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Jewish Jihadis

You can’t make this stuff up.

A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.

Joshua Goldberg, ISIS Terrorist

Joshua Goldberg, ISIS Terrorist

Wait, there’s more! He was also a “neo-Nazi White Supremacist” and even published at The Daily Stormer.

You may remember that the Daily Stormer published several articles by a user using the alias ‘Michael Slay’ earlier this year. ‘Slay’ had been active on various pro-White Reddits, was clearly intelligent and a skilled writer. He contacted me asked if he could submit articles to the Daily Stormer. I agreed.

Interestingly too, he published a piece proposing Israel literally genocide the Palestinians under the name of a well known Jewish lawyer, who then – of course – blamed it on “White Supremacists.”

In the Bornstein hoax, Goldberg established a blog on the Times of Israel in the lawyer’s name before posting an inflammatory article calling for the “extermination” of Palestinians. The Times retracted the article and apologised, and Bornstein went public with the story saying “I deplore racism – I’ve fought racism since I was four years old”.

When confronted, Goldberg boasted he had avoided detection, saying, “That guy has no idea. He thinks [online radical right wing website] Daily Stormer did it.”

Let’s leave aside exactly how a “four year old” Jew can “fight racism” for now. Perhaps the most interesting part is that Goldberg was given publicity by none other than Rita Katz of SITE. You remember Katz, who runs the “intelligence” group in Maryland that “just happens” to find all those scary Islamic State videos online even before Islamic State finds them?

The Australi Witness persona fooled members of the international intelligence community as well as journalists, with well-known analyst Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence Group saying the “IS supporter” held a “prestige” position in online jihadi circles and was “part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack”.

Ms Katz has previously acted as a consultant for US and foreign governments and testified before Congress on online terrorist activities.

What got Goldberg in trouble with the FBI was his attempt to create a terrorist attack on the anniversary of September 11, 2001.

But it was Australi Witness’s role in helping a confidential FBI informant plan an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 that brought Goldberg’s trolling to an end. (The complaint alleges that Goldberg confessed ‘in substance’ to being the voice behind Australi Witness and affiliated accounts. Journalists at the Syndey Morning Herald say they uncovered Golberg’s trolling and handed evidence over to police after one of the reporters discovered Goldberg impersonating her.)

Is there any doubt that, had he been successful, we’d be hearing from the Usual “White Nationalist” Suspects about how the “911 conspiracy theorists” have it all wrong?

This is “hambaconeggs” all over again, isn’t it?

Let’s also keep in mind that Goldberg’s Jewish Supremacism, Zionism, and hatred for Muslims and Arabs were motivating factors in his years long hasbara campaign:

In online conversations, Goldberg said: “I wanna smear Amnesty and Mariam Veiszadeh – Amnesty is already in hot water over their links to CAGE, I wanna cement their jihadist connections and ruin their reputation. And Mariam is a Muslim whore, so smearing her as a jihadist should be easy.”

Frances Cohen, Jewish Nazi

Frances Cohen, Jewish Nazi

Joshua Goldberg is part of a long and storied tradition of Jews dressing up like their “enemies” and creating the same “anti-semitism” they are so fond of complaining about. Of course, there is Frances Cohen, the Jew who pretended to be a “Nazi” and helped popularize the Holocaust culture in America. Cohen was constantly quoted in the media saying, “Hitler only killed six million, I want to get the rest.” He had a group of about ten people, yet was all over the news in 1978, and the media acted as if “Neo-Nazis” were all over America just waiting to kill elderly Jewish people. From what I’ve read, it was wall-to-wall coverage for months, and his Jewish lawyer took the case all the way to the Supreme Court to allow his “protests.”

Then there was Adam Pearlman, a Jew from California, grandson of an ADL director, that under the name “Adam Gadahn” was “Al Qaeda’s Media Director.” The Pentagon regularly reported that he was a close associate of Osama Bin Laden and an important part of “Al Qaeda.” Yes, we were led to believe that a Jew from California was taken under the wing of the world wide Muslim terrorist group – the people that had pulled off 9/11 – and given a high rank. Pearlman made a number of videos – in English – demanding that America surrender and promising “another 9/11.” These videos were, of course, publicized by Rita Katz of SITE. The Pentagon announced he was captured, then said he wasn’t, then just stopped talking about him altogether. I’m not saying he’s probably sunning himself on a Tel Aviv beach these days, but really, would it surprise anyone?

Adam Pearlman, Al Qaeda's Number Three

Adam Pearlman, Al Qaeda’s Number Three

Joseph Cohen, Revolution "Muslim"

Joseph Cohen, Revolution “Muslim”

Let’s not forget “Yousef al-Khattab” – real name Joseph Cohen – that was regularly featured on the TV during the 2000s as the leader of a terrorist group called “Revolution Muslim.” They promoted outrageous anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda while Cohen walked around Manhattan coffeeshops calling for jihad. The New York Daily News particularly liked to feature him on the front page and run pictures of him giving “thumbs up” to news headlines about terrorist attacks in Israel. Just like the anthrax attacks of 2001, the message was “Death to America, Death to Israel, Praise Allah.”

Just about everyone was fooled until, one by one, they were outed at which time everyone just pretended like they didn’t exist and simply dropped the stories. And it doesn’t matter how often this sort of things happens, while it’s happening, expressing any doubt whatsoever makes you a “conspiracy theorist” which is about the worst thing you can be called other than “racist.” Then after the hoax is exposed, bringing it up makes you “obsessed” about things that “don’t matter anymore.”

If anything, this long history should make Identitarians quite skeptical of people and groups promoting a “hardcore” image, especially when they call for violence. I’m reminded of a frequent poster on Radix Journal and other pro-white sites that constantly praises violence and goes all the way to the line of suggesting “lone wolf terrorist” attacks.

This should also make one pause about the kinds of people attracted to sites like The Daily Stormer, the “Neo-Nazi” subculture, and Hitler fetishization. Because – literally – it’s exactly what “the Jews” want you to do.

Now, considering this very long history, would it be too much to describe these people as “crisis actors?”


11 comments on “Jewish Jihadis

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  2. icareviews
    September 16, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Hipster Racist rips the joke shop Hitler mustache off the latest anti-Semitic boogeyman who turns out to be – you guessed it – just another Spaced-Out Kosher Klown living with his parents in Florida.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. icareviews
    September 16, 2015

    A Jewish nerd pretending to be a terrorist chatting online with an FBI informant also pretending to be a terrorist. Could you ask for a more perfect encapsulation of the plague of domestic terror?

    Liked by 2 people

    • indravaruna
      September 16, 2015


      Yeah, its pretty much this.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hipster Racist
      September 17, 2015

      The two fake Muslim terrorists were the most egregious though. Cohen was all over the media and the press in the 2000s, posing for the cameras, and the media would always play it like he was a “serious Al Qaeda sympathizer Muslim extremist” even though he was BARELY undercover.

      When someone mentioned that he was, in fact, Jewish (Israeli, no less) he admitted it and just said he converted. So now the press played it up like “White Americans were converting to Islam and becoming Muslim extremists.”

      They had something similar with the “Islamic Thinkers Society” which was sort of the “Westboro Baptist Church” for Muslims. They interviewed some lesbian woman in Brooklyn who became a hardcore supporter of the War on Terror because of the “radical homophobia” coming from Muslims in Brooklyn.

      Then, of course, Adam Pearlman – even the Pentagon played up that one.

      But of course it doesn’t matter how often these media stunts turn out to be completely fake, the next time it happens you better believe it or else you’re a “conspiracy theorist.”

      You know, we could look at the leaders of the “WN movement” and find out which ones were hyping these same actors at the time, and see if any of them admitted they were fooled.

      You know, or maybe they aren’t fooled, they just have other reasons for playing along.

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  4. ascomanni
    September 18, 2015

    This is all so sad and disturbing. I remember that “Palestinian Genocide” hoax and now to find out it was all Yiddish… very disturbing. I also remember back when the Skokie march happened and I was years away from waking up and how I was angered by the nerve of the “Nazis”… later only to learn about Mr. Cohen, the Jewish “Nazi” leader… good lord. But, but, but… can someone tell me… does anyone doubt the integrity of George Lincoln Rockwell. Please don’t tell me there’s a Yid under that wonder man’s genome. Please.


    • weeedwacker
      September 25, 2015

      Considering they shot him down like a dog I’d say it’s a safe bet he was the real deal.
      Plus I read all his books so I think he’s legit.


  5. weeedwacker
    September 25, 2015

    Yes, we must all remember the first rule of the internet which is hardly anybody is who they claim to be.
    I am constantly being attacked by groups of people who turn out to be just one misfit with 10 sock puppet ac counts, people pretending to be on my side just to set me up, and don’t forget all the foxy young ladies who are actually middle aged male perverts.
    It’s a wacky world shut ins and nut jobs in the cyber universe.


    • weeedwacker
      September 25, 2015

      I bought a protective covering for my keyboard so my keys stick like crazy. Sorry. Need to habitually proof read from now on.


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