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Carto’s Last Laugh

As Aryan Skynet readers are probably aware, the world of white nationalism lost one of its greats last month with the death of the populist publishing titan Willis Carto, a collaborator of figures ranging from William Pierce and Wilmot Robertson to David Duke and Michael Collins Piper and was the man behind such entities and publications as Liberty Lobby, Western Destiny, The Spotlight, the Institute for Historical Review, The Barnes Review, and American Free Press.

His influence within American and even international identitarianism and opposition to globalist Zionism is incalculable. As the laughable French-language TV smear job above illustrates, Carto was as active as anybody in World War II revisionism and 9/11 dissent – both indispensable endeavors in the unending work of freeing Europeans from the Hebraically imposed yoke of self-loathing and consequent geopolitical self-destruction.

American Free Press, in its November 9-16 issue, features a selection of letters offering reminiscences from Carto’s associates and admirers. An E.L. James (!) from Florida writes the following under the heading “Did they even catch the irony?”:

With billions of dollars of earnings and thousands of employees, The New York Times could have been a tad more careful in their scandalous obituary of Willis Carto’s legacy as a notorious “anti-Semite” and “holocaust” denier. The irony may be lost on their readers but not on the rest of us.

Just read their “correction” published on their website on Nov. 2, 2015: “An earlier version of this obituary misstated the estimated number of people killed at the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is 1.1 million, not 3 million.”

Even the self-described paper of record, winner of 117 Pulitzer Prizes, couldn’t avoid “denying the severity of the Holocaust” in its scourge of Carto. But the real laugher is, who do they think was integrally involved in getting that number changed through his publishing efforts and financial support of revisionists? The very Willis Carto they are flaying! No doubt, Willis was chuckling.

Even The New York Times, it ought to be noted, is itself participating in “Holocaust” revisionism in reporting the “1.1 million” figure, as the French War Crime Information Service had reported in 1945 that eight million prisoners died at Auschwitz, while the widely praised (and, surely, impeccably researched) documentary Night and Fog (1955) inflated the figure to a whopping nine million who lost their lives at the putative extermination facility. The Nuremberg proceedings, meanwhile, produced the less psychedelic figure of four million; but even this is a far cry from the Gray Lady’s obviously anti-Semitic agenda in reproducing the scurrilous “1.1 million” number!

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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8 comments on “Carto’s Last Laugh

  1. icareviews
    November 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.

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  2. indravaruna
    November 27, 2015


    It was the old guard WN like him and Professor Revilo P. Oliver that opened my eyes.

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  3. kerberos616
    November 27, 2015

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  5. Hipster Racist
    November 27, 2015

    I’m fairly certain I read some Liberty Lobby publications pre-internet. I’m having a hard time remembering but I assume it must have been from the public library.

    Anyway the first time I ever heard about “Holocaust revisionism” was Noam Chomsky being attacked for writing a blurb about Robert Faurisson. He made a rather simple and obvious point about free speech and he was attacked by his fellow Jews for using the term “findings” to describe Faurrison’s work.

    It was so over the top and so heavy-handed it immediately made me sympathetic to these “Holocaust Revisionists.” I figured, if they actually had to made it illegal and slander these people in such obvious ways, there must be something to what they are saying.

    I also remember the scandal when Steven Spielberg’s “Liberators” came out. This story was so blatantly false and patently absurd that even the Jew York Times criticized him for making up obvious nonsense.

    The only “Holocaust” crap I read while young what Elie Weasel’s “Night” which I remember being quite horrified by. But when I read the quotes from Weasel saying something like “some things are true that never happened” I realized the whole thing was nothing but a scam.

    Anyway, I don’t care if six dozen, six million, or six trillion Jews died in World War II. Millions of people were killed in the awful World Wars. For Jews to act like they were the only victims is racist and bigoted in the extreme. The “Holocaust culture” of the likes of Steven Spielberg are just plain old fashioned Jewish supremacy and anti-European bigotry.

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    • indravaruna
      November 28, 2015

      Weasel is a just another Yid scam artists, the “cattle cars” stuff was invented by him and a former Nazi officer who joined the jewish winning side.

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    • sallieparker
      December 3, 2015

      Hipster, feel free to write me anytime. I knew Willis and Elisabeth for many years, as well as the LL and IHR organizations.


  6. sallieparker
    November 27, 2015

    It is very satisfying to see others appreciating Willis and noting the ironic fails of his detractors.

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