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Whitey’s Fault

A man claimed to be the gunman in the Virginia TV news shootings wrote in a chilling manifesto that he was “pushed” over the edge by the Charleston church massacre.

In a 23-page fax to ABC News and a follow-up call, both after the attack, the man identified himself as Vester Flanagan and as Bryce Williams. He said he suffered racial discrimination and bullying at work and was attacked for being black and gay.

Racist Homophobes

Racist Homophobes

As in the Dylan Roof shooting, we have a “manifesto” claiming a clear racial motivation, with the added progressive hot button issue of “homophobia.”

But it would be ill-advised to hold one’s breath waiting for the media to do much analysis on the racial motivations or to demand LGBT rainbow flags be banned from public spaces.

Victim of White Racism And Homophobia

Victim of White Racism And Homophobia

In fact, Black commenter Boyce Williams has a Black guest suggesting that this incident, like the Dorner massacres from a few years ago, were “caused” by White racism. Two Black men trying to “play the game” were nevertheless constantly subjected to White racism and then “snapped.”

A presumably Black commenter on the video says that White people just need to “forgive” the shooter and that it’s “shameful” that some Whites have responded with “hatred and racism” instead of “sympathiz[ing] with his issues,” thus proving we aren’t “good human being[s].”

White people need to open their hearts and forgive. It’s shameful that they responded to this with hatred and racism. white people have been telling black people for years to forgive and show dignity in the face of violence by them. Now it’s time for them to practice what they preach. Forgive the disgruntled employee with ‘mental’ issues and sympathize with his issues.. Otherwise, you’re not a good human being.

When the Charleston shooter’s purported manifesto was discovered, blogger Henry Raciot immediately claimed Roof acted out of sexual jealousy, suggesting that the South Carolina schools that Roof attended were hotbeds of miscegenation and illustrated the point with imagined, yet high detailed, lurid stories of Blacks boys “pawing” White girl “in the hallways.” A few days later, a curious story appeared on Glenn Greenwald’s site, The Intercept, where a Black reporter claimed to have interviewed “Scott Roof, who identified himself as Dylann Roof’s cousin” and said a girl had “snubbed” Dylann for a Black boy.

No confirmation, or even a second source, were ever reported, placing the story squarely in the realm of “not journalism” and hearsay, although the claim was repeated in a handful of news sources. Greenwald’s The Intercept is the publication created to manage the damaging Edward Snowden leaks by downplaying the most significant part of the NSA revelations, that the major internet companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft were working closely with the NSA. But the source itself has no significance and even noticing the provenance is a “conspiracy theory.”

On reddit, a poster suggesting that the video looks “fake” was immediately downvoted to invisibility, and told to “fuck back off to /r/conspiracy.”

Already, the Bryce Williams shooting is being “spun” as the exact opposite of the Charleston incident. Despite the reports of Dylan Roof being a heavy drug user, his acts were attributed to raw racist hatred, while the Williams shooting is being downplayed as simple mental illness.

The pattern is clear. White violence against Blacks is due to innate racist hate, likely caused by White men’s jealousy of the superior sexuality of Black men and White women’s supposed preference for Black men (unless White women prefer White men, then it’s simply more proof of enduring White racism.) Black violence against Whites is simply retaliation for racism, and in this case, also White homophobia against gay Black men.

It’s only hate when Whites do it.

Even more importantly, the media never lies and suggesting they do is a “conspiracy theory” and proof of the doubter’s “crippled epistomology” mandating “cognitive infiltration” by the government.

(Warning, this purported video of the shooting may be disturbing for some viewers)


12 comments on “Whitey’s Fault

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  2. Hipster Racist
    August 28, 2015

    Anyone else missing a “reblog” button? WP is always changing stuff for the worse. As I commented:

    I wonder if Obama will order the federal government to give the families of the victims millions of dollars like he did with the families of the victims of the Charleston shooting?

    Do #BlackLivesMatter more?

    Since when does the federal government give out millions of dollars to the family members of crime victims anyway? Neither are federal cases …


    • icareviews
      August 28, 2015

      Now the dead reporter’s boyfriend is calling for a “dialogue” about gun violence, while her father, Andy Parker (any relation to Robbie?), is explicitly calling for stricter gun laws. Really tiresome how they never give up on this stuff.

      The reblog button is underneath the post now instead of at the top of the screen.


      • I watch "Pawn Stars" and it's *REAL*
        August 28, 2015

        “Now”? They were calling for it the same day of the shooting in their Megyn Kelly interview.

        They go over all the bases:
        * A crazy man got a gun
        * Don’t discriminate against people seeking mental health services! #STOPtheStigma
        * Father just found out “hollow points” were used, which made him so much more upset.
        * We need common sense gun reform.

        This is within 12-14 hours of learning their daughter/girlfriend died.

        I think we can all agree that whether a killer used full metal jacket, jacketed flat point, +P, or hollow points really is germane to someones’ emotional state a few hours after his daughter dies. My god, can you imagine how much more distraught he’d be if he found out the killer used a high capacity magazine? Why he might be so upset he’d tell us how upset he was before continuing to ramble on about gun control.

        The “boyfriends'” “beat” just happens to be public safety and mental health Well it couldn’t have happened to a more well-prepared boyfriend to engage in his advocacy of choice.

        The alt-right appears to be milking this for PR/propaganda purposes that support their agenda. Which I suppose is good. They seem as hell-bent as everybody else on believing that all reality TV is real though.

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      • Hipster Racist
        August 29, 2015

        That’s a good point. I haven’t really looked into this story too much and I didn’t really openly question it because I’m already the resident “conspiracy theorist.” I was merely pointing out how differently the two shootings are being spun.

        It’s astonishing to me that virtually everyone just automatically assumes the TV news is “real” – even though it’s absolutely 100% legal for the government to create fake news stories. In fact, the AP is currently involved in a lawsuit against the FBI for creating a fake news story aimed at one specific individual so they could piggyback a software trojan onto his phone.

        The liberals used to make great hay out of the fact that FOX news took a case all the way to the Supreme Court for the “right” to lie and make up false stories and run them as “news.” But as is typical with leftards and rightards, they are only willing to criticize “the other side” so once they are in power they drop any pretense of caring about “the issues.”

        Just think of the things that have been confirmed for us in the last decade. USA is now openly on the side of “Al Qaeda” – the supposed terrorist group we had a whole “War on Terror” against for a decade.

        We’re supposed to be rallying the troop to fight “Islamic State,” yet Israel is openly admitting to providing Islamic State with health care and Islamic State is essentially fighting the same enemies NATO is, the secular government in Syria.

        The military has now admitted that the leader of “Al Qaeda in Iraq” was a disinformation character made up out of whole cloth.

        Again, all of these things were “conspiracy theories” until they were admitted to being established fact.

        That’s why people are always telling us to not talk about 9/11 anymore. They don’t want us to remember the past, because then we can look at our “leaders” and remember which ones would attack anyone not following the government line.

        Remember that nutjob Hal Turner? He was being paid by the FBI for years, but if you had suggested that he was disinfo, you’d be attacked as a “conspiracy theorist” engaged in “infighting in the movement.”

        By the way, this VA shooting is being covered in the international media, but it’s a typical “crazy Americans and their guns” angle with the racial aspects barely mentioned.

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    • Paladin Justice
      August 30, 2015

      The reblog button is missing from the top black bar on this site and on Viking Bitch’s site. I’ll notice if it’s gone on other sites as well and try to see what’s up.


      • icareviews
        August 31, 2015

        The reblog button is under the posts now.


    • Paladin Justice
      August 30, 2015

      Reblog, follow, and like buttons removed from black bar by wordpress.


  3. icareviews
    August 28, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Hipster Racist detects the absurd in the media’s treatment of racist homophobia victim Vester Flanagan.


  4. Hipster Racist
    August 28, 2015

    In case it isn’t clear, Glenn Greenwald is an open homosexual – and Jewish – and his “Intercept” publication is a “limited hangout” that actually supports the NSA’s (and Google/FaceBook/etc) mass espionage program.

    I’m sure – JUST SURE – that Greenwald’s homosexuality and Jewish ethnicity has nothing – NOTHING – to do with how his publication covers this story …

    … right?

    I mean, I don’t want to be promoting any “conspiracy theories” here.

    This shooting was the fault of Straight White Blonde Ladies and their “vicious racist homophobia” – not typical, obvious, average hate by Blacks against Whites.

    Plus Jew “journalists” like Glenn Greenwald are totally being, like, “objective” about their coverage of these stories…

    It’s not like this Black Gay was just jealous that the good-looking White men were more interested in the White Blonde Lady then him … nope, no sexual jealousy here!

    But in the case of Dylann Roof, it was just sexual jealousy because all White wimminz secretly long for Black C**k …


    To suggest otherwise is a “racist” “conspiracy theory.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • indravaruna
      August 29, 2015

      All the Snowden NSA stuff is in jewish hands, nothing about 9/11 will ever come out of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. weeedwacker
    September 2, 2015

    Blacks, the great majority of them, have a very loose grasp of reality, and actually believe movies and television are real. I was telling a black one time about how the ‘elite’ use television to manipulate the public. He laughed and actually said, “If that’s real why didn’t I hear about it on the news?” If you keep in mind that their IQs are from one to two standard deviations lower than ours this shouldn’t really shock us.
    They actually believe cops are only bothering them because they black and are always eager for an opportunity to shoot them. They actually say we are privileged because people don’t usually suspect us of being criminals. Their thinking is so childish I can hardly believe it. I am far more likely to be injured or killed by a black than even they are of being shot by the police despite how criminally active most of them are.
    I’ve read his allegations against his previous employers and coworkers and they all sound so comically contrived. He also claimed to be upset by Roof killing a couple blacks despite the fact hundreds of whites are robbed, raped and murdered by blacks every day.
    The real scary part is, whether or not this on air assassination actually occurred, most blacks really do think this way. They do unquestioningly believe everything they see on TV and they really do have a psychotic hatred of Whites which is mostly based on these lies. The “hostile elite” knows this and they play them like a harp from hell.
    People who get upset hearing us talk about blacks not being as smart as Whites are, of course. remembering all the false memories of blacks saving the world on TV and in the movies as well as the few well behaved ones they may know from work or school. They forget that ghettos all over the world are filled with billions of blacks who are more animal than human and could never hope to fit into Western society.
    Sorry to go on like that, I just got home and I’m spaced as hell and I was just thinking about that.


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