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Frankenstein Islamists or False Flag Proxy? Matt Forney Flirts with the Ugly Truth

Matt Forney

Matt Forney

Matt Forney, an intermittently interesting Alt-Right figure previously discussed here at Aryan Skynet, has trodden a noncommittal path of uneasy compromise between racialism and nihilism, truth and establishment deception. However, after dismissively pronouncing that “conspiracy theories tend to be popular amongst nerds and other social outcasts,” Forney now appears to be making conscious gestures toward social self-ostracism and nerd status with some of his recent comments about Israel and the “Islamic” State.

In Episode 102 of his podcast, Forney and guest co-host William Rome talk about the mass media misrepresentation of the ongoing Third World invasion of Europe and also go into the underhanded, government-engineered provenance of the demographic apocalypse engulfing the continent. Forney’s assessment of ISIS, a contributing catalyst of Europe’s intensifying death spiral, indicates a diminished arrogance of perspective, particularly coming from a man who professes to believe that the September 11 attacks, presumably including the BBC-forecasted demolition of the Salomon Brothers Building, were perpetrated by “Al Qaeda terrorists who hate this country and want to destroy it.”

“The Islamic State is Al Qaeda, literally Al Qaeda,” Forney suggests, elaborating with the tired yarn that ISIS constitutes “a fundamentalist Muslim group that wants to establish a worldwide Caliphate.” But after regurgitating the media’s murk on the matter, Forney digresses and voices a lingering discomfort with the official narrative:

I still am not fully convinced that, um, that the, uh, that the Al Qaeda, these Muslim extremists don’t have some connection to the U.S. government. [. . .] In the Islamic State’s propaganda, ISIS’s propaganda about, um, how they’re going to create a worldwide Caliphate and every non-Muslim will bow to a Muslim and there will be a worldwide, you know, everyone will be praying towards Mecca and everyone will be forced to be converted, when they talk about the countries they want to conquer and absorb into their Caliphate, there’s one country that they never, ever mention. Want to take a guess what that country is?

“Uh, Israel?” offers co-host Rome.

“Exactly,” Forney continues:

They never mention Israel. The one country you’d think a radical Muslim group would be pissed at. The one country that even secular Arab regimes in the Middle East despise and wanted to destroy since its very existence. ISIS never mentions Israel once in their propaganda. [. . .] And I’m not going to – I’m not gonna say that ISIS is a puppet state of Mossad or whatever, but I, I really do believe that ISIS’s creation was in part fostered by Israel and the U.S. government.

McCain and ISIS

“I mean, it’s ridiculous,” Rome agrees:

It’s – we directly created them. I’m not, I’m not – I don’t know if it’s proper Mossad like you said, but there’s no denying we created them [. . .] the same way we created Al Qaeda in the eighties by supporting the Mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan. We supported the attack against Assad and we created ISIS. They have American-made jeeps, American weapons.

“Basically,” Forney observes in conclusion, “it’s the rabid attack dog getting loose from its master and going on a rampage biting and killing people and tearing out their throats.” “Exactly,” concurs his co-host. “It’s Frankenstein’s monster.” This, of course, is the “blowback” theory, the polite and respectable libertarian foreign policy critique that stops short of alleging purposeful false flag activities on the part of the Judeo-American intelligence establishment; but if ISIS is, as Forney suggests, a “rabid attack dog” that got “loose from its master”, why then does the “Islamic” Caliphate continue to tolerate the cancer of the Jewish state?

Rita Katz

Rita Katz

Why, too – is it coincidence? – do high-profile, public-opinion-manipulating “ISIS” videos and other propaganda materials continue to be debuted and provided to the mainstream media by Rita Katz – Katz of course being the SITE shill whose father was executed as an Israeli spy in Iraq in the 1960s. The truth of the situation is obvious; but rabbit holes retain their power to irritate and anger commentators accustomed to mocking all the stupid “conspiracy theorists”. Hence the defensive stubbornness of Forney and others of his ilk in clinging to the reality of the pathetic, Zelikow-and-CIA-approved cave Arabs version of the 9/11 Matrix.

All that remains for Forney to do is to connect the dots of his own assertions. He already knows and concedes that the “Islamic State is Al Qaeda, literally Al Qaeda” and that, as Rome suggests, “we created ISIS,” which has “American-made jeeps, American weapons”. He knows, too, as Rome suggests, that “we created Al Qaeda”, the group alleged to have masterminded the 9/11 attacks – an event which, as Forney points out, “was the impetus for the birth and the continued growth of the national security state, the surveillance state.” Yet still Forney wants everyone to believe that 9/11 represents the work of primitive Third World Muslim fundamentalists “who hate this country and want to destroy it”?

At least Forney and Rome appear to be moving in the right direction. Forney’s ISIS skepticism, along with his recent tweets about the USS Liberty incident and other appalling evidences of the Jewish grip on America’s foreign policy, represent a welcome progress after his characterization of critics of Zionist power and lies as “Nazitards”. Forney still has a long and arduous way to go, however. He of course has refused to abandon his Judeo-state-programmed orthodoxy on the significance of the events of the Second World War, as illustrated during this same podcast episode when he declares, “We were inspired to do great things by Pearl Harbor” or suggests that Europeans made a mistake in naively attempting to “avoid conflict” with Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. For good measure, and just to demonstrate that he remains appallingly ignorant on any number of historical topics, he even offers the insight that “a communist” murdered JFK.

"We were inspired to do great things by Pearl Harbor."

“We were inspired to do great things by Pearl Harbor.”

Forney in Episode 102 of his show also blurts his Hannity-worthy idea that the Twin Towers ought to have been replaced by a giant, defiant middle finger directed toward the Muslims’ holy city of Mecca. Mecca, Mr. Forney? Why not a gargantuan middle finger challenging Washington? Why not Tel Aviv?

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook

[See more about “ISIS” here and here]


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15 comments on “Frankenstein Islamists or False Flag Proxy? Matt Forney Flirts with the Ugly Truth

  1. icareviews
    September 9, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  2. Hipster Racist
    September 9, 2015

    The most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all is that of a world-wide Muslim secret society called “Al Qaeda” that was able to defeat NATO, NORAD, the combined military and intelligence forces of the world’s only superpower – and they were able to do it with box cutters and Korans.

    Greg Johnson of Counter Current’s Jewish Conspiracy Theory is even more ridiculous – according to Greg Johnson, “the Jews” were able to intercept something like 17 independently collected samples of World Trade Center dust and sneak microscopic pieces of unreacted thermetic material in all of them, in order to distract from the fact that Al Qaeda didn’t like the USA because of their support for Israel.

    Even more astonishingly, the Al Qaedas were apparently able to fundamentally alter the laws of physics and cause three skyscrapers to demolish themselves, falling at near free fall acceleration – all due to some office furnishings on fire.

    Occam’s Razor would suggest that the Mossad teams who had access to the WTC rigged them for demolition – hell, one of the Mossad teams were actually even caught that day driving in a van full of explosive residue.

    But that’s not nearly as exciting as Magic Muslims.

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  3. Don Logan
    September 10, 2015

    Greg Johnson is allergic, no – hostile, to all “conspiracy theories.” Like you said, let him discuss Hitler’s digestion, we’ll discuss real shit like Israeli espionage & terrorism.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hipster Racist
      September 10, 2015

      Actually, Greg Johnson has his own set of bizarre “conspiracy theories” – apparently he just prefers the ones that don’t have a massive amount of evidence behind them, like 9/11 truth.

      It is what it is. Lots of leftists were surprised when Noam Chomsky stated there was “no evidence” behind 9/11 truth – which is of course a lie.

      They were also surprised when Noam Chomsky immediately attacked Mearshimer and Walt’s “The Israel Lobby” book before the ink was barely dry. That was a “conspiracy theory” too – it was the Evil WASPs – not American Jews – that are behind various pro-Israel US foreign policy decisions.

      Johnson is just his own special kind of distraction.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hipster Racist
    September 10, 2015

    Yeah and anyone that doesn’t think 9/11 is relevant anymore – just take a look at “Islamic State” – “Al Qaeda II: The Return of Jihad” – and how it’s nothing but a continuation of the 9/11 Mythology. Same basic plot line just with more scary beheadings.

    General Clark said in 2004 that the neo-con plan was to “regime change” seven countries in five years. All of the countries he named have either been regime changed already or are in the process of being regime changed, Iran being the last domino yet to fall.

    Sure, it’s taken them nearly 15 years instead of five – due to their sheer incompetence – but they keep chugging along.

    In some ways too, it’s the cover-up, not the crime. Forget 9/11 itself, just look at how 9/11 truthers have been attacked and slandered. Remember Dr. David Kelly, the British scientist and 9/11 truther found dead under mysterious circumstances?

    There’s nearly 100 prominent people, from CIA agents, to politicians, to NGO officials, to NSA managers, to family members of the 9/11 victims, to 9/11 witnesses, either murdered, suspiciously “suicided,” fired, harassed, threatened and slandered all over the media for daring to question the Official Conspiracy Theory.

    If they were all just a bunch of nut jobs talking about Lizard Men and UFOs – who would have cared?

    But of course they weren’t, hence, they had to be dealt with.

    If 9/11 doesn’t matter anymore – why are the anti-truthers still talking about it so much? Not a month goes by without Greg Johnson attacking the truth movement. If 9/11 doesn’t matter anymore – why is it STILL a topic of conversation at the Republican party debates last week? If 9/11 doesn’t matter anymore, why is it STILL used as a justification for unending wars against Israel’s enemies in the middle east? If 9/11 doesn’t matter anymore, why are the “28 pages” still classified?

    To ask the questions is to answer them.

    P.S. – i never meant to turn AryanSkynet into a truther blog, and I had no idea that icareviews was a truther when he started writing here. Of course I couldn’t be happier it turned out that way and it really sets AS’s foreign policy analysis apart from the also-rans at most WN blogs.

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  5. weeedwacker
    September 11, 2015

    What am I missing? Why are we following these clueless losers? There’s no shortage of idiots out there.
    I was just reading up on some of the gruesome atrocities the jews did to the native Russians in the wake of the Bolshevik revolution.
    That right there should be standard reading for any Whites sitting on the fence about this whole jew thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icareviews
      September 11, 2015

      “Why are we following these clueless losers?”

      For one, they have a following of disgruntled young men just waiting to get redpilled. They know feminism and government have done quite a bit to wreck their civilization, but still don’t know the nature of what lies behind those evils.

      Liked by 1 person

      • weeedwacker
        September 11, 2015

        Why are the “disgruntled young men” following these idiots in the first place?
        Maybe you need to become a pop icon.
        Start an acid rock band or something and go on tour. Get featured on an MTV reality series. Illustrate a comic book.
        Take a hit for the team.
        Go get’m tiger!
        You guys are smarter than these losers you write about here. Why is it they have such a huge following and you don’t?\
        Since you are anonymous maybe you should start kickin it with some local jews. Once you get famous you can let it all hang out.

        Liked by 1 person

      • icareviews
        September 11, 2015

        You mean my online career as an anti-Semite isn’t going to get me onto MTV? I have to become a twerkified celebrity boozer before anybody will read my posts? Seems like a Catch-22.

        Liked by 3 people

      • weeedwacker
        September 16, 2015

        What an I say, the world is a harsh place.


  6. sonofeurope
    September 12, 2015

    Yes, but you have the luxury of complete anonymity for the time being at least so I don’t see a problem, unless maybe you dress in full nazi regalia whenever you do your grocery shopping.
    You don’t, do you?
    I had a Hitler mustache for a day once before I shaved it off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icareviews
      September 12, 2015

      No, I try to keep a pretty low profile. I’ve talked about this stuff around my family but only alienated them by doing so. I saw my 95-year-old grandmother over the weekend and I suggested that we watch something about the JFK assassination. She didn’t want to. I asked her if she voted for him and she said she did and that she respected him as someone who was trying to make the world a better place. “But not enough to care who killed him?” I asked. She said she just preferred to live in a fantasy world. So depressing to see your family behaving like such abject slaves.

      Liked by 1 person

      • sonofeurope
        September 12, 2015

        Too bad my paternal grandfather died in ’08. I was on the verge of making him a full blown National Socialist. If course my uncle managed to butter him up a bit first.
        At least he never lived to see a negro in the White House.

        Liked by 1 person

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