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The Bonoboization of the Goyim: Dr. Melvin Konner’s Final Solution to the Gentile Question

Shekel for your thoughts, Dr. Konner?

Shekel for your thoughts, Dr. Konner?

Melvin Konner ostensibly has a plan to save the planet and humanity, at least one-half of it – save them from men, that is. You see, Melvin Konner has a hot new book, presently racing up the bestsellers list, wherein his grandiose fantasies are revealed – if only we have the will and moral conscience to help actualize them. One wonders if Melvin would feel entirely secure, though, engaged in a final “triumph of the will” so to speak. This will become evident as we proceed. Onward…

Melvin Konner’s new book is Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy, a twenty-first century update to Ashley Montagu’s 1953 limp-wristed slap against the patriarchy, The Natural Superiority of Women. Melvin actually cites this work as inspiration in Women After All. I suspect they would have gotten along smashingly had they been able to meet and discuss great matters over bagels and coffee. Both are Jewish. Melvin grew up in Brooklyn and we’ll just assume he was a “red diaper baby”.

Israel Ehrenberg in character as "Ashley Montagu": "Black, red, yellow, white – we all have the same skull!"

Israel Ehrenberg in character as “Ashley Montagu”: “Black, red, yellow, white – we all have the same skull!”

“Ashley Montague” was not the stuffy, monocled Englishman with top hat that you would be forgiven for assuming; his actual name was Israel Ehrenberg (no relation to Ilya as far as I know but the possibility of a similar temperament can be reasonably inferred). Izzy was most well-known for authoring the UNESCO Statement on Race (behind which the hallowed body still hunkers down in a Testudo formation against the continuing onslaught of anachronistic barbarian-practitioners of “race science”), which asserts that the anthropological category of “race” was a figment of evil men’s imaginations, only ever used for malign purposes, and should be disregarded and suppressed. Old Melvy claims that Izzy “did much to combat the myths of race that scarred the century”, this “combat” consisting of dissembling, obfuscation, and ideological cant masquerading as science. In 1942, he demonstrated to the world and the presumably deaf followers of a prominent Austrian hater that human biological categorization was just plain wrong in Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: the Fallacy of Race.

Israel Ehrenberg out of character/in regalia: Hoffman lens photo, Logan collection

Israel Ehrenberg out of character/in regalia: Hoffman lens photo, Logan collection

In The Natural Superiority of Women, Ehrenberg argues – or, rather, magically summons forth – sophistries as he dazzles you with effete demonstrations of manlethood that recall Buffalo Bill’s member-tucked shimmy in front of the mirror in The Silence of the Lambs: women were not just equal, but superior, and according to Melvin, “every apparent piece of evidence to the contrary was the simple result of men’s bullying, envy, dissembling, oppression, and abuse.”

For Melvin, a Professor of Anthropology, Neuroscience, and Behavioral Biology at Emory University, this would be the basis of his thesis. But Melvin one-ups his foreskin-free forebear in a monumental stroke of penile self-cauterization that will forever earn him the title of King of the Eunuchs. He says that in the future “we could theoretically see men fully replaced or literally kept in small numbers for sexual services.” He ultimately decides in favor of sex slavery, this generosity allowed only because men will be genetically engineered and thereby stripped of “problematic” behaviors by godlike women scientists.

His wet dream continues:

Men, in this future world, could easily be engineered to have broad shoulders, square jaws, sexual prowess, amorous sensitivity, made-to-order intelligence, a sense of humor, or whatever other features women decide on. Women could create the sperm-bank book in advance, then either use the sperm or just use the men. Certainly they could scientifically limit the men to minimal levels of aggression, arrogance, self-importance, and entitlement. With one man sexually serving several or many women, he will be enjoying life, and they won’t have to have sex with him except when they ring the bell. Or a group of discerning women could choose to share several men: a beefy blond, a tall, dark, hansome brunet, a weight lifter, a marathoner, an androgynous one for babysitting, a long-haired hunk for wild sex on demand – you get the idea.

Do we ever, Melvy, do we ever. This self-described “bio-fantasy” is beginning to sound like its inspiration came not so much from Ehrenberg but from another of Konner’s tribal brethren – porn mogul Al Goldstein.

Al Goldstein - Melvy's closet inspiration?

Al Goldstein – Melvy’s closet inspiration?

But how are we to build this distant New Jerusalem? It will take more than shekels, right? Well, simple:

[A] few decades from now, with more and more women choosing artificial insemination and single motherhood (or partnerships with other women, sexual or not), they may increasingly choose to have their own eggs fertilized by the DNA from another woman’s egg. This would very slowly increase the numbers of women relative to men, which would be a lot less risky than the excess of men we see in some countries today. In this female-forward world, women would control the hookup culture.

Single motherhood, perpetually feted by the Jewish-dominated media, is, according to the Book of Konner, “female forward”; it also happens to be “crime-forward” and “welfare-forward” but never mind that.

What’s striking is how Konner’s Final Solution for men is exactly what was championed by a deranged feminist in the 60s, Valerie Solanas, who became famous for trying to kill manufacturing titan Andy Warhol. Solanas’s master-screed was entitled SCUM Manifesto and called for women to “overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.” So Solanas’s fantasy also relied on man’s gift of science and technology to bring about their male-free world – an inconvenient truth. The most notable difference between these soothsayers’ prognostications regarding men’s eradication, however, is that Solanas’s screeching pamphlet was self-published, whereas Melvy’s absurd vision of a future world gets published by a giant corporation, W. W. Norton & Company.


Konner drones on about the superiority of women in his feminism-inspired dualistic Götterdämmerung of the Sexes:

In addition to women’s superiority in judgment, their trustworthiness, reliability, fairness, working and playing well with others, relative freedom from distracting sexual impulses, and lower levels of prejudice, bigotry, and violence make them biologically superior. They live longer, have lower mortality at all ages, are more resistant to most categories of disease, and are much less likely to suffer brain disorders that lead to disruptive and even destructive behavior. And, of course, most fundamentally they are capable of producing new life from their own bodies, a stressful and costly burden in biological terms, to which men literally add only the tiniest biological contribution—and one that in the not-too-distant future could probably be done without.

"Fill the cup and return to your cell."

“Fill the cup and return to your cell.”

A few more choice cuts from Melvy:

As women gain in influence the world will become more democratic [nein bitte – Ed.], more socially compassionate, more equal [equality through male disempowerment? Sure, makes sense – Ed.], less discriminatory, less sexually casual, and less pornographic [c’mon Melvy, you’re not kidding anyone, that’s a demerit for you. – Ed.]

The man who tells us we’ll be “more equal” then goes on to proclaim the genetic superiority of women, the chosen of the sexes presumably:  Women are superior to men in most ways that will count in the future … because of chromosomes, genes, hormones and brain circuits. Stop the war on male bodies, Melvin.

A classic howler: Women are more logical and less emotional than men.”

Melvy gets melodramatic and fortuitously forgets the very recent war on Libya, otherwise known as “Hillary’s War”:

Life on this planet isn’t threatened by women’s tears; nor does that brimming salty fluid cause poverty, drain public coffers, ruin reputations, impose forced intimacies, slay children, torture helpless people, or reduce cities to rubble. These disasters are literally man-made.

And finally, Melvy delivers the final verdict on mass violence as a transgendered schoolgirl: All wars are boyish.

Before we reach the endgame of outright extinction of those inheritors of “X chromosome deficiency disorder” or their impressment into sexual slavery, Melvin, along with other leading “Lights Unto the Nations”, hopes that we can reform our human societies to resemble another species of primate, the bonobo.

Sheeeit, Melvin, you so crazy!

Sheeeit, Melvin, you so crazy!

"Excuse me. Are those Bonobo Boy jeans that you're wearing?"

“Excuse me. Are those Bonobo Boy jeans that you’re wearing?”

Bonobos are particularly pacific and egalitarian primates. A primatologist, Frans De Waal, described them as having “no deadly warfare, little hunting, no male dominance, and enormous amounts of sex.” These copiously copulating primates can “guide our future evolution.” A bonus for Melvin and the feminists is that they don’t practice monogamy and engage in homosexual copulation. Down the human (d)evolutionary trail, this could lead to “unshakeable female coalitions, based perhaps in part on sex, and males who are not unhappy … but never get out of hand. They don’t just know their place; they make love, not war.” The misty-eyed Boomer reflects on this vision as John Lennon’s “Imagine” wafts across the firmament.

Furthermore, speculates De Waal, their promiscuity “reduces violence both within and between bonobo troops, just as intermarriage does between human tribes. What may start out as a confrontation between two bonobo communities can turn into socializing, with sex between members, grooming, and play. De Waal believes environmental factors contribute to the benign character of bonobos such as abundant food supplies in their dense forest habitat. De Waal has reduced conflict between different species of primates, such as rhesus monkeys, by cultivating their interdependence and ensuring equal access to food. De Waal is a big fan of the EU.

You can see why Melvin is attracted to the idea of bonobo troops as models for humans. In order to “fix” males, we need an all-powerful central government that has the ability to insert itself into all facets of our lives, and, utilizing a carrot-and-stick method, rein in men, turn them into manlets, and ultimately bonoboize them. “Bonoboize” is official Melvian jargon. The dishonesty in this absurd concept, though, lies in the fact that men will be reduced to sex slaves and women will possess decisive power unlike the relatively egalitarian bonobos.

As for the notion of sexual promiscuity reducing violence or the ability of people to resist tyranny, much can be said. Sexual license as a narcotic, a form of social control, and handmaiden to revolution is ably discussed by E. Michael Jones in his book Libido Dominandi. Essentially, he convincingly argues that “sexual liberation” since the time of the French Revolution has been advanced in order to explicitly control populations in the most sophisticated manner, making men’s freedom vulnerable by way of attacking the moral order. Jones quotes Aldous Huxley from the 1946 edition of Brave New World: “as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”

Endgame: Blueprint for Bonoboization

Endgame: Blueprint for Bonoboization


Now let’s take a look at just who Dr. Melvin Konner is. I already mentioned he was born in Brooklyn, but his wife was as well. Marjori Shostak was a Jewish feminist anthropologist – just like Melvin – and not surprisingly idolized the liar Margaret Mead. She was famous for writing a book about her time with the !Kung in Africa wherein she argued that !Kung women had higher status and autonomy than shiksas in Western culture (I know, you’re surprised…). I doubt it frankly. If there’s any truth to that it’s only because the primitive tribe had no specialized division of labor and were a hunter-gatherer people. To the outrage of many feminists, however, what I discovered about !Kung women was that their primary occupation was pumping out kids and collectively taking care of them, while the fathers played in the bush – much like modern Blacks in America really.

At any rate, Melvin selected a Jewish wife and strongly identifies as a Jew first and foremost, this being greater than his identification as a feminist and Chief Bonoboizer. One very quickly comes to the conclusion when looking at his life that his “women are superior” shtick is primarily for the goyim. Kevin MacDonald in The Culture of Critique demonstrates how Jewish intellectuals have maintained their Jewish identity while embracing Marxism, Boasian anthropology, psychoanalysis, and other intellectual trends because it’s “good for the Jews.” This is partly motivated by an intense hatred for Western Civilization, seen as an oppressor of Jews, and as a strategy to disarm their goy opponents while working to solidify and strengthen their own tribe. This was most clearly on gruesome display in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Contemporarily, their hypocrisy with respect to multiculturalism fits this form of ethnic warfare – what’s good for me (Israel’s explicitly ethnic character) is not good for thee (a dissembling “diversity is our strength” in Western countries).



Konner was born to Orthodox parents and is obsessed with the revival of a Jewish spirit in the younger generations, the global Jewish population (male and female), and a secure, US aid-receiving Zionist state of Israel. While admitting that he long ago lost his religious faith in Orthodox Judaism on his website dealing with Jewish matters, his commitment to the cultural, ethnic, and political fortunes of the “Chosen” is without question, while his relationship with “religion” is “complex”. He even wrote a book called The Jewish Body which deals with “Jewish genes” and purports to give a “history of the Jewish body.” In it he valorizes the rise of “tough Jews” such as the very masculine Jewish boxer Barney Ross and the postwar “strength” Zionists exhibited in wresting Palestine from the Arabs. Indeed, Melvin revels in a very masculine Jewish terrorism. You can almost see little Melvin doubling up his fists in his best imitation of Barney Ross and screaming “Never again!” as he catches a glimpse of Hitler on his TV; his exercise in aggression complete for the week – now back to eunuchism.

Jewish Bodies Matter: This is a job for the goyim!

Jewish Bodies Matter: This is a job for the goyim!

All of this begs the question: is this not a celebration of masculinity and war with his veneration for Zionist slaughters and “Jewish strength?” Of course it is. You might speculate that there is a double mind at work but I would fall down firmly on the conclusion that old Melvy is intentionally being disingenuous and deceptive. His book is not intended for his Jewish brethren, but simply to sow destruction among competing races.

Take for instance his stance towards Orthodox Judaism. Melvin, while no longer a believer, looks to the Orthodox as a model sect which more Jews should mimic. They are the fastest growing population in Jewry. Konner gushes: “Anyone who cares about the Jewish American future should be grateful for the Orthodox and hope that they keep doing more or less what they’re doing now.” Grateful. Grateful for the branch of Judaism that is the most blatantly misogynistic and warlike and which obviously runs contrary to his feminist tales of a future world laid out in his new bestseller for the goyim like an absurd Jewish comic book. There is no conceivable way that this branch of Judaism can be reconciled with modern notions of “women’s rights” or feminism.

Here, from Michael Hoffman’s his essential 1,102 page book Judaism Discovered, are a few misogynistic passages from the Talmud that Melvin is surely aware of, having been raised in an Orthodox household:

  • A Jewish male is obligated to say the following prayer every day: “Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.” (BT Menahoth 43b-44a)
  • The best of the gentiles: kill him; the best of the snakes: smash its skull; the best of women: is filled with witchcraft.” (Kiddushin 66c)
  • Regarding anal sex or other sexual appetites of the Judaic husband for his wife: Meat which comes from the butcher may be eaten salted, roasted, cooked or boiled; so with fish from the fishmonger.” (BT Nedarim 20)

Jewish women are segregated from men in the synagogue and ordered to sit in the back of the bus in Israel. If they don’t comply, they are berated and/or beaten. The same goes for Jewish women who attempt to pray at the Whining Wall.

Melvin also reserves special praise for Chabad Lubavitch, an ultra-Orthodox mystical sect that is about as active as the Mormon Church in spreading its message but evidently has far greater reach since they get face-to-face meetings with leaders of every major political power. The difference between the Lubavitcher cult and the Mormons, though, is that they do not seek converts; their goal is only to facilitate the rise of Jewish power by working against the national and cultural interests of native populations. Melvin sees the Lubavitchers’ so-called “Mitzva Tanks” as an effective propaganda instrument to inculcate the minds of goyim and Jews alike with ideas that serve and strengthen Jewish power. Perhaps they’re promoting his anti-goyim “feminist” book to school administrators currently?

Will the Jewish Rosa Parks please stand up?

Will the Jewish Rosa Parks please stand up?

Finally, let us not forget the Old Testament itself – a long, sordid tale documenting the ancient history or mythology of the Jews as they seek to destroy all non-Jewish tribes and loot their property. God promises his very special people that one day they will rule over the whole wretched lot of unclean fellahin, a promise that may sound ridiculous but is held very dear by zealous Jews.

So Konner is a eugenicist, an ethnic separatist, a champion of misogynists, and madder than the worst imaginary Nazi caricatured by Jews. How does someone like a Melvin Konner rise to the top of the academic world and obtain lucrative contracts with megacorporations to publish dross such as this and be taken seriously while holding parallel views that run in the exact opposite direction when it applies to his own people? In short, our entire society has been thoroughly Judaized and turned on its goyische kopf. The Frankfurt School’s socio-cultural prescriptions have triumphed in our universities and their thought informs most of our “entertainment.”

Feminists have always sought to divide the sexes, particularly since the 60s, but old Melvy takes it to an extreme level whereby goy men must be exterminated or modified and drastically reduced. Jewish nepotism, our susceptibility to unnatural grand Jewish Big Ideas, the inability of our own White elites to call bullshit on Jewish prevaricators, etc., all contribute. Melvin’s Final Solution is a fantasy for impressionable White academics that have been nurtured in feminism and cultural Marxism from very early on by other Jewish gurus that so riddle our dying Western world with confusion and destructive practices. I hope this brief outline of the duplicitous manlet will go towards unmasking this charlatan and hopefully inspire some very uncomfortable interview situations for the squirrelly bastard. But naturally, merely for having voiced a few honest apprehensions about the motivations informing Konner’s irreconcilable positions, I will of course be smeared as an “anti-Semite”.

Don Logan


21 comments on “The Bonoboization of the Goyim: Dr. Melvin Konner’s Final Solution to the Gentile Question

  1. icareviews
    July 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Don Logan’s best, most hard-hitting post yet. This is your trigger warning!


  2. icareviews
    July 2, 2015

    Well-behaved goyim as modeled in a vintage Konnerite educational film:


  3. sonofeurope
    July 2, 2015

    “Whining Wall”

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  4. indravaruna
    July 2, 2015

    Freudianism runs supreme, the so called ‘Cultural Marxism’ its simply Freudianism, we’re all cultural slaves of the jews, they run the “narrative” that society must follow, who refuse it is punished.


    • Zobbo
      November 12, 2015

      Indeed. In fact, cultural marxism is also called freudo-marxism.


  5. Hipster Racist
    July 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    The Occidental Observer has a similar article recently:

    A few years ago when Andy Griffith died, a bunch of people were complaining that in the “good old days” TV shows were “moral.” Andy Griffith promoted good old fashioned small town White American values, but then the Jews came along and made TV toxic, filling it with violence and sex.

    That maybe true, but a better question might be: why did Whites outsource their culture to TV shows made by a non-White group historically hostile to us? In the beginning they showed us what we wanted to see, and told us what we wanted to hear, but now we don’t like the TV show anymore.

    Maybe the “Gentile Problem” is that Whites are too busy reacting to what Jews do, as if somehow “this time” they wouldn’t be hostile. This “Gentile Problem” goes back at least as far as the Jewish Problem.

    As for Konner, this sort of Freudian “deconstruction of goyim sexuality” was very impressive to the baby boomers, apparently, but this Jew and his fantasy of being a “sex slave” for some Blonde Nazi Dominatrix is old hat; we’ve all seen their “hoocaust porn” S&M comic books. Maybe they are a victim of their own success, but it really doesn’t phase people too much these days.

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  6. thebillyc
    July 3, 2015

    Premature speculation muddies the mind of the wankers: a jism of portnoyjewboy dreams runs down their howl-y woodie momma girl legs. satan worshipers think they killed all the fighting whites in wwI and II. tough fucking luck for them.


  7. Don Logan
    July 3, 2015

    Jews just bought up the media & Whites were far too trusting. And there were no alarm bells, or not many. back in those days. But some Whites did put up a fight. E Michael Jones has written about the Catholic battle against Jewish Hollywood. Protestants also played a part in a resistance. The change was incremental though and Jews had a louder megaphone and money to buy off political opposition. People are afraid of appearing stuffy or prudish as well so they acquiesced. If you bring this stuff up now you’re likely to get shouted out by a libertarian or prog: “Just don’t let your kids watch it and stop bitching!”


    • icareviews
      July 5, 2015

      Which still doesn’t relieve you of your parental responsibility. Censorship should never be advocated as a mere means of easing parents’ obligation to monitor children’s cultural diet. I’ve come around to censorship as a necessary evil, but even most of the people who are in favor of it are way too lazy, apparently, to be bothered about discipline in their own households.

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  8. tommz
    July 4, 2015

    The problem, of course, is Konner’s take on religion. If he were a believer, he would understand Genesis, about marriage, about women. Even the Law is protective of women, for example, men are responsible for the actions of their wives and daughters. Because the Law prohibits women from being whores and adulterers, this also goes against Konner’s ideas. Zionism aside, Konner is a complete heretic and blasphemer against what God commands.


    • zigzagsweb
      July 31, 2017

      the Jews don’t follow the Old Testament of the Bible, the Jews have the Talmud. they are two completely different books


  9. clytemnestra57
    July 5, 2015

    You know what I do? Anytime I read some article or see an interview with someone suggesting that White people do something really stupid and self-destructive, I just make note of that person’s name and Google them. For some weird reason, every time I do, I find a Chosenite.

    Back in the day, when I ran across some toxic person who had bothered me and later told my grandma about it, she would always say arch her eyebrows dubiously and say in the most dismissive tones, “Well, honey, you’ve got to consider the source.” And that pretty much told me the person who had rattled my cage was untrustworthy, it was a waste of time to even listen to them, and I should keep on keeping on.

    A lot of people believe that “Hashem” means “the name.” Another definition would be “the source.” So, anytime Whites read an article with some self-loathing “White” liberal advising them to do something stupid and suicidal, they should remember that there is a handy, dandy thing called the internet to investigate the source and whether they are worth listening to or not.

    For any White man stupid enough to consider taking this advice, I have one thing to say, I don’t play for that team. Most White women don’t play for that team either. We like our men to be men, not women with penises. Don’t change a damned thing. Thanks.


  10. Don Logan
    July 5, 2015

    Well said Clytemnestra. The only girls this stuff appeals to I would assume to be from broken homes (and the occasional middle class self-loathing liberal arts college student). What I can’t swallow is the extremity to which idiots like this (most feminists) perceive a conflict between women and men. I honestly think it’s a reflection of Jews’ attitudes towards gentile culture. It’s oppositional just like that. There can be no symbiotic relationship. It’s dualistic. This may stem from a monotheistic worldview. The ability to see things as gradations rather than binaries is compromised.


  11. clytemnestra57
    July 6, 2015

    The Usual shit-stirrers are causing a lot of problems between the sexes. And the problem is that it isn’t hard to hate someone who hates you. So, we are seeing the endless cycle of some “Femen” twit taking it upon herself to speak for all women, especially White women, and saying all kinds of anti-man, especially anti-White man nonsense.

    Sure enough these men read this nonsense and take this self-appointed spokeswoman at face value then researching her a little closer, so they get pissy and then it’s easy for some MWGTOW idiot to take it upon himself to speak for all men, especially White men, and saying all kinds of Anti-woman, especially anti-Woman idiocy. Which ticks off the women.

    It’s hard enough getting to know somebody these days, especially someone who has been out in the dating arena and gotten burned romantically. Such people are already prone to take their previous romantic disappointment out on the next person who comes along.

    Of course accidents may happen. They might fall in love. They might not fall in love but grow up a little and realize that both men and women have their assholes and it’s best to leave the emotional baggage behind and take each new romance on a case by case basis to learn from until they might the right one. Or they might not fall in love but even have a child they hadn’t planned on.

    But these femen creatures and these MWGTOW are the ultimate cock-blockers. They keep any hope of intimacy happening, because they have whipped up the paranoia on both sides so much.

    This is a real shame, because there are so many young men and young women who desperately want to find the right person, fall in love and have families with children of their own.

    In the meantime, as a reformed “feminazi” who has gotten hip to the tricks of femen spokeswomen, I’m just going to do my bit by posting every pro-White guy meme that I can find.


  12. Paladin Justice
    July 8, 2015

    I saw the theme of this post play out on a daily basis at the university. Specific small acts of feminization repeated over and over by a nonwhite, pro-feminist administration led to the emasculation of the male student body. At least the white lads, anyway.


  13. Bo Sears
    August 28, 2015

    TRIGGER WARNING: This is not about British Isrealitism or any of the varieties of fantasy about Hebrew descendants here or there. Nor is it about Judeo-Christianity, a two headed beast conjured up out of evil, manipulative fantasy. This is a little different.


    “…his commitment to the cultural,
    ethnic, and political fortunes of the
    ‘Chosen’ is without question…”

    Some of the “chosen” stuff can be best understood by seeing what they say about it in a religious context, specifically in what we call the Old Testament [OT]. The first thing to get is that the OT (besides endorsing beheading, private judging, plural marriage, monarchy, stealing jewelry & gold ornaments on departing a place, and genocide) is that it is a story framed by three covenants between god and humans. These claims are all in the OT.

    The first one is with Adam, and the OT lays out two commandments arising from that covenant and it was supposed to apply to all humans.

    The second one was with Noah, and the OT lays out seven commandments arising from that covenant, and applies to all humans.

    The third one was with Moses in behalf of Hebrews of that day who entered into a new covenant, and claim god carved ten commandments twice on rocks, which were to apply only to Hebrews, not to the rest of us. Thus, a claim of being “chosen” to receive and obey a new covenant at that time.

    But notice that it was the opposite that took place. It wasn’t about being “chosen” by god for a new tribal-limited covenant and commandments as claimed. It was literally an act of treason to god (in that context) to break away from the Noahide seven commandments still binding on everyone at that time per the OT, and to tell history a Big Lie about Moses on a Mountain, not about their treason to god and humanity.

    This is probably the key to understanding the neurotic nature of these people who want us to believe that god chose them for a special revelation, but who know deep in their hearts that they committed treason toward god in formally casting away the universal seven commandments already in place.

    It may explain the bizarre anger that arises when non-Hebrews try to celebrate the Ten Commandments. The Hebrews committed treason, and call it “chosen.”


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