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2015 Going On 1984

AryanSkynet was proven right, again.

For the last year, AryanSkynet has posted article after article after article about the reality of the so-called “Islamic State.” While other ostensibly pro-white blogs were wringing their hands and studying obscure verses in the Koran, AryanSkynet called it like is was. “Islamic State” is merely yet another mercenary force run by NATO allies; Saudi Arabia for one, with a seemingly surprising assist from none other than the Zionist entity in Palestine. Islamic State’s actions have been exactly what one would expect from a NATO-led proxy army; they attack NATO’s enemies and refrain from attacking NATO’s allies.

Last month when Russia joined the Syrian conflict in a big way, they bombed the forces of “Islamic State” and immediately, the Obama administration cried foul. Russia was bombing the wrong ISIS, they said, and had actually hit the Free Syrian Army. Of course, going back to the very beginning of this conflict, when John McCain was mugging for the cameras posing with “Free Syrian Army” fighters, it was noted that there is essentially no difference between the “Free Syrian Army” and “Islamic State” – at least, no difference in terms of personnel, tactics, and actions. “Free Syrian Army” becomes “Islamic State” only when playing the role of Scary Muslims for Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence, the infamous Hollywood-on-the-Potomac that acts as Islamic State’s PR department.

In a time of universal deceipt, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. — George Orwell

But noticing things makes one a “conspiracy theorist,” which is to say, a heretic – a witch. In modern America, the only thing worse than being a “conspiracy theorist” is being a “racist” and anyone who hasn’t been called a “conspiracy theorist” and a “racist” hasn’t been doing anything worthwhile.

They attack when you are being effective.

The current Big Story when it comes to racial matters has been the invasion of so-called “refugees” into Europe. Common sense would seem to dictate that when you’re at war, you don’t invite your enemies into your territory. Yet we have seen a unanimous consensus among the mainstream elites of Europe that mass immigration from the countries currently being bombed is not just acceptable, but a good thing. Then, when the inevitable terrorism happens, as it did recently in Paris – and San Bernadino, California – we’re all supposed to double down on “integrating” and “assimilating” the foreigners. It’s not only our Christian duty, we are told by people who hate Christianity, it’s also the only thing that can “save us.”

The double-talk never ends and the current discourse goes beyond anything George Orwell could have dreamed up in his most paranoid moments. Donald Trump, a liberal New Yorker with a Jewish family who has actually done advertisements for the Likud Party of Israel, is held up by many in the “alternative right” as the Savior of the White Race, and as the literal reincarnation of Adolph Hitler himself by those on the left. Trump’s greatest crime has been to suggest that some aliens who enter the country illegally are criminals, and that the US should forbid Muslims from entering the country until we can “figure out what’s going on” when it comes to terrorist attacks ostensibly perpetrated by Muslims.

American college campuses enforce “political correctness” with the subtlety of a Soviet Commissar yet we are told that “racists” and even the Ku Klux Klan are constantly harassing Students of Color. Watching the Republican presidential debates – a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy – might lead one to believe the election in question is for the Presidency of Israel. Corporate leaders openly tell us they are “fighting racism” by discriminating against white people based on race. We are told that “diversity” is the highest moral purpose, along with “equality,” the inherent contradiction between the two ideals is simply not remarked upon.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities — Voltaire

“Race” is a social construct with no biological meaning, yet “racism” is a constant threat in all of society. There is no such thing as “white culture” or even “white people” yet “white privilege” is systemic. The chattering classes are now debating whether women can have penises. Christian bakers are required to cater gay weddings in the name of freedom, and society is plagued with both “homophobia” and “Islamophobia.” When whites are overrepresented in some field, this is prima facie evidence of systemic racism; when Jews or Asians are overrepresented in some field it’s due to hard work and natural talent. When reporting on crime, the media refuses to mention race unless it is “relevant” to the story – it is only “relevant” when the criminal is white and the victims are non-white.

Muslims in Europe and America are making a show of force by holding mass public prayers, but objections to this are “Islamophobic” and criticism of the Islamic religion is “racist.” But tepid displays of nominal Christianity such as a Christmas Nativity scene are a menace to the freedom of religion. An immigration policy based on the interests of citizens is “xenophobic.”

To make heads or tails of any of this requires abandoning logic, reason, and what you can see with your own eyes. In the words of a modern American prophet, Karl Rove:

The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors – and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” — Karl Rove

Everybody has their pet issues and everybody looks to some point in the past to put the present in context. For this writer, the events of September 11th, 2001 are the beginning of the modern age, the opening act of the 21st Century and the casus belli of the current wars, the New Pearl Harbor. Noted conspiracy theorist and tin-foil-hat wearer General Wesley Clark tells the story of meeting with his former co-workers in the Pentagon in the weeks after the attacks, where he was told what that the official US foreign policy was to be from then on.

We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran. — General Wes Clark

It’s taken nearly 15 years instead of five, but by my count it’s four down (Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan) with three to go (Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.)

People smarter than me told us that the election of Barack Obama in 2008 represented a sea change in US foreign policy, yet Obama has not only continued these wars, he has escalated them. Obama won largely on his promise to remove US troops from Iraq, yet he is now returning US troops to Iraq to “fight ISIL.”

Conservatives will tell us we are at war with Islam, Liberals will tell us we’re only at war with “radical Muslim extremists,” and only the tin-foil-hatters will tell us the current conflict in Syria is really about oil pipelines and “greater Israel.”

Here it is the current year – 2015 – but next year looks to be just like 1984.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever. — George Orwell



16 comments on “2015 Going On 1984

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  2. icareviews
    December 17, 2015

    “People smarter than me told us that the election of Barack Obama in 2008 represented a sea change in US foreign policy, yet Obama has not only continued these wars, he has escalated them. Obama won largely on his promise to remove US troops from Iraq, yet he is now returning US troops to Iraq to ‘fight ISIL.'”

    A while back I watched South of the Border, Oliver Stone’s 2009 documentary on Hugo Chavez and the “Bolivarian” revolutions in South America. It’s pretty good up to the end, and I recommend it to anybody who hasn’t seen it (it’s on YouTube); but the ending takes a turn for the retarded and is just painfully laughable from the standpoint of 2015. Tariq Ali, who wrote the narration, lamely suggests that Barack Obama’s election may be a parallel development in the United States – America’s own Bolivarian revolution!

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    • Hipster Racist
      December 17, 2015

      Barack Obama’s election may be a parallel development in the United States – America’s own Bolivarian revolution!

      Donald Trump’s election will be our own pro-white Bolivarian revolution!

      It’s like Poe’s Law in action – it’s nearly impossible to distinguish sincerity from parody at this point.

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  3. icareviews
    December 17, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  4. kerberos616
    December 17, 2015

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  5. sonofeurope
    December 18, 2015

    Gee, why are the zionists pushing all this, aside from the obvious?
    Well, there’s also their crackpot religious reasons:


    • icareviews
      December 18, 2015

      I think the motivation for white genocide is more mundane, unfortunately. As interesting as it would be to see the coming of the Jewish Messiah, I think all we’re likely to witness is the Jewish mess of the total erasure of national sovereignties, if they can manage it. It’s more financial than mystical, if you ask me, though there’s also clearly an element of ethnic revenge at work. I doubt if George Soros believes he’s accomplishing some mystical coup, however.

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      • sonofeurope
        December 18, 2015

        UH, like, what part of “aside from the obvious” did you not understand, hmmm?
        Anyway, I’m sure that by this time you’ve noticed a strong streak of jew voodoo in everything they do (googoo ga joob).
        They are mentally warped on multiple levels. If they weren’t so unbelievably wealthy they’d all be either extinct or rotting away in high security mental hospitals for the criminally insane by now.

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  6. SomeAnon
    December 18, 2015

    Noted conspiracy theorist, Bill Clinton mentor and Georgetown University professor Carroll Quigley was very open about the plans of the globalists in his works, such as Tragedy and Hope.

    Famous tin-foilers such as Zbigniew Brzeziński and Heinz Kissinger also shamelessly promulgate the global corporatist agenda in their writings.

    I’m under no illusion that Trump will save anyone or anything, but he does represent a protest movement, and a clear sign that there is unrest in White America.

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  7. thebillyc
    December 18, 2015

    how do the ziolords benefit from der trumpenkreig? a final blow to white hopes when he betrays them, too? the current economic/ culture disaster could destroy the white host of the parasites- perhaps they need a mussolini style oligarchy/ fascism to continue their grip/ prevent breakup/collapse? corporate socialism could be reworked to improve white morale. cynics abound- understandably so; but nihilism seems suicidal.


  8. Anon
    December 21, 2015

    Just leaving this video here. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is becoming a noted American political dissident. A great watch.

    P.S. Abby Martin needs to edit herself out of these vids. She looks too good and it’s a distraction.


    • Hipster Racist
      December 21, 2015

      Great interview.

      He actually mentions Douglas Feith and the Office of Special Plans.


      • FukFeith
        December 21, 2015

        If one watches Doug Feith’s post-9/11 videos, one can’t help but feel the waves of cat-that-swallowed-the-canary smugness.

        He might not be at the top, but he knows a lot, I’d guarantee it.

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  9. Paladin Justice
    December 23, 2015

    There’s a lot of truth packed into this concise piece. For the moment, I’ll go with Trump’s movement, while not investing all my emotional and intellectual capital in him.


  10. guest
    January 17, 2016

    >How do the ziolords benefit from der trumpenkreig?

    To paraphrase from The Might Is Right Power Hour podcast:

    “Trump would be the worst president for, out of those running, for the White race, he would be like a pressure release valve for white anger, he would be able to trick the White mases, he already is, into thinking he is on their side. He would likely be able to better manage some of the federal agencies, tho White genocide agenda would be more efficient, and the beast would become stronger, or at least the weakening of the beast would be slowed, he would fool the yokels into feeling that the immigration issue, and other issues, are being sensibly dealt with.”

    White people will go back to eating their apple pie if Trump is nominated.
    That’s why i mockingly call Trump “Barry White”, as in the white Obama.

    Remember, more dindus voted for Obama the second time around, even after black unemployment nearly doubled in his first term. So why not pull the same stunt with Trump and whitey?


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