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Mindweapon will be on TradYouth Radio this weekend; discussion topics

Most of my adult life I have worked in very controlled office situations, like many middle class white people.  The past year I have been working a service job on the street, and dealing with the dystopia.

American society has very much encouraged every sort of weakness and vice.  Even in pastoral Windham County, Connecticut, heroin addiction, alcoholism and broken families are rife.

American society was once a fabric; a very strong fabric.  I remember it, before it got mocked to death, and then criticized to death.  Those were pretty nice and decent people; our biggest problem was that we weren’t intellectually curious or politically aware.

Sure they were politically incorrect on race, but so what?  It was so benign.  People had it made, including black people.  Including every one. They had a pretty good country up to about 1990, when the politically correct liberals got the chutzpah up to impose a dictatorship of thought.

The irony of a dictatorship of thought when most people don’t bother thinking; so it is the few that do think that must be punished.  Even the Best of the Goyim should be Killed, as the Talmud says.

The counter attack on the politically correct thought dictatorship goes like this:

  1.  Present evidence that people are persecuted for merely expressing non-politically-correct opinions, or attempting to hold a minor political office while being politically incorrect or married to one who is.  Exhibit A, ME!
  2. Present evidence that things have gotten radically worse since the institution of the politically correct dictatorship, since 1990.  Correlation is not necessarily causation; however, the fact that for the past 25 years a right wing remnant well represented by Patrick J. Buchanan has been jumping up and down and screaming their heads off about all the things that are making the USA a shitty dystopia — namely, Invade the World, Invite the World, and persecute anyone who disagrees.  Because the Oligarchic Left persecuted the Populist Right into silence, everything bad that has happened since 1990 can rightly be blamed on the Left.  Had the Right not been persecuted, things could have been very different.  Unfortunately the Right’s intellectual and political leaders betrayed us from within.  The Jew Barry Goldwater became Mr. Right Wing, and then banned the Birchers, and we have been in political and intellectual exile in the USA ever since.
  3. The Left has created Idiocracy and Lazyocracy.  It all starts with moms putting their kids in front of TV and video games and feeding them junk food, and the American family in general accepting the poison of pop culture and pop food as normal.  It ends with grown men getting buried in Red Sox themed bariatric oversized caskets.
  4. I have observed many Chinese immigrants who live here, but do not consume pop culture or pop food, and stay thin and smart and solvent; in other words, healthy, wealthy and wise.  Simply by ignoring the pop culture — ignoring the TV shows, the movies, the sports teams, the video games, the Mcdonalds (they go to Chinese and other Asian restaurants).
  5. The door to the throne room was left open; that is, it will be very easy to penetrate the ruling elites and literally take over the world because of Idiocracy and Lazyocracy.   The chlidren of the ruling elites, along with most people, go degenerate.  The .001% who don’t go degenerate are destined to rule over everyone else.  How do we avoid going degenerate?  Fanatical hate for liberalism is the the righteous religion of the day.  Just the thought of beating back liberalism, smashing it, destroying it, is all the God I need.
  6. The great weakness of the ruling elite is SUCCESSION.  That is, their kids go degenerate; who do they recruit to run the world?  Let us make our children the ones they must recruit to inherit the governance of the planet.
  7. Collective homeschooling in a major city or a very wealthy town is how we breed and rear the ruling elite of 2060.
  8. The collective homeschooling group must focus on the following; entrepreneurialism/niche warfare for affordable family formation and financial independence, and raising children who are good at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and secondarily at arts such as music, dance, painting, drawing, as well as physical culture and martial arts.

That’s how we win.  It’s a lot of hard work, but absolutely doable.

It is very rewarding to have had a life without pop culture.  There is all this news about the “back to the future” movies.  I didn’t watch any of those movies.  I had already decided as a teenager that television was degenerate shit and I had no time for it.  Because I boycotted pop culture, I was able to become an intellectual athlete.  I was third in the class at the Defense Language Institute because I did 4 years of college Russian condensed into 2 years just before going to DLI.  I went everywhere with a backpack full of books.  I didn’t have a car between the ages of 23 and 28, and didn’t mind waiting in places, because I’d just pull out my book and read.

Because I don’t have the noise of pop culture constantly echoing in my head and influencing what I’ll even listen to or pay attention to, I pay attention to everything and anything that grabs my attention.  In 1995 I lived in a boarding house in Boston for 6 months (I regret ever leaving Boston).  There was a trust fund Irish/Jewish guy there who ended up stealing my identity and putting long distance on my phone and running up a huge bill.  He would watch TV, play video games, and smoke marijuana all day.   There was a Chinese artificial intelligence guy from MIT, and a Chinese physicist from Harvard, and the Chinese AI guy’s wife.

The Chinese guys would mock the trust fund guy watching movies and TV shows all day, asking “why you watch fiction?  it not real.”  I would agree with the Chinese guys, and the trust fund guy would act like I was some kind of race traitor for not defending his very American TV watching and video game playing habits.

We have to admit that we have something to learn from the steadfast and serious Chinese people. They are able to sustain a project for years.  We take stuff up, and quit.  That’s why we are an easy mark for the Eternal Jew.  We are like a young, exploitable people.  Asians and Jews are older peoples.

If we occupy and defend a large niche of wealth for our racial agenda, just as the Jews do, the Jews will back off and stop beating up on us.  And then we will be able to breathe again, and therefore we’ll be able to generate White culture again, not under Occupation or Exploitation or Brow-Beating.


About mindweapon

The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.

18 comments on “Mindweapon will be on TradYouth Radio this weekend; discussion topics

  1. Hipster Racist
    October 24, 2015

    You should take the opportunity to explain “White Nationalism 2.0” to them, since they are making the same “mistakes” the movement has made for decades, with their costumes, street theater, Nazi-esque armbands and “radical” rhetoric that hints at violence.

    At a time when Dr. Kevin MacDonald has given us a language to discuss Jewish power without resorting to the “classical anti-semitism” of the Protocols and “The International Jew,” this group is hell-bent on dragging us back to the ineffective past.

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  3. icareviews
    October 24, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Mindweapon returns to Aryan Skynet!


  4. icareviews
    October 24, 2015

    Any updates you can give us on the progress of your book?


  5. Adit
    October 25, 2015

    “If we occupy and defend a large niche of wealth for our racial agenda, just as the Jews do, the Jews will back off and stop beating up on us. And then we will be able to breathe again, and therefore we’ll be able to generate White culture again, not under Occupation or Exploitation or Brow-Beating.”

    They won’t back off, nor will they give you breathing room. This conflict has been ongoing for hundred, if not thousands of years, and now that they have us by the throat they won’t let up. They know that once White culture regenerates they’ll be in big big trouble. They’re afraid that this time we won’t quit and put a final end to this conflict. That is their biggest fear and that will indicate the proportion of their response.

    I am not disagreeing with what you recommend. I just don’t think it’s sufficient;it’s part of the solution but not all of it. WN 1.0 failed because it’s solution was only violence. Don’t make the same mistake but in the other direction. Never dismiss any tool, just use it in the proper time and place. If you don’t need it, great, but it should be in the toolbox just in case.


  6. Hipster Racist
    October 26, 2015

    Yep, anyway, I stand by my criticism of this group. I’m trying to find MW’s interview, but right now they are promoting Harold Covington of the North West Front – the very worst of the Costume Clown brigade.

    Parrott said he wants to create “radical subcultures.” Of course, that’s the very worst thing we could do – ghettoize the movement into “subcultures” that have outfits, costumes, crazy rhetoric, and alienate normal people.

    None of the people in TYN have the ability to create subcultures that are effective enough to do anything, so what it turns into is a dorky social club doing role play. Their pretense at being Orthodox Christians is offensive to actual Orthodox Christians too, which is why they were kicked out.

    Anyway, if anyone can turn there people around, it’s MW. Good luck.

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  7. Hipster Racist
    October 27, 2015

    Also, notice their co-promotion with … The Daily Stormer, a known troll site that even published the Jewish fake “neo-Nazi” discussed in the “Jewish Jihadis” thread.

    When I made the mistake of inviting that one poster who published all the gay porn, his article was linked by the Daily Stormer, and I took it off, because this isn’t a troll site.

    Those people are poison to any effective movement.

    Compare and contrast a site like The Daily Stormer with TRS is satire, and funny, and you can tell the audience gets the joke by the comments.

    Read the comments on The Daily Stormer – it’s a bunch of Internet Nazis, Costume Clowns, and trolls.

    I have a hard time believing that anyone is fooled by this stuff, and if they aren’t fooled, then …

    It is what it is.

    Don’t blame the messenger.

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    • icareviews
      October 27, 2015

      Trump! Trump! Trump! RRaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrrr!


      • Hipster Racist
        October 28, 2015

        RamZPaul has called out Robert Ransdell and DailyStormer (AND Harold Covington) – in his satirical way, suggesting both were “fake” – trolls – and counter-productive.

        Say what you will about RamZPaul, he’s hilarious, funny, EFFECTIVE, and in my opinion, is not easily fooled by bullshit artists.

        Matt Parrott, Matt Heimbach, and the Traditional Youth Network, constantly promote the Daily Stormer, Robert Ransdell, and Harold Covington/North West Front.

        I’m sorry – I’m just some guy, agree with me or disagree with me – Matt Parrott, Matt Heimbach, Robert Ransdell, Harold Covington/NWF – not to mention the other costume clowns like Alex Linder and Hal Turner – are so obviously fake, counter-productive, trollish, and in many other ways just pathetic jokes, that again – if you are promoting these people, I just don’t know what to say.

        Sure, in 1978, sure, I may have been suckered into some “radical” nonsense. In 2015? Really, what’s the excuse for playing along with obvious bullshit artists like Matt Parrott – you know, the guy that says he would rather the entire White race go extinct than legalize abortion among Black people?

        Please explain how the “Traditional Youth Network” (neither traditional, nor youth) and their “Avalonian Crusader” cringe-worthy nonsense is supposed to be “pro-White” in any significant way?

        Please explain how a bunch of blatant FRAUDS that have nothing to do with the real, actual Christian Orthodox church – remember, these people are actually asking for you to SEND MONEY NOW!!1 – are worthy of our support, or even attention?

        How can people not see these people are nothing but the internet version of Televangelists – and just as insincere – complete with the money grubbing?

        Come on.

        This is worse than Greg Johnson of Counter Currents telling us we should support the “My Little Pony” people – no, that’s not a joke, Greg Johnson of Counter Currents is writing serious articles about the My Little Pony “brony” people as if they are a serious “pro-white movement.”

        Good lord, grow the hell up, people.

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      • icareviews
        October 28, 2015

        Well, my view of some of these guys you mention isn’t as extreme as yours, but there are definitely problematic elements. I’m inclined to stop listening to somebody as soon as I hear words like “nigger-killing robots” come out of their mouths – or any other talk about violence or that could be construed as an incitement to commit heinous acts.

        Having said that, though, I don’t think The Daily Stormer is all bad. There’s some sloppy work over there, for sure, and gullibility with regard to the reality of events like Charlie Hebdo and the Trump candidacy; but there are also funny articles and some worthwhile information there. Believe it or not, I’ve learned a few things by checking out The Daily Stormer once in a while.

        If there’s anything positive to be said about that site and about Andrew Anglin, it’s that they offer a front of confidence coupled with irreverence.

        Where the Stormer troll crowd differs from the likes the Skokie marchers is in their utilization of humor and cartoons. It isn’t all gloom and doom, and it evinces a definite countercultural current of mischief that disaffected young men find appealing.

        I don’t happen to care to ape a uniformed fascist sensibility in my own internet activities – let alone in public – but I definitely think there’s value in playing the Nazi era and the “Holocaust” for laughs and destigmatizing a still highly charged and propagandized part of the European past, as Ram Z. Paul points out in his recent video. He mentions TRS, but The Daily Stormer has been serving a similar function – albeit, perhaps, with less self-consciousness.


      • Hipster Racist
        October 28, 2015

        The Daily Stormer published a guy named “Slay” who used a swastika and said that he wants to “exterminate all non-whites.” No, that wasn’t clever satire, that was literally a Jew whose other persona was being publicized by Rita Katz of SITE intelligence as a “prestigious online jihadi.” His script may as well have been written by the $PLC. – in fact it probably was.

        I’m fully aware that Andrew Anglin thinks of himself as a parodist, and he’s not a terrible writer. But just read the comments. I haven’t read over there in a year, but when I did, they had ongoing arguments between various people pretending to be either “Dual Seedline Christian Identity” vs. “Christian Israelite.” Neither of these groups of people actually subscribe to, or can even convincingly explain, these religious beliefs, but they can troll each other like experts.

        These are the types of people who post pictures of Jesus Christ with Adolph Hitler and say that Jews are the “children of the Devil.”

        I get it that teenage boys like to troll online. I get it that the Holocaust culture is ripe for mockery. But when groups take this sort of rhetoric seriously, then start doing street theater representing the “White Nationalist” movement – and even start asking for money? Now they have gone beyond teenage boys trolling online and have moved to actionable fraud and blatant agent provocateur behavior.

        I’ve been reading Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach for over five years. They are two of the most insincere people I’ve ever read. They literally dress up in various costumes, do Live Action Role Playing, change their “sincere religious beliefs” as often as they change their underpants, and are essentially nothing but an on-demand clown show that the local news can call up when they want to mock anything pro-White. I have no doubt that Mark Potok has these people on speed dial.

        The best thing they could do for the movement is to go home.

        I mean, really, just imagine this scene. Some White college kid, sick of the “social justice warriors” and their overt anti-white hostility, wants to join the local “White Student Union.”

        Does he find a serious analysis of anti-white bigotry? Affirmative action? Institutionalized anti-white ideology on campus?

        Nah. He’ll find people playing dress up with Nazi armbands, playing Dungeons and Dragons “Avalonian Crusader Knights,” harassing liberal White women while waving around crosses, nutty crap from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, completely insincere religious fanaticism, a pretense of political radicalism where he’ll have people telling him “death to America” and how they want to reinstitute a … monarchy … and generally people taking online trolling offline.

        This is basically a theater troupe for painfully nerdy men. Its effect – and probably its purpose if you can be honest with yourself – is to drive people away from anything pro-White.

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      • icareviews
        October 28, 2015

        I don’t know enough about Heimbach or Parrott to comment on them, and I’ve never paid much attention to the comments sections at the Daily Stormer; but I certainly have no use for the sorts of behaviors and “Christian Identity” beliefs you describe.


  8. Adit
    October 28, 2015

    I’ve been watching the whole WN scene for some time and so far I have only seen one ‘group'( and I use that term loosely) that has actually accomplished anything at all and that is Whittaker and his Bugsters. They are the only people who have made any progress in the propaganda war being waged against Whites. That’s something at least. Everything else done in the past 50 years has failed miserably, and I don’t think we can afford even another 10 years of no/little progress being made. The only real hope I see on the horizon is that the ‘elites’ screw up big somehow. I no longer expect the WN movement ( whatever Version number) to accomplish enough to change anything. More and more, I get a feeling the answer will come from outside this ‘movement.’

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    • Hipster Racist
      October 28, 2015


      I absolutely agree, the only “group” that amounts to anything useful at all is Bob Whitaker and the BUGsters.

      There are plenty of good writers, but as far as “activism” it’s pretty much Whitaker and the Mantra folks and no one else.


  9. thrasymachus33308
    October 30, 2015

    The people you are talking about are using the mass politics model of organization, consciousness raising, and mass protest. This isn’t real, never was real, and has never been anything but a put-on by progressives. It works for the left because TPTB want it to work, and if you aren’t observant you may thing these techniques will work for other political causes too.


    • Hipster Racist
      October 30, 2015

      But they aren’t even “mass” – it’s the opposite, their whole shtick is subculturalism. They’ve openly said it, they want to develop “radical subcultures.”

      You can see it in their completely fake pose as “orthodox Christians.” The real, actual, Orthodox Christian Church is an institution – it’s one of the things that sets it apart from Protestantism.

      They got thrown out of the orthodox Church they were attending because the church – completely rightly – knew they were faking it and using the orthodox Church as a prop in their theater act.

      Mass politics, as ineffective as it may be at this point, would be a step up from what they are doing.


      • mindweapon
        October 30, 2015

        Well, Parrott is an old friend of mine and I think they are sincerely Orthodox and the church was wrong to excommunicate them.


      • Hipster Racist
        October 30, 2015

        Hey MindWeapon:

        Let me guess: Matt Parrott, out of the blue, emailed you recently to do something on TYN, right?

        Out of the blue, right? You haven’t been active in quite a while and all of a sudden, within the last few weeks, Parrott – your old pal – surprises you with an email and an invite, right?

        I don’t think the timing is coincidental, of course.


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