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Beyond Dungeons and Drag Queens and Toward the Jacquerie

Neoreactionary at work

Neoreactionary at work

Matt Forney, in one of his wittier essays, characterizes the Star Trek franchise as a satisfaction of “Revenge (Fantasies) of the Nerds”:

Star Trek makes a lot more sense when you realize that Gene Roddenberry probably had his face bashed in every day after school when he was a teenager. The Next Generation, particularly in its first two seasons, has a childish FUCK YOU, DAD! mentality that only the most emotionally stunted manbabies could take seriously. You can almost imagine Roddenberry hunched over his desk in a Xanadu-like mansion muttering to himself: Stupid bigoted right-wing fascists, I’ll show THEM!”

Starfleet and the Federation in general are a nerd’s wet dream. There are no jocks or bimbos aboard the Enterprise; every crew member from Captain Picard down to the lowliest ensign is a citizen-philosopher. Their hobbies consist exclusively of high-minded pursuits like staging Shakespeare plays, mastering the violin and playing space chess. Everyone is polite and never gets into fights. Money is obsolete and replicators can provide anything that you need. Starfleet and the Federation themselves are never depicted as anything less than saintly; Roddenberry originally created them as stand-ins for the United Nations. You can see why this vision of the future would appeal to a certain type of social misfit.

If you want a vision of the nerd future, imagine being forced to listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine” on a[n] infinite loop forever.

Nerds cling to a bizarre mix of Nietzschean slave morality (believing that their oppression at the hands of the evil jocks and sluts makes them superior) and a childlike, Christian-esque faith that their enemies will get “what’s coming to them.” It’s a fantasy: the reality is that with few exceptions, the “popular kids” in high school end up becoming the most successful adults while losers stay losers. Most nerds, rather than develop the skills they need to turn their lives around, would rather retreat into self-pleasuring fantasy worlds in which their lack of charisma and peculiar obsessions are assets rather than liabilities. Trek fandom is basically a poor man’s narcissism.



The ironic dimension of this assessment is that, minus its ideological dressings, it fairly well describes Forney’s fellow neoreactionaries – the difference being that the latter infuse their science fiction escapism with medievalist fantasy cosplay. “When I first got started with my reactionary writings,” confesses #ZRx blogger AntiDem, “I thought I would be the only anime fan in these circles. Boy was I ever wrong.” Neoreactionaries like Nick B. Steves and Aaron Clarey delight in representing themselves with Japanese cartoon avatars.

Thundercats alumnus Nick B. Steves. Note the addition of the cigarette and the shades. He's not just a nerd; he's a big, tough, cool one whose gem-studded fist is even bigger than his skull.

Thundercats alumnus Nick B. Steves. Note the addition of the cigarette and the shades. He’s not just a nerd; he’s a big, tough, cool one whose gem-studded fist is even bigger than his skull.

Aaron Clarey counting shekels

Aaron Clarey counting shekels

The Neoreaction “is part of the same geek-identity narrative that is driving #GamerGate,” writes Bootleg Girl. In its worst excesses, the Neoreaction might be said to comprise the collective yearnings toward a cerebral Columbine in which a store of boring readings in political theory are transformed into the weapons of deferred teen vengeance. “When geeks eventually take power,” tweets neoreactionary crossdresser Justine Tunney, “there won’t be any mercy for the society that once bullied us from cradle to grave. Be afraid.”

Tunney tweet

More Right’s Michael Anissimov reacted to Tunney’s revealing words by asserting defensively that,

The integrity of this intellectual project is at stake when people publicly associated with neoreaction by the media are making comments like this. That’s why I’ve asked for people within neoreaction not to associate with him. When someone is publicly espousing ideas superficially associated with neoreaction, but makes comments along these lines, completely shunning him is the only way to disabuse any public notions of an ideological association. The credibility and viability of neoreaction—no matter what its role ultimately may be—is at stake.

Anissimov’s real apprehension, rather, is that outsiders to the movement will see in transvestite Tunney a visual symbol of the Neoreaction itself as a game of intellectualized dress-up. Many in these circles favor an “inquisition” to root out and excommunicate cosplayers whose costume design clashes with their own. At all costs, the movement must remain elitist and guard against any “entryism” or promiscuous dilution of the nebulous canon of neoreactionary ideals. It cannot become accessible, let alone popular. To do so would be to renounce its aloof cyber-identity as the shadow intelligentsia of the stormlit Castlevanian order of the future.

I'ma get medieval on your ass.

I’ma get medieval on your ass.

Anissimov, in his “Neoreactionary Glossary”, quotes in his definition of “Demotism” Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s assertion that “The renaissance of democracy marked the beginning of the Age of the ‘G’ — guillotines, genocide, gaols, gallows, gaschambers [sic] and Gulags.” Anissimov clearly intends hereby to discredit the popular politics of ethnonational consciousness as merely a sinister prelude to totalitarian bloodbaths. James Nicholas Pell, in his article “Overreacting to Neoreaction”, corroborates that for neoreactionaries, the hated “Demotism means something between ‘democracy’ and ‘populism’; it seamlessly encompasses fascism, Bolshevism, and Anglo-American liberal democracy.”

This would seemingly include all political discourse sufficiently crude as to handle the Jewish Question without kid gloves. When Anissimov was so indecorous as to bring to readers’ attention the acid influence of Frankfurt School intellectuals on the present decay of the West, Nick Land responded that this represented a “new low” for Neoreaction. “Is anybody going to try and tell me, with a straight face, that this has anything whatsoever to do with NRx?” Land challenged in a tweeted act of judeolingus. “If this is NRx I’m Mao Zedong.”

Curtis Yarvin, Jewish guru of Neoreaction under his alias Mencius Moldbug, is more or less a devotee of establishment “Holocaust” orthodoxy. “I hope I’ve done my part to make the Holocaust seem a little more like the real event it was,” he sighs in concluding an unimpressively dismissive essay in which, by way of substantiation, he links more than once – first with seeming irony, but then as a source of information – to the weepy, a site that repeats such hoary howlers as the claim that Josef Mengele had children “sewn together to create Siameses [sic] twins”. Yarvin also characterizes revisionists as “frothing at the mouth”.

The comments under one of Yarvin’s poems are instructive in profiling the audience drawn to the movement. “The Jews are not an alien presence in Western civ, they are in fact a key component,” comments “The Undiscovered Jew”, who argues furthermore that “There is no such thing as a Jewish elite” and that anti-Semitism “is maladaptive for Europeans genetic interests.” The “notion that somehow the frankfurt school influenced public policy in this country, especially in the last 50 years, is ridiculous,” adds Yarvin follower “death maiden”. “Drethelin”, a commenter on Nick Land’s blog, bemoans the “shit from people who would happily throw me in an oven and prefer to talk about jewish conspiracies rather than theorize about how to actually build effective governmental structures.”

To the extent that the Neoreaction has been noticed by mainstream commentators, the accounts have been primarily of the uncomprehendingly salacious and alarmist variety one would expect. The Baffler’s Corey Pein, in a piece amusingly titled “Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream of a Silicon Reich”, dismisses Yarvin’s blog as fodder for “the usual teeth-gnashing white supremacists” and scary “gun nuts”. But “If race is a Dark Enlightenment obsession,” quips TakiMag’s Pell, “someone forgot to tell them” – which, this writer would add, is precisely why this coterie of anti-feminist bluestockings is of such a limited utility.

There is, however, in much of the negative press a grain of truth with regard to the geek identity constituting the Neoreaction, as when Pein points out that Yarvin’s “political treatises are heavily informed by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas” and that “Moldbug reads like an overconfident autodidact’s imitation of a Lewis Lapham essay — if Lewis Lapham were a fascist teenage Dungeon Master.” Then, too, there was Mike Anissimov’s apparent intention to found a “monarchist commune” in rural Idaho – which, to their credit, seems to have been rejected by the neoreactionary rank-and-file – probably as too disconcertingly lifelike and non-sedentary an undertaking.

Race is too visceral, too accessible, to become the focus of neoreactionary inactivity. Neoreaction, as Bryce Laliberté conveniently explains, has no aspiration to relevance to the stinking herd. Populism – which is to say, the potential for real-world influence and infiltration of hearts and minds – would require of the Dark Adolescence that they communicate effectively with precisely the sorts of people who disregarded them back in high school.

Bryce Laliberte passing notes in class

Bryce Laliberte passing notes in class

Conveniently for Nick Land, admittedly “autistic nerds” are the only people “capable of participating effectively in the advanced technological processes that characterize the emerging economy”. He adds in a snickering, hand-rubbing validation of this writer’s thesis that Neoreaction forms an elaborate corpus of dweeb revenge fantasy literature:

For the autistic nerds, the social relations that matter are those among themselves — the productive [of what?] networks which are their model for final-phase human culture in general — along with the ever more intricate connections they enter into with technological machines. From pretty much everybody else — whether psycho-sadistic girls, or extractive mobs and tyrannical politicians — they expect nothing except social torture, parasitism, and bullying, mixed up with some menial services that the machines of tomorrow will do better. Their tendency is to find a way to flee.

For the rest of humanity, exposed ever more clearly as a kind of needy detritus, bullying is all that’s left. If they can’t find a way to pocket the nerds’ lunch-money, they won’t be getting anything to eat. From this perspective, an escaping nerd is far more of an intolerable aggression than a policeman’s boot in the teeth. There’s only one popular politics at the end of the road, and that’s cage the nerds. Find a formulation for this which sounds both convincing and kinda-sorta reasonable, and the red carpet to power is rolled out before your feet.

Which is it going to be? Starve the masses or enslave the nerds? There’s no way this doesn’t get incredibly ugly.

From the Outside in perspective, the fast track to realism on all this is to stop pretending that anybody other than nerds has anything much to offer the future. (Completely devoid of autistic nerd competences ourselves, the detachment from which we speak is impeccable.) This harsh-realist short-cut eliminates all the time-wasting on “special” things non-nerds can do — which somehow always end up being closely related to the task of governance (and that, as we have seen, reduces ultimately to intimidating nerds). “OK, you’re not a nerd, but you’re special.” We’ve all heard that before.

Even without being an autistic nerd, one can be gifted with some modest measure of intelligence — enough in any case to realize: “History’s shaping itself into some nightmarish nerd-revenge narrative.” It doesn’t even take an artificial super-intelligence to understand why that should be.

Land’s confession that these frail characters’ intragroup social relations are the only ones that matter to them points to the self-defeatingly insular nature of their enterprise. Worse, their vanity makes them ignorant. Quick to insult those they see as less cultured or having lower IQs – or, anyway, having jobs and therefore less leisure in which to devour libraries – the Dark Enlightenment refuses to acknowledge the value of thought and research that originates beyond the rarefied realm of their self-congratulating right-otaku intelligentsia and selected quarters of academia, Church, and literary tradition. Michael Collins Piper? Michel Chossudovsky? Paul Craig Roberts? Who are they? Has Moldbug ever validated their scribblings with a mention? Have they in their works addressed the question of ultra-Calvinism as a progenitor of the militant social justice Cathedral? No? What use are they then?

Questioning the story that cave-dwelling Arabs outsmarted NORAD four times on 9/11? Complaining about bankers and wars and ZOG in articles that the working class can actually read and understand and – Laliberté forbid – actually enjoy? Mon Dieu, l’horreur! Très démodé! Better to write about the unbounded techno-commercial power of immediately self-protective and ultimately sovereign capital autonomization. But deigning to mention Baruch Goldstein, Dov Zakheim, or Irene Zisblatt? Why, that could lead to runaway anti-Semitism and other manifestations of unwashed demotism!

Memehopper’s assessment that “NRx obviously began as jewish entryism to coopt white high-iq types into vanity and velleity” bears repeating.

Philo-Semitic writer and neoreactionary favorite Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, who reminds his audience that “Monarchy in Europe was an international institution”, also says in connection with the background of Ludwig von Mises, “Never forget, in the old times, any Hebrew who became a Christian [. . .] immediately, automatically was becoming a member of the [. . .] nobility, because, obviously, being a Hebrew, you were a relative of our Lord.” Let readers bear this quotation in mind whenever next they see a judeoreactionary writer extolling monarchy and calling for the regeneration of an aristocracy of mysterious pedigree.

What this civilization requires is not more elitists and self-absorbed pedants, but pitchforks and torches of propaganda – the ugliest truths, the angriest wisdom, reracinating populism, and gentile jacquerie.

Ecrasons l’Infame, mes paysans!

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook

(working man and totally disingenuous aristocrat)

[Read more about the #Zioreaction here, here, here, and here.]

[UPDATE 5/18/15: Weev on “The Hilarious Meltdown of Mike Anissimov“]


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    May 9, 2015

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    icareviews prison-shanks the Dork Enlightenment.

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  3. Hipster Racist
    May 10, 2015

    NRx/DE is, more than anything, a marketing label. There is no “movement” demotic or otherwise. It’s a bunch of bloggers. As I quoted in the other thread:

    Nrx has no intellectual content other than the old tropes of liberal individualist scientism, it merely repackages the global consensus in the guise of telling harsh, “politically incorrect” “truths” which Nrx loyalists all seem to convince themselves are profoundly challenging, but which are in fact very familiar and quite banal, and are already accepted cynically by everyone.

    I remember this dude in high school. He was the type that invited bullying. He was convinced he was smarter and better than everyone else, just with no real-life evidence to prove it.

    But he was smart, and when he grew up he got a nice job in Silicon Valley making $75k a year. The next time I saw him, he was a full-on Ayn Randroid fanatic and bragging about how he could “hire muscle” and how selfishness is moral. He was of course totally against “racism” and “White Nationalism” was for the lower people who just couldn’t compete with Asian technologists.

    Eventually, he found a nice white woman with a good personality that would fuck him twice, so he married her, had two kids, and is now a nice, normal, middle class White father. He stopped being a dick and dropped the pretense of being some elite intellectual and now just enjoys his life.

    The drag queen turned Dork Enlighteneer reminds me of him. The fact that the other NRxers don’t want to be associated with him/her/it just shows they are fighting over a label.

    Because the label is all they have – there’s nothing new to anything those people are saying. It’s classical liberalism with a few nods to technology and atheism. Not in the slightest bit a big deal. It’s AmRen before their political harassment. The smarter ones seem to understand this too. Even calling it Jewish entryism is too much, sure, Chaim is there doing what he always does, but he doesn’t have to because so far, most of the NRx/DEs are too afraid of ethnic solidarity because that might cause discomfort around their Asian and Jewish co-workers.

    They even get monarchy wrong. All that hot air about why monarchies are better and the best they could come up with is that a monarch won’t spend the nation’s capital because he has a long-term interest in the system? You can tell these people are STEM grads, not MBAs, because their institutional analysis is something a first year MBA candidate could figure out.

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  4. Hipster Racist
    May 10, 2015

    It’s the internet, and my icon is Maxwell Smart from the Mel Brooks comedy show, so I realize I don’t have a lot of room to criticize, but …

    … adult White men into Japanese cartoons? It’s like with the My Little Pony thing, there is something just downright creepy about it.

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    • Craig
      May 30, 2015


      I got heaps of anime, it was the old VHS “Chaos AD” Sepultura drum rolls at the end of the trailer clips that got me into it. Presides I always go for the evil Aryan dudes, since madman YKW took the Aryan loving nips over… 😦 They still draw Aryan though, it’s the common Aryan theme in their drawing that has Europeans thinking the Nips draw people as European. I’ll call it the “Thal and Melon nip complexion”. 🙂

      The nips were funny, always cracking jokes about race, not afraid to be anti-black till… Madman Americanised = evil Aryan bad guys Vs all powerful lone wolf multicultural saviour hero… meme replayed over and over to death. Such a sad intellectual death it was.

      I love those evil Aryan dudes now… It’s like reverse psychology through propaganda. Self defeating is their system over time…when a simple song by south American whites can diffuse the millions of dollars of propaganda, and make death metal dudes rich. It was like they were telling us of the future our masters have in store for us.

      It stirs the dreaming of Ragnarok.


      I’m more into historical fiction anyhoo, it’s closer to my roots. Bloody roots.

      9/11 thingy, well of course it’s a dead give away, to support the propaganda of a call to war is to support a geopolitical side. Some of us are bought up ignorant of the Jew and just do it for the money… This shocks the patriotards the most. LOL to the core.

      Many ex-soldiers and current soldiers are now questioning this propaganda, it was interesting last ANZAC day. Note the post stickiered to the top. Is it any wonder that our middle east war veterans are now being given the Vietnam treatment from VA.

      Get back to your roots. Fight for your people.

      As for monarchy, umm yeah look at the British royals LOL.


  5. weeedwacker
    May 10, 2015

    Nerds living for revenge fantasies of giving bullies their just deserts? These must be some seriously badass nerds. Most of the nerds I’ve known were appreciative that they were even allowed to live any kind of life at all. They took justifiable pride in their role as human punching bags because they knew they were instrumental in training the leaders of tomorrow.
    How strange the world has become where every one is a celebrity and every body thinks they are top dog.

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  6. rjamesd9
    May 10, 2015

    Unbalanced liberal freaks who think they’re smarter than some other liberal freaks.

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  7. Porter
    May 10, 2015

    ICR, you periodically uncork some hilariously mordant material. I haven’t given “neoreaction” more than a minute’s thought, and so can’t comment on your critique other than to say it was a very enjoyable read.

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  8. icareviews
    May 10, 2015

    Don Logan brings to my attention the development that some sci-fi nerds at the VNN forum have taken exception to Forney’s analysis of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

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  9. Alexandros HoMegas
    May 10, 2015

    William Pierce said long time ago that any political or religious movement that doesn’t exclude jews and their shabbo goyim will be subverted by them in the end.

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  10. Hipster Racist
    May 10, 2015

    Harold Reply:
    January 21st, 2015 at 6:26 am

    “People are always on the look out for more scapegoats”

    Yes, the Jewish Moldbug is keen to scapegoat Protestants.

    “If one thinks that the Jews/Zionists are secretly engineering the demise of Western civilization (as if it’s a new and radical idea…) one should definitely do something about it.”

    Why would a reactionary, neo or otherwise, give less credence to an idea because it was not new and radical? Neoreactionaries seem to believe those dead white men were correct about Africans, about female pormiscuity, about almost every belief they had for which they are now reviled. Except Jews. They didn’t love Jews because of some strange insanity.

    Something else I’ve noticed about NRx that I’ve been hesitant to discuss is the same thing I’ve noticed among certain White Nationalists, especially the philo-semitic types – Catholics and Jews ganging up on the Protestants.

    Scratch the surface and you will find the hatred of the “Enlightenment” is not because it liberated Jews from the shtetl – it’s because it was the logical outgrowth of the Reformation which broke the Imperialist Catholic power.

    The age of immigration saw “white ethnic” – read “Catholic” – urban political machines fighting against the WASP establishment. Historically, it is true that the Protestants liberated the Jews; Cromwell invited the back to England for example, and the WASP establishment in the early 20th century sometimes teamed up with Jews to fight the rising Catholic power in the US. But, remember, Jews were partners of the Catholic nobility for a thousand years; the tax collectors for the aristocracy. The joke about Moldbug has it, “he wants to reinstate the monarchy so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a court Jew.”

    Kevin MacDonald has a new lecture out that is required watching, about how North Western whites evolved from hunter-gatherer tribes and our basic psychological make up is that of “egalitarian individualism.” We had relatively weak clan ties, and in order to organize radical individualist egalitarians, you had to come up with a “moral ingroup” – and this moral ingroup was policed very tightly, with dissenters ostracized. This was, in a sense, the origin of “political correctness.” There was another strain, that of the Indo-Europeans which were especially strong in southern and Eastern Europe – and what exemplifies this Indo-European strain more than the Roman Empire, with its Senate which was both imperialist and elitist, while at the same time struggling to keep a relatively egalitarian dynamic between the Senators themselves, who were somewhat peers and roughly equal to each other?

    Here’s the rub though – there is nothing wrong with “us.” OK, so we are egalitarian individualists that need a strong moral ingroup to cooperate effectively – ok, so what? That’s just the way we are. We don’t need to change.

    The weakness is that whites are the opposite of “racist” – we are very low on ethnocentrism – so we tend to try to integrate racial outsiders. As long as they follow the moral code, they are “honorary whites.” This system works perfectly well when there are few to no racial outsiders. The WASPs did, in fact, attempt to stop non-white immigration in the 1920s, but once the Jews took power by the 1960s, they opened the floodgate to non-white immigration quite purposefully.

    The Catholic Church is majority non-white. It is an imperialist system (very Indo-European) and wants the world integrated into its empire. Latin American is the paradigmatic example; a small white elite ruling over the brown masses. This is not at all the way the Protestants did it, which was generally speaking egalitarian and exclusively white. See the Catholics vs. the Quakers.

    But we don’t need to change ourselves, get rid of our egalitarianism or all become Catholics (or the secular equivalent, AmRen, with their Asian wives and high IQ club.) We need separatism, not supremacy. An all white community can afford to be roughly egalitarian.

    This is why, in my opinion, it’s not useful to demonize gays or feminists, as long as they aren’t breaking the moral ingroup. If white gays aren’t trying to redefine marriage, a handful of gays can be useful to the system. As long as white feminists aren’t trying to convert younger women to lesbianism and anti-natalism, it’s fine to have a few outlier women that want careers instead of a family.

    Notice how much of the NRx attacks those two groups – the NRx Catholics attacking homosexuals and the NRx manosphere types attacking feminists/women?

    Nick Land’s “new low” thread shows it quite clearly. Blaming Jews and the Frankfurt School is a “new low” and a “conspiracy theory.” But blaming Protestants is perfectly fine! It’s not a Jewish conspiracy, it’s a Protestant conspiracy!

    an inanimate aluminum tube Says:

    Neoreaction has an explanation for historical progressivism prior to the middle 1900s. Ultra-Calvinism. Heh. Fair enough.

    But neoreaction does not really provide an explanation for the rapid and dramatic shift in the character of progressivism that occurred in the middle 1900s.

    In retrospect historical progressivism prior to the middle 1900s looks to have many problematic and potentially problematic elements. But it doesn’t look to have been fully weaponized against the population until the middle 1900s.

    At first progressives were like … let’s end child labor and provide a minimum wage for domestic laborers. It took them a remarkably long time to fully implement that stuff. (late 1930s).

    Then a few decades later they were like … let’s exterminate the white working class and replace them with a hereditary underclass of mestizo peasants and retarded Muslims. Maybe one follows from the other, but the progress from one to the other was suspiciously rapid and perhaps somewhat out of character with earlier progressive tendencies.

    Some stuff happened in between. Power shifted. Neoreaction is fuzzy on what that stuff was. Probably intentionally fuzzy, because digging into that stuff would expose some bad guys who could not credibly be called ultra-Calvinists.

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    • icareviews
      May 10, 2015

      One of the sharpest detours “progressivism” took is its abandonment of eugenics and adoption of dysgenics, albeit without admitting to it or perhaps being willing to recognize that fact – at least among the more naive progressive elements.

      I’m not about to high-five gays and feminists, but they’re not the main enemy nor the focus of my work – certainly not of the work I post here at Skynet.

      Michael Hoffman claims that business about Cromwell and the Jews is a myth, but I don’t pretend to know. This phase of history isn’t my forte and I haven’t read Hoffman’s essay on it.


      • Hipster Racist
        May 11, 2015

        Here’s a perfect example; the Jew Gene Siskel trying to recruit Catholic Roger Ebert into a coalition against the “WASPs.” It’s the revolutionary Jew in action.


      • icareviews
        May 11, 2015

        What a couple of jerks. I’ve learned the only critic I can trust on the movies is me, but I have to give credit to Siskel and Ebert as influences of a sort during my developmental years. I didn’t grow up in a home where much value was attached to learning or intellectualism, and there was something of a novelty to listening to Siskel and Ebert have articulate discussions about movies, something that was interesting to me. They did help me to understand, at least in a basic way, that movies were something a person could ponder rather than simply enjoy.


      • Hipster Racist
        May 11, 2015

        Ebert’s WASP jokes just come across as good-natured ribbing to me, I’m not offended or anything. Siskel, on the other hand, is showing actual hatred towards WASPs. Siskel is obviously drunk off his ass and annoying Ebert, so Ebert tries to diffuse the situation, first, by reminding Siskel that his group is also often “demonized” – “the international bankers” – then just makes some harmless jokes about WASPs being stuffy.

        But Siskel is serious – in vino veritas.

        NRx looks awfully similar to me – a Jew, Moldbug, repackages classical liberalism and blames all of our problems on Protestants – certainly not Jews. The Catholics, long since gelded, are perfectly happy to team up with the “right sort of Jews” (court Jews) to fight their hated enemy, the Protestants.

        Don’t take the religious aspect too literally, it’s more of a cultural thing.

        But NRx is getting more and more obvious – Jews are blameless, everything is the fault of White, Anglo-German Protestants.

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  11. clytemnestra57
    May 11, 2015

    Something else I’ve noticed about NRx that I’ve been hesitant to discuss is the same thing I’ve noticed among certain White Nationalists, especially the philo-semitic types – Catholics and Jews ganging up on the Protestants.

    Scratch the surface and you will find the hatred of the “Enlightenment” is not because it liberated Jews from the shtetl – it’s because it was the logical outgrowth of the Reformation which broke the Imperialist Catholic power.

    The age of immigration saw “white ethnic” – read “Catholic” – urban political machines fighting against the WASP establishment.

    Jews really started aligning with Catholics after WWII. More importantly once the Zionist state of Israel had been established. This is no coincidence. Tandem to the Zionist movement being created was the growing popularity of British Israelism and its more radical Antisemitic Christian Identity branch in the USA.

    The Jews encouraged Protestantism, because Roman Catholicism used to annoy the hell out of the Jews with its Replacement Theology. In the Bible, see The Wedding Feast parable where the king invited the nobles to attend his son’s wedding and the response ranged from disinterest to resistance. So the king threw open the wedding to anyone who wanted to attend and blew off the folks he originally invited.

    The Roman Catholic Church only focused on the New Testament while ignoring the Old Testament, so there was no interest in the Jews OR the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The Jews’ original Old Testament claims to be the Chosen People was never challenged. Yes, those Israelites were out there … somewhere … but they as well as the Jews were going to get the same invitation as everyone else, because Christianity had replaced Israel as “the bride.”

    But once the Protestants started investigating the Old Testament in order to reconcile it with the New Testament, the one consistent thread between the two was about “the lost sheep of Israel.” The theory came to germinate, especially in Great Britain, that since most of the apostles were dispatched to Europe, the lost tribes of Israel must have settled Europe.

    Combine that with “Synagogue of Satan”” and “Jews that say they are Jews but are not” and it didn’t take long for Christian Identity to come up with the Dual Seedline Theory (Cain being the son of Satan). Remember that Cain’s Canaanite line was absorbed by Edom which was later absorbed by Judea. When you add Arthur Koestler’s Kazar Hypothesis, which is very popular in the Mideast, then you have CI adherents as the “real” Israelites accusing all Jews of being imposters with no real legitimate historical claim on Israel.

    There are Black circus acts calling themselves Black Hebrew Israelites which are their version of CI. They use the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the despised status of Black people all over the world to back up their belief that African-Americans are the true Lost Tribes of Israel, all White people are Edomites, and the Jews are a particularly virulent type of Edomite called the Amalekite. Their inspiration is the Protestants’ King James Bible.


    • Hipster Racist
      May 11, 2015


      I think this situation is more cultural than religious; Irish Catholics in early 20th Century Boston were Irish first; Catholic second when it came to how they related to the WASP Brahmins. Tammany Hall and the “white ethnic” Democratic city political machines in Boston vs. the Methodist Republican WASPs in the Mid West were about more practical concerns than various interpretations of Biblical history.

      The progressive era of Teddy Roosevelt, which included worker’s rights, women’s suffrage, prohibition, and the like were very much paternalism on the part of the establishment WASPs. Say what you will about them, they were completely “racist” and wanted to “uplift” the working classes. They were not communists and they weren’t really interested in “levelling” but they also didn’t want to recreate slavery with Irish in factories instead of African slaves in the fields.

      Zionism started in the late 1800s, but it was very much the preserve of wealthy, international Jews. The low-church Protestants had no way of knowing it, but they were being prepped for the creation of the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist occupied Palestine through the Scofield Bible and the like, but that was all crypto until after the World Wars.

      There’s this strain of “traditionalist Catholics” that, looking at it as an outsider, is so obviously based on resentment about the fact that the Catholic church represents the Southern parts of Europe and is half non-European. The Protestant Reformation happened in the whiter, more advanced parts of Europe – northern Germany, Scandanavia, England, the Netherlands, etc. Protestantism itself didn’t last long, a few generations later we had the Enlightenment, the Scientific Age, the Industrial era, and the WASPs all but abandoned the Bible itself and became “Deists” which another generation or two later developed into all-but-atheist scientifically minded Darwinists.

      The Catholic nobility and priesthood were seen – quite rightly – as relics of a more primitive age.

      These NRx people are literally role-playing Dungeons and Dragons and all but dressing up like Dukes and Clerics with their talk of “throne and altar.” I’m sorry to tell these dorks, but the era of Citizen-Philosopher-Priests is over and it ain’t coming back. In the real world, we have a technocratic elite and that isn’t going to change – far from it, the era of robotic warfare means the technocracy is here to say. Re-establishing monarchies is such an idiotic idea it rivals the low-church radical Protestants wanting to build compounds in the woods and live like the Amish.

      That being said, there is a place in the modern world for monarchies like the Royal family, but the real benefits would not be welcomed by the NRx dorks. I’ve been meaning to write an article about this, but Kate Middleton’s fairy tale wedding is useful in the modern age precisely *because* it is a celebration of White Supremacy and traditional gender roles. As long as the British Royal family is (white) English and has white English children, no one is ever going to really accept Pakistanis as “English” and “civic nationalism” is never going to take hold in England the way it did in America.

      The Queen is Citizen Zero – the more related you are to the Queen, the more English you are. The less related to the Queen you are, the less English. It’s a biological continuum – it’s race, it’s tribe.

      NRx dorks hate that because they want their half-Asian children to be accepted as “white” just because they score high on the IQ tests. But that is an artificial distinction.

      23 and Me is already revolutionizing everything. Once we have genetic testing as a matter of course, the real, biological tribes will become obvious and I suspect people will naturally start to associate with their own, natural, family tribes again.

      Ideology – religious or secular – just gets in the way of that.

      My goal is simply to stop immigration into White countries and re-establish the freedom of association. Once we can do that all the rest falls into place naturally.

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  12. clytemnestra57
    May 12, 2015

    @Hipster Racist:

    I think this situation is more cultural than religious; Irish Catholics in early 20th Century Boston were Irish first; Catholic second when it came to how they related to the WASP Brahmins. Tammany Hall and the “white ethnic” Democratic city political machines in Boston vs. the Methodist Republican WASPs in the Mid West were about more practical concerns than various interpretations of Biblical history.

    I would agree with you on the part of the Catholics. The Irish hate the British to this very day for their genocidal policies against the Irish. I don’t even think the Boers (who lost a lot of family in British concentration camps in South Africa) loathe the British as much as the Irish do.

    In suppressing the Irish Cromwell’s tactics included the wholesale burning of crops, forced population movement, and killing of civilians. The policy caused famine throughout the country that was “responsible for the majority of an estimated 600,000 deaths out of a total Irish population of 1,400,000.

    After the Irish Rebellion, even the Irish who had not participated in the rebellion saw all their land and worldly goods confiscated. Over 50,000 Irish who hadn’t been massacred were deported and sold into slavery into hellhole sugar plantations like Barbados. English planters encouraged Black slaves to rape Irish girls … I guess to breed a more intelligent Negro slave. Those that remained behind were routinely starved to death and forced into the basest serfdom for English occupiers.

    During the Great Potato Famine, Scotland was also afflicted, but every measure by the British was taken to help the Scots out, but in Ireland, every effort by the local authorities to feed the starving Irish was thwarted by the British who thought Ireland was overpopulated and needed two million deaths.

    In view of this history, I am not the least bit surprised that it was two Irish senators, Ted Kennedy and Philip Hart who collaborated with the Jewish Congressman, Emanuel Celler against Anglo-America with their Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

    I definitely agree with you that Kennedy and Hart had a cultural axe to grind, butI still believe that Celler saw a cogent threat in the British Israelite theme underling Anglo-Saxon Protestantism.

    Kennedy and Hart were paying off old grudges, but Celler was making a preemptive strike against a future threat. JMO.


  13. clytemnestra57
    May 12, 2015

    @Hipster Racist:

    There’s this strain of “traditionalist Catholics” that, looking at it as an outsider, is so obviously based on resentment about the fact that the Catholic church represents the Southern parts of Europe and is half non-European. The Protestant Reformation happened in the whiter, more advanced parts of Europe – northern Germany, Scandanavia, England, the Netherlands, etc. Protestantism itself didn’t last long, a few generations later we had the Enlightenment, the Scientific Age, the Industrial era, and the WASPs all but abandoned the Bible itself and became “Deists” which another generation or two later developed into all-but-atheist scientifically minded Darwinists.

    This statement makes a certain amount of sense to me. The majority of Roman Catholics not only incorporated Celtic Irish, Southern Europeans, but Eastern European Balto-Slavs as well. What is telling is that all of those areas were invaded by Non-European invaders: the Mediterranean areas by North Africa, the Baltics by the Ottoman Turks, and the Slavic areas by the Mongols with the invaded populations suffering the usual indignities, like rape.

    Now, I believe that the vast majority of unwanted children were taken care of by abortifacients or infanticide. This history buff read a lot of tales about newborns being abandoned to the elements back then. Of course, the Church would try to rescue them, but I don’t think that many children of the invaders survived. However, that did render these populations racially suspect to the Nordic areas to this very day.

    You see that attitude even with modern Nordicists where they are “Whiter than thou” and want to keep separate from the rest of the mongrelized European hordes. I read one diatribe from this dude looking down on Alpines and Slavs which is pretty much me. He wants to marry only Nordic and probably wants to limit his associates to Nordics.

    However, I think it is a big mistake for Non-Nordic Whites to get their collective underwear in a twist over such attitudes, because I do view the Nordics as the proverbial canary in the coal mine. If they are denied their freedom of association rights then that sets the precedent for all Whites. Moreover, I have never seen where forcing someone to tolerate being intruded upon by someone they look down on makes them a better neighbor or even a better in-law.

    Assuming I am still alive when there is a White nation with ethnic enclaves, I’ll happily stick to my own while Nordic Man heads off to his own turf. I’m not going to feel like I’ve missed out on any thing without his illustrious company.

    I’m not crazy about Darwinism, but I’m not going to deny that it is based on scientific observation of natural law. All I can say is that those groups who remain endogamous, xenophobic, and practice Darwinism are doing a helluve lot better than those groups who are exogamous, xenophilic and compete to practice pathological altruism which comprise most of the White race.

    Of course, I do think that exposure to more groups that do practice a form of Darwinism; the Asians come to mind is finally waking up a lot of Whites. I just hope it is not too little, too late.

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  15. michaelanissimov
    May 16, 2015

    I’m pro-White to the core and a descendant of Russian aristocracy.


    • Hipster Racist
      May 17, 2015


      Didn’t you just get attacked by Nick Land for daring to mention the bad influence of the Frankfurt School?

      It seems to me there are a whole lot of NRx-ers that are fine with positing a world-wide Global Protestant Conspiracy – just don’t say nothing about the Holy Jews!

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    • icareviews
      May 17, 2015

      Good. Too bad so many ZRx bloggers don’t share that basic sentiment and persist, rather, in perpetuating the tall tales invented by the ethnic zealots who massacred your forebears’ tsar and family, plunged Europe into genocidal fratricide, and permanently smeared the name of the Germans.

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