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Bow tie photographed with Jeffrey A. Tucker

Pink Bow Tie photographed with Jeffrey Tucker

The cover feature of this Spring’s issue of the libertarian propaganda organ The Freeman is “50 More Ways to Leave Leviathan: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Can Make You More Free” by Max Borders and Jeffrey A. Tucker. This listicle, the authors claim, “shows how one paradigm of social and economic organization is crumbling and another is taking its place. The unrelenting power and energy behind these innovations and workarounds,” they admonish those statists who may be eavesdropping, “are making the old models of social organization obsolete.”1

No, not that Leviathan

No, not that Leviathan

Just what are their secrets to living outside that reviled statist quo? The following points in these two rebellious souls’ bold manifesto chilled this tyrant to the bone and should serve to alarm those who, like this writer, wince at the thought of human freedom and seek to squash it wherever it springs and gives unruly, unwanted, and weed-like evidences of its persistence.

Point 19 is “ENJOY POT LEGALLY”:

Forty years ago, Richard Nixon started a war on pot as a political maneuver. It boosted his credibility and attacked his enemies. Sadly, tens of millions of innocent people have been abused and caged as a result. But the public isn’t standing for it anymore. States and cities are decriminalizing pot all over the country in response to noncompliance and voter revolt. Nearly half the states have liberalized. Only the [racist] South remains to act in some form. It’s a beautiful thing to see freedom from the drug war dawning at last.2

Max Borders: head shot submitted for his Sugar Ray audition

Max Borders: head shot submitted for his Sugar Ray audition

Item 21, “BECOME A HOMEBREWER”, continues in the same substance-oriented vein:

It’s [sic] seems incredible that the United States once banned the production and distribution of alcohol by constitutional amendment. Talk about nuts! Prohibition was repealed in 1932, but the prohibitionist mindset is still with us. That hasn’t stopped the homebrewing of beer from taking off in a dramatic national trend, however. The craft-brew movement started with a guy working in his basement. It’s now a large commercial industry to supply enthusiasts. Be your own bootlegger.3



Stop 25 on the anarcho-cosmic odyssey is “SIP AYAHUASCA TEA FROM ABROAD”:

Native populations of South America have used the herb ayahuasca for centuries as a natural hallucinogen. They say it makes profound spiritual revelations possible. Maybe. But whatever: the drug warriors hate it. That hasn’t stopped the development of an active market for spiritual tourism and for acquiring ayahuasca from abroad. Nothing can stop the forces of supply and demand.4

Number 27, easily the most threatening to authoritarian despotism, is “DRINK BUTTER COFFEE”:

How could something so simple and wonderful elude us for so long? The trend to mix butter and coffee underscores how brilliance and innovation need not involve complex technology. They only require insight. When you embrace butter coffee, you are leaving that state-perpetuated myth that fats found in butter are unhealthy. It took a peer-to-peer network of ancestral health practitioners to bring down the anti-fat propagandists and scientific “experts” a peg or two.5

Brando 4 Life

Brando 4 Life

Item 30 – and this writer must confess to being unsure whether or not this is intended by Borders and Tucker as an elaboration of item 19 – is the incendiary and brutally hardcore anarchist provocation to “EAT GRASS-FED BEEF”:

Government apparently wants all edible animals stuffed with corn – because the corn lobby remains one of the most powerful in Washington. But not all consumers are going for it. They are finding ways to import grass-fed beef and even to do ranching their own way. Food innovations such as these can’t be stopped no matter how many agents the feds send out to arrest the supposed bad guys. Rogue farming and ranching are on the rise.6

Finally – and this should give the Neoreaction liberty-loving tingles – “BUY YOUR OWN KINGDOM”, Tucker and Borders offer as thesis 50.

An art teacher in Portugal had a snappy idea: buy an island off the coast of Madeira. Then he had an even better idea: turn it into his own kingdom. That’s what he did, and he calls it the Principality of Pontinha. Earlier last year, there was talk of selling the Belle Isle section of Detroit. Wonderful. Even better: just sell all unowned and state-owned things and privatize the world.7

So, assuming the freedom fighter has been able to follow the thread of logic through this liberty-lavishing listicle, the idea would seem to be that the high, hallucinating, inebriated, caffeinated beef-eating queen is best equipped to lead the

Peace, love, and a Solid Gold Dancers standard

Peace, love, and a Solid Gold Dancers standard

“The planners thought they had it all sewn up,” Tucker and Borders conclude, satisfied with the brilliance of their blueprint for anarchy. “None of these innovations was part of their plan.”8 Elsewhere in their piece they herald “the breakdown of nation-based political organization” – rising nationalism and racial consciousness clearly having no role to play in their plan for a capitalist utopia.9 Let those who yet doubt that libertarianism represents but one level, one dimension of the truth watch as Jeffrey A. Tucker verbally fellates this Muslim and then ask themselves if this is the man who can cure the western world of its ills.

This writer does, however, believe that “50 More Ways to Leave Leviathan” might have been enlivened and enhanced in its capacity to free the reader from the government gulag matrix by the addition of one more prescription:



For far too long have the Soviet toadies thriving off the fat of the taxpayer’s dime at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vilified and marginalized the vibrant Escherichia coli and other diverse bacterial cultures indigenous to the intestine. Only with greater and more militant emphasis on tolerance and commitment to bringing these worthy contributors out of the shadows in which they have suffered for long, cruel millennia can robust liberty hope to be realized in this, potentially the freest epoch in the history of mankind.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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    Libertarianism’s highest ideal, legalizing weed and prostitution.

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    Make Mine Freedom!


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    Sounds like those libertarians slogan should be, “Tune in, turn on and drop out”.
    Anyway, those guys sound confusing. So, what I’m getting is that somehow making my own beer or smoking weed is my ticket to freedom? Oh, and “stay as diverse as you can be you crazy diamond!”. Wow, it’s 1967 all over again.
    BTW, the ghost of Roger just called and… never mind. He was probably high anyway.

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      Roger Jesness probably could have been a libertarian hero if he hadn’t been such an unrepentant racist and appropriator of other people’s property.

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        Since he liked smoking crack, we can safely say he was shamelessly appropriating black culture. And he liked to steal too.
        He was pretty much a happy go lucky darky, only he wasn’t very dark.

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