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Aryan Skynet Exposed as Frauds: ISIS Delivers the Most High’s Deathblow to Dumbass Conspiracy Theories

ISIS pizza party, praise be to Allah for His spicy halal meatlover's blessings

ISIS pizza party, praise be to Allah for His spicy halal meatlover’s blessings

It is with great humility, heads bowed by the might and logic of Allah, that Aryan Skynet atones for its evil and offers this anguished admission of culpability and contrition in perpetuating the fiction of the Israeli-American 9/11 conspiracy and – more pointedly – any suggestion that the Islamic State is a proxy mercenary force and an inorganic western intelligence creation. Indeed, the Islamic State is both a legitimate caliphate and a formidable geopolitical actor and military juggernaut. The Aryan Skynet staff has, of course, been cognizant of these realities all along – and it was, in fact, in a misguided effort to discredit ISIS and to dissuade the faithful from joining its ranks in a cyber-jihad against Aryan Skynet that the pretense of the Islamic State’s Hollywood backlot phoniness was maintained for so long and with such an embarrassing futility. Alas, the mujahidin have seen through our pathetic ruse and have seen fit to puncture it fatally.

Dabiq: Special Collector's Edition First Issue!

Dabiq: Special Collector’s Edition First Issue!

The propaganda deathblow comes from Dabiq – the official magazine of the Islamic State, which is published by the Al-Hayat Media Center and was briefly available for sale through For being produced by a crew of fellows who ramble around in pickup trucks, machine-gunning, decapitating, incinerating, and enslaving innocents in an alleged plot to plunge the planet back into the Dark Ages, ISIS has certainly exceeded the English-language faithful’s expectations with its impressive and lavishly formatted periodical. The production values are top-notch, praise be to Allah, which has prompted one infidel journalist to remark that “Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day speculating about ‘Western’ funding going to the Islamic State [. . .] after seeing their new, slick magazine.” Dabiq “looks shockingly professional [. . .] Do they also have professional photographers following them around or what?” asks Scoop Empire’s Aprille Muscara, who after capture will join the harem of Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Number 9 . . . number 9 . . . number 9

Number 9 . . . number 9 . . . number 9 . . . number 9 . . .

Issue 9 of Dabiq features an anonymously authored article titled “Conspiracy Theory Shirk”. “Shirk” refers to idolatry, and the article argues – brilliantly, irrefutably, inch’allah – that conspiracy theories about synthetic terrorism merely serve as “an excuse to abandon jihād, to have great awe for the kuffār [i.e., the infidel], to forsake the obligation of bay’ah [i.e., loyalty], and to pursue the Dunyā [i.e., the material world], all in the name of political ‘awareness.’”1 An evidence of the folly of this political “awareness” may be had from the comments section at PressTV, where “Aware Aussie” holds forth as follows:

this is getting more hilarious by the day. ISIS can: mint their own coins, fly fighter jets, surveil and assassinate nuclear scientists, evade the world’s militaries, make nuclear weapons, takeover numerous nations simultaneously, etc, etc. now they apparently have a media division where they make a magazine for sale on amazon! ROFL! but when you have mossad and CIA working for you, i guess anything is possible.



“If jihād operations – like those of September 11th – were carried out against the kuffār,” continues the author of “Conspiracy Theory Shirk”, “they would claim these operations were conspiracies by the kuffār to justify their aggression against Muslims.”2 The infidels, too, by assigning the praise for such acts to the American or Israeli governments, deprive the warriors of the Most High of their credit and so abuse the omnipotent will of Allah. Most foolish of all, perhaps, is that the sufferers from the conspiracy theory shirk attribute to the Jews an inordinate clout, in view of the fact that, as the author explains with reference to Islamic teachings, “the accursed Jews are always in humiliation and overpowered.”3 How silly, then, to imagine that Israel’s humiliated and overpowered Mossad could be offering intelligence succor, funding, or other aid to ISIS fighters in their magnificent jihad!

For those interested and, inch’allah, inspired to take up the holy jihad, Dabiq is no longer on sale at Amazon, but pdfs of all of the issues can be found online at the Clarion Project, made possible by the donations of Donors Capital Fund, the Alan I. Gross Charitable Foundation, the Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund, the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Anne and Natalio Fridman Foundation, the J& H Gross Family Foundation, the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation, the Sy Syms Foundation, the Jewish Communal Fund, the William Rosenwald Family Fund, and other liberty-minded philanthropic institutions.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


  1. “Conspiracy Theory Shirk”. Dabiq 9 (1436 Sha’ban), p. 16.
  2. Ibid., p. 15.
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19 comments on “Aryan Skynet Exposed as Frauds: ISIS Delivers the Most High’s Deathblow to Dumbass Conspiracy Theories

  1. indravaruna
    June 11, 2015

    There was a recent article on the Daily Beast that Islamophobia agitation is extremely well funded by rich jews.

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  2. icareviews
    June 11, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  3. Don Logan
    June 11, 2015

    Thousands of “European” Muslims are being recruited for IS by Western intelligence agencies and sent abroad. I’d say it’s a safe bet to say that this magazine plays a significant roll in that endeavor. The old glossy zine published by “al-Qaida” was called Inspire and probably had a similar provenance. Naturally this will draw the ire of the White Nationalist fuckwhits that will say we’re “defending the Muslims.” But to hell with those morons that post SITE-“discovered” propaganda all day long and just feed the clamor for perpetual war and occupation. Bashing on Muslims relentlessly just supports the aims of our Zionist masters.

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  4. Hipster Racist
    June 11, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    icareview – did you get a call from Hezbollah yet? Because my check is late.

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  5. Hipster Racist
    June 11, 2015

    Isn’t it interesting – we’re able to talk about “right wing” Christian religious types – let’s say, a John Hagee type character, or a Republican politician like Mike Huckabee – and we’re able to say, “these guys don’t really care about morality, they are just raking in the big bucks.”

    But we’re all supposed to take “Islamic State” as a “serious” movement. Bad – of course – the latest story is that “Islamic State” has justified SEX SLAVERY with religion! Scandalous! Let’s read stories of teenage white girls moving to Syria to fight the “baby jihad” by joining the harems of ISIS fighters and having their children.

    Ever notice how the “White Right” blogs are full of near-praise of “Islamic State” – and many calls for us to become “radical” like them?

    Then again, Hipster Racist comes along as says, “Islamic State” is about the same as the Kardashian Family TV Show along with transgender Caitlyn Bruce Jenner – a sort of Muslim version of 19 and Counting – a TV show. Why is anyone taking this TV show seriously?

    That puts me out of bounds. That’s “getting involved in conspiracy theories.” We must take “Islamic State” at face value, as a serious radical HARDCORE right wing traditionalist totally real scary terrorist organization that we must fight because they hate gays and oppress women …

    … wait, what?

    In the old Soviet Union, no one took Pravda seriously. Everyone knew Pravda was 99% bullshit.

    But in America – Murka – if you dare to suggest that reality TV shows like the Kardashians – or ISIS – are just that – “reality TV shows” – well, that puts you out of bounds. A thought criminal. Crazy. A “conspiracy theorist” that totally just doesn’t understand the real DANGER we are all in from the threat of radical Muslims wearing tablecloths on their head that read Really Serious Religious glossy magazines like Dabiq – for sale at

    You see, we’re in a life and death struggle with Islam, but – incorporated in America – just last year finally were able to prevent this World Wide Islamo-Fascist Conspiracy called “Islamic State” from selling their glossy magazine to Radical Muslim Terrorist Cells in every American City …

    Now don’t get me started on Twitter – that’s where the REAL JIHAD is being fought. It’s a battle for Hearts and Minds – and if an Israeli corporation gets boycotted – why, that’s letting thet TERRORISTS WIN!

    Do I have this right?

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    • clytemnestra57
      June 13, 2015

      Has anyone noticed that Barack Obama and the White House staff are very careful to keep referring to these “terrorists” as ISIL instead of ISIS. So, I googled ISIS and I came across THIS article filled with a lot of other interesting links:

      Another thing I found was odd was the way that, once it grew to great size and power, ISIS chose to invade Syria and then proceeded to execute every Muslim they could get their hands on rather than … attack Israel and liberate the Muslim Mosque and holy site, the Al-Aqsa Mosque for Islam.

      Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one, because when the question came up, the ISIS leader and would-be future Caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, said that they had to purge Islam first. I assume he meant the backsliders and the heretics. But then he may have been talking about purging Islam in the same way the Bolsheviks promised that Marxism would lead to the dictatorship OF the proletariat and defined totally different from the way any proletariats would think. Because certain phrasing can mean two completely different things.

      Another thing that makes me suspect this is an Astroturf Movement is that Al-Baghdadi has basically declared war on any tandem jihadi movements not in his control. He has attacked and killed Al-Quaeda terrorists. He has also beheaded many of the Taliban. Ohh, he’s also killed a bunch of Christians, but that’s to be expected. He’s basically gone after everybody but the Jews in the area.

      Isn’t it ironic, but oh-so-interesting how it’s safer to be a Jew in an Islamic war zone right now than on the streets of Paris, France? But nothing to see here, folks. You know, the only way to bring real peace to the Mideast is for the good ole USA to attack Iran, don’tcha?

      Liked by 1 person

      • icareviews
        June 13, 2015

        Baghdadi isn’t even really a person, but a character created by American intelligence. Zero Hedge dug up this gem from the New York Times:

        Also, if you click on Baghdadi’s name in my post, you’ll find an interesting article by Christopher Bollyn on the man who may or may not be the figure touted as ISIS leader Baghdadi in photographs.

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      • Hipster Racist
        June 13, 2015

        I read an article a while back about leaders in the US, UK, and France were all having trouble keeping their ISIS/ISIL/Daesha names straight. It reminds one of nothing more than “Al Qaeda” – “the base” – supposedly named after “the database” of CIA assets recruited under Carter and Reagan to fight in Afghanistan, but also supposedly slang for “the toilet.”

        So this world-wide radical Sunni movement is named “the toilet.”

        Here’s my favorite story. So on 9/11 they found out the 19 hijackers were radical Muslims because they left their luggage in their car with Korans, suicide letters, and other props in their suitcases. So that’s how we know they were very religious Muslims that took their religion really really seriously.

        Except that some of them were, like, really into cocaine and strip clubs, even living “in sin” with a pink haired stripper chick. She described him as “always drunk and high” smoking pot daily and snorting coke every weekend.

        Well, that’s not the profile of a radical Muslim who takes his faith very, very seriously. It is, however, the profile of the typical Soldier of Fortune type mercenaries that one finds all around the world in every culture.

        So how to fix this problem? Easy. Did you ever see the movie Thank You For Smoking? The tobacco industry guy is talking to the Hollywood producer about how they can make smoking more popular by showing actresses smoking. So the Hollywood producer says, “yeah we’re going to have a science fiction movie with these two hot actors and they will be smoking in bed, great huh?”

        The tobacco industry executive says, “well the only problem is, you know, you can’t smoke in space because the oxygen and everything.”

        The Hollywood producer pauses, and looks at the tobacco industry executive for a long second. “That’s not a problem. It’s a one line fix. ‘Oh thank god they invented the whatsamajigger to fix the oxygen.'”

        The tobacco industry executive says, “wow you guys really are good!”

        It’s a one line fix. “So, Muslims are allowed to snort coke, fuck strippers, and eat bacon when they are ‘reverse-fasting’ in preparation for jihad.”

        That sounds totally plausible to me, I’d buy it.

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      • icareviews
        June 13, 2015

        Supposedly, a one-time girlfriend of the man who used the name Mohammed Atta in Florida claims he was fluent in Hebrew. This is supposed to be detailed in the book Welcome to Terrorland. It’s entirely possible that the blurry figure in the airport surveillance images is some Mossad agent who had been involved in the play-acting simulation of a terrorist cell on American soil.


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  10. Hipster Racist
    December 17, 2015


    Reading this article, six months later, after the escalation of the conflict vis-a-vis Russia, is even more hilarious than it was when you first wrote it.

    I’m totally not sucking up to my fellow Aryan Skynet writers – no homo – but you should really write a book or something. In the era of, publishing an e-book is expected.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icareviews
      December 18, 2015

      I am writing a book, but it’s a long way from completion. It’s mostly going to be about movies, though. I work a full-time job and like to create blog content on a regular basis, so the time I have to work on this project is limited. Also, since the research involves watching a lot of movies, it’s very time-intensive. Right now I’m going to say expect it in 2019.


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