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Larry’s Lucky Streak Strikes Back

Seeking justice: Larry Silverstein

Seeking justice through the courts: Larry Silverstein

New York real estate magazine The Real Deal’s ZOG Overlords Bureau Poor Little Jews Dept. reports the latest on courageous World Trade Center proprietor Larry Silverstein’s continuing struggle for justice and reparations in secret Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s Israel-hating America:

The 14th anniversary of Sept. 11 is just behind us, but much still lies ahead in Larry Silverstein’s legal fight for compensation.

A three-judge Second Circuit Court panel reversed a previous judgement that would have limited Silverstein’s possible reward to $2.8 billion, rather than the $3.5 billion he sought in his action against U.S. Airways [i.e., American Airlines].

The panel ruled that a lower court had miscalculated the decline in the World Trade Center’s value, and had used the wrong interest rate, the federal funds rate rather than the state rate. The court also refused to revive Silverstein’s claims against United Airlines, which co-operated the security checkpoint through which the 9/11 terrorists passed, Courthouse News reported.

Silverstein purchased the leases on the World Trade Center just six weeks before the attacks. He’s already received $4.6 billion in compensation from insurance companies, back in 2007.

“Where my reparations be at, Nazis?”

Reuters fills in the details on this correction of the injustice done to Mr. Silverstein:

Thursday’s decision by a three-judge panel clears the way for Silverstein and his World Trade Center Properties LLC to seek more damages from United Continental Holdings Inc, American Airlines Group Inc, and dozens of financial, real estate and security companies.

Silverstein wants those defendants held responsible for their alleged negligence in failing to prevent the destruction of the Twin Towers by hijacked United and American planes.

Judge Debra Ann Livingston

Debra Ann Livingston

In a 70-page decision for the appeals court, Circuit Judge Debra Ann Livingston said the loss on Silverstein’s lease should reflect “pre- and post-attack market values, with the post-attack values measured as if the leased buildings were not reconstructed.”

She also directed U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, who oversees much of the Sept. 11 litigation and determined the $2.805 billion loss, to award Silverstein a higher rate of interest. […]

“Today’s decision re-opens the door for a jury to determine the extent of the airlines’ and security companies’ responsibility for their negligent actions on 9/11,” a spokesman for the developer said. “The American public deserves a full and fair accounting.”

Judge Livingston also opined that “United was not responsible for the destruction of 7 World Trade Center in the Sept. 11 attacks, because it was caused by the American flight.”

Her Honor, described as a “Giuliani Republican”, “tough on terrorism”, and “supportive” of the George W. Bush Administration, was a 2007 Bush appointee to the Second Circuit.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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18 comments on “Larry’s Lucky Streak Strikes Back

  1. icareviews
    October 8, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.

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  2. icareviews
    October 8, 2015

    Aryan Skynet exclusive! Rare footage of former Runway 69 landlord Larry Silverstein prepping the floor show for the opening of his latest New York attraction:

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  3. indravaruna
    October 8, 2015

    The only hope is Putin to defeat the Jewmerican Empire.

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    • icareviews
      October 8, 2015

      I’d like to live to see them start having trouble in America, too, but that doesn’t look likely to happen anytime soon.

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      • Hipster Racist
        October 9, 2015

        We’ve reached “Peak Kosher.” If the last century was “the Jewish Century” as the famous book calls it, the 21st won’t be. The usury system is being challenged by technology, as is traditional mass media. Plus, the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine has spent whatever “moral capital” was left over from persecution in World War II.

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  4. victoryintruth
    October 9, 2015

    Such a steaming pile with good ole Larry at the bottom, producing it all.

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  6. Hipster Racist
    October 9, 2015

    Another thing this shows is the power of judges – an oft overlooked aspect of state power in America.

    You never see judges on TV unless there is some sort of celebrity trial. Judges are either appointed or elected for life. I’m guessing 99% of people don’t know the names of any judges in their state, including their state Supreme Court, and likely at best one US Supreme Court justice. They have extraordinary power that is generally unaccountable except to judges higher up the hierarchy. The English language and the law are ambiguous enough that judges essentially make up the law as they go along.

    Hellerstein, who was responsible for virtually all of the 9/11 cases, just waited them out. Most of the victim’s families were paid off, the ones that didn’t take the payoffs (like Ellen Mariani) were accused of “anti-semitism” if they noticed how Hellerstein’s son was working for the IDF. The real trouble makers, like Beverly Eckert, wound up dead when her plane crashed after a meeting with Obama demanding trials for the purported terrorists locked up in Gitmo. In some cases in took them a decade, but they just waited it out until the last people with standing to sue gave up.

    I like to point out that 9/11 started the modern era – the entire nature of our government changed. The intelligence agencies were all reorganized under the new Department of Homeland Security. The US Empire basically came out of the closet and the term “US imperialism” was no longer used by just “conspiracy theorists.”

    Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, Egypt, ISIS, now Assad in Syria, all of these conflicts are a direct result of 9/11. In fact, the only way that Obama is different than Bush is his escalation of conflict with Russia; Bush and Putin generally treated each other with benign neglect.

    Not only that, we have the brother of George W. Bush running for President and his main rival is Donald Trump, who represents the New York City power block in US politics – heavily invested in Israel, of course. So you have the Arabist family, Bush, against the Zionist power brokers in NYC. You’re going to tell me that 9/11 isn’t relevant anymore? 9/11 was simply the opening act. The cover-up is ongoing, the taboo remains in force, at least officially. Some local politician was recently forced to drop out of the race when they found out he was a “truther” – even that basketball player had to apologize for a “truther meme” on his Facebook page.

    The perps are still alive, still in power, and still exacting punishment – social, legal, and sometimes physical – on those who notice.

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    • indravaruna
      October 10, 2015

      I think only H. W. Bush was a real arabist, one of the reason why he lost the re-election because he wanted to diminish the role of israel in the US Foreign Policy and the jewish Media agressively promoted Perot and Clinton, the Clinton Administration was loaded with jews in top jobs, there is a story about Clinton and Netanyahu first meeting with Netanyahu bossing Clinton around ending with Bill screaming full of anger toward Nutty, without mention the Lewinsky Affair.

      Jeb! is one of the founders of the PNAC, Jeb was supposed to be the President before Dubya but things went differently.

      Trump is sort of a mystery, the Neocon establishment seems to hate him and Trump is shitting in good part of their Agenda but he have some obvious jewish/israeli connections.

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      • icareviews
        October 10, 2015
      • Hipster Racist
        October 10, 2015

        Trump is sort of a mystery, the Neocon establishment seems to hate him a

        Trump is a neo-con and has the support of the neo-cons.

        Jeb Bush has already been called “anti-Israel” for some minor thing he said recently.

        After George W. Bush’s presidency was over, it was admitted that the “distance” between himself and his father was for show; the two, and presumably Jeb, were in constant contact. The neo-cons in the George W. Bush administration had enough muscle to quite often able to overpower W. You can see this especially in the Iraq Study Group report, which was the Bush family – led by long time Bush family consigliere James “Fuck the Jews, they never vote for us anyway” Baker – push back against the neo-cons.

        You see the same crypto-war with the CIA’s “Office of Strategic Plans” which was a neo-con mole operation in the CIA that faked the Iraqi WMD hoax and the outing of Valerie Plame.

        There was a barely concealed crypto-war between the Jew neo-cons and the Bush/GOP “realist” faction for most of Bush’s presidency. True, the younger Bushes saw what happened to Bush Sr. and did their best to partner with the neo-cons, court the Jewvangelicals and Zionists, but the neo-cons clearly won. The Bush legacy in shambles, Obama – the anti-Bush – won two terms – and now Jeb Bush is being trounced by a reality TV actor with a Jewish family who openly courts Netanyahu.

        Of course, just because I’m quite skeptical of Jewish power doesn’t mean that I love the Bush family.

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      • indravaruna
        October 10, 2015

        “There was a barely concealed crypto-war between the Jew neo-cons and the Bush/GOP “realist” faction for most of Bush’s presidency.”

        The neocons pushed for a War with Iran and Syria but W. resisted, he also didn’t escalate the situation with Russia during the very short Georgian War, the Georgian Minister of Defense had double nationality, Georgian-Israeli! President Saakshvilli went to NYC after running away from Georgia and now is the Governor of Odessa in Ukraine!

        All the Neocon moves are made to provoke Russia and Putin, I think they see him as the new Czar and they wish to overthrow him like their grandparents did to the last Czar.

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    • victoryintruth
      October 10, 2015

      Actually, the judges make up “law” as they go along, as you said, because our common law courts were taken over and they have been using Equity/Maritime/Admiralty law against us, the People, ever since. There is absolutely no justice in these courts and they are wholly corrupt. That’s why I am part of National Liberty Alliance, a grassroots assembly that’s working to bring back our common law to OUR courts. The people need their power, authority, and voices back and we need mercy, truth and justice restored.

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  7. sonofeurope
    October 12, 2015

    That poor man! When will people stop persecuting those oppressed victims?
    I’m ashamed to be an American.

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