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Stack the Deck: The Trump Candidacy Considered as Cryptographic Prank

Whether or not one accepts Michael A. Hoffman II’s spiritual worldview or his insistence on a specifically freemasonic alchemical iconography, his fundamental insight that a sick sense of symbological humor seems to be at work behind various world events is difficult to dismiss. In recent history, this current manifests in the intelligence industry’s decision to dub its “Islamic” mercenary proxy “ISIS” – “she who bleeds but is not injured; she who bleeds but does not die, represented numerically by the mean number of days in the menstrual cycle, 5” – and for these reasons identified by Hoffman as the correlative of the five-sided Pentagon, the symbolic “feminine principle” in the 9/11 equation1.

Michael A. Hoffman II, publisher of Revisionist History

Michael A. Hoffman II, publisher of Revisionist History

Hoffman sees the iconographic system of the Rider-Waite Tarot as the inspiration for much of what he characterizes as the Cryptocracy’s “Great Game”. “The attack on the World Trade Center is represented in the Rider-Waite Tarot cards by the number 16 Tower card, and the attack on the five-sided Pentagon by the Tarot’s five of Pentacles. Sixteen plus five equals twenty-one,” he adds, alluding both to the game of chance and to 2001, the gateway year of the twenty-first century2.

“All that goes up must eventually come down of course, but in most cases the fall is the slow crumbling of decay,” Hoffman elaborates. “Whereas, what is built with god-like conceit – the occult ‘Edifice Complex’ – will inevitably fall catastrophically.” If the perpetrators of such feats of chutzpah are aware of this, why enact their operations with such boastfulness? “Because conceit does not necessarily imply ignorance,” Hoffman argues. “The greatest deviltry is performed fully conscious of the consequences.”3

The Tower, card 16 in the Rider-Waite Tarot

The Tower, card 16 in the Rider-Waite Tarot

The downfall of the tower in the inferno of Sept. 11 (9/11) is the 911 emergency call to the psyche of the Group Mind, unleashing imprisoned energy. [. . .] Properly channeled and directed, this Group Mind energy is harnessed to produce conditions for the imposition of an even more enormous and conceited tower. Every successive Babel is more towering than the previous one, thus enlarging the imposing empire of the “Grand Architect” from out of the ruins of the old.4

What does all of this have to do with Donald Trump? Aryan Skynet already exposed Trump’s phony populism for the controlled opposition it clearly represents, and few, in view of the fact that his name appears along with those of Alan Dershowitz and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book”, should need much convincing that Trump is an irredeemable lowlife; but what connection, if any, does “The Donald” have to 9/11? Just last week the mogul announced the appointment of Michael Glassner, former Dole and Palin handler and Southwest Regional Political Director of AIPAC in 2014-2015, as Political Director of his own campaign. Glassner’s most interesting credential, however, is his 1998-2001 tenure as Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Trump's Zionist handler Michael Glassner

Trump’s Zionist handler Michael Glassner

In this capacity, Glassner was in charge of “lobbying strategies in support of the successful $3.21 billion dollar privatization of the World Trade Center complex”, a campaign which, with the support of Zionist billionaire Ronald Lauder, placed the property in the hands of “lucky” Larry Silverstein and partner Frank Lowy. The Chairman of the Port Authority at this crucial juncture was Goldman Sachs partner, Bush-Cheney donor, and current Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee Lewis M. Eisenberg, who “imposed a news blackout” on negotiations before awarding the World Trade Center complex’s lease to the “No. 2 bidder, Silverstein Properties”.

During the Bush years Glassner served as Senior Vice President of External Affairs for telecommunications giant IDT Corporation, where he “Commanded the government relations, communications, and investor relations division of a multinational holding company with revenues in excess of $2 billion.” IDT, which through its entertainment division is “focused on developing, acquiring, producing and distributing computer-generated and traditionally animated productions and other productions for the film, broadcast and direct-to-consumer markets”, also employed former senator and 9/11 Commission stooge “the Hon.” Slade Gorton during this period.

For Trump to have associated himself with a such a person of interest in the architecture of the 9/11 matrix seems as glaring an indicator as possible that this ballyhooed “Great White Hope” and ostensibly populist hero’s motivations are not at all in keeping with what meets the eye. “In this role I work to increase the political participation of the pro-Israel community by managing AIPAC’s legislative mobilizations, conducting educational briefings with candidates for federal office,” Glassner explains on his LinkedIn page. “AIPAC is a registered domestic lobby whose principal mission is to work with Congress on legislation that strengthens the U.S.-Israel relationship.”

Trump Tower in New York

Trump Tower in New York

But to return to the premise posited in this article’s title – to wit, is Donald Trump somebody’s idea of a cryptographic joke? Trump’s brand, of course, carries an unshakable onomatological association with the opulent towers he famously raises and which prominently bear his name. The Tower is the sixteenth trump or Major Arcana card in the system of the Tarot. The American Heritage College Dictionary defines “trump” as a “suit in card games that outranks all others for the duration of a hand” or a “key resource to be used at an opportune moment”. A “trump card”, meanwhile, is one “held in reserve for winning a trick”. Those interested in understanding the ruse at the heart of the Trump candidacy are encouraged to read Aryan Skynet’s previous coverage of this publicity whore’s activities in “The Donald Deception”.

The trick, as always, is the mass manipulation of consciousness – a Great Game component to which “reality” TV celebrity Trump is no stranger. It may or may not also be noteworthy – though this writer would never think to accuse Trump or anyone else in his campaign of foreknowledge of 9/11 – that the undeniably shrewd mogul, in an interview given in the days immediately following the attacks, was quick to parrot the laughable explanation that “the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building and 1600 [sic] degrees temperature – I guess that’s probably more than anything could take, no matter what.”

New York's finest

New York’s finest

The Tower, according to Tarot Wikipedia, also “denotes someone who is ready to shake up the status quo. They often have emotional outbursts and behave in a way that rock[s] the foundation of relationships, families, work places and organizations. Wherever they go they rock the boat, often by revealing truths and secrets.”

When the Tower is showing up it lets you know that you must face the truth about a situation or issue to be able to have positive change in your life. Living in illusion is not going to work. You might fall off cloud nine to find yourself a whole new person, someone who is less likely to be fooled, lied to or taken advantage of. You are a whole lot less naive after the shocking effect of the Tower. The Tower shows up to free you from what is enslaving you.

Reversed, however, the Tower has an altogether different meaning:

Tower reversed denotes secrets and lies that would have brought down the false structures remain hidden and there is no shake up. There is no destruction and the Tower remains standing. The querent might not want to face facts as it will create too many chains of events that will change things. Things will remain in the dark and someone or something is preventing the truth from coming out. The false residents find their way back in, the lies are not revealed and the liars get away with it. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when the truth[s] are about to be revealed but the liars are too powerful, and the lightning that should have thrown them out of power is instead aimed at the innocent. They will not be believed and the Tower remains.

Donald Trump, whose name is synonymous with the conceited erection of towers

Donald Trump, whose name is synonymous with the conceited erection of towers

“The message of the Tower,” adds Aeclectic Tarot, “is [that] ‘The Emperor has no clothes!’[;] but the reversed Tower, in this case, indicates that the querent doesn’t want to hear that, refuses to hear it, refuses to believe it. And lucky for him, no one is going to say it. So everyone maintains the lies, and the status quo goes on.” If any metaphor captures Donald Trump’s essence as a figure in American politics, it is that of the pompously naked Emperor in his new clothes.

Trump, who for some reason says “I only go in buildings I own,” proposed rebuilding the Twin Towers in 2005 and publicly opposed the construction of Silverstein’s triumphalist Freedom Tower, but his plan was rejected as being “in poor taste”. As an indication of Trump’s subordinate standing vis-a-vis Jewish edifice builders, The Sun reported in 2008 that Trump World Tower, once the highest residential building in Manhattan, was “about to be ‘trumped’ by Larry Silverstein’s new condominium-hotel” at 30 Park Place. Silverstein’s architect, Robert A.M. Stern, tastelessly compared the view from the top to occupying “the cabin of a plane” before boasting, “The world is at your feet.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


  1. Hoffman, Michael A. “Towering Inferno: The Cryptocracy’s Great Game”. Revisionist History 20 (Autumn 2001), p. 2.
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17 comments on “Stack the Deck: The Trump Candidacy Considered as Cryptographic Prank

  1. icareviews
    August 2, 2015

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    Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!


  4. Hipster Racist
    August 3, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Well this is all a bit esoteric for my tastes.

    Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism and married a Jewish man. Trump’s son married a Jewish woman. Trump is, himself, essentially a Jew.

    Donald Trump is the epitome of a cuckservative.

    Trump has never said or done anything pro-White, ever. Trump has spent his entire career fronting for Israeli interests. Trump did a freaking TV commercial for Netenyahu.

    So really, what is the big deal? He said some illegal immigrants are criminals? Well no shit. Trump is soft of immigration, he supports an amnesty for illegal immigrants and he promotes mass non-white immigration into White countries and only White countries. Certainly not his favorite country, Israel.

    So can someone explain to me why I’m supposed to be all excited about Donald Trump running for President?


  5. clytemnestra57
    August 3, 2015

    Dammit to hell, you guys are determined to shatter my hopes that the results of the 2016 presidential will take us all on a more fun-filled scenic route to the highway to hell on a hand basket that the country is inexorably headed toward, anyway.

    The Donald may not “make America great again,” but I think he could do awesome things for Saturday Night Live (whose Hillary Clinton channeling Gladriel hoisting the Ring of Power in Lord of the Rings Parody) was the. best. political. skit. to. date. ever.

    Come on, gentlemen aren’t you secretly hoping to find out who will parody The Donald on SNL? I think it will be kinda hard because Trump pretty much parodies Trump so well … Oh well, LOL.

    One interesting thing I have noticed since Trump came out swinging and offending almost every sensitive, perpetually offended, historically oppressed, sacred cow … er…. protected group out there … the customer service I am getting from convenience store swarthmores is missing the sullen, surliness I have become accustomed to, They are actually polite … almost friendly. Go figure.


    • Hipster Racist
      August 3, 2015

      Bernie Sanders has come out against immigration twice, suggesting that immigration hurts workers and that open borders are a “Koch brothers policy.”

      I figure if we’re going to have a Jew for President, why not go all the way and elect an actual Communist. At least he might stop the mass immigration.


      • icareviews
        August 3, 2015

        High finance has so much money invested in this process that it’s not going to allow the eventual nominees to be legitimately nationalistic in any dimension. The best Trump’s fan club is going to get is a back-peddler.


      • Sisyphean
        August 3, 2015

        If find it fascinating that every cycle we have at least one candidate on the left and one on the right that energizes the smarter better informed folks only to later inevitably fail, leaving only establishment candidates. I get the feeling this is simply part of the playbook: we are meant to take away that non establishment candidates who say things we want to hear are simply impossible and that we should bow our heads and accept our fate as the next Bush or Clinton steps in. The kook candidates are supposed to teach us that nationalist, protectionist, non-globalist thinking is verboten. As well as, you know, identifying all those foolish enough to publicly try to work for these kook candidates.

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  6. Good stuff, and sounds true to me.

    However, what Trump did is more important than Trump. Trump showed that a Troll will win instant armies behind him. So someone else waits in the wings to do what Trump did, to Troll the Liberals and raise a hate-energy army, and go much farther than Trump goes.

    Trump is Aryan Skynet doing a mic check. Hey, did you hear that shout? That was Aryan Skynet talking to itself, hearing it’s own voice for the first time. The first thing it said was “Fuck you liblerals.”

    I think they are actually doing liberalism on purpose, to piss us off and then manipulate us. Liberalism is ridiculous and evil at the same time, but we have to react to it in a wise way and not a “cats fighting in a bag” way.

    We must control the hate-energy-army, not them. And we can.

    Because Aryan Skynet doesn’t rely on a Fuhrer. All the nodes are independent but of a single mind. Attempting to get control of the nodes is a risk for the centralizers, because trying to gain access to us gives us access to them. They might just make our job a lot easier.

    Do qigong! It will help you get control of your own hate-energy, and then that of others.

    Do these exercises with your back against a wall and as much of your spine touching the wall as possible. A variation is to put a broom handle between your spine and the wall. The point is to have your back ramrod straight from tail bone to neck. You want to get rid of the s curve in the spine that modern people have but old days people did not have. The s curve comes from sitting and slouching.

    Also, from a standing position, put your whole front of your body against the wall like you are laying on a floor on your stomach, try to have as much of your body from toe to head touching the wall as possible. This is the opposite movement of the back to the wall thing.

    I have been away from blogging, and developed a new way to do qigong/yoga exercises, based on Esther Gokhale’s idea called “Primal Posture.” My exercises are to accelerate the development of Primal Posture and rtherefore have better athleticism, be able to generate more power, be healthier.

    A theory I have is that the s curve in the spine signals poor evolutionary fitness. So ironically the smart dudes doing office jobs in front of computers end up becoming physically evolutionarily unfit. We become “hunchbacks” and this is why people are weak and lack spirit and are politically and racially oppressed.

    Bring back Primal Posture and we will be physical cavemen again, and Aryan Skynet will become self aware with a vengeance.

    If any of you want to get in touch and meet me in person in New England I’ll teach you my system for developing Primal Posture. It’s pretty simple and easy, but profound, if I don’t say so myself. I want other people to know how to do this in case a time came htat I was unable ot transmit it.


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