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Underground Lizard People

Browsing weird movies to watch after work, how could an anti-Semite’s attention not immediately be seized by the provocative title Underground Lizard People? “Great Scott! Did some courageous anti-Zionist Jew filmmaker and David Icke fan detonate a reality bomb about our reptilian overlords in 2011, mind you, and four years somehow went by before I even received notice of this?” Based on “eyewitness accounts”, writer-director Jared Cohn’s Underground Lizard People opens with the following chilling disclaimer:

If some of the interviews in this film are to be believed, the human race is in great danger. We need to let the world know what is happening underground before it is too late for all of us.

The burning question, of course is this: is Underground Lizard People an examination of the World’s Foremost Problem, i.e., the Jewish Question? The elements of the movie suggestive of Jewish subtext are understated, but most definitely present. This mysterious race, the movie reveals, is “a violent creature – half-lizard and half-human – that is reported to have now migrated all over the world, numbering in the millions, causing death and destruction in its path”, but headquartered beneath the surface of America’s entertainment capital in the abandoned Banning Tunnels, which give off an odor of “waste”.

A set of “tablets” is alleged to preserve something of the history of these “highly advanced, very smart lizard people” – tablets also holding a certain well-known appeal to the Chosen in addition to figuring into David Icke’s reptilian mythos. Executive Producer Ron Dubey, who appears onscreen as one of the expert interviewees, mentions that the creatures “feel threatened according to certain reports and they’re now taking it out on people above the surface” – a theme reinforced by a scene in which blond, blue-eyed documentarian Jason (Clint Byrne) stages an anti-lizard pogrom of sorts. There is, as well, an artist’s rendering of one underground lizard person having an unusually large proboscis, plus another briefly glimpsed drawing of three people being crucified by the creatures.

Jared Cohn and family

Jared Cohn and family

But seriously, folks . . . this is just another example of a Jew, Jared Cohn in this case, who considers himself a comedic genius for mocking “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories”. Unfortunately, such is the damage done by infiltrators like Icke to the reputations of those who promote the truth that any number of viewers would probably let themselves be deluded into believing that Underground Lizard People constitutes a brilliant satirical skewering of Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, or anybody else who articulately examines Jewish subversion and – yes, people – Jewish conspiracies. “What’s that? You’re not interested in super-sizing that side order of ZOG with your kosher Western McCivilization? Oh, I get it – you must be one of those tinfoil tricorn militia survivalists who think the Jewish state is Space Lizard Command.”

“Going to court is costly, even for a man who seems to believe the world we live in is, in fact, a hologram,” quips Will Banyan with reference to Icke’s litigation against erstwhile collaborator Royal Adams. Banyan, in his must-read Paranoia Magazine investigation of the new age dragon slayer’s financial support (“The Tangled Web Icke Weaves”), next proceeds to reveal the following:

In February 2007, Icke’s fundraising took an interesting turn with an announcement titled: “The Freedom Foundation: Funding the Truth Instead of the System.” Icke’s website gave U.S. citizens the opportunity to make a “charitable” tax-deductible donation to Icke’s Freedom Foundation through the International Humanities Center (IHC). The donee was offered the chance to, “support someone working full-time for up to 12 hours a day to expose those behind the global conspiracy to enslave us all.”

Tax-exempt foundations were first identified as a tool of New World Order conspirators back in the 1950s by the Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations (Reece Committee). […]


Icke, though, appears to have given the IHC his seal of approval. Given his record of opposing the Illuminati, most supporters would be confident that the IHC meets David Icke’s exacting standards. Nevertheless, in lieu of any detailed explanation from Icke assuring us of its suitability, it is surely prudent to ask some questions about the IHC. […]

Looking closer, one discovers a few interesting facts that should have piqued the interest of an analyst of Icke’s calibre. The IHC’s Financial Director, Catherine Carroll, was a co-founding director of the Renaissance Foundation, a “leadership organisation,” according to its website. One of its sub-programs is the “Renaissance Women” a group “whose goal is to give women an alternative voice from radical feminism.” Back in 2000 this was realised as “support for George W. Bush,” though we were assured this support was not given as a collective, but as “individuals” (WorldNetDaily, Aug. 2, 2000).

Board member Katherine O’Flahtery was once a trouble-shooter for Wal-Mart logistics. The IHC Operations Director, Dave Sanders, before going green fifteen years ago, spent seventeen years as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Defense and GE-Nuclear. IHC Executive Director Steve Sugarman, a professional psychologist, was a former Executive Director of the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), Co-Founder of the Bolsa Chica Stewardship Group, and author of The Blueprint for Planetary Evolution. […]


As for the SEE [Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs], which granted the IHC $338,689 in 2003 and $143,568 in 2004, where its funds ultimately come from is unknown, and few of its member groups bother to include details of their sponsors. However, among the plethora of seemingly fringe environmental and social justice projects it counts as members, the SEE provides support to groups with strong Establishment connections.

Consider the Truman Security Forum (TSF), an organisation that describes itself as a “non-partisan, national security institute dedicated to creating a strong principled alternative to conservative national security policies.” The Executive Director of the TSF is Rachel Kleinfeld, a Rhodes scholar and former consultant to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and member of the Board of Trustees of the Blue Fund, a body dedicated to securing corporate support for the Democrats. On the TSF’s seven-member Board of Advisers we find former Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) President Leslie Gelb, former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, and former Secretary of Defense, William Perry.

As for the Rockefeller connection, it appears to have jumped the SEE and landed in the IHC. In its 990 form for 2005, the innocuous Philanthropic Collaborative (New York) is identified as donating $40,000 to the IHC. A search on the internet reveals the Philanthropic Collaborative to be an offshoot of Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisers, itself a non-profit offshoot of Rockefeller Financial Services (Strom 2002). Established in 2002, Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisers (on its board: Clayton Rockefeller, Sharon P. Rockefeller and Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr.) created the Philanthropic Collaborative so its clients can “make gifts inside and outside the United States, participate in funding consortia, and operate non-profit initiatives.”

Icke has previously denounced the Rockefeller family as “reptilian full-bloods” (Icke, 1999, 45) and the “bloodline branch managers in America … who, quite provably, decide who is going to be President” (ibid, 190). Icke is also on record describing the Rockefeller Foundation as a “tax-exempt New World Order front” (Icke, 1997, 133), as well as claiming that it set CIA policy (ibid, 285), and has funded research into computers that can control the human mind (ibid, 374). Icke warned that the Rockefeller Foundation is part of an “endless web of interconnecting groups” that interlocks with the Illuminati and other sinister organisations (1999, 263). In fact, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund and the Rockefeller-connected Mellon Foundations “poured millions into the environmental campaigns and pressure groups” to create the modern green movement (Icke, 1997, 243).

According to Icke, Rhodes Scholars, such as Kleinfeld, are “selected by the Brotherhood,” in accordance with their “genetic history,” to be “indoctrinated into the ‘world government’ Agenda.” Icke notes that most Rhodes Scholars “return to their own countries and enter positions of overt or covert power” (Icke, 1999, 218). TSF Advisor Madeleine Albright is a “Brotherhood initiate” and the “High Priestess of U.S. politics” who “knows about the U.S. government mind-controlled slaves and supports that policy” (Icke, 1999, 340). Her colleague, Leslie Gelb, is easily condemned given that the CFR controls U.S. foreign policy, and its goal is “to introduce world government” (Icke, 1997, 85). Secretary of Defense, William Perry, whom Icke identifies as a Bilderberger (Icke, 1999, 267), belongs to a secretive organisation that is part of “a highly effective network of manipulation which comprises a very significant element of the secret government of the world” (Icke, 1997, 138). […]

Another donor of interest on the IHC’s 990 Form for 2005 is the Tides Foundation, which donated $55,000. […]

Any reader of David Icke’s books would know the origins of the Tides Foundation’s money alone would make it a suspect institution. Most of these foundations, claims Icke, form part of the “network of so-called tax-exempt foundations started by the Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford families, which help to fund the New World Order plan” (Icke, 1997, 67). To make matters more interesting, sitting on the Tides Foundation’s Board of Directors is [Jewish gangster dynasty heiress] Joanie Bronfman.

Joanie Bronfman

Bronfman is described in glowing terms on the Tides website and in its Annual Reports as a “long-time advocate for social justice and donor activism.” Bronfman has been identified by various sources as an “heiress to the Seagram whiskey fortune” (Noah 2001) and as a member of the “Old Money … Bronfman family” (Marcus, 1989, 266). A professional “wealth counsellor,” Joanie Bronfman has established herself as an expert helping the rich overcome the malicious social practice of “wealthism.” She explained this hitherto undiagnosed condition her 1987 PhD thesis, The Experience of Inherited Wealth: A Social-Psychological Perspective: “Wealthism includes those actions or attitudes that dehumanize or objectify wealthy people, simply because they are wealthy. The main attitudes of wealthism are envy, awe and resentment. . . . Wealthism differs from the other ‘isms’ in that racism and sexism are perpetrated by those who have power, whereas wealthism is directed at those who have power.”

Bronfman has devoted a lot of time to convincing the wealthy that being rich can be positive experience. The Tides Foundation website notes that Joanie Bronfman had previously “served on the boards of Tides Canada and the Threshold Foundation, where she was a founder of Threshold’s Social Justice Committee.” Tides Canada has made its contribution to our future by distributing copies of Al Gore’s doom-laden presentation on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, to schools in Canada.

All of this would seem to be a trivial matter, except that David Icke has repeatedly attacked the Bronfman family of Canada, the founders of the same Seagrams liquor company, as respectively: an “underworld family” (Icke 1997, 290); “a reptilian bloodline and very close to the Rothschilds” (Icke, 2001, 387); one of the Illuminati’s “key bloodlines” (Icke, 2001, 410); and as the “Illuminati Bronfman family” (Icke, 2003, 411). More significantly Icke has claimed that it was “the Bronfmans, through various front organizations and stooges,” who were behind a global campaign to suppress his books and speaking tours (Icke 2001, 387). But now he has teamed up with an organization that receives money from a foundation with a Bronfman on its board.

An audience poll at Victor Thorn’s old WingTV had David Icke show up at number eight in a list of the top ten government plants and shills active in the post-9/11 alternative media. Only number eight? Listen to the following interview of Icke by faux populist and comedian Russell Brand and take notice of how, with the host’s assistance, the lizard slayer comfortably segues from 9/11 truth into the existence of UFOs and “non-human intervention in life on earth”:

If nothing else, the reptilian theory has furnished a tongue-in-cheek lingo to Twitterites like Brooks Bayne and Aryan Skynet’s own Don Logan; but, in all seriousness, David Icke has done untold damage to the reputation of alternative news and opinion. As for Jared Cohn, his movie is just the zillionth iteration of the documentary film-within-a-film horror gooferama so ubiquitous to the twenty-first century and fit only for those who find the brilliance in scenes of ditzy women delivering lines like “Oh my fucking God! That’s it. I’m out of here!” He gives his ultimate game away, however, by casting himself in the dual role of documentarian and crypto-lizard predator Chip – who, true to his name, sports one on his shoulder as he casually dispatches his victims in violent acts of imaginary ethnic redress.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook

P.S. – Anybody who, for whatever sad reason, still thinks Alex Jones has the least scrap of credibility as a truth seeker is advised to watch this video.


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Author, Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies

10 comments on “Don’t Waste Your Time

  1. icareviews
    September 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Icke am the Lizard King. Icke can Jew anything.


  2. Hipster Racist
    September 20, 2015

    David Icke was once denied a visa to enter Canada on the grounds that “lizard people” was just a code for “Jews” and that his “conspiracy theories” are “anti-semitic.” So apparently the connection has always been there, associating even noticing Jewish power with stuff about Lizard Men.

    Really, this is the oldest trick in the book, you take a controversial idea and pair it with something ridiculous. In fact,that’s why I use the handle “hipster racist” – take a scary word “racist” and pair it with a joke word like “hipster” – doesn’t seem so scary anymore, now does it? I don’t know what the idiots were thinking when they tried to make “hipster racism” a real thing.

    As a long time observer of the 9/11 truth movement, I’ve seen this in action for years. When the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth group was first started by very serious and respectable people, who had actual physical evidence of various incendiaries and explosives used to demolish the WTC buildings, they were immediately shouted down by partisans of a very strange woman named Judith Woods, a teaching professor at Clemson University.

    Judith Woods wrote this long book explaining that Bush did 9/11 and that he used a “Space Beam” or a “Directed Energy Weapon” to “dustify” the buildings. Now five minutes reading this book is enough to know it’s just a long string of gibberish, logical fallacies, and science fiction.

    But on every single website on the entire internet, from mainstream sites like CNN, to the most obscure troll forum, any time 9/11 was discussed and any time the AE911Truth group’s evidence and findings were mentioned, the place was swamped with Judith Wood spammers talking about “space beams” and “dustification.”

    Thanks to the Snowden leaks, we have pretty definitive proof that the NSA – yes, the National Security Administration – has a full time, online trolling campaign using tactics straight out of 4chan – to distract from NSA’s scandals and to attack any NSA critics.

    There has been some very comprehensive sociology research about how people process information online. It was found that when presented with an idea, the most effective tactic for getting people to reject the idea is to attack the messenger using profanity.

    So if I were to say, “Jews in America are very powerful and they are hostile to the traditional people of America” the best way to keep people from agreeing with that idea is to immediately respond, “Hipster Racist is a *fucking* moron conspiracy theorist.” The profanity has a measurable effect on getting people to reject the message.

    The Edward Snowden leaks are well worth reading – the NSA has internet trolling down to a scientifically calibrated technology.

    Frankly, they make the Hasbara look like amateurs – even regular people are noticing the Hasbara talking points as they have becoming so predictable. “Poor Jews, poor Israel, you’re just jealous because we are so wonderful, haters!” Etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icareviews
      September 20, 2015

      The Judy Wood stuff is all over the place. Disappointingly, Willis Carto’s American Free Press even devoted a page to coverage of a Wood lecture a few months ago. But no mention of Bollyn’s speaking tour. Sometimes I’ve started watching 9/11 videos that seem sensible at first, but then they name-drop Wood and render the whole thing worthless. One of her minions on YouTube is this woman named Betsy McGee who talks in this throaty, sexy voice and has fairly polished production values on her little uploads; but the content, if you listen to what she’s saying, is garbage. She made one of the most idiotic 9/11 videos ever, in which she claims the old film noir classic Double Indemnity has 9/11 clues in it – back before the buildings were even erected! Anyway, she’s sufficiently semi-professional that it wouldn’t at all surprise me if some Jewish organization is slipping her a little extra dough for promoting this garbage.


    • icareviews
      September 20, 2015

      “It was found that when presented with an idea, the most effective tactic for getting people to reject the idea is to attack the messenger using profanity.”

      Case in point. This is the response I got to sharing your “Reality TV” post with someone earlier today. The hostile reaction got three likes from supposed reactionaries or white nationalists:


  3. Hipster Racist
    September 20, 2015

    You find the same thing when dealing with the Jewish problem – enter the “neo-Nazis.”

    Alex Linder of VNNForum has made it a litmus test – if you won’t say you want to literally physically exterminate every Jew in the world, you aren’t “serious” about the Jewish problem.

    That idiot Jim Giles – you know, the roid rager with the radio show that likes to scream and yell Alex Jones style about “niggers” and “kikes” – had Alex Linder and Hunter Wallace on once. Linder spent the entire time trying to get Hunter Wallace to say that he would literally shoot a Jewish baby with a gun. Wallace, to his credit, just said that Alex Linder is sick and twisted man and refused to play along.

    But if you will notice, the entire “neo-Nazi” “movement” is completely fake – when it’s not run by literal Jews playing dress-up, it’s run by obvious phonies like Alex Linder. Like the infamous Hal Turner who was actually getting checks from the FBI, the purpose is to get people angry, riled up, and discussing violence. In fact, every single “terrorist plot” stopped by the FBI during the Bush administration was, in fact, set up by FBI informants themselves. One particular case had an FBI informant latch on to two mentally retarded black men, coach them into talking about violence on tape, give them a fake bomb, put the fake bomb in their car, and drive them to some place where the FBI was waiting.

    It’s like in Charlie Brown, no matter how many times Lucy pulls the football away, Charlie Brown always thinks “this time” she won’t do it.

    These tactics are so common, so obvious, and so predictable I don’t understand why people keep falling for them.

    It’s like the Westboro Baptist Church – did anyone really believe that this was a sincere group of people actually concerned with stopping gay marriage? By protesting at the funerals of US soldiers killed in Iraq, waving signs saying “God hates fags?” How stupid do you have to be?

    I’ve also watched this in action at Kevin MacDonald’s site, TheOccidentalObserver. There was this one commenter named “Mark” that would actually encourage people to “burn down forests” – that’s a direct quote – in order to bring down “ZOG” and start a civil war. On RADIX Journal, you have constant commenter Laguna Beach Fogey, who praises every shooting and all but directly encourages people to literally murder non-whites, all the while posting non-stop about the Coming White Military Coup and the like.

    Sure, some of it may be just teenage boys playing Rambo, but some of this is, no doubt, actual black propaganda trying to disrupt the emerging online consensus about racial reality.

    Just read the Edward Snowden leaks – it’s all detailed in a very nice Power Point presentation!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. weeedwacker
    September 20, 2015

    I always thought that lizard stuff was a joke, but I just looked at youtube and they have tons of videos about it.
    Apparently it takes no small deal of effort for them to maintain their human facade and, from time to time, they slip back into their lizard appearance.
    They have dozens of videos documenting these purported slips. I’d have just assumed they were glitches in the videotape or the recording process, but thank goodness for youtube.
    A while back some digital photos of e came out disturbingly distorted so now I’m worried.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icareviews
      September 20, 2015

      Too bad none of these shapeshifters are ever obliging or careless enough to transform into their lizard form in close-up. It’s always a blurry image of somebody in the distance. If Jews are shapeshifting lizards who can just change their appearance at will, though, I have to wonder why Joan Rivers needed to have all that plastic surgery.

      Liked by 2 people

      • weeedwacker
        September 22, 2015

        She was an old wrinkly lizard lady and the thought that her days of being a sleek, slithery, rapacious reptile were behind her was more than she could bear.
        Anyway, yeah, that’s a good question. And why do Hollywood make up artists get paid so much if they are not needed?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. indravaruna
    September 21, 2015

    Like Hipster said the “Reptilians” are obvious code word for jews, Canada has become the perfect Zionist Marxist Multicultural outpost of the Anglo-Judeo Empire, I hope Quebec gets its independence.

    Someone I know who read all Icke books said that Icke came with the “Reptilian” stuff in the 90s because he was getting heat from Organized Jewry.

    The problem with mass media cannot be overstated: super-hero comics, newspapers, TV, Hollywood are all firmly in jewish hands, the gentiles that work in these industries know that they’re working for jews.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Don Logan
    September 25, 2015

    I’ve followed Linder on Twitter for a while. He’s quite well-read, witty, and makes many good points. I don’t think he’s paid by the FBI or ADL like Hal Turner was. I’ll admit the possibility exists though. My own take is that the guy just has an extremely iconoclastic personality and revels in edginess. At the end of the day though, his antics have the same effect whether he’s a paid wrecker or acting totally autonomously.

    Liked by 1 person

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