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Good Morning, Baltimore City Paper!

To make a long story short:

Black man dies in Baltimore Police Department custody, Blacks hold peaceful protest that quickly turns not-so-peaceful, then niggas be all riotin’ an’ sheeeeeeeit.

Well, this picture goes viral online:


Now sure, to your eyes, Racist Whitey, this is a picture of a thug youth stealing a woman’s purse while two of her friends step in to help and prevent the theft. But you would be wrong.

Here, let a Jewish White reporter, Baltimore City Paper’s Caitlin Goldblatt explain:

I’m the girl in glasses. The drunk redhead was trying to grab that guy’s bag, we were pulling her back.


Now you see, folks? Do you see how your racist assumptions made you see something that wasn’t there? According to Baltimore City Paper editor Brandon Soderberg, what was actually happening in Baltimore was a bunch of 5’4″ 125 pound White women got really drunk while watching the ball game at the bar, then ran outside and started antagonizing peaceful, 6’5″ 230lbs Black men. Some people even suggested Whites were screaming out the “n-word.”

There are pictures of me and my friends trying to stop a woman from provoking protestors. It is being used to suggest we were with her and protecting her. I was covering part of the protest, not at a bar getting shitfaced on such a momentous day. She was provoking protestors. She tried to steal one guy’s bag (you will see photos that suggest he was taking her bag; she had no bag). I don’t want anybody hurt and whether she knew it or not she was going to get hurt. Another white barhopper threw a stool at me. Drunk White people looking for a fight were part of the violence narrative (sic) last night. I have seen them jeer, spit, and throw things at protestors and try to hit them since Wed when protest first went downtown. Brandon


You see, if you had ever been to Baltimore and were familiar with the racial situation there, you would know that the White people living in Baltimore are not cowed liberals quietly trying to avoid daily Black crime and violence, but essentially Ku Klux Klan members who love nothing more than to antagonize peaceful Blacks, and as one protest sign says, BPD = KKK. Even petite little redheaded White women know they can go up to large Black men and call them “the n-word” during a riot without fear of reprisal because of the Institutional Racism of the White Supremacist Baltimore City Police Department.

Don’t you see how your racist assumptions made you mis-read the situation completely? Thankfully, the Baltimore City Paper was there to set your racist white ass straight.

But then, just to complicate things, the redhead shows up to deny her White privilege and vicious racism:

I see I went semi-viral and I wanted to clear things up since there seems to be a lot of assumptions as to what was going on, like I threw a chair or lashed out or was drunk, despite not being in the middle of that fracas.

For one: I was not drunk. I stopped by Slider’s to see some friends. I had half a beer on a full stomach, which is not nearly enough to get me half-buzzed. You can choose to believe that or not, but I’m here to tell you my truth. Also: I did NOT, I repeat, NOT throw any chairs. I don’t know who said that or thought they saw that, but I was in no way acting as an instigator but instead a mediator.

Here’s a video that more accurately describes what I was up to that day. The video starts with someone’s back, then reels up into the sky. As it descends on the crowd, you can see me in the bottom left-hand corner in my red hair and polka dot skirt. It’s kinda hard to follow me in the shaky video, but let’s do our best:

You can clearly see that for a long time, I am staying out of the ordeal. You see me take my last sip of Boh (which was probably my fourth or fifth sip), then saying (internally) “fuck this” and throw it away. I walk toward people peacefully and back them away, even stopping a fight. In NO FRAME do you ever see me throwing a chair or acting violently. Also, I am sober as my balance in my favorite heels is on point. I’m not doing the stumbly-drunk-step.

As for the purse-snatching thing: It was my purse and the guy turned around, called me a bitch, and tried to yank it from me. He also had a mostly empty bottle of vodka in his other hand. Let’s do the math: violent protester with a HALF EMPTY BOTTLE OF STOLEN VODKA (because you can see the pourer is still on it) vs. some chick in heels and a skirt. Also, here is another photo of me with my purse.

You can’t see it in the other photo as it was on my left side.

Why did I do what I did? Was I drunk? No. Did I get drunk AFTER all that? Certainly. Was I angry? No. Do I hate black people? No. Was I trying to steal a purse, that happened to be mine in the first place? No.

I did what I did because I inherited my mom’s kind heart and my dad’s brashness. Add that together and you equal stupid. I’m an idiot with a heart of gold that just couldn’t stand what was going on as it was tearing me up inside and I felt like I couldn’t do NOTHING.

I resisted help from the women and that man because I got really caught up and emotional. Clearly, I put my personal safety and common sense in the back seat with my emotions driving me.

I really wanted to clear that up because it is not an accurate portrayal of me.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Idiot Redhead That Just Wanted to Help

UPDATES: You want my story and know its me? Look at this:

and this: proof the man in white snatched it



what happened regarding the man pulling me away/the man who wrote the article on me:

You can see how the racist media is creating a “violence narrative” unfairly painting peaceful Blacks as violent thugs and racist Redheads as innocent victims, when it is clearly a much more nuanced situation.

But don’t worry, the Baltimore City Paper is here to set the record straight, officially. The problem is, people are just making a really big deal out of an innocent mistake that a few reporters made on social media. It wasn’t even an official article. You see, it’s all just A Dumb Distraction.

Over the last two weeks, City Paper reporters, photographers, and editors have been working night and day, seven days a week to cover the tumultuous events in our city. You can see all of our coverage in one place here.

The response to our work has been overwhelmingly positive, as readers from Baltimore and around the world have let us know they appreciate the perspective we’ve offered. But some persistent trolls using ridiculous conservative nonsense language like “SJW” have latched onto a misunderstanding and some confusion in our frenzied reporting on Saturday to call us “liars” and try to distract from the important work that we’re trying to do, so I wanted to explain it once and be done with it.

City Paper staffer Brandon Soderberg and contributors Gianna DeCarlo and Caitlin Goldblatt were covering the protests on Saturday when fights broke out in front of Camden Yards. Soderberg explains much of this dynamic at that point in his story here. It’s worth noting that besides this story, published today, City Paper has not publishing anything at all about this incident. The vitriol seems to be aimed at Soderberg’s and Goldblatt’s social media posts. Again, there is no “story” to retract as many have suggested.

Got it, racist Whiteys? Nothing to see here, move along.


19 comments on “Good Morning, Baltimore City Paper!

  1. icareviews
    April 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Good stuff from Hipster Racist.

    One quibble: that redhead is hardly “petite”. Non-threatening, yes, but hardly a sylph.


  2. tteclod
    April 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    This is why we need to listen to the so-called racists.

    They’re often right.


  3. icareviews
    April 29, 2015

    In the video titled “Baltimore Freddy Gray Rioting Camden Yards 4/25/15”, you can hear somebody around the middle say, “Yo! Brian, you know, we gotta stick together, man.” The speaker was no doubt thinking in micro rather than macro terms in saying “we”. He was talking about his friend, himself, and maybe others of their party. What one observes in all of the videos, however, is the modern equivalent of frontier whites circling the wagons, huddling together behind the barricades – with, of course, the exceptions of the social justice cuckold here and there and the occasional naive and impetuous redhead. Future events will show these defensive behaviors of strength in numbers becoming less micro and more macro.


  4. Hipster Racist
    April 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    The question MUST be asked:

    In a city like Baltimore that is 61% Black, why does City Paper have such a WHITE staff?

    From the pictures and names, it appears that the super-majority of staff at Baltimore City Paper, perhaps all but one, are White …

    but how can that be?

    The only explanation is INSTITUTIONAL RACISM on the part of Baltimore City Paper.

    CUT TO SCENE: an all white group of Baltimore City Paper journalists are sitting around a table trying to explain the lack of diversity:

    Hipster Racist:I just want to let you know I had nothing to do with hiring any of you. If it was up to me, we would have at least one Negro writer.

    City Paper Editor: Maybe they couldn’t find any black people with experience, or they wouldn’t work for the pay, or they refused to work on the show?

    Hipster Racist: Perhaps they couldn’t put their crack pipes down long enough to apply!

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    • clytemnestra57
      April 29, 2015

      That Baltimore paper is less diverse than the Baltimore Police Department whose own racial demographics are more proportionately representative of the population they serve than the paper persecuting them.

      I think that since these reporters have pretty much shot their own credibility to hell with their readership that they have three openings that could easily be filled with “Keeping It Real” Black reporters, dontcha think? Hmmmm?

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Hipster Racist
    April 29, 2015

    Arnold Dongleman Guest
    Rank 75

    Everyone, Tribune Media owns CityPaper. All we have to do is write complaints to them about what is going on and these people will all be replaced when Tribune realizes they’re a liability issue.

    – See more at:,0,3455147.story


  6. Hipster Racist
    April 29, 2015


  7. clytemnestra57
    April 29, 2015

    It looks like Freddy Gray died thanks to his own stupidity, NOT police brutality! Evidently, he was involved in some sort of fender-bender that necessitated cervical neck and spinal surgery just one week before his arrest. He was probably released with the understanding that he would relax, engage in mild exercise, and heal at home.

    Of course, the doctor never anticipated that Mr. Gray would waste no time in hitting the streets in order to play Press Your Luck with the Baltimore Police Department. Gray ran from six police officers who took him down, arrested him, and tossed his happy behind into the back of the van unaware that he had had back surgery. a short time before.

    The protesting and rioting is based on the suspicion of the Baltimore residents that the police stopped several times and subjected Mr. Gray to extensive physical abuse on the way to the holding cell.

    But if the casual observer watches the BPD dragging a yelling Mr. Gray to the van before loading him inside, it obvious that the lethal injury was dealt between the time he broke into a hard run and when he was tackled by six police officers.

    Of course, a little due diligence by the press would have uncovered Gray’s back surgery and provided the City of Baltimore and its police force with a lot of ass cover

    I am under no illusions that the young Baltimore hooligans wouldn’t have still engaged in their usual antics, but maybe more adults would have stepped in and stopped their juveniles before things got so badly out of hand? Thanks to the press setting the narrative and acting as ringmasters, we will never know.

    All I know is that I was watching Fox News the other night after the mayor imposed a curfew on the city and had the national guard brought in to back up the police department and not only the police urged Jerkraldo and the other news people to leave the premises, a Black female official begged him to go, because she said his presence there was only “egging them on.”

    I also noticed that the mood of the crowd towards the press was openly hostile throughout the demonstrations. They assaulted a Russian RT Times reporter and took her purse and kept throwing projectiles at the camera crews.

    In the meantime, those demonstrators who WERE protesting peacefully were upset with the press for giving far more coverage to the hooligans, making them ALL look bad and turning any White public opinion against them all. I got the sense that the Blacks of Baltimore detest and are as suspicious of the media as any White group. NO one trusts them; not even the people the news ally themselves with.

    In view of this, Goldblatt, Sonderberg et al did themselves NO favors by lying about the redheaded girl who fought off a mugging even to make her Black mugger look good. These antics of theirs only pissed off both sides. Which is why I am hoping that the press “brings us all together” in our disdain for them by keeping it up, LOL.

    Goldblatt, Sonderberg and the other traditional journalists still think that they control the narrative and that Barack Obama’s taking of the White House rested solely on their ability to spin the narrative rather than other factors, like the dismal candidates and platform the Republiscum keep running. That’s why this arrogance where they outright lie about a short redhead in high heels trying to steal a small black woman’s purse from a taller, muscular Black rioter.

    Evidently, Goldblatt and Sonderberg agree with Hitler that, “If you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough, it will be believed,” BUT the days where “a lie can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on” are rapidly coming to a close, thanks both the panoptic society we live in and the internet. While the authorities are watching us and spinning lies about us, we are watching the authorities and telling unpleasant truths about them.

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    • icareviews
      April 29, 2015

      “I got the sense that the Blacks of Baltimore detest and are as suspicious of the media as any White group. NO one trusts them; not even the people the news ally themselves with.”

      I think you’re crediting them with too much sophistication. More likely their reasoning in acting with hostility toward the reporters was along the lines of, “Looka dem white folk ova deh. Sheeeiiit. Buncha raciss muhfuggaz. Let trow sumpin atum! Maybe I get on TV, too!”


  8. clytemnestra57
    April 30, 2015

    Latest update on Freddie Gray. Another prisoner who shared the police van said that he heard Mr. Gray, who was unrestrained, “banging around.” This was reported to the Washington Post and he was interviewed in a blacked out silhouette repeating his story.

    So, according to one source, Gray had just gotten a sizable settlement from some sort of accident that injured his spinal cord and necessitated surgery. He had put in the application to Peachtree to have all his payments consolidated into one lump sum payout to him.

    I don’t see how a spinal cord injury necessitating surgery constitutes “easy money,” but it looks like Mr. Gray did. He immediately bops out to the street, sees the Baltimore PD, makes a point of catching their eye and then running away. Of course, they chase after him and put him in the van.

    According to reports, the City of Baltimore has had to pay out quite a handsome sum of money before to complainants concerning police brutality endured during “short rides” by the Baltimore PD. So, he crashes and bashes himself inside of the van, with visions of winning the ghetto lottery from a police brutality settlement dancing in his head.

    Unfortunately, he beat himself up too hard, and injured his spinal cord which ultimately led to his own death.

    I thought something weird was going on in Baltimore since the Justice Brothas, Al and Jesse, failed to make their appearances. And tonight, they showed Congressman Elijah Cummings looking very worried and telling everybody to “go home, go home, go home.”

    The lady Baltimore official who accompanied him looked very worried, too. I think this news is going to spread back, blowing up yet another White Guilt narrative for the Obama administration.

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  9. weeedwacker
    April 30, 2015

    If not for the Goldblatts of the world I’d never know that we Whites are so vindictive and constantly looking for opportunities to intimidate other races.
    Obviously we are all a bunch of worthless losers with massive inferiority complexes who have never done anything worth doing throughout our whole history so we need to tear others down so we can feel big.
    I think we should send some Goldblatts over to straighten this confused negro out. He seems a little confused:

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  10. Phall
    April 30, 2015

    I’ve heard the negro billionaire Christian “Freddy” Gray died well after police relinquished custody, ie days later in the hospital. Not that this would make a difference to anyone.


  11. Craig
    May 1, 2015

    100 officers have been hurt too, so there’s some more pay outs/pensions… this is actually a huge cost to the economy.

    I know a excon down the road who made himself puke in the back of a paddy wagon. There’s just something self destructive in them.

    Liked by 1 person

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  14. ascomanni
    May 7, 2015

    Caitlin Goldblatt’s tweet is funny on many levels. The “guy” (race omitted per protocol) is holding a bottle of vodka with the pour spout still attached (stolen from bar 🙂 The “bag” is clearly a woman’s purse. Athletic black male drinking from a bottle of vodka in public carrying a woman’s purse? (see that all the time) White woman tries to steal purse from athletic black man. (Does that ever happen?) Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin…

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