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Red Pill Billy

Newsweek Brother Billy Cover

Billy Carter

With presidential mediocrity Jimmy Carter back in the news for no particularly interesting reason, what better time than now to revisit the legacy of the undeniably much cooler Carter scion – Billy! Billy Carter’s charm and appeal in the wake of his brother’s election in 1976 is encapsulated in a piece by Michael Satchell syndicated through the Washington Star Service:

Plains, Ga. – Last Sunday, says Billy Carter, was just too much.

“Used to be at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning, you could walk out onto Main Street and take a leak and nobody would see you,” he grumbled.

“Last Sunday there must have been 2,000 damned tourists here. I couldn’t stand it. I went off to the bootlegger, bought me a fifth, drove around the rest of the day and got good and drunk.”

If Jimmy Carter represents the clean cut, God fearing, modest mannered New South, Brother Billy epitomizes the old. He’s an absolute original, a good old boy with a passion – but not necessarily the capacity – for strong drink and good conversation. Lots of it.

“Yes, sir – I’m a real Southern boy,” Billy chortles. “I got a red neck, white socks and Blue Ribbon beer.” […]

Billy works from 5 a.m. or so until 5 p.m. six days a week, works hard, works seriously and will entertain no nonessential visitors. He is a tough, shrewd, no-nonsense, very successful businessman. But come 5 p.m., Billy locks up the peanut warehouse, hurries across the street to his gas station and relaxes. With a vengeance. […]

No special deference is shown to Billy and he doesn’t expect it. He plays the role, not of the president-elect’s brother, but more the saloonkeeper. Because there is no tavern for whites in Plains (there is a black club), Billy’s gas station is essentially the town bar. […]

If Brother Billy has any role to play in the Carter administration, it will be to keep on doing exactly what he has in the past. […] As long as Brother Billy is around, the next president of the United States will be able to sit in the White House and still keep a few peanut husks under his boots and a little bit of red Georgia earth beneath his fingernails.

Billy Carter with Margaux Hemingway

Billy Carter poses with Margaux Hemingway

Such was the irresistible charm of Billy’s overnight celebrity that in 1977 the floundering Falls City Brewing Company even struck a deal with Carter to market Billy Beer.

Billy Beer drew an enviable amount of national attention when it debuted in November 1977, and Jimmy Carter’s supporters and detractors alike rushed out to buy a six-pack of the novelty cans. The 12-packs even came emblazoned with a photo of Billy and his buddies enjoying frosty cans of the brew. Each can – the only format in which the beer was offered – bore Billy’s signature and the promise “I had this beer brewed just for me. It’s the best beer I’ve ever tasted. And I’ve tasted a lot.”

This revelation might shock you, but Billy Carter – the same Billy who later registered as a foreign agent of the Libyan government and accepted a six-figure “loan” from Colonel Gaddafi – wasn’t being entirely honest about his beer’s smooth taste. Most contemporary drinkers felt it was apparent that Falls City had put more thought into the marketing plan than the brew itself, and even Billy would later jokingly describe Billy Beer as the reason he quit drinking.

“The Downhill Slide of Billy Carter”, a 1980 Associated Press article by Jon Bixby, summarizes how Billy’s fortunes started to detour south:

For Billy Carter, the former clown prince of Plains, the road from his two pump gas station in southwest Georgia to the shores of Tripoli has been downhill all the way.

Catapulted into stardom as the irreverent, beerguzzling brother of longshot presidential candidate Jimmy Carter – Billy rode the crest of his older brother’s presidential wave for a dizzying two years. The wisecracking, unpredictable younger Carter was in demand everywhere – making as much as $5,000 for a single appearance. Then, despite the warnings of friends, Billy Carter visited the North African nation of Libya – shunned by the United States as a champion of international terrorism – in September 1978. That trip caused a fury that led to formation of a nine member Senate panel, which is now investigating the propriety of Billy’s Libyan ties, including a $220,000 loan, and how the matter was handled by the administration. The panel’s findings are expected one month before the Nov. 4 general election.

Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi

The tremble of controversy that began after the trip to Libya became a full scale quake in January 1979 when Billy Carter was host to a Libyan trade delegation visiting Georgia. Urging friendlier relations with the socialist nation, he told an Atlanta news conference, “There’s a hell of a lot more Arabians than Jews.” Jewish groups in the United States condemned the remarks as “irresponsible, boorish and despicable,” and Republican National Chairman Bill Brock called on the president to disavow the statement.

“Mr. Brock is trying to run for president, and I think he’s full of [shit],” the plain speaking Billy responded, denying that his remarks were intended to be anti-Semitic. But the protests continued, and when asked in a New York interview about the mounting attacks from the Jewish community, Carter replied, “They can kiss my [ass] as far as I’m concerned.” The remarks and publicity caused Billy’s popularity on the lecture circuit to plummet.

Nick Thimmesch relates another of Billy’s legendary adventures:

So the situation got tense, and when Jewish activists broke into a dinner for the Libyans in Atlanta and cried, “Murderers!” Billy stood up, just as he had in bar fights when he was in the Marines and lost seven teeth, and shouted, “Go to Hell!” Again, his anger doesn’t make him an anti-Semite, but his outburst was dutifully entered into the book of sins.

Beer Billy

Beer Billy

“Billy Carter, whose remarks about Jews and Arab relations stirred a storm of protest,” AP reported January 13, 1979, “has become a target of Zionist attacks, a spokesman for the Libyan delegation visiting Carter says.” Billy, meanwhile, “said he is convinced that the controversy surrounding his relationship with the Libyans was the reason his appearance on the television show The Hollywood Squares has been canceled.” Billy Carter a guest on one of the most unabashedly Hebraic programs broadcast on seventies television? Clearly, this mismatch was not meant to be:

Pittsburgh Press reader Morton Reichbaum, capturing the mood of his tribe in an irate letter printed in the newspaper, denounced the president’s brother in the strongest terms he could imagine:

The worst enemy Israel has is not the Palestine Liberation Organization; it is not the United Arab Republic, nor is it Soviet Russia. It is Billy Carter.

The damage he can do to Israel’s cause is much more subtle and pervasive than any military action could be, thus much harder to counter.

Why President Carter puts up with his consorting with those who would destroy Israel is difficult to understand.

Billy Carter as advocate for transparency in government.

Billy Carter as advocate for transparency in government.

A hostile editorial titled “Billy Carter Disgraceful”, published January 15, 1979, in Spokane’s Spokesman-Review offers further details:

For the better part of two years, President Carter’s redneck brother, Billy, has kept the nation in stitches. Though his antics sometimes embarrassed the president no one worried much about him. He was considered a harmless rube, a clown of sorts.

Today, Billy no longer is a laughing matter. He now is a national embarrassment. He was almost tolerable in the days when he pumped gas and peddled beer. But now, since he has gone to practicing statecraft, he has become a political liability to his brother.

These nuts

These nuts

Early last week, Billy stepped from a limousine at the Atlanta airport and urinated on the concrete in the presence of an Arab diplomat, reporters and others.

He also outraged the city’s Jewish community by spending most of the week hosting a group of Libyan businessmen and government officials. Libya, of course, is a radical Arab nation committed to the destruction of Israel. The U.S. severed diplomatic ties with Libya 10 years ago.

Billy invited the group to Georgia in return for the hospitality he enjoyed in Libya last September. When asked if his brother approved of his squiring around the Libyans, Billy bristled, “They’re friends of mine and he don’t pick on my friends.” He went on to heap lavish praise on Libyan strongman Mommar Khadafy.

This was not the first time the younger Carter angered Atlanta’s Jewish community. Last November, at a roast for Atlanta Braves’ pitcher Phil Niekro, Carter turned to the baseball player and said, “I didn’t know you were a Polack. I thought you were an (expletive) Jew.”

Jimmy Carter’s claim that his brother was “seriously ill” failed to impress the administration’s detractors. Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, in their column of March 3, 1979 (“Carter Too Soft on ‘Brother Billy Issue’?”), dramatize the trumped-up political liability Billy and his “anti-Semitic outbursts” increasingly represented.

Jimmy Carter’s efforts to stop Brother Billy from alienating the president’s remaining Jewish support not only  came six weeks late but badly missed the mark, reflecting leadership problems that persist despite more than two years in power. […]

Carter is the innocent victim in relations with the politically important Jewish community. Jewish suspicions of him as an evangelical Christian were exacerbated by his refusal to tilt toward Israel in international diplomacy. In truth, the president is not remotely anti-Semitic. Nor is his Mideast policy anti-Israel or pro-Arab; as it should be, it is pro-American.

That truth was ignored by many Jewish leaders when Carter applied pressure to Israel in search of settlement. It was wiped away by Brother Billy’s new comradship with Libya’s viciously anti-Israel regime. On Jan. 10, the younger Carter erased indulgent smiles at the White House by attacking Jewish power in America. When he declared “the Jewish media tears up Arab countries full time,” he was drawing from anti-Semitism’s traditional charge that Jews monopolize communications.

White House aides gravely let it be known that Billy had become “a real problem” – a major admission in a polyanna administration that pooh-poohs revolutionary upheaval in Iran. Press secretary Jody Powell on Jan. 11 disassociated the president from his brother’s comments, but indirect disavowal did not satisfy the Jewish community.

Give peanuts a chance.

Give peanuts a chance.

Billy kept getting himself into trouble with the Jews. Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean of Yeshiva University and a member of President Carter’s Commission on the Holocaust, “commented on remarks Billy Carter reportedly made in Libya, that the dismissal of Andrew Young as ambassador to the United Nations showed the power of Jews in the U.S. information industry. Billy Carter’s assertion that the U.S. mass media is controlled by Zionism smacks of the ‘big lie’ tactics of (Nazi propagandist Paul Joseph) Goebbels, (Nazi radical theorist Julius) Streicher, and (Russian dictator Josef) Stalin, and makes him America’s roving ambassador of hate,” the rabbi said in a statement.”

Naturally, by offending organized Jewry’s delicate sensibilities, Billy Carter bought himself more than a merchant minute of mean-spirited manhandling in the Jewish-dominated mainstream media complex. “We know Americans are misinformed about Libya and the Arab world because of the Zionist-controlled media,” Libya’s Foreign Secretary and Carter’s defender Ali Abdolsalam Treiki declared in 1980. Comedian Bob Einstein, who would achieve fame in the 1980s as “Super Dave Osborne”, can be seen here on the TV show Bizarre giving Brother Billy the kosher treatment:

Carl Rowan, writing during the 1980 election season, brings a much-needed level-headedness and realism to “The Saga of Billy Carter”:

My zealous colleagues in the press corps here have dug and dug, looking for the “smoking gun,” searching for some “high crime” in connection with Billy Carter’s dealings with Libya.

They created innuendoes that Billy got $220,000 from the Libyans and spent it in a way that enriched the president. Mr. Carter vows to the nation that he has not and never will gain a nickel from Billy’s Libyan dealings. No crime found. […]

Wait – there is another crime, that of the media devoting so much space, time, effort to a two-bit story and thus distorting the judgments of Americans who in the presidential and congressional elections are going to have to make choices and decisions that could be fateful for this nation. […]

When so many front page stories, so many items of television news, have been devoted to the so-called “Libyan connection,” and nothing more than chicken-house nit-picking has been stirred up, one must ask, “What keeps this media fixation going?” I offer these suggestions: […]

Pro-Israel factions in America, which long ago pressured the White House to adopt schizophrenic policies where we buy 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Libya, and run up a $6 billion-a-year trade deficit because we won’t sell Libya much of anything, are using the “Billy” business to prove that Jimmy Carter is anti-Israel. This despite the fact that Carter has given Israel what no other American ever could – recognition by Egypt. Tying Jimmy Carter to Libya, violent foe of Israel, however tenuously or unfairly, serves the purpose of replacing Carter with someone perceived to be more supportive of Israel – like Reagan.

“The past few days, when I’ve been at that window upstairs, I’ve thought of that vividly Shabbos City upon a Hill . . .”

Billy always denied being anti-Semitic, but to his credit remained unapologetic for his statements, as AP reported on the eve of the Reagan inauguration:

As Jimmy Carter’s final visit to Plains as president neared an end, his brother Billy looked back on the stormy past four years and declared: “I don’t apologize for a damn thing I’ve done.” […]

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” Carter said Friday, reflecting on his actions since his brother became president four years ago.

The Senate subcommittee’s preliminary report said Carter merited criticism for his relationship with Libya, but did nothing illegal. […]

“I’ve still got a lot of friends but there’s also a lot who don’t talk to me. Many are afraid to talk to me now because nervous people not involved have been harassed by the government on my account,” he said.

Carter, 42, moved from Plains about three years ago and purchased a house in a secluded area of nearby Marion County.

“I don’t think Plains will ever be a good place to live in again as it was before. Everything has changed,” Carter said. […]

Carter said he intends to pay back the Libyan government by selling some land he owns in and around Plains.

“I’ll enjoy the lack of attention,” Carter said of the time when his brother will no longer be president. “But I’ve also enjoyed the attention. I’m as adaptable as hell.”

Even if critics had demonstrated conclusively that the president’s brother had been an effective influence peddler for the Islamic national socialist regime of Muammar Gaddafi, could this have been even remotely close to the very real and ongoing disaster of Zionist Occupation Government in the United States of America? Anybody who thinks so is hereby informed that he can, as Billy Carter might put it, kiss this writer’s ass.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook

Don't debunk it till you've drunk it.

Don’t debunk it till you’ve drunk it.


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    Wow – this is great stuff. I had no idea about any of the Libya/Israel connection at all. Carter was defeated by the Reagan campaign going behind his back and making a deal with Iran to keep the hostages until after the election. The Reagan administration sold arms to Iran, using Israel as a proxy, then used the money to fund the Contras – hence, Iran/Contra.

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    I’m obviously a huge fan of Susan Lindauer, who worked for an NGO assigned to Iraq and Libya and was used as back channel communications to those regimes by CIA.

    Under Obama, when NATO worked with “Al Qaeda” to take down Gaddafi and replace him with a Salafist regime, Lindauer said it was a step backward for “progressive values” in Libya.

    Gaddafi was about as good as it gets for women’s rights in that part of the world. One interesting institution he said up: in rural villages a woman elder was appointed as a sort of “judge” over marriages. She was empowered to “veto” things like child marriage and intervene in the worst sorts of abuses against women and girls. Nothing close to Western standards but find any other half-Arab, half-African Muslim regime that advanced.

    Under Gaddafi, Africans were somewhat protected from Arab oppression. One of the first images out of the overthrow of Gaddafi were those of Africans locked up in cages as if they were animals. Leave it to our First Black President to literally bomb the only Arab dictator who ever gave a Black man a leg up.

    Libya even had one of the world’s largest hoards of sovereign gold and Gaddafi was always talking about coining an “African dinar” to help Africa develop independently of the likes of the IMF and World Bank. The gold is now stashed safely away in the vaults of the world’s central banks.

    Not that Obama’s take down of Gaddafi had anything to do with that. The real reason is that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a secret Muslim, that’s why he takes the side of Al Qaeda and overthrows secular Arab governments and replaces them with radical Salafist theocracies.

    He did it for Allah.

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      It’s sad, but when Obama got elected, Gaddafi gave a speech in which he welcomed the new American president as an African brother and said he was going to stand up to the New World Order. Three years later he’s getting sodomized and beaten to death.


      • Hipster Racist
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        Right after 9/11, the Arab League had an emergency summit and Gadaffi made a big show out of walking out and taking a US-friendly stance.


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    Shit. Anyone who looks sideways at a chosen pile of puke can expect to have their life ruined.

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    Awesome. One of your best. I didn’t know much about Billy Carter – what a colorful guy. I hope you looked up that Piper chapter in The Caiaphas Complex on Jimmy Carter’s antipathy towards the Jews. Nice use of the “merchant minute.” I’ve also heard it argued that Saddam’s government was a form of Arab “national socialism.”

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      Thanks. I hadn’t decided last weekend what my Sunday post was going to be about, so I just started browsing somewhat at random through vintage articles about Jewish grievances on Saturday afternoon. Jewish suffering is such a vast and rich heritage to mine for goodies that there’s no telling what you’ll find. I’ll read the Piper book eventually.


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