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Paris attacks: At least 149 killed in gunfire and blasts, French official says


• At least 149 people were killed in the Paris and Saint-Denis shootings and bombings, officials said. Among the victims, 112 were killed at the Bataclan concert venue, according to the French interior ministry.

• CNN affiliate BFMTV reports that SWAT units stormed the Bataclan concert hall and that the siege is over. Two attackers were killed, a police union said. Police have brought out at least 100 hostages from the concert hall, a CNN producer said; some appear to be wounded. President Francois Hollande Francois told reporters outside Bataclan that “terrorists capable to carry out such atrocities must know that they will face a France that is determined and united.”

• Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN the death toll in the attacks is going to rise significantly. “We are facing an unknown and historic situation in Paris,” he said.

• Hollande called the events “unprecedented terrorist attacks” and added, “This is a horror.” In a tweet, he said, “Faced with terror, this is a nation that knows how to defend itself, how to mobilize its forces and once again, knows how to overcome the terrorists.”

• French radio reporter Julien Pearce was inside the Bataclan theater when gunmen entered. Two men dressed in black started shooting what he described as AK-47s, and after wounded people fell to the floor, the two gunmen shot them again, execution-style, he said. The two men didn’t wear masks and didn’t say anything. The gunfire lasted 10 to 15 minutes, sending the crowd inside the small concert hall into a screaming panic, said Pearce, who escaped. He said he saw 20 to 25 bodies lying on the floor.

Witness describes scene inside theater

• One of the explosions at the Stade de France outside Paris appears to be a suicide bombing, a Western intelligence source receiving direct intelligence from the scene told CNN’s Deb Feyerick. A dismembered body, consistent with the aftermath of an explosion from that type of device, was found at the scene, the source said. Watch: Explosion heard at Paris soccer game

• People were inviting people off the streets into their apartments, reports Philip Crowther, Washington correspondent for France 24. They are following Hollande’s direction to stay indoors.

• Traffic on several subway lines has been interrupted following the attacks, the Paris police prefecture reported.

• At this hour, there is no credible or specific threat in the United States, according to a U.S. government official.

• Hollande, in an address to the nation, said he had declared a state of emergency, meaning borders will be closed. “We have to show compassion and solidarity and we also have to show unity and keep our cool. France must be strong and great,” he said.
Multiple attacks in Paris
18 photos: Multiple attacks in Paris

• The Paris prefecture of police is instructing residents to stay home. The prefecture said via Twitter that people should stay inside “unless there’s an absolute necessity.”

• French authorities have launched a terrorism investigation, Eric Pelletier, a reporter with Le Pariesien, tells CNN Paul Cruickshank. There has been no official claim of responsibility, though ISIS has applauded the attacks on Twitter, Cruickshank reports.

• “This is an attack not just on Paris, not just on the people on France, but an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share,” U.S. President Barack Obama said at the White House. He called the attacks an “outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.”

• At least six shootings took place in Paris and three explosions took place at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis late Friday, CNN affiliate BFMTV said. Two or three gunmen entered the Bataclan concert hall while opening fire on law enforcement, BFMTV reported. A source earlier told CNN there were six to eight hostage takers, citing a person they were talking to inside the venue.

• Attackers reportedly used AK-47 automatic weapons.

• Hollande was evacuated at halftime of the France-Germany soccer match.

• Counterterrorism officials around the United States have convened secure conference calls to try to gather information and to assess whether there is any indication of threats in the U.S, according to two U.S. counterterrorism officials. Immediate suspicion for the events in Paris falls to so-called returnees — people who have traveled to Syria and Iraq and have returned, the officials said.

In early January of this year, two gunmen attacked the Paris offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 and wounding 11.

Said and Cherif Kouachi wanted to punish the magazine for the publication of cartoons that they believed mocked the Prophet Mohammed. The Kouachi brothers two days later were shot and killed in a standoff with police in Dammartin-en-Goele.

Amedy Coulibaly, an associate of Said and Cherif Kouachi, attacked a Jewish grocery store in Paris, taking more than a dozen people hostage and killing four. Coulibaly had killed a policewoman the day before, on January 8. Coulibaly was killed when police stormed the kosher market.


23 comments on “Paris attacks: At least 149 killed in gunfire and blasts, French official says

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  2. Zobbo
    November 13, 2015

    Hi to all.
    Not really able to think clearly tonight.
    Still, a few thoughts and some complementary info.

    – it appears only two bombs went off at the “Stade de France” and three terrorists were killed at the Bataclan Theater. Meaningless anyway.
    – More importantly, according to the puppet acting as President, martial law has been passed and as I write, the army is being deployed to secure the streets of France.
    – borders have been “closed” whatever the f*** that means.
    No more “chances for France”, no more “beautuful diversiry” in the form of migrants ? Sooo sad…
    As France is supposed to hold the COP21 conference on climate with many heads of states, scientists, media people, and an important crowd attending, how will this be possible with “closed borders”?
    – next month’s regional elections have been put “on hold”, whatever that terminology means : postponed ? cancelled ? Nobody knows exactly as “on hold” has no legal signification.
    At those elections, a historical defeat by the Socialist Party (sic…) in charge and holding 20 of the 22 regions was being forecast.
    – No claims for the attaks have been made but reportedly, terrorists stated all this was “a revenge for Syria”.
    Kwowing that the French gvt officialy supports “moderate opposition” to the Syrian regime – in fact arming Daech – this DOESN’T FRIGGIN’ MAKE SENSE : are we to believe that FRANCE IS UNDER ATTACK OF THE SYRIAN REGULAR ARMY ???
    – just after last january’s killings, the famous slogan “Je Suis Charlie” sprang everywhere, on walls, posters, Tshirts, stickers, etc. A serious underground investigation revealed that this slogan was trademarked (? can you say that ?) a few days beforethe killing as was manufactured all the paraphanellia.
    – rumour has it we’ll see a similar slogan appear tomorrow : “All for Paris” or “Pray for Paris”. We’ll see.

    My conviction for now is that we have witnessed another inside job (as always).
    The attaks well and truly commited by some nutty ragheads, but planned and supervised by secret service agents from the deep state, as it has been proven to be the case for the previous killings by Merah, the Kouachis and Coulibaly.
    Consequences ?
    More police state, more repression on true political opponents (I decided for exile about 7 years ago, tired of harrasment – we have no such thing as the 2nd amendment and I landed in court twice under ludicrous accusations of “hate speech”. Not fleeing would have meant jail time), while millions of “migrants and refugees”, including thousands of potential terrorists continue to flood Europe.
    Basically, nothing new under the sun, just more of the same.

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    • Hipster Racist
      November 13, 2015

      Just for folks who don’t know, Zobbo has been posting on my blogs for well over a year and has discussed things about France just as long.

      No claims for the attaks have been made but reportedly, terrorists stated all this was “a revenge for Syria”.
      Kwowing that the French gvt officialy supports “moderate opposition” to the Syrian regime – in fact arming Daech – this DOESN’T FRIGGIN’ MAKE SENSE : are we to believe that FRANCE IS UNDER ATTACK OF THE SYRIAN REGULAR ARMY ???

      Thanks for the inside scoop, Zobbo.

      That’s the question we keep asking about “ISIS/Daesh/ISIL/whatever.” It’s been all but acknowledged they are fighting on the same side as NATO and against Assad. Russia of course just entered the mix in a big way last month. We all remember the Charlie Hebdo incident not long back. There have been reports for a while now that the “refugees” being brought into Europe purposefully were bringing in weapons too.

      I read that the targets were a France/Germany game and a concert by an American musical act, as well as seemingly random targets.

      Please keep us informed Zobbo.

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  3. Reallynewguy
    November 13, 2015

    My thoughts are that this will lead to a public outcry, but neutered about protecting “European values” or some such nonsense instead of mentioning the obvious attack on white civilization. Apparently one of the terrorists is said to have cried “Allah Akbar” before firing on the crowd. This will lead to a continued liberal breast beating “oh we haven’t done enough, we’re intolerant” and proof that the anti-white propaganda isn’t enough.


    • Hipster Racist
      November 14, 2015


      I’m sure that will be the rhetoric – they will want to “fight the extremists over there” while “including the good Muslim folks here.”

      But there’s no way this latest attack – no matter what the truth turns out to be – is not going to make even the most liberal Frenchmen start getting a clue.

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  4. BMan
    November 14, 2015

    The web is alight with all sorts of theories (and even the standard crisis actor hoax meme). Hell if I know what is real and what is not any more.

    Real or not, there will be an agenda drawn up and orchestrated. This agenda will further various laws protecting Jews and Holocaust denial. It will be used to further gun control (which is fairly stringent in France for the common man anyway).

    Could this, too, have anything to do with the fact that France has basically sided with Palestine, to the consternation of the Zionists?

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    • Zobbo
      November 14, 2015

      ” France has basically sided with Palestine”

      Where did you get that ???! The French gvt whould make the Obama Administration appear like a bunch of antisemites, mate !
      Our Prime Minister Manuel Valls has declared being “eternally tied to Israël”, no less.

      Weird declaration, innit ? Because as a French politicial we’d rather see him bonded to French interrests. And because “eternally” a religious terminology that has nothing to do in a political debate.
      He’s also said that “the jewish community of France was the avant-garde of the Republic, that France wouldn’t be France without them”.

      So I suppose then that as a French goy I have to be the “rearguard of the Republic”, a French citizen of less importance…so much for “equality” !
      I could go on and on and review in the same way each and every member of of gvt but I think you get my point : France is no longer a free country but a mere israelian colony and that shows in all it’s forein policies.

      Take care.

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    • Hipster Racist
      November 14, 2015

      What BMan is probably referring to is when the French Parliament’s lower house voted to recognize Palestine and a few weeks later, Charlie Hebdo.

      But at the top levels of the institutional government, the Zionists own it.

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    • Zobbo
      November 14, 2015

      Oh sure, BMAN, those are real declarations.
      But they are just that, sweet declarations whith no effects in real world.
      I suppose they’re made by the Gvt to appear like the nice guy with a fair and balanced view on forein policies.
      And to cater for the huge mulim population of France, not to anger them on a subjet they’re very touchy about.

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      • BMan
        November 15, 2015

        I have no doubt it was simply window dressing, but to a Zionist, that is akin to pissing on his beanie.

        The point is that France was one of the few to do so, no matter the reason. Zionists are not rational and would consider such a thing offensive.

        Surely you understand this?

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  5. icareviews
    November 14, 2015

    This event is already being promoted as France’s 9/11, with One World Trade Center in New York lighting itself up in blue, white, and red to show solidarity. (Gee, I wonder how far in advance they would need to have something like that rigged?)

    Also straight out of the 9/11 playbook is the fact that a pristine passport was supposedly found near the person of one of the suicide bombers.

    And for the inevitable kicker …

    ISIS is ZOG, period. Check out this footage of an American Apache helicopter escorting one of those famous ISIS pickup truck convoys:

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    • indravaruna
      November 14, 2015

      Passports from the 9/11 Terrorists also were found in the streets of NYC after the airplane crash on the WTC…

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  6. icareviews
    November 14, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Thoughts on the #ParisAttacks?

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  7. icareviews
    November 14, 2015

    Then, too, Rita Katz of SITE is quick on the scene with her exclusive ISIS info. That’s the gold standard in total b.s.

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  8. icareviews
    November 14, 2015

    Blast from the recent past: Greek Coast Guard intercepts containers with “aid” for “refugees” – actually weapons:

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  9. Don Logan
    November 14, 2015

    All good points ICA. The level of coordination bespeaks of a sophisticated state-level intelligence operation. At the very least, it could have been expected solely on account of France’s (and the whole Western world’s) retarded no-borders, pro-invasion policies, particularly in the wake of the “refugee crisis.” One attack after the other though has psychologically fixed Islam as the enemy of the West. So far this has done next to nothing as far as limiting Arab immigration but it has mired the West in Mideast wars for Zionism. The serial attacks, and ineffective and tardy attempts to debunk and expose them, are bringing about the Zionists’ goal of a “clash of civilizations.” How clever really – bring your enemies into your most hated enemies’ lands and sow discord between them, let them fight each other while you make money off it all in the way of “security” that just happens to have kosher backdoors. At the very least I would hope the Western world would grow some balls and resolutely say no more immigrants from the Mideast. I do think, however slightly, the rhetoric on immigration is starting to turn in our pro-White direction.

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  11. Zobbo
    November 14, 2015

    Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris declared the attacks in Paris occured because “terrorists hate our diversity, they hate the fact that races can live together in peace and harmony.”

    In other words, to piss off and fight terrorism, more diversity is urgently needed !
    Can it get more wicked than that ?

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    • Alex the Goon
      November 15, 2015

      That sounds like our 9/11 response: “They hate us for our economy, so let’s go shopping.” It’s about the stupidest thing she could say, but she’s been sucking the Diversity Dick for so long (and encouraging everyone else to suck it), what else can she say? Regardless, Parisians should all carry scissors, in case she says it again within scissoring distance. Voting her out of office won’t send a loud enough message.
      Hollande sounded less stupid, but only slightly so: “Faced with terror, this is a nation that knows how to defend itself, how to mobilize its forces and once again, knows how to overcome the terrorists.” You know how to overcome terrorists, but you don’t know how to not import 6 million of them into your country? My doctor knows how to treat third degree burns, so it’s OK to stick my hand in this fire.
      I’m disappointed U2 cancelled their concert. They were certain to say something stupidly PC (Not All Terrorists Are Like That), which might have gotten them lynched.

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  12. ButthurtLiberals
    November 15, 2015

    I knew the meme for provocation for war, invade Syria, blah blah, was coming. Putin forced the ailing Multicultural/Assimilation Wests hand.

    Well, why Pairs?

    – Pairs use to have a high Jewish population.

    – Pairs is owned by Jews, I’ve heard this from a Muslims mouth, who is a taxi driver in Paris, he was on holiday. That is their attitude.

    – Large population of Muslims in Paris.

    A member of the aliyah in link below. Be interesting to see how many Jews in Paris have sold their businesses lately?

    Links in this article on the aliyah.,7340,L-4673776,00.html

    It’s all starting to fit Israel’s needs for demographic expansion and stability. Is that anti-Semitic geo politics?

    The daily mail is pumping it,the headline says it all. “‘Every single French Jew I know has left Paris’: Editor of Britain’s Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing terror-hit French capital ”

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