster Racist
        January 10, 2016


        I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin said something similar. I’m not saying it’s not good – it did push the Overton window to our side a bit – but people are greatly exaggerating its importance. If I was an American Republican voter, I’d vote for Trump, but I don’t feel any need to be a fanboy.


      • doomdigit
        January 11, 2016

        “but people are greatly exaggerating its importance.”

        Sure. Many people think you can solve all kinds of problems just by voting instead of working. It’s how we got into this mess.

        Palin may have said it–I know I’ve said it too. Didn’t have staying power until Trump said it. Doesn’t mean we need to worship him, but apparently it took him to say it at this time. I don’t know why that is, but it just is.

        Trump is from NY, which means I don’t trust him. But he is the only one who will possibly (emphasis on possibly) do something about immigration. Unfettered immigration is worse than fettered immigration. He might be just lying about it, but we know none of the other candidates will do anything.

        I’m not a Trump fanboi, he’s not going to solve all our problems. He may not even solve any. But I know the other candidates won’t do anything.


  10. Tanstaafl
    January 10, 2016

    A well-balanced, well-stated, comprehensive view. You are spot on about the Clash of Civilizations narrative. Excellent.

    Anders Breivik was a product of this milieu and is seen as a hero among some Counter-Jihadists.

    What you say about CJ generally comports with my experience. The truth about Breivik is that the (Gates of) “Vienna school” he was a product of, or at least plagiarized from for large sections of his compendium, immediately and virtually unanimously condemned and disowned him. And they did so even before he claimed, in court, to be a Nordicist/racial nationalist. The only people I’m aware of who consider him a hero are jew-aware White racialists, including myself. See Rhyes and Linder on Breivik and the links therein.

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    • Hipster Racist
      January 10, 2016

      As far as I can tell, Breivik had two actual effects. First, he protected Israel by murdering the Palestinian’s best allies in the international community and set back a Palestinian state by a decade. Second, he destroyed the Progress Party and set back the immigration restriction movement by at least a half decade.

      The Muslim attacks in Cologne have probably done more for our cause than Breivik.

      I had already read his second letter where he claimed to be a Nordicist and was just using the tactic of “punching his friends while hugging his enemies.” It didn’t seem to have the intended effect, he was called a “neo-Nazi” anyway. His manifesto, which I read immediately after the attack, obscured whatever message he was trying to send, and made me suspicious that it was put together, likely by someone else, in haste, perhaps even after the attack itself.

      I find it somewhat unlikely that he acted alone. I read a least a few WNs suggesting that this would scare away the Labor party from allowing their children to engage in public anti-Norwegian politics but I don’t see any reason to believe that actually turned out to be the case.

      Like the sheep-dipped patsy Timothy McVeigh, he did harm to his purported cause. When William Pierce embraced McVeigh’s actions, he just showed himself to be a willing tool of forces he didn’t seem to actually comprehend, likely due to a fetish for violence. For all of Pierce’s brilliance, his ridiculous skinhead cult did nothing but ghettoize the pro-white movement for 20 years. Pierce’s fiction, like David Lane’s fiction, reveals someone with some serious sexual issues. Neither men had a successful, functional family life.

      I’ve been meaning to write about the anti-abortion “Army of God” movement which ended the pro-life movement in America. The white conservative Christians in the “Army of God” were skillfully manipulated by the usual suspects into destroying their own movement – they even made a movie about it.

      These days, the FBI actually finds mentally retarded Blacks and gives them fake bombs right before they arrest them, thus getting kudos for “stopping a terrorist attack.” It’s a farce.

      I’m willing to have my opinion changed, but I’m familiar with all of the evidence I’ve been able to find.

      So far I have found absolutely zero reason to believe any of these types have been useful in any way, other than as fantasy fodder for wanna-be Rambos engaged in online LARPing as “radicals.” Plus, providing the $PLC and other anti-white groups with the types of examples they need. If the $PLC didn’t have Pierce, McVeigh, Lane, and Breivik, they would have had to continue dressing up clowns like Frances Cohen. Thanks to ISIS, they no longer have to dress up Joseph Cohen like a Muslim either.

      Show me how I’m wrong.


  11. Don Logan
    January 10, 2016

    Tan – I’m honored and thanks for your comments. I really appreciate your work.


  12. Hipster Racist
    January 11, 2016

    @Don Logan

    The just-published Occidental Observer article on PEGIDA dovetails nicely with your article:

    there are sinister hostile elite forces who are thinking well ahead of us and you can see that in the roots of the nascent anti-jihadist organisation PEGIDA as much as anywhere else.

    For although it is decried as ‘far-right’ and ‘neo-Nazi,’ PEGIDA is avowedly race-blind and far from being a movement of White self-defence. The flag of Israel is prominent at every rally and PEGIDA’s symbol is proudly ‘anti-Nazi.’

    Same with the “English Defense League” – and, not coincidentally, the same with Donald Trump’s candidacy.

    On this side of the pond, the Trump phenomenon is proudly pro-Israel and anti-Muslim, but even the Great Wall will have a “big beautiful door” welcoming non-Whites to come in legally.

    Neither development explicitly advocates for the interests of Europeans/Whites, yet both explicitly advocate for the interests of Jews.

    I don’t understand why more people don’t see and understand the implications of this.


  13. Don Logan
    January 11, 2016

    I posted that article today on Twitter actually. A German guy I follow said that PEGIDA is only nominally about anti-Islam though to avoid the full wrath of the usual suspects. He claimed it essentially represents Germans that are conscious of race and want all Third World immigration stopped. Suppose they will have to get over that symbolic stumbling block eventually. When that happens, you will see the magical words NAZI and HITLER summoned forth like never before, and that’s saying something considering we are already inundated with them.


    • Hipster Racist
      January 11, 2016

      Suppose they will have to get over that symbolic stumbling block eventually. When that happens, you will see the magical words NAZI and HITLER summoned forth like never before, and that’s saying something considering we are already inundated with them.

      I think the RACISTKKKHITLERNAZI card is coming up insufficient funds lately. The situation in Europe, and the BlackLivesMatter stuff in the US, has really started to hurt their credit rating.

      Apparently, Jared Taylor is doing robocalls for Trump in Iowa. As you would expect from Jared Taylor, he’s being polite as can be, but actually did mention the word “white.”

      That’s smart. We need to take the opportunity that Trump is presenting us and use it in OUR favor, as opposed to sidelining our issues in order to “stump for Trump.” Trump doesn’t need our help, but we need to take whatever we can get.

      I have no doubt PEGIDA has plenty of members who know the deal, but also a leadership cadre that wants to suppress anything pro-European, or critical of ((You Know Who)) and concentrate on the “but it’s just Islam we have a problem with” line.

      We should avoid being costume clowns like DailyStormer, and instead meet people where they are. In the US, that’s Trump. In Europe, that’s Islamo-critical.

      Our job is to take people one step farther by using the thin end of the wedge.

      I see outright panic among progressives over the recent developments in Europe. When the BlackLivesMatters attacked SWPL hero Bernie Sanders a few months back, we saw the same thing.

      I see self-identified liberals taking a step back from Muslim refugees and BLM rabble-rousers.

      It’s all about splitters and joiners. We need to be splitters for their side and joiners for our side.


      • eyeslevel
        January 12, 2016

        PEGIDA is Germany’s Tea Party. Until they’re willing to talk about race, they’re not just ineffective, they’re actually destructive. They divert an energy flow away from anything that might be politically effective and toward a direction that doesn’t hurt the anti-white system whatsoever. They’re a safety valve that keeps the anti-whites in power.

        Anti-whites LOVE talking about how anti-Muslim you are. (Scared hater racist xenophobe). They HATE talking about how anti-white THEY are.


    • Hipster Racist
      January 11, 2016

      Here’s the anti-whites and the cucks going on the attack:

      (Notice the top commenter.)


  14. Ibn Amin al-Husseini
    January 15, 2016

    I want to say bravo and give a big thanks to the writer, Don Login (and kudos to the blog owner for posting this), for writing a truly great, fantastic essay, that really is on point and describes in an eloquent but down to earth way, the whole situation that we all – non-Muslim, Muslim, white/European, non-white, etc., find ourselves in these days.

    I am an American born Sunni Muslim, and this essay really spoke to my heart, and it’s as if you read my mind, and I’m really thankful that you are able to express almost exactly what I would have said as far as an analysis of this whole Jewish, extremist, radical Ziocon (i.e. Trotskyite – and not “former” – fanatical Zionist, warmongering, revolutionary, Marxist Neocon, so-called “conservative”), Israel first (and 2nd and 3rd), Jewish/Zionist backed, promoted, and funded (including by Israeli Intel), so-called “Clash of Civilizations” ideology/movement that has swept America (and the West) and has really become more and more a part of “Mainstream” American/Western culture and society. It’s as “American” as (Kosher) Apple Pie.

    This whole fanatical Jewish supremacist (and no, its not the “Jesuits” or the “Elite” or any other concocted “phantom” LOL), Ziocon created and peddled “narrative” of blindly fanatical, anti-Muslim, ALL Muslims are evil, satanic worshiping scum, and they’re about to impose Shariah law in America any second now (Oh my G-d!!!!!!), and they’re taking over the “US” (sic) govt. (i.e. ZOG), the Media/Hollywood, Academia, Banking/Financing (yeah, oh my G-d, that “Janet Yellen” is a real radical, “Mooslam!”), and every other sector of this once great American, “Judeo-Christian” (sic) Western country, unless we “stop” them, unfortunately is believed by many otherwise good, decent (but effing naive! It’s hard to believe that we actually once had true patriots and truth tellers such as Henry Ford, Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, etc.!) Americans. Yeah, DON’T look at all of the barbaric, vile, evil, and heinous crimes that are 1000 times worse than any crimes committed by “Muslims” – that are being committed every freakin’ day by “Christian” blacks and Hispanics (Move along – nothing to see here folks!)

    And amongst the groups (and IMO, the only ones pretty much not falling for these lies are “Truthers” and/or some J-wise “WNs”) that are falling for this and totally buying into these Jewish supremacist, Hasbarat lies – hook, line, and sinker – are the following groups IMO:

    1. “Some” white nationalists and/or nationalists, including both the true pro-NSDAP types, but especially the Kosher, “PC” IMO fake, gullible (?), 1000% “Jew friendly,” sickeningly, fanatically philo-Semitic, so-called “WNs” (the Jared “I loves me some Jews!” Taylors, the American “Judeo” Renaissances, the V-Dares [not to “name” the Jew], etc.) or just plain “Nationalists” (99% of the groups in Europe including the UKIPs, the Pegidas, the Front Nationals, etc., and every other group from the southern Mediterranean to Scandinavia, and 99.9% of all the groups in the US, including the Jewish backed, funded, and infiltrated Ziocon fanatic, philo-Semitic, “war criminal/international gangster ‘Bibi for Prez in 2016!'” Tea Parties and militias, etc.)

    2. Modern day so-called “conservatives” (i.e. gullible, brainwashed, pro-police state, blindly pro-Israhell, Faux “News” watching Ziocon/Neocon goys, regardless of race, and of course these are the foot soldiers and fodder for all of ZOGs wars, who can’t wait to go on another “Crusade” for the sake of Zion/Greater Israhell and to lay waist to some evil “Muzzie” filth, etc.)

    3. The so-called Alt-Right WNs (who are not “fake” or infiltrated and/or compromised per se, as the Pegidas and the Taylors are, and are allegedly j-wise, but seem to believe in every single Jewish/Zionist False Flag/Psy-Op, including the “big one” from the 20th century, and do not believe in the concept of any current day False Flags/Psy-Ops, even though they have been around, well, ONLY since the freakin’ beginning of time!)

    4. Other decent, intelligent, but IMO gullible WNs who may fit into various categories (the Kevin McDonalds/D. Dukes, that are j-wise unlike the Taylors, and names them, but at the same time, are seemingly VERY naive and/or brainwashed (?) in the sense that while they know that their opponents lied and concocted the phony 6 million myth [these liars and falsifiers have been “kvetching” many variations of this Kabalistic number since the late 1800s], and while they are aware that the Israeli terrorists pulled off false flags/psy-ops like the Lavon Affair, and the USS Liberty, and they know that the ZOG media ALWAYS lies about “black on white” crime [i.e. the “Yoofs”], etc., they still stubbornly believe 1000% in the “official” ZOG, Zionist controlled MSM “BS” version of 911, let alone obviously all the other many deep state/Mossad organized FFs/POs since then, and probably before, such as the ’95 OKC deep state FF/PO, etc.).

    Yes, even though I’m Muslim (or maybe because of this?) I’m pro-WN. These days, I personally can more so identify with many WN positions (or POVs) on what is now happening in the world, than I can with many of my “Cultural Marxist” brainwashed, Orthodox (Sunni) Muslim “brothers” (regardless of race, and there are many white Muslims you know) although all people these days are very brainwashed and propagandized, including non-Muslim whites, blacks, Hispanics, etc.

    I guarantee you that if we were to sit down and have a beer (is it okay if I get a root beer?) we would agree on 98% of stuff…

    Everything from the evil, deteriorating and corrosive affect that the Judeo Cultural Marxist/Frankfurt Yeshiva has had, and still has, on white Western society including the way in which they have sought to undermine the proud, decent, but modest Christian derived or based morals and ethics (and replacing it with a sick, disgusting pro-LGTB/transgenderism, feminism, and other denigrating fifth that passes as “culture” these days)…

    Or the racist (but this is “PC” racism) way in which “Christian” black “yoofs” in America are terrorizing whites (and other blacks; other blacks ARE the main victims) EVERY single day, killing, raping, assaulting, etc. (it’s worse in most “Urban” areas in the US than it is in many actual “war zones” around the world!) but the JMSM says NOTHING about it and covers it up (and BTW, why do the loudmouthed, fanatical, obnoxious Jew supremacists and psychos like the Pam Gellars say NOTHING about these “Judeo-Christian” black terrorists? They are her brothers, right?!). Ditto in regards to all of the “Christian” Mexican and/or Hispanic thugs, and gangbangers, etc….

    Or the way in which these Zio Jewish supremacists have turned much of history upside down, for instance everything that happened during WW2, the so-called “good” war (including one of the biggest lies in history, PERIOD, that to this day, affects EVERYTHING – the alleged holocaust, all of the total lies about the NSDAP and their allies, the way in which some of the most evil and barbaric war crimes in the history of the world were committed by the so-called “good guys” -the criminal and psychopathic shabbos goy trio of Churchill, “Roosenfeld” and Stalin, although these have been covered up)…

    Or the despicable way in which whites/Europeans have been brainwashed to feel “guilty” and “bad” about the past for allegedly oppressing non-whites (and of course these non-whites were often times way worse and cruel than whites, but it’s not “PC” to admit this – unless these nonwhites were “Muslim” and then its really cool and awesome; in fact, you can call ALL past and current “Muslims” evil, despicable “barbarians” and anything else, but please try to say this about the idol worshiping, pagan, human sacrificing Amerindians/Native Americans or the African black voodoo worshiping pagans that were enslaved and sold by OTHER blacks, LOL!),

    Or the whole evil, vile way in which some Jewish supremacists and their Shabbos Goys (through the Frankfurt Yeshiva and various neo-Bolshivik, Judeo “Cultural Marxist” derived ideologies such as the freakin’ batsh*t crazy (!!!) “Critical Race Theory,” etc.) have imposed this whole lunatic, idiotic, and nonsensical, so-called “white privilege” meme/ideology that has only increased in the last ten years (yes, this is even prevalent in the US (Orthodox) Muslim community in which a white Muslim Imam was pressured to “apologize” after he made a negative comment about a black non-Muslim, whorish, degenerate, filthy, so-called “artist” [sic] only because he was white and she/it was black. In fairness, if he was an Arab or Pakistani, he would have likely have also been similarly pressured because of this evil ideology of this whole CM “Judeo Frankfurt Yeshiva” derived, “political correctness” BS that permeates everywhere in the Zionist occupied West).

    Look, I know that there are bad, evil, and degenerate “Muslim” scumbags and filth, etc., out there. And honestly, I really, truly hate them more than anyone else probably! I condemn all these POS animals from the bottom of my heart, all of the evil, disgusting, despicable and vile crimes that various “Muslims” are committing against non-Muslims! It’s immoral, Satanic, and freakin bad! It makes non-Muslims (and Muslims) really hate Muslims and Islam! (duhhhh, right?)

    Anyway, sorry for my rambling. And thank-you for letting post here, and thanks again for your great essay 🙂

    Peace to you all!


  15. Don Logan
    February 5, 2016

    Thanks for your comments Ibn. Sorry for the late reply – I just saw this. You’re certainly not the type that usually comments around here but I’m pleased to see that the essay spoke to you. I’m not trying to go to war with the whole world like some racialists. That’s misguided. We have to have allies that are non-white.


    • Ibn Amin al-Husseini
      February 12, 2016

      Don Logan,

      That’s cool.

      I guess I was more or less “venting” if you will. And I appreciate you and Aryan Skynet letting me 🙂

      It’s just pretty depressing that a lot of mainstream (Sunni) “Muslims” at least in the US (and probably most in the west) are propagandized and blinded by Judeo Cultural Marxism (CM) and the Frankfurt School/Yeshiva. I mean what’s next is that they’ll accept and support the CM backed “LGBT” agenda? (halfway serious here). Again it’s a shame that most people regardless of background (including obviously many whites – the main victims and targets of this huge mind screwing, multigenerational psy-op) are affected by this pernicious CM brainwashing and utter propaganda.

      That said, I have talked to various extended spousal family members (who are Muslim and ironically come from a place where every other TV channel is named Arianna/Aryanna/Ayrian to some extent, LOL) in terms of what many “WNs” (and I don’t mean to generalize – please take no offense; I’m saying in general) tend to believe in, saying that this is what we as Muslims need to believe in (many already do) and they pretty much agree with this notion, and support it, etc. Of course any sane person regardless of color, ethnicity or religion should be very much cool with and on board with much of what concerns many white people (as well as other people)…

      A few very obvious and ridiculous, if not “cartoonish” examples of the various hypocrisies:

      For example, who would be against “white Americans” having their own college student unions or groups on college campuses? Or who would not be very much against the official State Sponsored discrimination against white/European Americans vis a vis the whole unfair and racist “affirmative action” racket? And why doesn’t the JMSM talk honestly about the “Yoofs” (blacks) committing crimes against whites? (or other blacks) Or if blacks and every other non-white group can have so-called “civil rights” or pro (name the color/ethnicity) groups why can’t whites? Obviously the double standards are insane, ridiculous, and illogical. The Judaic Western establishment (the right and left of course) does not even let what is a seeming Judeophile and Zio apologist (IMO), the very soft spoken, extremely polite and intelligent Jared Taylor, have a voice in the “mainstream,” without severely demonizing and impugning his reputation, and character (and this guy still kisses their a** – what’s wrong with the dude? I suspect he’s maybe married to one) Anyway, fair is fair. And its just plain wrong, mean spirited and deplorable the way they treat him.

      Of course the latest CM Psy-Op (for lack of a better word) is the issue of so-called “POCs” (yeah, another Judaic supremacist CM derived “phrase” used as a divide and conquer tactic, as if whites/Europeans did not have color, LOL) being discriminated against in “white controlled” (sic) or “white supremacist” (sic) Hollyweird! Frickin’ unbelievable. (and pathetic that many non-whites don’t get it, or the fact that most whites who protest against this utter BS, also DON’T get it and of course don’t name the “elephant” in the room! And it ain’t “the Arabs” or “dem Mooooslims” as much as Zio asset Ariel “Alex Jones” Jonesgold of DISinfowars, or his ilk, repeat this or happen to say it, and it’s obviously not the “Jesuits” either as AJ or other fake “Truthers” may have claimed in the past).

      And it’s kinda funny on a different level because even in terms of America’s founding (and the same could be said of the whole Western Hemisphere including South America), aside from of course all of the false “PC” narratives by the western CM elite being BS notwithstanding (i.e. see Mel Gibson’s excellent, well acted, non-PC movie “Apocalypto” or listen to a Tom Goodrich interview on the subject), from a Muslim POV (and I say this knowing that many “WNs” no longer identify as Christian and some tend to identify with the native, pre Christian beliefs of NW Europe) the people that settled and conquered North America were Ahl ul-Kitaab (people of the book – who in this case were Christians) that believed in One God, Jesus and the Prophets, and they (and I have nothing against Amerindians/Native Americans) conquered, “Mushriks” (Pagans), who (at least some) believed in the repugnant notion of “human sacrifice,” worshiped spirits (jinn if you will), believed in many gods, and were themselves wild and war like, and committed many atrocities against each other and against the European settlers (and obviously everyone has committed atrocities including the Christian European conquerers of North America, and other Christians in history, as have Muslims or Muslim conquerers – it is what it is, by why should only whites/white Americans feel “bad” or “guilty” about it? And Native Americans are rightfully proud of some aspects of their warrior culture, and why not?) And the bottom line is that the European Christians in the end won and conquered this great land. All European Americans should be proud. Of course the Europeans that would later be Americans also fought and conquered other Europeans so it’s not like they just picked on Amerindians. Heck, all Americans (regardless of background) IMO should at least have some basic respect for these founding fathers, warts and all (although I guess that’s easy for me to say as a non-native Amerindian). I as an American with a mostly Euro background at least have great respect in terms what these guys accomplished, and most of the rest of the world does to.

      I’ve told various Muslims that from a Muslim perspective our best allies are “WN” oriented folk (at least the ones who do believe in the concept of false flags and WW2 revisionism, etc.)

      Look, I’m not going to lie (and this was reflected in my first comment I guess). One of the things that I respect and admire most about “WN” types is the fact that they “name” the Yahood (they “keep it real”) And sadly and pathetically, most Muslims at least in the West, nowadays, have been brainwashed by the CM derived PC culture not to do this. And rightly or wrongly, according to many Judaic supremacists/Ziocon fanatics and assorted Zionist extremists, Israhell Firsters, etc., Muslims are supposed to be the most so-called “anti-Semitic” types out there (or translated into non PC talk – “Joo-wise”)

      And of course most “WNs” (and this is where many WNs and Truthers converge and overlap, or put in another way, this is where you will find many Truthers that are at least pro-WN or sympathetic to the WN POV, or WNs who are also Truthers; many WNs became Truthers or many Truthers became WNs or at least pro-WN, and how can they not when they discovered that it was primarily Zionist and Mossad elements responsible for 911, or when they discovered the truth about WW2 or NS Germany?) also talk about their various “conspiracies” (everything from historical Zionist movement, to WW1, WW2, to the Frankfurt Yeshiva, ZOG(s), and up to the Judaic Masonic Kalergi Plan/Modern day CM plan that’s unfortunately being implemented in Europe right now that’s related to the conspiracy to blend away and dilute the white Euro people, various False Flags, etc. – and everything else in between). Of course many “WNs” also talk about other “conspiracies” not necessarily related to our Zio “friends” and are very open to these (i.e. Freemasonry, the GMO/Vaccine issue or “conspiracies” by other Elites, etc.)

      And believe me, I’m not at all “anti-Semitic” because hey, I do get along with at least “most” Palestinians! 🙂

      But in all seriousness, I’m not at all so-called “anti-Semitic.” (not that they would agree). I’m just realistic and not a “sheep” or whatever.

      In fact IMO, the vast, majority of average Joe “Chosenites” IMO are pretty cool and decent (I’ve met some and they were all pretty nice, decent and down to earth like anyone else, and all had, except for one or two, a pretty good sense of humor), HOWEVER, of course they are indeed greatly brainwashed and propagandized themselves (probably even more so than the “goyim”) by their own Elites. They constantly hear their elites and leaders “Kvetching” about the holocaust this, the holocaust that (like a hundred times a week), and the fact that “Oh my G-d!!!” watch out because there is probably an “anti-Semite” under your bed, the goys are out to “get you,” etc. And it doesn’t help that they hear this constantly reinforced in the MSM/JMSM and much of Alt-Media, whether on the so-called “Left” or the so-called “Right.” Whether it’s SalonDOTcom, other “progressive” media, the SPLC, or if it’s the Ziocon extremist right, with Mike “Savage” Weiner, Mark “I fit the classic stereotypical whining Yahoodi image to a T” Levine, or their many Shabbos Goys, such as Hannity, all of Faux “News” (sic), Limbaugh, and every other AM/Radio talk show personality. So I guess who can blame the average ones being blinded by all of this propaganda thrown their way. Of course we “goyim” are just as blinded and propagandized by all this same nonsensical, stupefied BS, with few exceptions.

      Anyway, I guess I’m just speaking out loud and venting. Thanks for letting me rant, LOL 🙂

      Is much of what I say true in your opinion? I know I may be wrong and I don’t mind being corrected 🙂 I’ve only gotten hip to whole CM/Frankfurt Yeshiva thing in the last few years. And I thank many j wise “WN” personalities or people sympathetic to the plight of whites and all humans (such as IMO the great, E. Michael Jones), for helping me to wake up to all of this.

      And I’m sorry to maybe exaggerate or generalize in any way…



  16. Don Logan
    February 22, 2016

    Hey Ibn,

    Thanks again for your comments. I really appreciate it. I’m going to respond to this as soon as I get a chance. You bring up some very interesting points about how WNs are perceived, etc. that I’d like to respond to. – Don


  17. generalantiochus88
    February 23, 2016

    Ibn, i’m gonna guess you know haha, whats up man if thats who i think it is – just kicked off kikebook, so i find myself on this


  18. generalantiochus88
    February 23, 2016

    gonna guess i know you, and vice versa….


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