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Airwolf Command

A werewolf of the airwaves: Michael Weiner (alias Savage)

A typical werewolf of the airwaves: Michael Weiner (alias Savage)

“I have a simple question: why do we fight?” asks therehastobeaway at Daily Kos.

Do wars result from the vestigial behaviors of our evolutionary past? Do we fight because doing so achieves swifter outcomes than does diplomacy? Do we do so because our weapons and our war tactics are more advanced relative to our political skill sets? Or is it that we view democracy as a necessarily bloody oasis between stasis and revolution?

therehastobeaway attempts to crack this conundrum even while ignorantly promoting the myth of the “mid-century war of moral necessity”, and eventually concludes on the vague, defeatist note that  America’s “addiction to war goes back to our very beginnings.” Like many on the dissident Right, therehastobeaway would like to attribute a public policy to its ideological basis, whether real or imagined – “exporting democracy” and so forth.

An empty ideology can certainly furnish the pretext for a war as it is sold to the gullible public; but erratic white nationalist Alex Linder asks what this writer believes is a more pertinent question: “Why do white people believe everything they fucking hear?”

Put simply, the answer is full-spectrum dominance in the media by those who stand to profit from war. The differences between liberals and conservatives are negligible when it comes to their support for American military intervention. The Left is largely acquiescent or willfully ignorant when it comes to the conflicts pursued by those they elected – the Nobel Peace Prize winner, conqueror of Libya, and eye-gouger of North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Russia presently occupying the White House, for instance – but it is clearly the Right, or what passes for a Right in the tepid political climate of the United States, that has been conditioned to salivate at even the most preposterous exhortations to invade foreign countries, even as they are embarrassed to defend the demographic integrity of their homeland.

What is the ultimate source of “everything” these depressingly sheep-brained whites “fucking hear”? Much of what they hear comes from “conservative” hyper-Zionist talk radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Dennis Miller, and Michael Savage – bloodthirsty war cheerleaders all. What else, apart from being professional brainwashers and Israel-lickers, do these despicable characters have in common? Their programs, along with those of lesser neoconservative lights John Batchelor, Chris Plante, and Herman Cain, are all distributed by the entertainment octopus Cumulus Media.

What power lurks behind Cumulus – over the clouds, as it were? A glance at its profile via Nasdaq reveals that major Cumulus shareholders include the investment firms Vanguard Group, State Street, and BlackRock/Barclays Global Investors. So what, the reader may be asking? These three entities – Vanguard Group, State Street, and BlackRock/Barclays Global Investors – show up again and again among the institutional owners of millions of shares in overgrown military-industrial contractors – Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics, to name just four.

Radio by/for Raytheon

Radio by/for Raytheon

Dispensing with such psychological relics as ethical consciousness of conflicting interests, an investor would be remiss not to ensure that his various assets are administered harmoniously, so that each buy adds value to the next and so strengthens the portfolio as a whole. Clearly, crafty cohorts like Vanguard Group, State Street, and BlackRock/Barclays Global Investors have successfully specialized in one of the most lucrative rackets imaginable: sell the justifications for war via the media, pumping up support for hawkish foreign policy among the masses, and then peddle the means of prosecuting that war – or any war – to the purchased functionaries traipsing the putative corridors of power. International bedlam, in turn, furnishes the TV and radio personalities with ratings bait, or at least something more exciting to publicize than the typical gripes about tax structure.

“Maybe you think banks own themselves,” writes Steven Hager, “but, in fact, our biggest banks are owned by a small group of investment companies, a concentration of power likely beyond your imagination.” Hager continues:

Sadly almost nothing is known about the people who own and run these corporations or who they might be answering to (although I can assure you the banking world is peppered with spooks of all stripes). While headlines may talk about people like Donald Trump or the Koch Brothers, they never seem to peer very deeply into our banking system do they? But you can figure out some of this on your own because the data is available to anyone with access to the web. Just type in the name of any bank or Fortune 500 company, and the bigger they are, the more likely they’ll be owned by a combination of the companies below. Lots of people talk about the power of Goldman Sachs, but that company, for example, is owned by Capital Group, Vanguard and State Street.

In addition to BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard, Hager cites Capital Group, Massachusetts Financial Services, and Fidelity as other disturbingly megalithic entities.

BlackRock puppetmaster, pimp, and original toxic mortgage-backed securities gangsta Larry Fink

BlackRock puppetmaster, pimp, and original toxic mortgage-backed securities gangsta Larry Fink

Typical of this ultra-elite money class is the aptly monikered Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock. For those unfamiliar with him, Fink was a pioneer in the now-notorious field of toxic mortgage-backed securities and has a lavish lifestyle to show for it. He “has homes in Manhattan and Vail, Colorado as well as a 26-acre country estate in North Salem, New York, 50 miles from his New York City office,” according to The Huffington Post. “He owns a private Gulfstream G-550 jet. Last year [i.e., in 2012 . . .] he earned $75.8 million, making him the highest paid financial services CEO in the country.” Fink is also a member of the war-hawking Council on Foreign Relations.

That figures like Fink might be found plucking the puppet strings behind such enterprises as Fox News and Cumulus Media might not be too surprising to a liberal, who probably imagines that by turning to MSNBC or CNN, he is certain to encounter more accurate information and commentary on world affairs. But who owns Comcast and Time Warner, the recently wedded parent organisms of these networks? Vanguard, State Street, and BlackRock/Barclays are again among the top shareholders. Liberals therefore get the same CIA lies as conservatives, but with a more palatably dovish feint.

Not even liberal Hollywood escapes the corporate propaganda matrix’s influence – and movies in fact are an integral tool in reinforcing the financial sector’s agenda. Every stupid intervention-glorifying WW2/“Holocaust” movie or mass murder epic like American Sniper (2014) originates from the same rats’ nest of military-industrial interests. American Sniper, as an example, was made by Warner Bros., a division of military-industrial-financial asset Time Warner, while the eerily portending Pearl Harbor (2001) was a production of Touchstone Pictures, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, owned in large part by State Street, Vanguard, and BlackRock/Barclays Global Investors.

Starting to notice a pattern?

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook

[4/24/15: UPDATE for those interested]


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17 comments on “Airwolf Command

  1. icareviews
    March 23, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  2. sonofeurope
    March 23, 2015

    Michael Savage.
    God, how I loath that obnoxious bastid!
    Anyway, it’s true, all the politicians, movie studios, television broadcasters, music labels, EVERYTHING, are putting out the exact same message.
    Strange how most people don’t find that suspicious at all.
    I’ve been aware of that since I was a tiny leetle kid.

    Liked by 1 person

    • rjamesd9
      March 23, 2015

      If everything says the same thing then it must be true. Case closed enough for most.

      Liked by 2 people

    • icareviews
      March 23, 2015

      Savage has a fascination to him, and as long as he was just recounting anecdotes from his life or talking about food or his poodle Teddy, I used to really enjoy listening to his show; but that was before I got deeper into the Zionist crimes and all that and started to understand how fake everything in the media is. Savage is pretty worthless as a political commentator, obviously; but he does have a wonderful voice for broadcasting and I consider him one of the radio’s great personalities, his villainy notwithstanding.

      Liked by 1 person

      • sonofeurope
        March 23, 2015

        I have my reasons for hating that stinking kike pos. I’d like to send some Tyrones over to his place some night.


  3. Don Logan
    March 23, 2015

    Bordahs, language, cultah!!

    I don’t think Milker can talk more than ten minutes without mentioning the phony Muslim threat.

    I do agree that ideology is to a large degree window dressing but not necessarily for lower functionaries in the criminal enterprise. Also, Judaism is certainly a powerfully motivating force for many elite Jews. It’s not just about the shekels, although I can’t think of a time when they didn’t coincide!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hipster Racist
    March 23, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    I think they can only do one war per generation.

    I remember the second Clinton administration, they were trying to drum up a war with Iraq. Clinton had been bombing Iraq pretty much daily for years, but they wanted ground troops.

    So Clinton, Albright, this one Jew guy, they all did a tour of college campuses, the idea was to sell the war as “humanitarian intervention.” Saddam was really bad so we had to go and “liberate his people” out of the goodness of our hearts.

    It didn’t work. The college kids just protested them the whole time – and not just lefty nuts chanting and holding up signs. Even “moderate” or “conservative” college students would be asking these harsh (read: intelligent) questions about the real motivations for the war and the actual costs, human and otherwise, vs. the benefits.

    Of course all that went away when The Boogeyman showed up and three skyscrapers in Manhattan were knocked down by two airplanes, and the wily terrorists actually managed to hit the headquarters of the World’s Sole Superpower – the Pentagon – with a civilian aircraft.

    The radar was pointed the wrong way, we were told. No, I’m not making that up.

    But that got everyone on board, and it wasn’t until Abu Ghraib and the Battle of Fallujah that people started questioning what was going on.

    But yeah – the media. That’s how you manage a democracy. People will believe pretty much whatever they see and hear in the media.

    You know, this is true. There was, at some point, the idea that they would fake an “Alien Invasion” – as in E.T. – on TV and use this for some sort of cover for something. It didn’t happen obviously. Regan sort of telescoped it once when he said – I’m not kidding, Ronald Reagan actually said this in a speech – that if aliens invaded Earth we’d all put our differences behind us and join in a global government.

    To fight the aliens.

    Hey, don’t blame me – I didn’t say it. Conservative hero, Republican President Ronald Reagan said it. And millions of conservative White men nodded along and thought, “yeah I’d totally kick some alien ass for Ronald Reagan!”

    But then when the soldiers start coming home in body bags, people start asking, hey, why did we start a war again? That sentiment lasts until most of the injured vets die off and the new generation of suckers is born.

    Rinse, repeat. That’s how you manage democracy. You don’t even need to fix the voting machines, by the law of averages, the house always wins.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. icareviews
    March 23, 2015

    Aliens were definitely a big thing for kids growing up in the 80s. There was Alf, E.T., Explorers, Flight of the Navigator, Critters, Alien Nation, and a ton of other stuff. I wonder if Reagan was ever watching Alf at the same time I was.


    • thordaddy
      March 24, 2015

      Don’t forget Starman.


  6. Hipster Racist
    March 23, 2015

    Congrats – this article is the first one on Aryan Skynet that is too controversial for the National Policy Institute to publish.

    Think about it. NPI is a bit beyond kosher conservatism, they don’t have any problem pointing out that the You Know Who’s are not exactly “white” and are the main political group behind anti-white policies like immigration.

    But what would happen if NPI were to point to actual corporations – actual wealthy oligarchs? One of their – quite WASP I imagine – high level donors would say, hey it’s ok to talk about immigration but my fellow Raytheon board member at Blackstone Capital is a nice guy. Here’s a million dollar grant – talk about black crime more.

    That’s how the system works. The Libertarians that focus on “the Federal Reserve isn’t really federal” miss the point. This is a Dollar Empire, and as the Wall Street Bailouts of 2008 show us – financial capital is a social construct. They can just add numbers when needed. The “hard money” fanatics are always predicting a crash, but this system can go on as long as Arabs invest their oil in the system, and the Average White Joe doesn’t think too much about it.

    A few years back there was an article that made the rounds. It was a data visualization of what companies owned what, and the graphic was one of those “ooh-ah” techie things that get a lot of clicks online.

    But what it showed what that the ultimate “owners” of the “capitalist system” in the West is a tiny, tiny group indeed.

    Their power is a “social construct” – their power only exists because the larger white public plays along with it and follows their rules.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hipster Racist
    March 24, 2015

    although I can assure you the banking world is peppered with spooks of all stripes

    Remember the 2008 Wall Street Bailouts? Eventually, they had to bail out AIG. The line was “AIG insures everybody so we can’t let them fail.” Well, nobody looks at boring re-insurance companies such as AIG. Apple’s latest gadget is more exciting and AIG’s stock barely moves. There’s no excitement.

    Yet when they started writing about AIG – just amazing. They had to admit, yeah, AIG serves as a cover for all sorts of spooky networks in China and elsewhere.

    And what do you know – the legendary head of AIG was none other than Maurice “Hank” Greenberg who used to be Warren Buffett’s partner. Their business association was so close that Buffett used to write “Hank and I” in his famous shareholder letters.

    Now what broke up these titans of capitalism? Warren Buffet attacked Greenberg over the re-insurance company “General Re” – which was stocked full of derivatives. Buffett said they were toxic, they would blow up, and he wanted out. Greenberg went all in.

    Eventually, Greenberg was convicted of fraud and given some nominal fine. A few years later, all those derivatives were poured into Fannie and Freddy, we had a “real estate boom” – then crash, Wall Street gets billions in bailouts.

    Think about this – if you want intelligence about some company, some family, some organization – what better way to get all the inside info than to insure it?

    You really want to go down the rabbit hole, read up on BCCI.

    Liked by 1 person

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