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Slumming 9/11: Down Among the Untouchables of the “Conspiracy Theory” Demimonde

Recently yours truly and Herr ICA, R. Chlodwig von Kook, attended a presentation given by journalist Christopher Bollyn at one of his stops on the American leg of his “Solving 9/11 Tour”. Bollyn contends that Israel, allied with Jewish Zionists in America and their collaborators, were responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the cover-up which killed over three thousand people. Aside from the obvious extrapolation that Israel was the only state that seemed to benefit from the attack since it was used as a pretext for war against her enemies in the Muslim world, specifically Iraq, compelling evidence has been compiled by Bollyn that shows direct Israeli involvement. As Benjamin Netanyahu, cloven foot in mouth, famously said, 9/11 was “very good” for Israel.

I wholeheartedly recommend that readers check out Bollyn’s book Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed the World or watch one of his many presentations available on YouTube. We won’t be reviewing his argument here. Readers would also do well to supplement Bollyn’s work with Ry Dawson’s 9/11 video documentary War By Deception, available on YouTube. For those particularly skeptical of “conspiracy theories” or timorous when confronted with the “paranoid style in American politics” as defined by gatekeeping liberals, I would suggest starting with a relatively kosher light appetizer: David Ray Griffin’s deconstruction of the 9/11 Commission Report in The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.

Kansas City's Uptown Theater

Kansas City’s Uptown Theater

Bollyn’s presentation was given at the Industry Bar in Kansas City. It resembled a rock club and was adjacent to an historic theater still known for hosting popular performers – yours truly having recently witnessed metal behemoths Mastodon there. We later found out that the bar irregularly hosted “conspiracy” events.  Kook and I arrived early after eating across the street at a Vietnamese restaurant, where in fact Bollyn would be giving the same presentation the following night (achtung ADL: the anti-Semite/Vietnamese alliance is a work-in-progress). It was a freezing cold day and there were only a few potential pogromists assembled. A small sign on the front window advertised the night’s event with an illustration from the cover of Bollyn’s book, a generic public domain picture of the earth and sun not unlike the bland covers usually seen on self-published books. A note on the sign said that veterans were particularly welcomed, although since there was no cover charge and therefore opportunity for free entrance, this may have been strategic pandering by Bollyn, possibly aimed at insulating himself from the dreaded accusation of being dubbed “anti-American.”

Eventually the room began to fill up and all the tables were occupied. There were probably 30-40 people in attendance. Kook and I observed the patrons and wondered which ones might be FBI agents and which ones might be Jews on anti-goy patrols. The audience was primarily older, the average age around 50. The event had been advertised on a local low-watt AM station in Liberty, MO, KCXL 1140 AM, that’s a mix of conspiracy talk, survivalism 101, naturopathy, and fundamentalist Christian eschatology. In an effort to capitalize on the region’s increasing diversity, KCXL has recently expanded its lineup to include something called El Show de Don Cheto (see the affable hombre below). In addition to the radio station, KCXL offers a unique bookstore for the intrepid truth-seeker to purchase outrageously repressed works that offer staggering insights into our sorry state of bondage.

Los judios son los asesinos del 11 de septiembre de 2001!

Los judios son los asesinos del 11 de septiembre de 2001!

A few of the radio hosts were there. One host in his 50s approached us and handed us a couple CD recordings of his show replete with the infamous Joker-Obama image, Gay Nation’s rainbow flag, and an image of Acme dynamite sticks. He told us matter-of-factly that “Jewish communists, queers, and Muslim extremists” were the primary reason for the mess the country and the world was in. His enthusiasm suggested that he had just recently discovered these destructive termites lodged in the very foundation of his beloved country. I listened to some of the CD days later in which he discussed radio host Michael Savage (Weiner). His analysis of Savage’s “code-speak” for Jews was correct and something I had noticed from my small exposure to the man who never seems to tire of boasting about being banned from the UK. I turned it off when he began claiming that without Christianity we were all doomed – perhaps I can make do with some scraps thrown from the table of the elect though. At any rate, I had the feeling this man might be turned off by the fact that Adolf Hitler also pointed to “Judeo-Bolsheviks” as the primary subverters. I’d expect he’d give me the Alex Jones line though: that Hitler was a banker-controlled puppet or … even a Jew!

Kook and I ordered a beer and a cocktail respectively, but not before yours truly had popped into the hamburger joint next door, known for hosting drag shows, to secure some money from their ATM. After stolidly resisting the glares from the alternative-weekly reading chic queers and veritable boy band that comprised the four hostesses (?) standing around gossiping, I made my way back over to the Kookster at the Industry Bar. For the record, I washed my hands after using Hamburger Mary’s ATM. One wondered what the Industry Bar bartender thought of the growing collection of outsiders. They certainly weren’t industry types.

The audience consisted of mostly older working-class and some middle-class White people. Some men brought their wives who were dressed neatly and probably would have been quite attractive in the 1970s. One younger woman had worn her “9/11 Was An Inside Job” t-shirt, probably purchased from Prison Planet or some other tentacle emanating from the Alex Jones disinfo octopus. She presumably shifted uncomfortably in her seat later when Bollyn claimed that the “inside job” phraseology was intentionally disseminated to help shift the blame from Israel and was therefore counterproductive. Quite humorously, there was a table in the back occupied by a group which appeared to be celebrating a birthday party and had picked the wrong bar for the evening. They eventually cut out after they had heard enough of Bollyn’s presentation to satisfy their suspicions that they were among “conspiracy theory”-believing untouchables.

We listened in on conversations from nearby tables. It was admittedly odd to hear Americans openly discussing Jews in a public place. Someone dropped a flyer on our table advertising a chemtrails website. Kook suggested that this intermingling of conspiracy theories would have the effect of alienating many of those that had never been exposed to 9/11 research outside the official narrative. One of the organizers, a heavy-set fellow in his 60s wearing a fisherman’s vest, was hawking a book on the JFK assassination which he claimed contained never-before-released photos of JFK’s autopsy. A diminutive elderly woman approached our table to inquire if we would be interested in attending a monthly meetup to discuss the usual fixations among Patriots.

The most interesting personage of the evening turned out to be a minor celebrity among certain “conspiracy theorists”, anti-Zionists, and readers of American Free Press. His name was Zan Overall – a good-natured eccentric, or self-described “wise old man” that was known for touring the country and hoisting his anti-Zionist, Holocaust-questioning, anti-NWO signs. Zan informed me that after he was done in Kansas City, he was heading out to the Academy Awards to blast some Hollywood Jews with his truth-signs. The event actually kicked off with a video of Zan singing a song about how he came to question 9/11. I actually found this initially unwelcome and distasteful since I felt it detracted from the grim subject ahead. Zan’s charisma and remarkable energy, particularly for someone his age, not to mention my general agreement with him on the country’s fundamental problems, eventually won me over though. He even had one sign about how Django Unchained was being used by the Weinsteins to whip up Black resentment against Whites. A video exists of the smartly dressed old man being roughed up by a pack of Jews outside a synagogue in California. Respect to Zan.

Ultimately though, one got the sense that the audience was a fairly unremarkable assortment of Americans. Some were clearly sensible and on the right trail; others probably held outlandish views on a number of subjects. In fact I heard the notoriously unreliable Jeff Rense being championed by one attendee as a beacon of light in these dark times.

The palpable sensation that one had set foot in the backwaters of society was undeniable and will certainly be an obstacle to the dissemination of the message of who was actually responsibility for 9/11. Reversing the official narrative that has already taken hold like a giant bloodsucking tick that never gets its fill is a seemingly insurmountable task at this time. The ghettoization of “9/11 Truth” thirteen years after the attack is where we reside. The reasons for this are the usual psychological operators of fear and conformity, but also sheer ignorance, particularly from much of the so-called “alternative Right” and “neoreaction” which covets credibility where none will be forthcoming, even for obediently reciting the 9/11 liturgy like good little choir boys. Many haven’t even looked into the matter yet they are aware of the USS Liberty and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Worse still, many of them happily join liberal and neoconservative ranks and sneer at and mock those that point the finger at Israel.  Also, a lot of the “9/11 Truth” movement has embraced crazy, unsubstantiated theories that are probably psyops which have had the effect of only increasing opprobrium directed at all official theory nonbelievers.

Christopher Bollyn with physicist Stephen Jones

Christopher Bollyn with physicist Stephen Jones

Brett Stevens (Amerika blog) admitted in an exchange with Kook that he didn’t know who Dov Zakheim was, or, even if he did, it wouldn’t be germane anyways because of “systemic” problems.  Incidentally, Mr. Stevens posted the most atrocious article I’ve ever witnessed on any website that portrays itself as part of the “alternative Right”. If you can stomach it, peruse the most insanely sycophantic, Israel-and-Jew-loving nonsense you’ve seen since the last time you heard Glenn Beck yammer on.

Much of neoreaction is just intellectual pedantry with a misguided focus on abstract philosophizing. Hammering on about some romanticized “Traditionalism” is a dead end. And they sound the same as neoconservatives on the issue du jour: al-Qaeda 2.0, otherwise known as ISIS.  Openly voicing concerns about the criminals in our midst, and, at the very least, the initiation of a process to eventually clean up the pigsty that our public institutions have become doesn’t interest them in the slightest. This is just irresponsibility. The paleoconservatives are no better.

The potential for changing the game with respect to Jewish-Zionist power that Bollyn’s work offers is monumental. Put down your Moldbug, quit bitching about the Catholic Church and last century’s Nazis, and no one gives a shit about the hard-on you have for a king that’s never coming. Orient yourself in the real world for once and look at the facts that can have a massive impact. And tell your oh-so-literate wank-circles all about it. The more time marches on, I fear, the harder it will be to flush this stinking turd that is the official narrative of 9/11 down the toilet.

Don Logan


9 comments on “Slumming 9/11: Down Among the Untouchables of the “Conspiracy Theory” Demimonde

  1. Hipster Racist
    April 9, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Excellent review, thanks.

    I would like to say this, however.

    The palpable sensation that one had set foot in the backwaters of society was undeniable

    My first exposure to the “9/11 Truth Movement” was on September 12, 2001, and far from consisting of the “backwaters of society” it mostly consisted of Cantor Fitzgerald employees and New York City firefighters. The “9/11 Truth movement” was started by the family and friends of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, as well as the survivors. Far from people generally considered “backwater” in places like Kansas City, these original 9/11 truthers were Wall Street traders, wealthy Republican widows of Wall Street traders, and various people who witnessed bombs going off on in the lobby of WTC 1.

    The story of how these original “9/11 truthers” were replaced by the Alex Jones and Jeff Rense crowd is almost as interesting as the 9/11 story itself.

    I also remember very high-profile Democratic party websites having a civil war over 9/11 “conspiracy theories” that got so intense many were even trying to ban mentions of the film “9/11: Press For Truth” – made in cooperation with the “Jersey Girls” – four widows of Cantor Fitzgerald employees that were credited with forcing the Bush administration to form the official 9/11 Commission itself. These women were all over the mainstream media in 2001-2004, they met with President Bush and numerous high level officials, and were a regular feature on the evening news. They were the original “truthers.” Most support the main “9/11 Truth” groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    It’s astonishing to me how the actual victims and survivors of the 9/11 attacks have all but been written out of history and instead replaced with “conspiracy theorists” of the Alex Jones variety. But it’s no mystery – it’s called “Plata O Plomo” – “silver or lead.”

    Some people took the money, other people wound up dead.

    Some people actually fled the country.

    The majority of Americans, and the majority of people who lived in New York City on September 11, 2001, are “9/11 truthers” to one degree or another. It’s also somewhat amazing that the “dissidents” – of the far left, like Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman, or the far right, like, er, lots of the “White Nationalists” I read – are all quite hostile to 9/11 truth and slavishly support of official government line. It’s as if they are “dissidents” on every other issue, just not that one.

    Meanwhile, people who aren’t particularly political – like Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Neil Harritt, Dr. Griffith, etc. – not particularly political people and not the types of people usually considered “conspiracy theorists” – are the actual core of the Truth movement.

    Orwell and Kafka could have hardly scratched the surface of the reality of 2015 America.

    I will say this, Dr. Kevin MacDonald and his blog,, have published truthers – quite recently, in fact – this month – and have shown amazing courage that also-rans like Counter Currents and Radix Journal never have.

    It’s part of the reason why Dr. Kevin MacDonald is respected by virtually everyone in the WN crowd, while Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer, while they have plenty of fans of their writing, are not considered particularly courageous or notable.

    It’s what separates the men from the boys.

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  2. icareviews
    April 9, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    One funny thing Logan doesn’t mention here is that the old woman who came up and spoke to us more than once was at one point approached by somebody asking her if she wanted to buy an “Israel Did 9/11” button, but replied that she’d be punitively stoned if her fellow parishioners caught her wearing it.


  3. Hipster Racist
    April 9, 2015

    That article is unintentionally funny.

    If, as many paranoid antisemites claim, this multiculturalism is itself caused by Jewish puppetmastery then Jews themselves would not be leaving Sweden in droves due to ubiquitous Muslim aggression.

    This is a non-sequitur. The fact that Jews engineered multi-culturalism does not mean that Jews themselves will only benefit from it. This is a basic logical fallacy that would get an “F” in a high school debate club.

    “If my hat wasn’t blue, then I wouldn’t be hungry tomorrow” – that is the same fallacy the “” author makes.

    Anyway, that caught my eye, and his idiotic puffery about Spinoza. Spinoza had virtually zero effect on Western thought in general. He was a nobody resurrected centuries later by embarrassed Jews who realized they contributed virtually nothing to Western philosophy.

    I’d bet $100 the guy has never actually read any Spinoza. No one has.

    I’m guessing the author of “” is in his 20s. I remember quite a few “radical intellectuals” in my 20s that had read one book by Proudhon and then declared they were “anarchists” against “hierarchy.” Always hilarious when I would point out Proudhon’s “vicious anti-semitism.”

    I remember this one Jewish girl (great rack btw) that read “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” and actually, really truly believed herself to be an expert on globalization because of it. Five minutes of asking her questions and it was obvious that book was literally *the only thing about globalization she had ever read in her life.*

    “Think about how dumb the average person is, then realize half of them are dumber than that” — George Carlin


    • Hipster Racist
      April 9, 2015

      As such I can never abandon Israel — which is absolutely European in structure and philosophy, as integral a part of Europe as Christianity

      Not only does he get basic geography wrong, the idea that Israel is "European" in any sense is ridiculous. Israel is hardly different than Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan – their neighbors. The trend is also clearly in that direction. While, sure, they have Gay Pride parades and internet cafes in Tel Aviv, the Westernized Jews are being bred out, and the real Jews – you know, the scruffy looking bearded guys that rock back and forth while chanting to Allah Yahway – they are the future of Israel.

      This guy just has a Jewish girlfriend is all.


  4. Alexandros HoMegas
    April 10, 2015

    We need to take over Twitter, Reddit and other social medias.


  5. Don Logan
    April 13, 2015

    I too had read the Andrew Joyce article on Spinoza and found it pretty devastating. He’s someone whose reputation has appreciated considerably due to the posthumous efforts of strongly-identified. Joyce also wrote a similar analysis on Mahler.

    Thanks for your comments HR. I’m not that familiar with the survivors and relatives of the victims and what they thought about the attack and tried to do. I’m going to look for the documentary by the widows. It’s interesting to juxtapose the hostility and mockery of much of the far Left and far Right with the obviously significant numbers of NYC residents and workers that always questioned the official myth due to their proximity to the event. It’s maddening that 9/11 truth is now wholly identified with crackpots like Rense and Alex Jones for most people.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Don Logan
    April 13, 2015

    Here’s the clown that Brett Stevens decided to promote, currently residing in shitty Thailand:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hipster Racist
      April 13, 2015

      Although you can’t really see his face, that Derek Hopper guy doesn’t look particularly unattractive, in fact, if I saw him with that Thai woman I would think, “why is this relatively good looking white guy with an old, funny looking Asian prostitute?”

      Reddit’s TheRedPill doesn’t say “how to pick up chicks” it says “finding a positive masculine identity in an increasingly anti-male culture.” What I think is missing in “modern relationships” is a power differential; both men and women are happier when the man leads. But “equality” has made it so only a few men really have enough “power” to lead their woman. Sure, if you are good looking, or rich, or really built, it can work. But the average Joe doesn’t have anything a woman can submit to anymore; hence, all these problems.

      But that guy could easily find a white girlfriend, the fact he’s a semi-well known author would make it even easier. He’s obviously bitter. Going to Thailand to wife up former prostitutes? Come on, that’s pathetic.

      Liked by 1 person

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