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Jewish Coup in Argentina

Billionaire Mauricio Macri of Argentina’s “right-wing” Cambiemos Party captured that country’s presidency on November 22, upsetting left-Peronist Front for Victory Party candidate Daniel Scioli, the expected successor to outgoing president Cristina Kirchner in an outcome that, just a few months ago, would have seemed impossible. Not all are convinced that this election was free of foreign intervention.

Peter Koenig, in an insightful article at Global Research, characterizes the win as a “quiet neoliberal coup d’etat” bringing Argentina “under Washington’s rule” in the false-flag tradition of the Arab Spring and the color revolutions of recent years:

Against all odds, Macri won with 51.4% against Scioli’s 48.6% – a margin of 2.8%. A margin small enough no to raise many questions of fraud.

And here are the odds: Two days before the 25 October ballot The Guardian polls predicted an 8.5% lead for Scioli (38.41%) vs. Macri (30.07%). Nevertheless, the 25 October real election results reduced Scioli’s lead to a mere 2.4% (36.8% vs. 34.4%).

At the end of July, three months before the first election run, Scioli was leading with a 13.6% margin (38.8% vs. 25.2%). The outcome of the 9 August Primaries left Scioli still with a more than 12 point lead (36.8% vs 24.7%).

Mauricio Macri

Mauricio Macri

There is definitely something fishy with a deterioration of a candidate’s lead so crass as to convert an almost 14 point lead into a 3 point loss in 4 months, a 17% percent difference. This is not a typical pattern of error for pollsters, nor an indication for a public opinion change, a public that has benefitted from their government to the extent Argentinians did within the last 15 years, since the economic collapse in 2001: An average annual growth of between 6% and 8%, a highly distributive economic development, […] reducing poverty from 65% in 2002 to less than 10% in early 2015 and with a massive increase in countrywide free education and health services, including in rural areas; not to mention the elimination of foreign debt.

A simple question of logic: Would a people of which 80% to 90% have massively benefitted from the ruling government policies vote with more than 50% against the continuation of such policies – and instead for a neoliberal politician, who promised to turn the clock back? Hardly. Unless they have been subjected to a massive media brainwashing and slander campaign, vote buying and other democracy-destroying measures, through foreign induced destabilization. […]

Argentina's President Fernandez de Kirchner gestures during a ceremony in Buenos Aires

Cristina Kirchner

In 2011 Wikileaks revealed that Mauricio Macri asked the US Embassy in Buenos Aires to launch a strong anti-Kirchner campaign, slandering her and her political alliances, thereby massively discrediting Cristina Kirchner’s Presidency. It did not work for Macri in 2011, as Cristina Kirchner was re-elected. But the Washington-driven anti-Kirchner and anti-FPV campaign expanded massively until this past election. And it paid off.

The international investigative journalist, Estela Calloni, who followed the elections closely, concluded that there was not only massive manipulation with lies and defamation by an important media elite, but a brutal campaign against the Kirchner legacy – ‘putting the future of Argentina at risk.’ She went on saying that ‘our societies are being hammered by information coming from the United States and that they are worse than disinformation.’ She warned that Argentina should stay alert not to lose any of the progressive achievements made in the past 15 years.

“Who is Mauricio Macri?” Koenig asks of the late mayor of Buenos Aires.

He was born in 1959 into a family of owners of the country’s most important industrial and economic groups. In 1975, the Macri family possessed 7 enterprises; at the end of the military dictatorship the Macri fleet of companies had grown to 46. The Macri family benefitted greatly from business relations with the totalitarian military government of Videla. In connivance with US banks, they built up false debt which later had to be assumed by the Argentine government.

Nevertheless, the new President-elect in one of his recent observations has insisted that the Kirchner Government reopen negotiations with the IMF and pay the infamous vulture funds in full.

As Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Macri leaves behind a highly questionable legacy; mismanagement of public funds, huge budget overruns and never ending public works. He has also allegedly diverted public funds into his political campaigns and accepted contributions from prostitution rings.

“South America,” Koenig notes, “had proudly achieved over the past 20 years a degree of independence from its Washington masters, no other western region has reached – least the vassal states of Europe. With this neoliberal, largely unnoticed coup d’état in Argentina, the Subcontinent of South America, is, indeed, gradually turning into what President Obama calls his ‘backyard’.” The defeat of the Peron-legacy populist-protectionist Kirchnerist forces in Argentina must feel something like an early Hanukkah gelt for the global elite.

Right on cue, reports TeleSUR, “President-elect Mauricio Macri has pledged to open the economy to free trade” while marginalizing globalism-resistant Venezuela by calling for that thorn in Washington’s side to be expelled from South American trade organization Mercosur. Macri also “vowed to make drastic changes” and “rearrange foreign ties”.


Zionist anti-Kirchner propaganda

Also not at all surprising given his internationalist – which is, of course, to say Jewish – backing is that Macri, who has already appointed Rabbi Sergio Bergman to serve as Argentina’s Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, has announced his intention to improve relations with Israel while isolating Iran, which had enjoyed friendly relations with the outgoing government. The Times of Israel reports:

On Monday, Macri said that he would work to cancel the agreement signed with Iran to jointly investigate the 1994 attack on the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires, as he had vowed during his election run. Alberto Nisman, the investigating prosecutor who was found dead earlier this year, had traced the authorization for the attack, in which 85 people were killed, to Iran, and identified the Hezbollah suicide bomber who carried out the attack.

“We will propose to Congress to cancel the pact with Iran as we promised in the campaign,” Macri said in his first news conference after being elected in a runoff vote the previous day. […]

As mayor of Buenos Aires City, the country’s capital, Macri’s government implemented a plan to support incubators and start-ups inspired by the Israeli “Start-Up Nation” model. Local entrepreneurs visited Israel to learn how to market themselves globally, and they described their experiences on the city government’s website.

In June 2014, he traveled to Israel to participate in a mayors’ conference in Jerusalem, where he offered his support to Israel against terrorism.

“Israeli suffering has to be understood. From afar, it is easy to give advice, but you have to be in Israel to really understand the situation,” he told journalists.

Rabbi Sergio Bergman

Rabbi Sergio Bergman

Ronald L. Ray of American Free Press brings a contrary perspective to the investigation of the 1994 AMIA bombing, which Israel of course desires to pin on Hezbollah and Iran. Seven months ago, in a worthwhile article titled “Zionist Intrigue in Argentina Exposed”, he wrote:

What do Israeli imperialism in the Middle East, Zionist lobby groups and Wall Street vulture capitalism in Argentina have in common? They are all part of a vast conspiracy to demonize Iran, enrich plutocratic poobahs, bring down the Argentine government and gain control of the South American country’s land and natural resources. […]
[Jorge] Elbaum, one of Argentina’s leading Jews, is the former executive director of the Delegation for Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA). Considering himself Argentinian first, he publicized the Zionist plot against his country following the murder of Argentine federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was also Jewish. The original article in Spanish appeared as “Vultures, Nisman, DAIA: The Money Route.”
The origins go back to 1994, when unknown persons bombed the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. The investigation dragged on for two decades, led by Nisman. Suspects varied over time, according to the foreign policy objectives of the United States and Israel. The terrorist action was blamed in turn on Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein, the Palestinians and Syrian intelligence operatives.
Most recently, trusting to the historical amnesia of the masses, Zionist interests attempted to blame their current archenemy, Iran—even claiming that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her government were colluding with Iran to cover up the latter’s responsibility. And when Nisman turned up dead, they attempted to blame President Kirchner—despite Argentine-Iranian mutual cooperation in seeking the bombing perpetrators.
Paul Singer

Paul Singer

This happened shortly after President Kirchner told Jewish vulture capitalist [and Marco Rubio backer] Paul Singer and others that they would never receive full face value on defaulted Argentine bonds, which the wealthy investors had bought for a pittance. President Kirchner thus defied a court order by a New York judge, and Singer got world banksters to declare Argentina in “default” on its sovereign debt, although it had missed no payments. This suggests the whole Nisman event may have been a payback.

Singer is no innocent bystander in the Jewish Community Center investigations. Elbaum reported that Nisman had a secret New York bank account to which Singer funneled money, apparently to finance Nisman’s efforts to discredit the Argentine-Iranian investigation and the Kirchner government. If the latter could be replaced with a pro-American/pro-Israel regime, rabidly Zionistic Singer stood to make millions off of his bond holdings.

Argentina’s answer to Dewey Clarridge is at this juncture invited to step forward and reassure his people: “Don’t give me that conspiracy bullshit. Come on […] There has never been a conspiracy in this country.”

[Read more about Argentina here.]

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14 comments on “Jewish Coup in Argentina

  1. icareviews
    December 4, 2015

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  2. Hipster Racist
    December 5, 2015

    “Right wing” Jews take over a nation through international financial manipulation, open the borders to “free trade” and “discipline the labor market.” To oppose this is protectionism which is “communism.”

    Is this good for White people? Is it good for anyone?

    As Lenin might ask, “who, whom?”

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  3. Hipster Racist
    December 5, 2015

    Also maybe last year TheOccidentalObserver had a few articles about Singer and this issue in Argentina, worth looking up.

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  5. Hipster Racist
    December 5, 2015

    I hope our resident Brazilian InduraV chimes in on this, as he’s our South American asset.

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    • icareviews
      December 5, 2015

      I plan on writing some more about Latin America in the coming months, partly because it’s a part of the world where a surprising number of Europeans live but that tends to get neglected by white nationalist writers and publicists.

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  6. indravaruna
    December 5, 2015

    Great article, Argentina has the biggest Jewish population in Latin-America and when there is too many jews there is trouble, Argentina is the only Latin-American country where these types of terrorists attacks have happened, probably a case of “Jewish Lighting”.

    The country has also been a target for Wall Street big nosed vultures for 15 years now, this article from Occidental Observer about Paul Singer explain how anti-semitism is a natural response against our countries exploitation:

    In Brazil the big problem is the Evanjewlicals, the modern day “right-wing” is defined by this American import, according to the think tank ‘The American Interest’ site Evanjewlicals will conquer the world and this good for American (jewish interests).

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    • icareviews
      December 5, 2015

      That’s really sad to read about Germany. I work with Evangelical Christians and they’re hopeless. I like to try in a cautious way (i.e., without losing my job) to wake up the people around me to some of the problems we’re facing, but these types have their heads so far up Yahweh’s arse that it isn’t even worth the bother. These people are all for race-mixing, as well, and go out of their way to prove it. Christianity in its present mainstream form is really nothing but a manifestation of cultural Marxism.

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      • indravaruna
        December 5, 2015

        “…everyone must know that the Jews have acquired a working control of all the media of communication: the press, the radio, the boob-tube, and the publication of widely-distributed books. If the Jews had the slighest animus against the Christian religion, they would use these powerful weapons to destroy it.”
        ― Ralph Perier, Christianity: A Religion for Sheep

        “Christians take pride in proclaiming they are sheep, the most stupid of all mammals, incapable of defending themselves, living only to feed, multiply, and be fleeced periodically.”
        ― Ralph Perier, Christianity: A Religion for Sheep

        Ralph Perier is a pen name that Professor Revilo P. Oliver used.

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  7. kerberos616
    December 6, 2015

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  8. indravaruna
    December 6, 2015

    “[Jorge] Elbaum, one of Argentina’s leading Jews, is the former executive director of the Delegation for Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA). Considering himself Argentinian first, he publicized the Zionist plot against his country following the murder of Argentine federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was also Jewish. The original article in Spanish appeared as “Vultures, Nisman, DAIA: The Money Route.”

    More about the good jew Jorge Elbaum:‘daia-is-an-embassy-of-israel’s-right-wing-likud-party’

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    • icareviews
      December 6, 2015

      Well, a “good Jew” comparatively speaking. Note his typically Jewish interest in the creation of programs to “promote diversity”.

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