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Revelation of the Meathead


A sheep’s brain

Judeo-Christianity just keeps getting dumber and weirder if one of my Christmas presents this year was any indication. One of my Gen-X neocon cousins apparently let his Christian convert Jew wife do the couple’s shopping for presents this year. Proof that not every Ashkenazi inherits their famous intellect, this is a woman that even my grandmother, a lifelong Christian herself, has described as a “religious fanatic”. Thankfully, they sent their presents along and weren’t present at the gathering to witness my barbarian smirk on receiving from them a little book titled Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence.

The author, Sarah Young, is a missionary whose devotional writing has met with the prestigious stamp of approval of such exemplars of Christian decency as failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker. What makes her unique among purveyors of such kitsch is that she claims to have accessed the book’s content through “messages” dictated to her from Heaven, with the whole of the text written in the first person, as if authored by Jesus Christ Himself.

Sarah Young

Not THAT Sarah Young

Ruth Graham of The Daily Beast reported on the Jesus Calling phenomenon last year:

The seventh-best selling book in America last year was a 10-year-old Christian devotional written by a woman who claims to have written down the words of God. Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence sold more copies in 2013 than the much more buzzed-about titles Lean In, the latest Stephen King book, and 50 Shades of Grey, according to Nielsen BookScan. Overall, more than 10 million copies in 26 languages have been sold since the book’s inauspicious debut in 2004. […]

Despite Young’s absence from the conference and media circuit where so many inspirational books find an audience, Jesus Calling has become a veritable industry unto itself. It has spawned apps, journals, calendars, deluxe leather editions, special versions for teens and women, and a follow-up called Jesus Today, which also became a best-seller and was named 2013 Book of the Year by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Publisher Thomas Nelson says it sold more than 2.5 million Jesus Calling products by 2013 not counting the original book itself. The book has also inspired unaffiliated homages like Heaven Calling and The Spirit Calling.


THIS Sarah Young

If Jesus Calling has become a cash cow for its author and publisher, it has also, it’s fair to surmise, become something of a headache. Though many evangelicals talk of listening for God’s voice and experiencing his presence, the notion of speaking publicly in the voice of God is questionable at best, heretical at worst. Young’s book has prompted objections from within the mainstream evangelical community, from people who say the book is misleading, or even dangerous. “She puts her thoughts into the first person and then presents that ‘person’ as the resurrected Lord,” David Crump, professor of religion at evangelical Calvin College, told Christianity Today. “I’m tempted to call this blasphemy.”

Thomas Nelson specifically requested I not use the word “channeling” to describe Young’s first-person writing in the voice of Jesus—the word has New Age connotations—but it’s hard to avoid it in describing the book’s rhetorical approach. And on the edges of evangelicalism, where alertness to “New Age” influence runs high, concern has bloomed into outrage. Writer Warren B. Smith, who calls himself an “ex-New Ager,” wrote a 2013 book called ‘Another Jesus’ Calling, devoted entirely to dismantling Young’s claims to orthodoxy. In it, he calls the book “an obvious attempt by our spiritual Adversary to get an even further foothold inside the Christian church.”


Scott Walker hoping News Corp notices that he’s promoting their HarperCollins publication Jesus Calling

Thomas Nelson has clearly heard the complaints that Jesus Calling is heretical; the introduction to recent editions of the book includes subtle but significant changes.

In early editions, Young’s introduction pays specific respect to a book called God Calling, a 1932 devotional edited by British writer A.J. Russell, who claimed not to have written the book himself. He said the book was written by two anonymous female “listeners” who wrote down what they thought were messages from God. The Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs, a guidebook published by evangelical Harvest House, says God Calling is “replete with denials of biblical teaching.” […]

The latest edition of Jesus Calling includes some important changes. The paragraph about God Calling has been deleted, and references to received “messages” have been changed to the less mystically inflected “writings” and “devotions.” In a passage in which Young recounts her early attempts to write down what God told her, the new version characterizes this as “focusing on Jesus and His Word, while asking Him to guide my thoughts.” Thomas Nelson refers to the book as “Sarah’s prayer journal,” emphasizing that Young is not claiming to speaking for Jesus. A skeptical reader, comparing the two introductions, would see an effort by a publisher to bring an increasingly controversial but lucrative best-seller into line with mainstream evangelical orthodoxy.


Warning: You’re about to enter a Clothespin Zone

Among the many nuggets of wisdom extended to readers of Jesus Calling – whether cupped in the glowing hands of the King of the Jews or the blood-dripping claws of New Age Satan, I really don’t pretend to know – one in particular beamed more brightly than the others. “Sit quietly in My Presence, letting My thoughts reprogram your thinking,” my personal Savior, Computer Programmer, and MK Ultra Technician commands me on page 200. Gee, a book published by a Rupert Murdoch News Corp asset that tells its readers to close their eyes, open their minds, and let some corporate incense waft into their heads so as to become complicit in their own brainwashing. Why am I not surprised?

I suppose this is the thanks I get for being a horrible neo-Nazi and sending Jewish “Holocaust” revisionist David Cole’s memoir Republican Party Animal to my cousin for Christmas last year. “Dear Lord!” I can imagine his idiot wife exclaiming after leafing through it with big, cartoonishly gawking eyes. “Looks like your cousin could use a little faith booster! I’ll tell Jesus to give him a ring the next time I have one of my powwows with Him.”

See y’all at Jesus Camp!

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook



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19 comments on “Revelation of the Meathead

  1. icareviews
    December 28, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.

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  2. ascomanni
    December 28, 2015

    A Jewish Christian convert religious fanatic…. very grim on so many levels.

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  3. indravaruna
    December 28, 2015

    I was born and raised Catholic and I never heard of these “Judeo-Christianity” stuff until the rise of the Neocons and Evangelicals.

    The New Testament is extremely anti-Pharisee which are the modern day Rabbinical Jews still doing their money changing in the Temple (Central Banks).

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  4. Aodh Mor MacRaynall
    December 28, 2015

    holy moses.… uh… my goodness! i’ll make sure i don’t touch that one; along with ouija boards and tarot cards. Touch not th unclean thing and all that. But then we are talkin about judeo-christianity not th real kind.

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  5. Hipster Racist
    December 29, 2015

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    • icareviews
      December 29, 2015

      That’s a fun video, but of course they have to go and make the televangelists out to be incipient Hitlers. Even liberals would be more likely to give Hitler’s ideas a fair hearing than these folks, though.

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  6. sonofeurope
    December 29, 2015

    Wow that sucks. I’d rather get no presents than junk I’ll toss into the trash as soon as everyone turns their back on me.
    I guess every family has their share of crazy people, but dear Lord, a Jesus freak jew. Sounds like you won the lottery.
    By the way, do you have a PO Box?

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  7. Pingback: Revelation of the Meathead | Hipster Racist

  8. Hipster Racist
    December 29, 2015

    I like how she wrote it in the first person, as if she is dictating what Christ himself would say.

    Eh, the Evangelical subculture in America is just a hodge-podge of scam artists, money grubbers, and Hasbara shills. You know the Israelis gave Jerry Falwell a private plane and Sheldon Adelson, the gambling magnate and organized crime figure, is the main donor to John Hagee’s Christians United For Israel front group?

    It’s difficult to have any sympathy, because as they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    These people are barely a step above the “Prosperity Gospel” black churches where the preachers throws around actual piles of cash on stage and says if you give him money, God will then pay off your cell phone bill through some miracle.

    It’s a carnival act.

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    • indravaruna
      December 29, 2015

      Sheldo Adelson and other jewish billionaires need a closer look, its said that more than 90% of the Nuttyahoo politcal party money is coming from the US, the Likud in shitsrael and the Neocon mafia in America are funded and guided by the same rats.

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    • grey
      December 28, 2017

      When God demands your pastors have private jets


  9. Hipster Racist
    December 29, 2015

    Here’s a fun story.

    A police official named Scott Israel hired a Muslim police officer. Another police officer, David Rosenthal, wants him fired, because Sharia Law.

    Oh no, don’t go thinking that these are two Jews telling Christians and Muslims, “let you and him fight.”

    Oh no, David Rosenthal is “both a Christian and a Jew.” No doubt it’s his Christian side that is so “Islamophobic” – at least, that’s the way the story will be covered.

    Just notice the commentary from left-wing anti-white hate site

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  10. Hipster Racist
    December 29, 2015

    You know it’s really interesting. Fundamentalist in America was popularized by the likes of the Lyman Brothers, two California oil company executives who saw Fundamentalist Christianity as a way to blunt the appeal of labor unions. There’s a long history in America of using business-friendly Evangelicalism to sort of “distract” the workers from here-and-now concerns and spend their energy in “spiritual” pursuits as opposed to organizing in their collective economic interests.

    Scott Walker is doing pretty much the same thing. The Republicans have done a very, very efficient job of keeping the labor movement from gaining much of anything, and what tiny bit of pro-union sentiment existed from the 1930s – leading to the Gold Age of the Middle Class in the 1950s-1960s – was pretty much destroyed by the first overtly anti-labor Democrat, Jimmy Carter.

    Yes, that Jimmy Carter, CFR’s man.

    Of course by the time Reagan came around, he was just pissing on labor’s grave – no surprise the Evangelicals loved Reagan.

    Then Al Gore – a “far left wing liberal” according to the Republican blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, salted the earth with his globalism and Free Trade Agreements, i.e., NAFTA/GATT, etc.

    Evangelicalism, especially the “Christian Zionist” strand, is 100% an American creation that has virtually no connections to the broader Christian church denominations anywhere in the world.

    It’s basically a front group for the Chamber of Commerce and AIPAC.

    It tends to attract the lower-IQ types, let’s be honest.

    Liked by 2 people

    • indravaruna
      December 29, 2015

      You pretty much nailed it, Evangelical Zionism is a American creation that is now being weaponized against the rest of the world, especially Latin-America and Africa.

      Its gonna surprise me when we learn that Evangelical Pastors around the world are connected with the CIA or other American/Jewish interests.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Hipster Racist
        December 29, 2015


        I can guaran-goddamn-tee you that many of the Evangelical “outreach programs” in Central and South America are “embedded” with spooks.

        The late great had a few articles about some of these groups operating in Europe post-WWII.

        International religions (like Christianity) have always been good cover for intelligence agencies.

        Hell, the Freemasons took most of their tactics from the Jesuits, let’s not forget.

        Liked by 1 person

      • indravaruna
        December 29, 2015

        It seems that many Pastors are Freemasons in Brazil, also a lot of “prosperity gospel” non-sense.

        Talking about a.nolen, what happened to her?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hipster Racist
        December 29, 2015

        She’s writing a book, and foolishly took down her blog for some reason – just when it was growing.

        She would have been a lot better off riding her new-found popularity (in part, thanks to us) to get some advance publicity for her book. I’m certainly going to buy it.

        Liked by 1 person

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