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Wag The Wog


A political fixer, BREAN is pitching a Hollywood producer, MOSS.

MOSS: They gotta know at some point.


MOSS: Who? The, uh, you know, the public.

BREAN: They gotta know? Stan, get with it. Who killed Kennedy? I read the first draft of the Warren Report, says he was killed by a drunk driver. You watched the Gulf War, what do you see day after day? The one smart bomb falling down a chimney. The truth? I was in the building when we shot that shot, we shot it a studio in Fall’s Church, Virginia, one tenth scale model of a building.

MOSS: Is that true?

BREAN: How the fuck do we know? You take my point?

MOSS: Yes. Okay, and you want me to do what?

BREAN: We want you to produce.

MOSS: You want me to produce your war?

BREAN: It’s not a war, it’s a pageant. We need a theme, a song, some visuals, We need, you know, it’s a pageant.


A political rally. Presidential candidate TRUMP is taking questions from an audience member, BILL FROM WHITE PLAINS

TRUMP: We’re going to have some fun now, because instead of making a speech that I’ve been doing over and over and over, I want to take questions. We like that, right? Alright let’s start with this group over here. OK, this man, I like this guy.

BILL FROM WHITE PLAINS: I’m Bill from White Plains. Hey man, ok? We’ve got a problem in this country. It’s called Sudanese. We know our current President is one. You know he’s not even an American. Birth certificate, man.

TRUMP: We need this question. But is has to be the first question? (laugh and shrug shoulders.)


BREAN and MOSS watching rally on TV, BREAN has his phone to his ear

MOSS: How close are you to this thing?

BREAN: What do you want him to say?

MOSS: Have him say, “we have training camps in this country and they want to kill us.”


BILL FROM WHITE PLAINS: But anyway, we have training camps, growing, where they want to kill us. That’s my question, when can we get rid of them?

TRUMP: We’re going to look at a lot of different things, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.


MOSS: Why Sudan? They got to have something that we want. What do we have that they want?

BREAN: Uh, freedom?

MOSS: Well why would they want that?

BREAN: Well, uh, they’re oppressed?

BREAN: No, no, no. Fuck Freedom. No. Fuck Freedom. They…. They Want… They Want To Destroy the Godless Satan of the United States… They want to destroy our Way of Life.

MOSS: Okay, okay, okay, could we … okay… the President is in Saudi Arabia. He is dealing with a Dispatch of the B-2 Bomber to Sudan. Why?

BREAN: Well, uh? Geopolitically … I mean, that’s why we came to you!

MOSS:We’ve just found out They Have the Bomb. We’ve Just Found Out They Have The Bomb, aaaand… No, No wait a second, no, no, wait a second, No. The Bomb’s not… it’s not there — because they’d have to have a rocket and that shit and they’re a buncha wogs …

BREAN: Uh, well …

MOSS: Wait! It’s a suitcase bomb. It’s a suitcase bomb! I didn’t even know I said that. It’s a suitcase bomb, and it’s …. in Texas! Sudanese Terrorists have placed a suitcase bomb with an immigrant kid in Texas.


Close up on TV News broadcast

NEWS ANCHOR: This is headline news. Teachers at the Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas, had police arrest a 14-year-old student named Ahmed Mohamed for bringing to school an electronics device he claimed was a digital clock, but teachers said looked like a bomb. Police escorted Mohamed out of school in handcuffs – photos of the arrest show him wearing a NASA T-shirt – and accused him of trying to build a bomb.

Hoax or hate? Headline News investigates after the break!




6 comments on “Wag The Wog

  1. indravaruna
    September 23, 2015

    ‘Wag The Wog’ is a perfect term to describe how the Coloreds are used in psy-ops, strategy of tension operations by the Western Goverments: #Blackslivematters, the riots in the US and Europe, the FBI planned terrorist stings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. icareviews
    September 23, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Hipster Racist adapts the epochal movie Wag the Dog for today’s array of dumbass shit in the news.


  3. icareviews
    September 23, 2015

    That Andy Dick sketch is hilarious.


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  5. icareviews
    October 3, 2015

    [An anonymous 4chan post]

    I’ve made a huge fucking mistake, /pol/. I’ve been spending the day volunteering at at Trump event in Tennessee along with his strongest supporters.

    I liked Trump because he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth and was a refreshing voice in politics.

    His supporters are entirely old white people. They’re clueless about politics. The only discussions they’re having are about his reality shows that I’ve never seen. I’d say 80% of them are only supporting him because they don’t like Mexicans. That’s fine, but there’s no substance whatsoever.

    His campaign staff give off the vibe that it’s all a big joke and they’re in on it. Not taking anything seriously. They’re all public relations, marketing, and legal folks. No policy people at all. Nothing about his campaign disproves the “meme candidate” criticism.

    I’m not making this to change your mind, but rather to encourage you to do some research and attend a Trump volunteer event (not a rally) if you’re a serious supporter.

    Liked by 1 person

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