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Land of the Lost

Skeletor doing his Nick Land shtick

Skeletor doing his Nick Land shtick

Nick Land, the balding, autistic, and humanity-hating mentor of the loose agglomeration of Judaic masturbators and anime nerds comprising the hardcore #Zioreaction scam, epitomizes the self-aggrandizing nihilism and cult of “personality” informing the “movement”. Precisely what it is about this influentially tedious figure that qualifies him as a “reactionary” or “man” of the “Right” is a mystery, as his ballyhooed philosophy appears to consist of little more than gothic sci-fi-flavored intellectualizations of his fantasies of oppressing the poor by remote control from an automated oriental massage parlor.

Nick Land doing his Skeletor shtick

Nick Land doing his Skeletor shtick

The program would seem to differ from neocon drone warfare only in that his blog has lots of big, skyscraping words and a frightening black background to scare away those carbon-based lifeforms who might wander innocently onto his Borg-ark. Land, if possible, may be an even bigger proponent of “creative” destruction than Mitt Romney, and he so delights in the prospect of putting people (“legacy anthropomorphic metrics”) out of their jobs with robotic labor that, no doubt hugging himself and chuckling, he lately composed a cutting-edgy experimental duovocal cyberpunk electro-text, “Labor Power”, with which to accelerate himself into an orgasm.

“Prolius”, whose fatalistic parents presumably named him after his inevitable station in life, explains why he thinks he deserves a raise, while employer “Squeezy” – a reference, one assumes, to Land’s manual posture while philosophizing – has other ideas.

Squeezy: Getting on OK with the robot, Prolius?
Prolius: Totally. I’ve doubled my hamburger output for no extra work, and even a bit less hot-fat splashing.
Squeezy: Great. It looks like it should pay for itself in three months.
Prolius: The thing is though, Mr. Squeezy, as I see it, I’m due a substantial pay rise.
Squeezy: Sorry, help me out here a minute Prolius, why is that exactly?
Prolius: Isn’t it obvious? My productivity has doubled.
SqueezyYour productivity?
Prolius: No doubt about that Mr. Squeezy. I looked it up. Labor productivity equals economic output over employment.
Squeezy: But I thought you’d just said the extra output is down to the robot?
Prolius: The robot doesn’t count, because it doesn’t have a labor contract.
Squeezy: There’s a bank loan.
Prolius: We’re in the Aeon of ZIRP. Debt is free forever now. So that’s irrelevant.
Squeezy: But what motive do I have to pay you more?
Prolius: Please, Mr. Squeezy, don’t be simplistic. I’m not just a worker with rapidly accelerating productivity. Far more importantly, I’m a consumer. If you paid me more, I could make a greater contribution to aggregate demand.
Squeezy: You’re saying, if I gave you more money, I could get some of it back by also selling you more hamburgers?
Prolius: You’ve got it. That’s how the economy works.

A commenter on this piece, “Aeroguy”, makes a startlingly worthwhile contribution to discussion at Outside in, when he writes, “Prolius would get a raise if there was a rise in the demand for labor (or reduction in supply, which is why reductions in labor imports is always a populist cause and it’s [sic] absence from populist politics is proof of the effectiveness of Cathedral influence).” “Aeroguy”, despite his typical #ZRx misattribution of the elite’s hostility to the “Cathedral” rather than the Synagogue, is correct; but Land has no interest in “demotism”.

Neoreactionary blogger Spandrell met Land in 2012 and at Bloody Shovel relates a portion of the conversation they had in “a small classy bar in Shanghai”:

As a futurist, Nick Land is surely extremely bored by proposals which amount to pretty much turning back the clock.

Given that we didn’t really believe in any way of fixing the mess, the discussion turned to how is the situation likely to evolve. He has this model on the elite, which he defines in a Pareto distribution as the productive 20% (against the useless 80%), would simply flee to civilised fortresses mega-cities a la Singapore where they would enjoy the benefits of a high IQ society.  With robotics and other advances the utility of low skilled labor will decrease into what amounts to nil, so the masses would [be] left to their own devices in the hinterland. Where they’d starve to medieval densities.

I didn’t really agree with this model. He argued that the elite is incredibly globalised, and doesn’t give a shit about their nations or countries. Which is true. Also true about both of us.

Land, furthermore, makes no secret of this. “It’s certainly amusing that the only people who don’t think we’re Nazis are the Nazis,” he writes, referring to ethnonationalists. “They recognize that ‘cognitive elitists’ are inherently prone to race treachery — which could be pushed all the way out to species treachery (if I have anything to do with it).” Here he openly boasts of his aspirations to “species treachery”, attempting to disguise his fundamentally anti-human perversion as merely some parenthetical jest.

The upshot is that Land has no intention of working to improve or preserve the lot of whites or of western civilization generally. He concedes that what he enjoys “about the Neoreaction is its anger management, which is inextricable from its taste for irony (and probably also from its decadence)”, which is to say, its passivity in the face of civilization’s collapse. Land’s only discernably “reactionary” position, in fact, is his sharp reaction to any suggestion that whites ought to be motivated to reracinate, collaborate, and to organize along lines of defense and resurgence.

Sadie Plant, Nick Land's "cyberfeminist" co-conspirator at the University of Warwick

Sadie Plant, Nick Land’s “cyberfeminist” co-conspirator at the University of Warwick

This is all par for the course of Land’s career as a do-nothing intellectual, which included “work” in the “Cybernetic Culture Research Unit” at the University of Warwick, where this worthy’s legendary academic herculeanisms included production of such profundities as the following:

The figure one (1) – elaborated from a simple vertical stroke – is at least semi-ideographic as a relic tally-mark (basically identical in this respect to the Roman numeral . I’). This figure has obvious phallic resonance (especially in contrast to the sign for zero (0)). Its relation to the figure seven (7) is supported by numerological analyses (since seven cumulated (28) reduces to one).

In other words, Land is unable to look at the number one without immediately thinking of dicks. At Warwick, Land is said to have taken an interest in kabbalist numerology and allegedly even “went through a phase of talking only in numbers, and was once ‘taken over’ by three distinct entities” – one of which must have been the spirit of a departed jackass. It is also interesting to note, in view of his identification above of “0” as a symbolic vagina, that his @Outsideness Twitter account utilizes a glowering skull design with the caption “zero” scrawled underneath it in Land’s copious secretions. An apt choice of numerals, this writer concedes.

Here the mincing, “um”-ing mole-man can be seen holding darkly enlightened cybernetic court in a physico-synth-fab brown t-raiment:

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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21 comments on “Land of the Lost

  1. icareviews
    May 28, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  2. Don Logan
    May 28, 2015

    What a cunt.

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  3. Don Logan
    May 28, 2015

    Apologies for the vulgarity fellow Aryans, but I just watched that video and it triggered me.

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  4. thrasymachus33308
    May 28, 2015

    Reblogged this on Deconstructing Leftism and commented:

    Techno-futurism or techno-capitalism isn’t anything new, it’s just current social and economic policy without the sugarcoating.

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  5. Peter Blood
    May 29, 2015

    Aren’t all the English a little (at least) faggy to begin with? And isn’t Land free-floating in Shanghai, of all places? So rooted! I shouldn’t wonder if he secretly is a big Anime fan.

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    • icareviews
      May 29, 2015

      I wouldn’t say all the English are effeminate, as there are plenty of solid working class Brits who have been catching bad breaks for centuries; but there’s certainly a virulent strain of cultural cuckoldry among their elites.

      I know Land is into sci-fi, but I’m not sure about the anime. He definitely moves in otaku circles, though.


  6. Ryu
    May 29, 2015

    Technology won’t save the white race. The technologists think that if only they innovate and create enough, all of humanity’s ills will disappear.

    They say that one can judge if someone is liberal or cons by their body type. Upper body strength correlates with conservatism. He looks quite liberal, and his politics bear it out.

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  7. Hipster Racist
    May 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    That Land quote is pretty damning, it is indistinguishable from the
    post-modernism that was famously mocked by Alan Sokal. Chomsky once called one
    of the post-modernists “an amusing and perfectly self-aware charlatan” (although
    that might be a good description of Chomsky himself.)

    People who think they are going to download their “mind” into a computer and
    live forever as a robot – that’s essentially religious thinking.

    I think some of these NRx people are merely self-important, and for all their
    posturing at elitism, they and their ideas have had no impact on the really
    existing elite, cognitive or otherwise, and there is no indication that the
    situation will ever change.

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  8. Hipster Racist
    May 30, 2015

    In other words, Land is unable to look at the number one without immediately thinking of dicks.

    This misses the real scandal of that quote. In the 80s and 90s personal computers and the internet were just starting to become mainstream and especially popular in academia. Many in the humanities made awkward and embarrassing analogies based on technological concepts they didn’t understand.

    So someone would try to explain “digital vs. analogue” – which is a very simple concept that is easily drawn on paper – and certain humanities types would greatly overestimate the, how would I put this, the philosophical and even spiritual significance of “digital vs. analogue.”

    Some well meaning technical type would say, “yeah, one day all of our music, our writing, our videos, our whole life really, will be encoded in the computer with just ones and zeros.”

    Now, there is a kind of significance to this and it has some impact on the human experience going forward, but if some humanities type heard that statement and then understood it to mean one day we’re going to “upload our consciousness into the internet” then give us a metaphorical riff on the spiritual significance of ones and zeros as symbolic of the male and female universal duality …

    …that person completely missed the point in an embarrassing way.

    Land is obviously a smart guy so that sort of silliness is “self-conscious charlatanism.”

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    • icareviews
      May 30, 2015

      Yeah, but if you hadn’t noticed, I was going with the theme of potty humor in that paragraph. When I get into a groove like that, I’m not about to break it up with serious debunking. Land probably doesn’t even deserve to be seriously debunked, so I was probably being overly kind in stooping to write this post. But it is bizarre that people even buy the idea that he’s some kind of top “reactionary”.


      • Hipster Racist
        May 30, 2015

        Oh yes, I found this quote particularly poetic:

        his ballyhooed philosophy appears to consist of little more than gothic sci-fi-flavored intellectualizations of his fantasies of oppressing the poor by remote control from an automated oriental massage parlor.

        You certainly have style. Though I would point out that I’ve never really even heard of these people except in the most perfunctory way until you started writing about them. I have yet to read anything the NRxers have to say that is particularly thought provoking, regardless of whether I “agree” or “disagree” with their worldview. It really does comes across as so much techno-naval gazing, the kind that actual technologists stay far away from.

        Some of it seems to be “post-modernism for the digital age” (ugh, hold on I need to go wash my hands after typing that…)

        Really, so the elites are going to revolt away from the masses – the 20% will no longer be burdened with the 80% useless eaters – and go hole up in Galt’s Gulch with robot factories and android sex bots.

        It’s almost painfully trite and naive, isn’t it? In the real world, the real elites are already holed up in Jackson Hole, various Caribbean islands, and Manhattan penthouses with automated share trading algorithms and real life women.

        It looks like the 1% don’t particularly need the next 19% or at least aren’t inviting the NRxers to their awesome parties.

        Once the Wall Street Journal did a great article about a software company that was trying to sell its wares to a specific CEO. They set up a billboard on the guy’s way to work and printed a complementary magazine – with the CEO on the cover – detailing his business accomplishments.

        Advertising strategies can get really interesting when the audience is one.

        If I was some light-weight philosopher that was trying to get funding from young and naive but very wealthy technology CEOs, I’d create an entire ideology with them as the most important people in the world and flatter their egos. You know, tell them they are special and uniquely beautiful people, the cognitive elite. Kissing wealthy people’s asses is not a new phenomenon certainly.

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      • icareviews
        May 30, 2015

        “I’ve never really even heard of these people except in the most perfunctory way until you started writing about them.”

        I made a point of familiarizing myself with more of their writings in the course of putting together this series of posts. Nick Land has earned a degree of infamy for being the one to coin the term “Dark Enlightenment” and he’s regarded by many as the leader of this “movement”, so he’s a worthy topic while I’m in the process of demolishing #ZRx.

        To the extent that the “movement” is made up of Jews and deliberate Shabbos goyim, it’s clearly a waste of time to engage them; but there are a lot of high-IQ whites who have been distracted by their scam. These potentially are people who could be of value to white nationalism, if only because they apparently have a lot of time on their hands. Getting these people to see how silly and unproductive the whole faux-elitist #ZRx thing is would be a moderately worthy accomplishment, I think. People should be made to feel ashamed to associate themselves with this academic circus.


  9. Craig
    May 30, 2015

    It’s probably why these autistic Galah’s never kissed the girls when they played spin the bottle at school.

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. TheElectricalEngineer
    April 5, 2018

    Great writing – in the article and in the comments. I’m amazed to find all this intelligent discussion on Nick Land and the ccru etc. I hadn’t thought about the satanic angle before.

    I don’t understand the deal with white nationalism? You’re serious, intelligent people and have obviously thought this through. What’s the problem with people with dark skin?

    Oh, one point: please don’t use “autistic” as an insult. Nick Land is not autistic; the qualities you’re seeing are probably more “psychopath,” if anything. The other stuff you say is probably right though


    • Hipster Racist
      April 5, 2018


      You seem like a serious, intelligent person, so why are you bringing up “skin color” as if it is relevant? Skin color is the least interesting aspect of race. Why do you hate European-Americans?


      • TheElectricalEngineer
        April 5, 2018

        It’s a genuine question, as I’m interested in where you’re coming from, but not here to argue. Forgive my ignorance. Point me to a link if you like?


      • Hipster Racist
        April 5, 2018


        What’s the problem with people with dark skin?

        That’s a “serious question?” Because it reads to me like a typical anti-white slur. What are you going to do next, call us “racists” and “anti-seeeeeeeeeemites?”

        Here’s a link:


    • icareviews
      April 6, 2018

      Skin color is the most superficial difference between races – and the problem is incompatibility, diminished social capital and degraded prosperity and lack of safety where people of varying aptitudes and outlooks are crammed in with one another.


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