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Ban Truths About Youths

David Brooks

David Brooks

Scuttlebutt is that David Brooks (above), columnist for the New York Times, is a secret fan of Steve Sailer’s blog. So it’s surprising to see him come out with paffle like this:

Sometimes the behavioral research leads us to completely change how we think about an issue. For example, many of our anti-discrimination policies focus on finding the bad apples who are explicitly prejudiced. In fact, the serious discrimination is implicit, subtle and nearly universal. Both blacks and whites subtly try to get a white partner when asked to team up to do an intellectually difficult task. In computer shooting simulations, both black and white participants were more likely to think black figures were armed. In emergency rooms, whites are pervasively given stronger painkillers than blacks or Hispanics. Clearly, we should spend more effort rigging situations to reduce universal, unconscious racism. (emphasis mine.)

The assumption behind this paragraph is that different races don’t behave differently on average. That’s not true though. Some groups are more criminal than others, for example. Stereotypes exist for a reason, they’re not just fake lies someone made up because they were bored. Do you really think High Expectations Asian Father is some kind of white supremacist fable?

High Expectations Asian Father

High Expectations Asian Father

I’m not sure what “rigging situations” is going to do. The media’s been trying to do this for the last half century. Results have been good in terms of intimidating people from saying (and, to some extent, thinking) non-pc things, but that just seems to lead to new and more inventive forms of discrimination.

Hat tip to Anonymous, who thought of “ban truths about youths” first.

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5 comments on “Ban Truths About Youths

  1. Hipster Racist
    April 1, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    h/t White Innovations


  2. icareviews
    April 2, 2015

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    Hipster Racist on the disappointing David Brooks


  3. thordaddy
    April 2, 2015

    The real game is keeping everyday “white” liberals locked in the racial relativist paradigm where this growing lexicon of passive liberal-speak can work its psychological “magic.” Real solutions are absolute. There is no actual confining an unwilling white man to the realm of racial relativism. The extent to which conversion to white Supremacy concerns Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist is only in regards to the transition to and acceleration of total separation THAT NECESSARILY accompanies conversion. Any WN worth his salt ultimately desires a Land of white Supremacy.


  4. clytemnestra57
    April 3, 2015

    “Rigging situations?!”

    Thank you for posting this excellent example of the pathological thinking of the psychopaths comprising the leftist elite running this country.

    Mr. Brooks, someone of your ilk already thought of “rigging situations” about fifty years ago and has been implementing that twisted idea ever since.

    Filled with hubris, he never accepted the fact that the truth always comes out … eventually, because he would have anticipated the invention of the internet. That genie is out of the bottle now. “Rigging situations?” You’ll have to think of something else, like trying to fundamentally change the criminal behavior of dysfunctional minorities rather than conning Whites to close their eyes to it.

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    • Hipster Racist
      April 3, 2015

      Cly, this is from “White Innovations” – remember her? She had a few articles over at HIA I’m republishing.


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