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Managing Democracy

Spot the NRx irony:

The solution is to re-take our institutions and dismantle them, bypassing libertarianism for outright Social Darwinism that disenfranchises those unfit to make leadership decisions

The idea that their own ideological forebears were, in fact, unfit to make leadership decisions thus were disenfranchised by their superiors in a ruthlessly social Darwinist process would cause cognitive dissonance as it interferes with their self-image as a rising intellectual elite.

Much of NRx reads like exactly what you would expect, a bunch of smart young Whites and Jews rhetorically positioning themselves as an “elite” in a society where they are clearly anything but the elite, and doing so while carefully trying to avoid anything that would actually trigger “Cathedral” disapproval.

NRx might benefit from actually reading elite “Cathedral” opinion, which is quite social Darwinist and quite elitist as it is. The Council on Foreign Relation’s publications can be refreshingly forthright about the reality of “democracy” for example. NRx likes to critique democracy but seems rather ignorant about the way the elite manages democracy quite effectively.

As NRx proponents like to contemplate replacing democratic forms with market systems – a very old and rather trite notion it has to be said – let’s take a look at an (admittedly simplified) model.

In a democratic system, the rule is one man, one vote. In a corporate system, the rule is one share, one vote. If someone has 50% of the shares, plus one, they have a controlling interest in the company. At some set time period, shareholders vote their shares and elect directors who in turn elect a CEO.

However another option is to sell shares; if you don’t like what a company is doing, you just sell out. If enough people do this, the share price drops and it becomes more likely that shareholders will vote to replace the directors and CEOs with new management that will presumably do something to make the share price rise.

Buying and selling of shares happens more often than voting shares. The CEO and management know more about the day-to-day operation of the company than the shareholders, and this is especially so in the modern system where shares are often held by funds whose shares are in turn held by funds of funds.

Sometimes there is an outbreak of “shareholder democracy” where shareholders vote to replace the management, or there is an “activist investor” who holds enough shares to force management to manage in a particular way. But usually, the vote is simply buying in and selling out.

We often describe two sectors; the “private sector” which means capitalism, and the “public sector” which means democracy. As it is easy to sell your shares in a company and participation in a company is theoretically voluntary, the one share, one vote system is considered fair even though it is obviously unequal. As it is difficult if not impossible to move from one nation to another, the public sphere is democratic. This is also true because the government, the state, has the power of force; the armed agents of the state can imprison or kill you.

Every once in a while you have “libertarians” of one stripe or another engaging in utopian scheming whereby they imagine if we could just “run the government like a business” things would be better. These are virtually always bright, young White men with no sense of history nor much engagement with the public sphere nor that so far unmentioned third sphere, civil society.

The idea of replacing democracy with market mechanisms is not at all new, and this line of thinking usually leads to discussions about building artificial islands with no government. That the NRx crowd discusses these ideas shows not only the intellectual poverty of that non-movement, but also its complete lack of novelty.

“Yeah, well I’m gonna go build my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the park.”


These are arguments over form-of-government as the late Neo-Nietzsche would say. The opponents of ethno-nationalism use similar arguments over form-of-government. The typical conservative who is “for legal immigration but against illegal immigration and supports the Constitution” would, in theory, have no problem with the following scenario.

ALF arrives in his space ship, legally becomes a naturalized US citizen, replicates himself asexually into one billion individual life-forms, votes in a 100% ALF government, replaces every word in the Constitution by precisely following the lawful amendment process, and uses his super-human powers of persuasion to convince the entire human population to stop breeding.

Because the process was followed, it’s all kosher.

It does not take a particularly high IQ to understand the pointlessness of these sorts of “form-of-government” arguments, but it might take an extremely high IQ, with perhaps a touch of autism, to take them seriously.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the really existing elites have some very effective methods to manage democracy. My previous article on the Espionage Model earned me a very interesting new Twitter follower, a high-tech political consultancy named Evolving Strategies. In a reference to the Tom Cruise movie about “pre-crime,” they claim to be able to predict voter behavior by detailed polling and statistical analysis.

[N]one of us really knows what works until we test it with a true experiment. And the results are often quite surprising. We’ve found large persuasion and GOTV effects, both negative and positive, and most wouldn’t have been picked out of a lineup as obvious winners or losers.

We can help you win the Big 4 and the US Senate. In concert with Aristotle, the largest campaign technology firm in the world, we developed a new technology that’s permanently shifting the campaign landscape – the PreCog Audience.

Can we see into the future? Almost. It’s as close to political precognition as humans get.

The PreCog Audience is the easy-to-use product of this complicated work. It’s an audience composed of each and every one of the more than 13,000,000 voters we know in advance will be persuaded by a specific message. With this glimpse into the future, you’ll hit the right voters with the right message every time.

Using the PreCog Audience you’ll know you did everything you could to win the Big 4 and the US Senate.

Evolving Strategies

In theory, this sort of “voter management” is nothing new, merely continued evolution of old fashioned advertising and polling practices as done by the actually existing elites. Notice that unlike NRx, no one is proposing a new elite; actually, really existing social Darwinist forces determine who is, or is not, elite.

Some recent well known examples of managing democracy:

When someone dies, their estate is transferred to an heir, and that transfer is taxed by what is known as the “estate tax.” Repealing that tax is an unpopular idea, because most people are not rich enough to have estates that meet the minimum requirement to be taxed. So legendary GOP pollster Frank Luntz ran some focus groups and found that if you renamed the estate tax to the “death tax,” many more people would support its repeal.

Exit polling – where you ask people who they voted for after they leave the polling center – is an extremely reliable way to predict who will win an election even before the ballots are counted. In 2004, the exit polling showed the Democrats winning, but in precincts where certain electronic voting machines with no paper trail were used, the exit polls failed, and the Republicans won. This, naturally, resulted in many Democrats suggesting that the electronic voting machines were rigged, and since there was no paper trail, there was really no way to recount the ballots, as there were no ballots. Programming the electronic voting machines to rig the vote is trivial.

So some very bright people came up with complex cryptography schemes to make the voting machines un-riggable, but missed the point completely. Since few people understand the principles of cryptography, they still would have no way to be assured that their votes were actually counted. The point of paper ballots, and the point of an open system of counting votes, is that the people who voted for the losing candidate know that they lost fair and square. This gets the buy-in of the losing side, which gives the system legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

It seems unlikely that the really existing elites will give power to some other group because of ideological persuasion. If NRx-ers could, in fact, run the institutions better than the current class, they would be. As of now, NRx could figuratively inflate an airship, but apparently the people who actually run things are reading my blogs, not theirs.

Oh, no room for Bender, huh? Fine, I’ll go build my own lunar lander! With blackjack, and hookers. In fact, forget the lunar lander and the blackjack!

Ah, screw the whole thing.


11 comments on “Managing Democracy

  1. Hipster Racist
    April 25, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    For similar reasons, bitcoin is never going to live up to its promise. It’s a solution to a technical problem – a technical problem that is not actually a problem for the people that really matter, the “elite.” The really existing elite, that is, not the young pretenders of the reactosphere.


  2. Hipster Racist
    April 25, 2015

    NRxers would do well to watch this fun doco from a few years back.

    “The American Ruling Class”

    Notice the criteria for who really counts as “ruling class” – one who has experience in both the private and public sector.

    Also, notice how non-ideological they really are.


    • Hipster Racist
      April 26, 2015

      All ruling classes are based on merit, Jack. That principle was as true of Nazi Germany as it was of Louis the 14th’s France. The question is, how do you define merit? Of what does merit consist?

      Jack, this is a great venue to ask about the American ruling class, and while you are here tonight, Jack, there are certain rules that would be useful for you to remember.

      First, seek out the acquaintance of people who are richer and more important than yourself, and don’t take an interest in people who can’t do you any favors. When you yourself become rich and famous, then you can collect friends in the same way that Nike collects prize athletes or that Philip II of Spain once collected dwarves.

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  3. icareviews
    April 26, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Aryan Skynet continues to hammer away at the #Zioreaction.


  4. icareviews
    April 26, 2015

    It could be argued that to disparage democracy while championing anarcho-capitalism and social Darwinism is contradictory, for the reason that Ludwig von Mises, one of the founding figures of Austrian economics, framed free markets as a form of democracy in which each dollar counts as a vote. Both systems, fundamentally, are about ethnic empowerment. Democracy, which is to say the authoritarianism of the mob, favors the interest (i.e., Jews) most capable of shaping public opinion and so manipulating the dysgenic mass politically, while anarcho-capitalism would even more openly empower the Jews who, in turn, would harness those same dysgenic forces to strengthen their own position. This is the situation in which we find ourselves with our presently mixed system of crony capitalism, in fact. Each of the aforementioned systems, as these might be applied to the modern world, is only a variation on the theme of Judaic hegemony.

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    • Hipster Racist
      April 26, 2015


      No question, the media controls the mind of the voter, and it’s so utterly predictable.

      Ever see the movie “The Devil Wears Prada?” Young hipster intern says she “doesn’t care about fashion” and her boss as the fashion magazine rips her a new one, explaining the exact outfit she was wearing and how they sold it to her demographic.

      Recently, there was an article about the Sony email leaks, and how every major Hollywood studio CEO, about 8 of them, all YKW, were in close, regular contact with Netanyahu and how they often act as propaganda for that regime.

      How many major media corporations are there? Ten TV channels and a few major newspapers? How many of the CEOs are YKW? Virtually all of them. When Ted Turner started CNN, there was a panic and they took out all the stops to bring that new media machine under their control.

      We get the term “blackballing” from the Freemason method of voting on accepting a new member. Each current member places either a white marble or a black marble in a box. It’s a veto system, so one black marble means the candidate is rejected.

      Imagine two subpopulations, Jews and Nazis, and they always vote against each other. All it takes is one Jew in the club to blackball any and all Nazis from every being accepted.

      Now, of all the institutions in society, businesses, churches, government, media, etc., consider banks. Whoever owns the bank has quite a bit of information about the finances of its members, and as dollars are power, the bankers know who has enough power to do what. An ethnic network running the banks thus has a major amount of information about social power. Remember my earlier comments about AIG and how it’s a very spooky institutions? Insurance companies are really another form of financial companies.

      So these ethnic networks can operate behind the scenes. Pointing it out is a “conspiracy theory” but of course, all of society operates as a “conspiracy.” Mill said anytime two businessmen meet it’s a conspiracy against the public.

      Add in the Federal Reserve, who can create and destroy money, and it gets even more interesting.

      People who are fixated on technological or engineering solutions miss the point, because it’s always a moving target. OK, so you go back to the gold standard, everything is “fair” now right? Well, an ethnic network can just engineer a new system to benefit from the gold standard.

      There is no technical solution, no political philosophy, no “form of government” that gives you power – you have power when you are able to manipulate the institutions, and rejiggering the rules of the institutions is simply a way to exercise that power. Force a new set of rules and that just means the people with power come up with new tactics and strategy.

      But it’s just far to simplistic to say “Jews rule” – it’s not true. After all, as Mao said, power grows out of the barrel of a gun. YKWs are not particularly represented in the military, for instance, or the CIA for that matter. My future discussions about SECDEF Ashton Carter are about how YKW groups recruit Whites like him, other Whites like Woolsey, and Whites like Rumsfeld and Bush (hint, they use MICE just like the CIA.)

      Dork Enlighteneers are still talking about rejiggering this rule or that, it’s just glorified liberatarian wankery.

      In some ways, the Catholic reactionaries are ahead of the Austrian/libertopian set. We’ll go into that in the future too. The Stratfor shill (hi, I know you’re reading) was talking about Opus Dei recently – who knows, maybe they are catching on. Sssh!

      Watch this space!


      • icareviews
        April 26, 2015

        I saw The Devil Wears Prada when it came out, but don’t remember it in much detail. I didn’t watch movies then the way I do now. That was back when I was still a sleepwalker.


  5. eyeslevel
    April 27, 2015

    As important as it is to keep your body and mind healthy and to be competent at something, none of that alone gets you in power. If you are not in power you cannot accomplish anything useful. If you run into the woods and grow cabbages and raise chickens, the people IN power will just chase you down and dump 3,000 Somalis in your lap and take half what you produce to feed them, in cash or in kind.

    The one place you have to be a mindweapon is in fighting the propaganda war. Because that is what gets you in power. Being good at STEM does not get you any power. The people in power will just use your talents while flooding your country with millions of racial aliens and labor competitors.

    The Ukrainians were good farmers, but the Bolsheviks in power took their food and left millions to starve.

    We can just act like minorities? Yes minorites do well in white areas. but that’s because whites treat minorities pretty well. The people in power don’t go after them. When were whites not in power EVER treated well as a minority? Look at what happened in Haiti or what is happening in South Africa and Zimbabwe now. The Amish exist just as long as the people in power let them.

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  7. Laurence Bergin
    June 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on Agent 006.


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