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The USA got the plague of degeneracy first, and are first to recover from the plague; In India the kids are watching TV now, even as a growing number of American moms raise their kids without TV

I do a service job, like most working Americans, and I’m a curious person and like to engage people from all over the world.  So I had a chance to have a long conversation with a Muslim from India here on a business trip doing some kind of technical-manufacturing work.

I happened to tell him that the biggest problem in the world is television watching and video game playing by children under 8 years old.  It struck a chord with him, because, as he told me, when he is home and he wants to watch a soccer game, his kids object that they want to keep watching their cartoons.  I told him that letting his kids watch television will intellectually cripple them and set them up for drug addiction and sexual degeneracy in their later lives, as has been observed here in the USA, which has been modern longer than India.

It was like a rhetorical sucker punch for him, albeit with no malice behind it.  He gasped “What?” and touched his hand to his chest and took some deep breaths.  “What are you talking about?  Cartoons lead to drug addiction and sexual . . . (he didn’t know the word “degeneracy” but he caught the context), problems?

“Oh yeah, dude.  It’s so obvious its not even funny any more.  You put kids in front of the TV and they acquire a taste for junk stimuli — they need more and more stimuli to not be bored.  They lose the ability to self soothe, and self entertain, to just be happy just being. They always need stronger and stronger stimuli from the very high baseline of television, and television shows them where to get that stimuli — sexual promiscuity and strong drugs like cocaine and heroin.  On the other hand, kids who grow up without TV sit on the floor and play with toys, and make up imaginative worlds in their head, so they know how to be happy playing with a cardboard box, or having an imaginary tea party with theri dollies, or driving a toy car around the house and they imagine they are racing across a continent.  Kids like that are much more successful, they will find learning math and science interesting and engaging, they will find the world of drugs addicts boring and stupid and yecchy, like you do.  No man, don’t let your kids watch televisions or play video games.  It messes them up bad.  We saw it all happen with our own eyes right here in the USA.”

“But, have scientific studies proven this?”

“Do you need a scientific study to prove that eating McDonalds every day and drinking soda makes you fat?  Some things are just so in your face, so obvious, that you don’t need scientific studies.  You see it happen all around you.   There’s plenty of things you know with certainty that don’t require scientific studies.  You drive too fast, you lose control and crash your car.  You raise a kid in front of TV all his life, he’s going to have a much worse life outcome than if he did real things instead of wtaching TV.”

I’ve been doing a tough service job for a while, and have a very different demeanour than when I was an office manager. I have to deal with people who have nothing better to do than put someone on the spot and mess with him.  I work out a lot and take an MMA class so I have the courage to deal with people and stress and pressure.

So I have a practiced matter of fact demeanour, not like I’m trying to sell someone an idea, but just telling him, “you do this, you get this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, it is what it is.”

Mohammed again mentioned how his kids fight him over the TV when he’s home.

“That’s even worse.  You gotta be the boss of your kids.  We have a saying in America — don’t let the inmates run the prison.  You got to be the boss of your house.  Didn’t you learn that in the Madrassa?  Just tell them the TV is broke and you can’t buy another one.  You control the circumstances of your house, not your kids.  NOt your wife.  YOU GOTTA BE THE BOSS!”

I am amazed as I’m sure my readers are that even Muslim men from their own lands are turning into betas.  It’s the middle class lifestyle.  Mohammed probalby makes 6 figures, he is a globetrotting engineer working for a multinational.  And he’s become no better than some pathetic sportsfag Ameriburger TV addict.

Mohammed didn’t get offended like some SJW chick would have.  He took the news of his bad parenting like a man, and it was obvious I convinced him.  It doesn’t mean he’ll do anything about it, and I actually don’t care if he does or not as he’s our competition.  I had the conversation with him in order to be able to write this blog post and add some information to Aryan Skynet — namely that the middle class Asians are too having the problem of succession; their children are degenerating just like American kids did.  The paid a fair price for the information —  I gave Mohammed the hard won wisdom of a society that has been modern longer than his, and has seen the victims of TV and video games who are now walking dead heroin addicts.  Some would say I gave Mohammed too much, but I think it was a fair trade, and I would bet money that Mohammed will do nothing with this information.  So I basically gave Mohammed a check that he probably won’t ever cash, because that’s the way most people are.

At the same time, Mohammed handed me a blank check of insight and information that I gleaned from him, and I’m cashing it and making infinite copies for Aryan Skynet nodes to go and cash as well.

The other thing we discussed was how people like him worked very hard, while Saudi Arabians and Americans just wanted to be comfortable and enjoy life.  I agreed with him, but told him that Americans are getting poor quickly because we are forced to own cars and our housing is overpriced because of mortgages, so we are poor on 15 dollars an hour, while an Indian would be filthy rich on 15 an hour.  Because so many immigrants are coming here and lowering the wages and making the USA a foreign country to native born American citizens, we are becoming immigrants in our own country.  And as “native born immigrants” we are adopting work and study habits of Asians like himself in order to survive.

The Jews have created a bad situation for us, but the way the world works is that we can have a reaction that will be very bad for them.  We can make a total reversal of fortune.  Here is how:

  1.  Own small businesses and rental properties for financial independence and liberation from mortgages and from the single family home and the privately owned car.  In other words, minimize borrowing and therefore minimize paying interest to You Know Whom.
  2. Homeschool our children in a major metropolitan area or a very wealthy town, because the best schools for music, martial arts, dance, theater, gymnastics, sports leagues, foreign language learning, et cetera, will be there.  Because we live in Idiocracy World and Degeneracy World, our kids will naturally dominate the TV babies and video game addicts.  They also will have not acquired the taste for Jewish media mind control or supernormal stimuli of TV/videogames/pro-sports/junkfood.  This is already taking place in the USA and probably Europe too.  Any time I get in an intelligent conversation with an adult, I talk about the plague of children watching TV, playing videogames and eating junk food, and I meet a good number of people who are either parents themselves who don’t let their kids watch TV, or know parents who have a no-TV household.  So even as Idiocracy/Degeneracy gets worse, there is a cohort of non-TV-babies growing up out there who are likely to become nodes on Aryan Skynet.

In the reversal of fortune, the homeschooled Mindweapon kids grow up and take over the institutions of corporations and government through superior intelligence, education, and charisma and cultural competence.

I have been cooking up this strategy for 15 years already, based on observation and experience.  I have had this idea for many years, but only in recent years have I become confident that this is both doable by us, and workable on THEM.  It is.

Come with me if you want to live.


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.

11 comments on “The USA got the plague of degeneracy first, and are first to recover from the plague; In India the kids are watching TV now, even as a growing number of American moms raise their kids without TV

  1. icareviews
    October 25, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    More from Mindweapon on the theme of TV neutralization of the goyim and how it has even spread to India.


  2. icareviews
    October 25, 2015

    Why not add an image to display on the Aryan Skynet homepage? Something like this, for instance:


  3. sonofeurope
    October 25, 2015

    “But, have scientific studies proven this?”

    I admit I watched tons of tv back in the 70’s but it wasn’t nearly as bad then as it is now. I haven’t watched it at all since 2005, I never go to movies (voluntarily at least) and I don’t listen to popular music. It’s bad enough I live in the jew’s world, I’ll be damned if I am going to let Satan’s chosen into my head too!

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  4. Alex the Goon
    October 25, 2015

    You’re a better man than I, mindweapon. I would have encouraged that foreign devil to buy a second and third TV, to facilitate a more harmonious home. His kids will less likely become car bombers and train rapists, being raised by an idiot box rather than a firm-handed muslim patriarch.
    But, yeah, the intel you gleaned was very enlightening, similar to how middle-class money has turned China’s women into divorce-happy whores.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mindweapon
      October 25, 2015

      Wow, really? that’s too bad about China. I don’t have anything against the Chinese, especially in China.

      I like to probe people’s minds. The price of admission is telling them the truth about something important. But I get your attitude — get more TV’s then your kids won’t bother you about changing the channel to the soccer game! Brutal!


  5. Hipster Racist
    October 25, 2015

    I dunno, I haven’t owned a television in over a decade, and among my set it was very cool to not own a TV. In fact, that was so common it’s joked about constantly on hipster TV shows like Portlandia.

    Also, healthy food was pretty much standard among the hipster crowd. Fast food and the like were considered “prole food.”

    It’s a class thing. The upper middle class are doing fine – they are segregated in their lily-white gentrified neighborhoods, eating healthy food, and only engaging in the lower culture “ironically.”

    Your hipster couples send their children to private schools where the diversity is strictly limited. And of course, their politics are limited to fighting apartheid in Palestine, which is of course conveniently located thousands of miles away.

    The problem is the conservatives. The Evangelicals promote miscegenation, worship the Jews, and take integration really seriously.

    It’s the conservatives, the type that listen to Rush Limbaugh and the like, that think eating healthy food is “gay,” that watch Negro-ball on TV, that watch TV all the time and get fat.

    Also, among people I’ve known who were not in any way “hipster” but were in fact just normal “yuppie,” upper class corporate types – pretty much the same thing.

    Regular users of the gym, private all but segregated schools, healthy food, and while sure they may watch some sitcoms or sports, it’s not like they take the TV all that seriously (except for the news, unfortunately.)

    It’s the working class – the religious, the overweight, the conservatives – they are the problem. They are dead weight at this point. We have robots to do their jobs now.

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  7. Mark
    October 25, 2015

    The Main Stream Media has allowed Anti-White, Race-Baiting shills to castigate Europeans with impunity for decades.

    I’m confident the Jewish press will be indicted for Hate Crimes for their part in provoking other races to hate and attack Europeans.

    Europeans have quietly retaliated by refusing to purchase Jewish Newspapers, Magazines, Movie tickets and have turned off their TV’s.

    The good news is: Jewish influence is waning their entire media-empire is on the verge of collapse.

    Currently the world’s most popular media outlets are YOUTUBE & the many millions of independent blogs and web-sites.

    Europeans are offended by the way we are being portrayed in Movies, T.V., newspapers, magazines and music videos.

    Jews have roused the sleeping giant and they will soon find the world at their doorstep.

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  8. Hipster Racist
    October 26, 2015

    Check it out, Aryan Skynet has been picked up by another aggregator:

    They also post articles from Red Ice Creations (which is great, btw, if you haven’t you should check them out.)

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  10. Ryu
    October 30, 2015

    Welcome back, Comrade MW. What MMA are you training? Are you a ninjaz?

    Why not let him learn the lesson himself? It should be quite amusing to watch the minos learn the lessons we have. Success has its own trials.

    The degeneracy of the white race will soon be seen in our imitators: the Muzz, the Chinese, mino hipsters. It will take a long time for them took cook up their own version of WNs. Minos have never had the SO76.


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