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Truth and Myth – Tentative Allies?

Informed speculation concurs that January’s Charlie Hebdo episode was a stage-managed spectacle toward the manipulation of public opinion. Dave Gahary, writing in American Free Press, sums up the situation as follows:

The Paris event bears many of the hallmarks of an Israeli false-flag operation, including possible use of actors, a scripted shootout [. . .] detailed knowledge of the publication’s security and the timing of its staff meeting, the road being cordoned off to keep it traffic-free, an Israeli news editor ready to photograph the event from a nearby roof, a perfect escape by the alleged perpetrators whose true identity is still unknown with one of them [as on 9/11, conveniently] leaving his ID, jihadist flags and Molotov cocktails in the getaway car and the two suspects, under security watch for previous terrorist activities, shot dead, one of whom was a pizza delivery boy who nonetheless conducted an unobstructed, professional, military-style assault in broad daylight in one of the world’s most heavily policed cities.1

“Israel false flag watchers are speculating that the Paris attacks were precipitated by the Dec. 2 vote (339-151) by France’s lower house to recognize the state of Palestine, which would enable the occupied state to become part of the International Criminal Court and thus gain the power to hold the Zionist state responsible for genocide and redraw the boundaries of the occupier to pre-1967 lines,” Gahary writes, also pointing out that “In 2013, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide, and a few months later, Malaysian planes began to mysteriously fall from the sky.”2

The neoreactionary and racialist wings of the alternative media nevertheless selected to be almost utterly derelict in their various commentaries. Jared Taylor made an American Renaissance video proclaiming that “These attacks show us [. . .] what is marching straight into our communities as millions of Muslims immigrate to the West” and threw in a gratuitous barb about Muhammad being a “sex maniac” for good measure. “I will state again that I just don’t see the sense in this being a conspiracy as it makes Moslems look bad and FN [i.e., the National Front] look good,” interjected The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin. AntiDem, while accepting the mainstream narrative of the attacks, at least had the comparative originality to tweet, “If Charlie Hebdo represents the ‘Western values’ that Muslims are opposed to, then I cheer for the Muslims.”

More typical of the generally tepid flavor of dissident neoreactionary writings on the event, however, was Colin Liddell, who also endorsed the “Islamic terrorists” story, warned that “The lights are going out”, and suggested that “Paris was essentially treated as if it were no more than a Middle Eastern hellhole overrun by ISIS” – which, to the extent that the city hosted a troupe of CIA-Mossad-style ninja movie extras, is perhaps inadvertently accurate. True to his respectably academic brand of conspiracy-free white nationalism, however, Liddell makes no mention of Israel, psyops, false flag attacks, or the checkered history of western intelligence agencies in this regard.

Guillaume Faye got even louder, thundering that Charlie Hebdo was “more significant” even than 9/11 – it did happen in France, after all! – and that “This act of war is part of an all-out offensive [. . .] of Islam against the West, and specifically against France, which it intends to conquer. This war, this terrorism,” Faye suggests, “is only the visible part of the iceberg; the submerged part is Islamization”. Faye is too polite, too ignorant, or too cowardly to concede that this secret, “submerged part” of the iceberg is more Judeo-American than anything.

The real shock and debacle of Charlie Hebdo is the extent to which even those who purport to represent an intellectually rigorous alternative to mainstream conservatism and to the laughable shibboleths passing for twenty-first century western values either retain their trust in the fundamental honesty of Zionist-occupied regimes and Jewish-owned mass media or – and this would seem to be the only other explanation – stubbornly choose to perpetuate its lies for political gain.

While some commentators, Kerry Bolton among them, took the opportunity to excoriate the Charlie Hebdo staff as “perhaps the most representative collection of culture-distorters and culture-retards ever assembled at one place”, most neoreactionaries and racialists contented themselves with boring Muslim-bashing posts and tweets regurgitating neoconservative propaganda. The Manosphere’s Matt Forney, in an article bearing the Hannity-worthy title “Why Does the Left Support Radical Muslims?”, offered that Muslims are “not manly” because they “are willing to kill anyone who slights them” and in another piece, “Muhammad Getting Fisted by a Gay Elf”, Forney brilliantly told “the Muslims” among his readers to “go to hell”.

All of this is, of course, unserious and counterproductive to the degree that it bolsters Zionist aims for American intervention “against” ISIS in the Middle East – and yet it must also be admitted with a relished irony that not all of this is bad, and that in some regards the Charlie Hebdo episode has been a positive development. The weekly marches of the pro-European organization PEGIDA (“Patriotic Europeans Against Islamization of the West”) saw a turnout of “more than 17,500” protesters in Dresden on December 223 swell to an unprecedented 25,000 on January 124. “PEGIDA continues to expand its international scope, as the patriotic group has announced it is planning its first rally on North American soil later this month,” notes Heresy, adding that “PEGIDA’s expansion into French-Canadian territory is confirmation that the terror attacks in Paris this January have deeply resonated with French people worldwide.”

Augustus York, writing at The Times of Pol, explains how the Charlie Hebdo affair plays to the sharp advantage of the ethnonationalist Right in France and Europe at large:

The current government of France, currently under the leadership of François Hollande and the Socialist Party of France, has come under fire since their coming to power, specifically for their relatively lenient policies when it came to immigration and treatment of Muslims in daily French society. They were often criticized by right-wing political leaders and French nationalists alike, saying that the current administration “degraded French culture” and was “too open to foreigners”. With the attack on Charlie Hebdo headquarters, the Socialist Party has come under fire for the consequences of these policies, and has lead [sic] to a decline in support for the policies of the majority party. In fact, such an incident, if played right by media and opposition parties, could destabilize the base of the Socialist Party, and eventually lead to it’s [sic] defeat in the next elections, thus ending their liberal policies and ushering in a new era of extreme Islamophobia and anti-immigration sentiment.

“Thus,” The Times of Pol reasons, “this attack is perfectly timed to play the angles of the election,” and such a godsend, in fact, does the Charlie Hebdo massacre appear to have been for the European Right that York even goes so far as to insinuate (rather stupidly) that European nationalist elements were responsible for the attacks. “White Supremacists” are the beneficiaries of Charlie Hebdo, he avers:

This goes without saying, the wave of right-wing fascism that has been sweeping the European continent will directly benefit from this incursion. Not only will they gain a foothold in the historically-socialist France, but their agenda will be greatly advanced in other countries as well. Especially in Greece, where tensions between Orthodox Europeans and historically Muslim Turks reach an all-time high, the Golden Dawn party grows stronger and stronger, with their ideals spreading to neighboring countries such as Albania and Serbia. A new era is rising in the West, with current conditions in Europe mimicking those that gave way to the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. This attack also comes at a crucial time in the history of the neo-fascist movement, perhaps exploiting the anti-Eastern sentiment so popularized by right-wing media outlets. It would also explain why the attackers seemed so professional in their execution of the terror attack, and why they made such a fatal mistake in divulging their identities to the French authorities.

York therefore concludes that it “may have some connection with French nationalists vying for power in parliament.”

That identitarian sentiment is rising among the Europeans and European-derived peoples is, of course, fine – even necessary – but the fact that the demographics crisis continues to be framed by these “Jihad Watch” types as a crusade against Islam and Islam alone, as opposed to a race-based ethnonationalist movement, demonstrates how easily such a project can be corralled and gelded by Zionist interests. The Jewish Daily Forward notes, for instance, that PEGIDA uses “pro-Jewish terminology” and quotes supporter Rabbi Walter Rothschild as saying that the group “is raising important questions that mainstream politics has avoided” (the Muslim Question!) and explaining his own support by claiming that “Jews in Europe are mostly on the side of modern Western values.” Rothschild means, of course, to say that “modern Western values” are Jewish.

PEGIDA demonstration, Dresden

PEGIDA demonstration, Dresden

The fact is that Islam is a threat to the West, to Europe particularly, and that Muslims do not belong here – but what is crucial is that this is strictly a problem of immigration – not of confronting Al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran, or whatever future Islamic bogeyman the Zionists conjure up for their golem to go and destroy. Jared Taylor, in the aforementioned video, offers plenty of authentic reasons to oppose non-western and specifically Muslim immigration into Europe. Why should he feel compelled to prop his argumentation on a hoax and so further pollute the air with the brain-befogging lies of ZOG?

Tempting as a convenient fraud might be for political purposes of the moment, the danger lies in eventual recognition of the ruse. Early in the twentieth century, a Russian religious writer named Sergei Nilus published a book containing what purported to be the minutes from a meeting of a top-secret cabal, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The tract’s effectiveness in alerting its readers to the hostile and alien motives of the Jews in their midst is testified by the fact that the Bolsheviks persecuted those discovered in possession of it. Henry Ford infamously championed the Protocols, and many within the white nationalist movement continue to vouch for its authenticity.

Today the Protocols are widely recognized as an invention of propaganda, the result being that whatever truths it contains – whatever insights it offers into the character of Jewish group behavior – can be dismissed by progressives, neocons, and conspiracy-deniers as long-discredited fabrication. Let the immigrant invasion of Europe be criticized and fought; but do not allow the arguments for the rightness and the necessity of this campaign to hinge on the dubious Muslim credentials of the burnt offerings of 9/11, ISIS, or Charlie Hebdo. Name the Muslims where they have earned the blame, but do not scapegoat these pitiful proxies – pawns and patsies at their worst – for the blood-ravening crimes of the reddest and most deeply embedded national parasitism.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


  1. Gahary, Dave. “Multiple Investigators Point Finger at Israel”. American Free Press 15, no.3/4 January 19, 2015), p. 16.
  2. Ibid.
  3. Papaherakles, Pete. “Germans Protest Islamization”. American Free Press 15, no. 1/2 (January 5, 2015), p. 21.
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26 comments on “Truth and Myth – Tentative Allies?

  1. icareviews
    March 7, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  2. Hipster Racist
    March 7, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Noam Chomsky once mentioned that if you want to know what is really going on in the world, read the business press. He specifically mentioned the Wall Street Journal. The implication was that the people that really matter – the manager of International Corporations – had to have a tolerablly realistic understanding of what was going on in the world. The people that didn’t matter – voters – could be told all sorts of fancifal tales, yet the CEOs, managers, diplomats – people who made important decisions – must have the truth, however obscured.

    You can watch this in action by comparing and contrasting the political news with business news, especially when there is an outbreak in some mostly unpronounable country somewhere. I think Azerbajan is a great example.

    While the political news, ala the New York Times, might concentrate on some story of radical Muslims and their democratic modern opposition, the Wall Street Journal will often have a much more realistic explanation of what is going on – forget Allah and women’s rights, look which corporation just got a contract for the area and which political faction is being hired as advisors. You barely have to read between the lines.

    Thus, while under Bush, Azerbajan was mentioned in all sorts of hazy crypto news about the “War On Terror,” the Wall Street Journal was busily documenting how the Azerbajani Chamber of Commerce was staffed by a bunch of very White men … from Texas … who considered anyone delaying their gas pipelines to be “terrorists” … and anyone supporting their gas pipelines to be “moderates” … regardless of any messy business about religion.

    As I said in the “Ain’t No War But Ours” article, even if it really was two slightly trained ISIS terrorists – ISIS was armed, trained, funded and equipped by the US, and the Israelis are actively cooperating with ISIS. Even if it’s a “true flag” – it may as well be a “false flag.”

    This is why I’m not a “conservative” – “conservatives” are easily emotionally swayed to demonize the enemies-du-jour; they are the perfect Useful Idiots. The War on Terror neo-con kosher conservatism is there to channel White men’s ethnic bigotry into a harmless outlet, one that has them cheering bombing brown Muslims over there why studiously ignoring brown (Muslim or not) “immigrants” flooding into White countries, and only White countries.

    The idea that the Empire recruits and creates its own enemies is simply to complex for conservatives, who require simplistic explanations for their simplistic minds. That’s why conservatives never conserve anything and why they always lose. It takes 40 years to turn conservatives from rightly tagging MLK as a communist agitator to worshipping him, ala Glenn Beck, as a Black Conservative proponent of Limited Government.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s true, in fact, it may be better that it is false. I read recently that Big Lies are never threatened by the truth, but by other, even Bigger Lies.

    The saying has it, to learn who rules over you, learn who you cannot criticize. As Matt Forney and thousands of FOX News talking heads show us, trash-talking Muslims is consequence-free and makes for a good career move. They are not the Semites of which you dare not speak.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alexandros HoMegas
      March 7, 2015

      “Noam Chomsky once mentioned that if you want to know what is really going on in the world, read the business press. He specifically mentioned the Wall Street Journal.”

      I would go further than Chomsky, if you want to know what really is going on you should read jewish/israeli newspapers, go to the Tablet mag, Daily Forward, Haaretz, JPost,.. All the info is there if you know who to “digest”.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Don Logan
    March 7, 2015

    Good points. Nationalists should use this event to hammer immigration in general rather than just stupidly attack Islam. They should also use it to point out the criminal nature and gross deception of our elites’ foreign policy. Finally, nail the bastards on their “free speech” hypocrisy. I’m with you though that it’s generally being framed by the Jewish media and unwitting and witting nationalists to fit the “clash of civilizations” theory. Despite there being some truth to the notion of conflict among different civilizations or traditions, the theory is held up to advance sinister pro-Jewish anti-Islam interests. It may help us a bit in getting across the notion of differences to a population saturated in liberal daydreams, but it hurts us a lot in the way of justification for endless Zionist wars.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. eyeslevel
    March 7, 2015

    Charlie Hebdo was one group of anti-whites killing another group of anti-whites. How does that help white people?

    Even if the brown Muslims flooding into white countries never committed a single crime, it would still lead to a future with no white people through forced assimilation.

    Muslim countries cannot invade white lands by force of arms. They have no supply lines, manufacturing base, Navy or Air Forces to speak of. Anti-whites in power (many of whom are white traitors) let them in. Anti-whites scream “Nazi, racist, supremacist, bigot, KKK, xenophobe!” at anyone who objects or get them fired or thrown in jail like Emma West. Muslims didn’t throw Emma West in jail.

    If a white nationalist says “we shouldn’t let so many Muslims in because they commit these kind of terrorist acts”, where does that lead? Anti-whites on the left will say most Muslims aren’t like that, white people commit most crimes, we colonized their lands and they’re just following us back, the terrorists are retaliating for western countries bombing THEIR countries (then they’ll say white countries should have open borders because all land belongs to everybody); and anti-whites on the right will say it has nothing to do with race, we have to stamp out Muslim extremism at its source -Israel’s back yard. Just like they used the Oklahoma City bombing as an excuse to demonize right -wing “extremism.” And it in no way addresses the issue of millions of non-white Christians, animists, Buddists, Hindus and atheists flooding into white countries. That is, if you try to play Charlie Hebdo from a pro-white angle just ONE chess move out, you see it leads nowhere. I challenge anyone to frame the Charlie Hebdo incident into a pro-white talking point.

    It’s too late to focus solely on immigration anyway. Due to higher non-white birth rates, there’s already enough non-whites in most white countries to force blend white people out of existence as long as we have policies of forced integration and white people are by law not allowed to have all-white businesses, schools, communities or ANYTHING in any white country.

    So, who benefits from Charlie Hebdo? Anyone trying to distract you from the crime of white genocide through mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL white countries being perpetrated by anti-whites in power. After pro-whites have won the propaganda war and are in power, we will have access to records and subpoena power and we’ll have a chance of finding out what really happened.

    Islam is a non-issue when it comes to white survival.

    Liked by 3 people

    • icareviews
      March 7, 2015

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Islam is a “non-issue”, but it’s certainly secondary or tertiary compared to the central problem of unchecked immigration and settler colonization by (all) non-white peoples (regardless of religion) into previously all-white countries.


  5. Radicalized Muslims commit atrocities in every country where they reside. The examples are too numerous to be plausibly attributable to Israeli conspirators in every instance. If Israel disappeared overnight, the West’s demographic trajectory would be none improved. Therefore, it is intellectually wasteful to elevate speculative conspiracy theories, which have little perceived credibility outside the Muslim world, to a level of importance above that of opposing Islamists and the Western Islamophiles who enable mass Muslim migrations into the West.


    • Hipster Racist
      March 8, 2015

      Islamophiles who enable mass Muslim migrations into the West.

      Ah yes, the pro-immigration “Islamophiles” like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one presumes.


    • Hipster Racist
      March 8, 2015

      Let’s look at the facts: Libertarian Realist is trying to blame massive Muslim and non-Muslim immigration on “Islamophiles.”

      Here in the real world, who is pushing for immigration? Why, here’s an example:

      We are as I like to remind readers the wealthiest American group by religion and we took over many establishment perches in the last generation. We are three of the four Democratic appointees to the Supreme Court, and whenever I turn on the news, I see influential Jews. Andrea Mitchell the wife of Alan Greenspan interviews Kenneth Pollack, Matt Lauer interviews Lorne Michaels. Last night I watched a panel on CSPAN about the Charlie Hebdo murders at the French-American Foundation and it appeared that all four speakers were Jewish.

      Peter Beinart is one of the few writers who is honest about Jewish power: “the extraordinary acceptance and privilege afforded to Jews in late 20th century America.” In Haaretz he recently itemized our editorial control of publications: “Jews edit The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker, The Weekly Standard, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Vox, Buzzfeed, Politico, and the opinion pages of The New York Times and Washington Post.

      All of those publications promote immigration, are anti-White – yet at the same time are fanatically pro-Israel and anti-Islam – except for Muslims in the West, they are preferred over Whites.

      Does anyone actually believe that LibertarianRealist is ignorant of the fact that virtually every single Jewish organization and Jewish writer in America and Europe is both pro-immigration in America and Europe – yet anti-immigration in Israel?

      Of course not. He’s fully aware of that. But mentioning those facts isn’t a particularly good career move, now is it?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tim Wise is a left-wing Jewish anti-Zionist who opposes the existence of Israel as a Jewish state on egalitarian grounds: “as an anti-Zionist Jew, I oppose the very notion of a specifically Jewish state.”

        Right-wing Jewish Zionists such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are allies in the fight against mass Muslim immigration into the West. They are denounced by the SPLC and ADL as hatemongers.

        Some Jewish nationalists do indeed take the hypocritical position that the West should open its borders while Israel should stay Jewish. But it’s egalitarian anti-Zionists (including both Jews and non-Jews) who are opposed to nationalism on principle. It’s egalitarian ideas that cause gentile whites to embrace open Muslim immigration into their countries. That Jews feature prominently among egalitarians may be worth pointing out, but doing is no argument against egalitarianism.


      • Hipster Racist
        March 8, 2015

        Tim Wise has spent his entire career attacking White people and “white privilege” – once he said he was against “racism” in Israel – but, of course, he hasn’t lifted a finger to do anything about “Jewish privilege” in Israel.

        As we can see, LibertarianRealist *is* in fact aware that virtually every major Jewish organization in America and Europe – from the ADL, to the SPLC, to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, to AIPAC, to WINEP, to the EJC – is anti-White, pro-immigration into Europe and America – yet, supports a Jewish state and immigration restriction in Israel.

        They are all on the record and LibertarianRealist is quite aware of it. That’s why he has to resort to nonsense about “Islamophiles.”

        Muslims have virtually no power in Europe or America, while Jews have extraordinary power – and use that power to promote non-White immigration.


    • icareviews
      March 8, 2015

      “speculative conspiracy theories, which have little perceived credibility outside the Muslim world”

      You’re correct to qualify the credibility issue by inserting that word “perceived”. The general public, after all, can only perceive what it receives, and with most westerners receiving their information from the Jewish-controlled mass media octopus, of course they’re not going to perceive the dubiousness of the synthetic terror narratives advertised constantly in the news. But is “perceived credibility” more important than truth? Should you, for instance, abandon race realism only because it has been successfully smeared and marginalized and therefore has no perceived credibility for the mainstream culture?

      “Tim Wise is a left-wing Jewish anti-Zionist who opposes the existence of Israel as a Jewish state on egalitarian grounds: ‘as an anti-Zionist Jew, I oppose the very notion of a specifically Jewish state.'”

      Ask him what he thinks about the truthfulness of the gas chamber story, though, and whether he thinks Germans ought to have to keep paying reparations to “Holocaust survivors” and their relatives. He represents at best a false opposition within an admittedly imperfectly organized Jewry. Only a rare Jew like David Cole will tell the truth about the gas chambers, and only an even rarer Jew like Alan Sabrosky will tell the truth about 9/11.

      “Right-wing Jewish Zionists such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are allies in the fight against mass Muslim immigration into the West. They are denounced by the SPLC and ADL as hatemongers.”

      “Right-wing” blood-drinkers such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are cattle herders primarily interested in stirring beer belly neocon ire against Iran, “ISIS”, and other imaginary reincarnated Antiochi. They want more of white people’s money so Jews can take over more countries, install more Fed-style bankster schemes, porno culture and cronyism, and enjoy watching the goyim slaughter each other while they collect the interest on the borrowed money it will take to implement their Jew World Order. The West is just a bovine golem to them.

      They’re also WW2 “Holocaust” fetishists, which makes them white guilt peddlers in addition to warmongers.

      Also, can you be unaware that unending neocon meddling overseas of the type favored by Spencer and Geller has only resulted in the importation of more Muslim immigrants to America? If you accept that Muslims of any race are a hazard to our country’s stability, why champion neocons as “allies” who continue to campaign for the destabilization of Iraq and Syria, for instance – a situation that creates refugees, thousands of whom are already being settled in the United States.

      Finally, if Spencer and Geller are allies, why don’t you submit some of your written realism for publication at Jihad Watch and see if they reciprocate your desire for an association with them? Jihad Watch (for whatever reason) has a sizable audience. I’m sure they’d enjoy your “Open Letter to a Person of Privilege” and your sarcastic “Oregon Holocaust” video.


  6. Don Logan
    March 8, 2015

    The net effect of what Gellar and Spencer do is simply to contribute to the overall anti-Muslim atmosphere which is inculcated solely to sell Mideast wars which are overwhelmingly for Zionist interests. If Muslim immigration is stopped, there will still be a wide variety of Third World immigrants which won’t solve the demographic problem. Therefore, those two are hardly allies and to hell with them.

    The frequency with which Western and Israeli intelligence agencies set up and run radical Muslim groups can not be ignored out of some perceived sense of pragmatism with respect to the demographic problem. Yes – there are real Muslim terrorists; Muslims should not be allowed in Western countries. However, there’s also a question of Justice and making criminals in Western governments (and the media) allied with Zionists pay. There’s nothing wrong with speculation based on suggestive evidence particularly when considering the nexus between intelligence and radical groups and past terrorist or would-be terrorist events that can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt to have been instigated, assisted, or allowed to happen by intelligence agents. I’m not endorsing reckless speculation such as the kind you’ll find floated in some corners on the Internet (“mini-nukes” or “no planes” are two ridiculous 9/11 theories for instance).

    There’s more than the question of immigration at stake. Aside from Justice, I’d like to see a little vengeance frankly.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hipster Racist
      March 8, 2015

      What Libertarian Realist is doing is worse than just that.

      He’s pretending that these Jewish groups are promoting immigration out of some misguided notion of “egalitarianism” and that “good Jews” like Pam Gellar are somehow “on our side” – even though she is against White Nationalism – in any White country anywhere on earth – yet she’s for Jewish nationalism.

      She’s simply against Muslims because she sees them as a threat to Israel.

      These Jewish groups don’t believe in “egalitarianism” at all, that’s barely a cover story. They are doing it out of pure ethnic hatred – against Whites – and what they perceive to be their own ethnic interests.

      I read the Jewish press all the time, Libertarian Realist is probably used to dealing with half-bright conservative types, so thinks he can pull one over on this crowd.


  7. I don’t regard warmongering neocons to be ideological brethren, and they certainly wouldn’t find my views on many subjects to be kosher. But those among them who seek to stop the Islamification of the West can be single-issue allies on immigration. Complaining about a hypothesized “Jew World Order” doesn’t persuade people of the need to stop Third World immigration into their countries.


    • Hipster Racist
      March 8, 2015

      But those among them who seek to stop the Islamification of the West can be single-issue allies on immigration.

      But they aren’t even allies on that – they are only against Muslim immigration – they are virtually 100% on board non-White immigration in general.

      Complaining about a hypothesized “Jew World Order” doesn’t persuade people of the need to stop Third World immigration into their countries.

      Right, acknowleding that Jews have any power at all necessarily means a “Jew World Order.”

      It’s ok for them to say that Whites are “privileged” or that The Oscars are all about “white males” – but don’t dare say that Jews essentially run Hollywood – that would be a “Jew World Order.”

      It’s ok for them to say that “whiteness is a social construct” or that “Palestinians are an invented people” but we must all pretend they have no power, at all. And if you dare say it, you might just get fired – tell that to poor Mark Sanchez.

      As I said, these Jews do not believe in “egalitarianism” – this is raw ethnic competition. There’s no reason to pretend otherwise.

      By the way, there is no “Islamification” in America – the immigration threat in America is Mestizo – which virtually ever Jewish group in America is 100% supporting. They would love nothing more than to distract everyone with ISIS boogeymen half way around the world.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Alexandros HoMegas
    March 8, 2015

    Jews are by far the biggest problem, they have distorted many ancient cultures with their ideas in the last 2.000 years, Muslims prayed in Jerusalem direction but this was changed to Meccah after the kike rat tribes that controlled the Trade in Arabia tried to double-cross Mohammed, it took a desert bandit to recognise the another.

    Blacks, Muslims, Mestizos,.. Whites can easily handle them but jews are deep entrenched on the Power Structure.


    • Hipster Racist
      March 8, 2015

      @Alexandros HoMegas

      Please, language like “kike rat” is not really helpful, now is it?

      Use this as an unofficial guideline:

      If your posts come across as the same as the Hasbara disinfo trolls, you might be mistaken for a Hasbara disinfo troll.


  9. Alexandros HoMegas
    March 8, 2015

    Look at this:

    The Yahweh Master Race see Murkans as a bunch of naive idiots!


    • icareviews
      March 9, 2015

      Thanks for sharing. What chutzpah, that they would so blithely publish this.


      • Alexandros HoMegas
        March 9, 2015

        The truth is in the jewish press, jews see non-jews as a bunch of suckers, their culture is parasitical and predatory.


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