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The Espionage Model III: Ignore Russia, Forgive Germany, Punish France

When the Neo-cons were pushing to invade Iraq in 2004, France, Germany, and Russia were three great powers that opposed the war and refused to join the Bush administration’s “Coalition of the Willing.” The Neo-cons came up with a strategy for dealing with this opposition and it was summed up with the phrase: “Ignore Russia, Forgive Germany, Punish France.” This strategy was based on the specific relationships that the United States had with each power.

Russia was to be ignored. While the United States and Russia were nominally allies, Russia was not a member of NATO and the reality was Russia and the USA were opponents, enemies barely under the surface. The United States and Russia were to be at loggerheads anyway, and while Russia could create trouble for the United States, they were very limited in what they could do. Forgiving them wouldn’t gain their cooperation, but neither would punishing them help the situation. Thus, they were to be simply ignored.

Germany, not being a nuclear power and still militarily occupied by the United States, was to be forgiven for its impudence. Germany couldn’t do anything anyway; it could not prevent the Coalition powers from using their bases in Germany and flying over German airspace to invade the Middle East. They had no way to effectively extract costs from the Coalition, and it wasn’t worth antagonizing them by refusing to cooperate with them on other issues.

France, having its own independent nuclear arsenal and a long standing independent foreign policy, had to be punished. In some ways, France was the most formidable opponent of the Neo-cons; technically an ally, a member of NATO, but powerful and self-sufficient enough to not only go its own way, but to put up effective opposition to the invasion and extract costs from the United States in various ways, diplomatically and economically.

White Nationalists are in a somewhat analogous situation vis-a-vis other races, although with significantly different power relationships. Let’s propose a strategy: ignore Blacks, forgive Asians, punish Jews.


As far as Black people go, they generally speaking have few friends and little power; politically, economically, socially, and even organizationally. Pretty much every non-Black ethnic group has a low opinion of Blacks. Asians tend to avoid Blacks whenever possible and often refuse to even pay lip service to “anti-racism” when it comes to Blacks. Whites, due to half a century of propaganda, will usually pay lip service to integration and equality, and may vocally oppose open anti-Black sentiments, but other than a small minority, Whites tend to self-segregate whenever they can and generally ignore Blacks. While Jews have often used Blacks as a proxy to attack Whites, they self-segregate as much, if not more, than Whites, and in private, when the “goyim” aren’t listening, they will admit how they really feel about “schwartzes.”

So it makes sense to ignore Blacks. We will never “win them to our side” nor will punishing them likely help us. Like Russia, they have no real ability to oppose us unilaterally, and as they are already isolated, punishing them might actually be counterproductive. Why bother?


Asians – from the Chinese, to the Japanese, to the Indians, are in a very different position vis-a-vis Whites. In some ways hostile, in some ways neutral, in other ways friendly. Asians are not us, and will never be us, but they are not necessarily in an openly hostile confrontation with Whites. Many Asians seek to work with Whites, and most would rather live in a White neighborhood than a Black neighborhood. They are, and always will be, in competition with us. They will always seek to take advantage of Whites, and they will always network ethnically to take jobs and educational opportunities from Whites. They will always take the side of other Asians over Whites and they will always seek to immigrate to White countries and replace us. But the situation with Asians now is a sort of friendly arms-length neutrality. It’s usually not Asians complaining about “white privilege” and seeking to team up with other groups to attack Whites. As often as not, Asians see themselves as “almost White” and consider themselves above Blacks and Mestizos. If Whites were to adopt an openly hostile attitude toward Asians, that could drive them further into the anti-White coalition, which is what the anti-Whites want. In the short term, Asians could be allies on dismantling Affirmative Action policies which harm them as well as Whites. On the other hand, they will likely oppose immigration restriction.

Perhaps it’s best to forgive them, for now.

“Organized Jewry” are the core of the anti-White coalition. The fact that Jews are so intermixed with Whites makes it even hard to distinguish ourselves from them. Various pro-White groups have often tried to include Jews as Whites and welcome them into organizations such as American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens, only to find Jews simply working against us from the inside. Jewish participants at American Renaissance famously disrupted the conference to try to exclude David Duke. Jews like James Howard Kunstler pose as pro-White but seem to only sniff out “anti-semitism” in White groups, and are always trying to split Whites between philo-semites and anti-semites, the former to be co-opted and the latter to be isolated. How could it be otherwise?


Punishing anti-White Jewish groups like the ADL, the $PLC, and AIPAC can come from both the right and the left. Right-leaning conservatives can point to Jewish support for illegal – and legal – immigration into White countries and only White countries, and the hypocrisy of this while their community supports ethno-centrism in their country, Israel. Social conservatives can point to the anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda coming from Hollywood and Jewish subversion of cultural norms, such as their support for gay marriage, miscegenation, and the constant demonization of Southern Whites and the European diaspora generally.

From the left, Zionist Jews can be punished by opposing their genocide of the Palestinians, their constant war-mongering in the Middle East, and AIPAC’s disloyal manipulation of our political system for the benefit of a foreign regime. Leftists can point to Jewish malfeasance on Wall Street by financial predators like Bernie Madoff and corporate raiders.

Whites generally can point to the anti-White attitudes expressed by a great many Jews, Zionist or not, such as their fanatical ethno-centrism and their discrimination against Whites in such institutions as Ivy League universities.

“Ignore Blacks, Forgive Asians, Punish Jews” is a simplistic model, and more of a thought exercise than a practical plan of action. There are also two significant groups left out; Muslims and Latinos. Briefly, let’s cover these two groups.

Muslims, Arab or otherwise, are virtually a non-issue in America and most Americans are already very anti-Muslim. States like Oklahoma pass anti-sharia laws despite having virtually no Muslim population whatsoever. A significant percentage of Americans support wars against Muslim nations and America has, in fact, been in a constant state of war with the Muslim world since 9/11, if not earlier. It seems rather pointless to focus on them at all.

Then, there is perhaps the elephant in the living room; Latinos. The real demographic threat to White America comes from immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America. This perhaps requires a unique strategy. Other than opposing any non-White immigration altogether, perhaps there is some benefit to splitting the artificially constructed “Hispanic” identity. There are plenty of Mexicans and Central and South Americans that are White – people of Spanish, and thus European, ancestry. While America has always had an Anglo-German majority culture, and this should remain so, it may be possible to integrate “White Hispanics” while opposing race-replacing Mestizo immigration.

At the end of the day, it’s Whites against the world. Only “we” can be “us” and only Whites can look after White interests. Any alliances we have with other peoples are necessarily temporary, situational, and pragmatic. But we shouldn’t make enemies where we don’t have to, and it’s better to have friends than enemies. White people are a global minority, and all White countries – and only White countries – are being targeted for race-replacing immigration and “intermarriage” – polite words for genocide.

The anti-Whites are the problem, of whatever race. In America, the anti-White coalition is often at each other’s throats, and it’s better to have them fighting each other than have them unified in fighting us.



20 comments on “The Espionage Model III: Ignore Russia, Forgive Germany, Punish France

  1. Hipster Racist
    February 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Splitting the opposition.


  2. thrasymachus33308
    February 6, 2015

    -Blacks are very powerful. They are the numerical lynchpin and the muscle of the coalition. The thing about blacks is while they are very powerful, they can’t get any more powerful, and their power is probably actually decreasing as the left turns more to gays and Latinos. Blacks are like Hawaiian lava- very dangerous but slow moving and easily avoided. Give them a wide berth, and when you can’t avoid them be very careful and you won’t have trouble. This applies to politics as well as personal life.

    -Asians are tools of the left, but not very good or loyal tools as they aren’t stupid or self-destructive. We should keep them out of our countries but those that are here aren’t too much trouble.

    -Jews are not the primary enemy, but they do a lot of the work of the primary enemy, who probably couldn’t do any of it without them. Historically Jews do the work of the hostile elite, as junior partners, take the credit, and when things get hot they get thrown under the bus and take the blame. Jews are supposed to be smart but never realize they are mostly stooges. Retaliating against Jewish anti-white activity reduces Jewish power and discourages the native hostile elite from being so hostile.

    -Latin American culture is its own strange beast. It’s all about keeping the monster in the cage, the monster being the majority non-white population south of the border. White latinos are race realists but won’t necessarily try to keep America majority white, because there being white almost automatically makes you elite and being in a white minority is not a problem.


    • icareviews
      February 6, 2015

      “Jews are supposed to be smart but never realize they are mostly stooges.”

      So we’re supposed to believe that people like Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Chertoff, Jacob Rothschild, Dov Zakheim, George Soros, Larry Silverstein, Sheldon Adelson, Henry Kissinger, Haim Saban, and Lloyd Blankfein are just the deluded pawns of the Dick Cheneys, Hillary Clintons, David Rockefellers, and Warren Buffetts of the world?

      In fairness, a lot of Jews are stooges – of other Jews.


    • Alexandros HoMegas
      February 6, 2015

      “-Jews are not the primary enemy, but they do a lot of the work of the primary enemy, who probably couldn’t do any of it without them. Historically Jews do the work of the hostile elite, as junior partners”

      This was true in Medieval Europe where jews worked was tax-farmers to the Kings and also had International business connections with other jews in far away places making then privileged merchants but this all changed in 19th century.

      The rise of the Rothschild family and other jewish banking families after Waterloo changed everything, the British Empire became the Jewish Empire, the jew Sassoon who most profited of the Opium Wars between Britain and China, he had a opium monopoly, jews have been consolidating their businesss monopolies since the 19th century.

      Later came Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto, both Dostoevsky and Bakunin remarked that jews would use their monopoly in International Finance to make a Godless Communist revolution in Russia and it happened!

      Sigmund Freud’s nephew came to America and became a chief propagandist to the Woodrow Wilson administration (WW also being a puppet from another jewish banker Bernard Baruch), a whole new method of propaganda was created and the free masses were reduced to cattle.

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    • Hipster Racist
      February 7, 2015

      >being white almost automatically makes you elite and being in a white minority is not a problem.

      This is Cly’s Theory of White Privilege. Some whites like the idea of a non-White America, because then they are the privileged minority – the only ones with white privilege.

      In America, Jews run the left, they aren’t dupes of anybody. It’s true, anti-White whites are the “main enemy” – traitors are always worse than an honest opponent. But you can hardly overestimate Jewish power in the USA these days.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alexandros HoMegas
        February 7, 2015

        Jews not only run the Left but also the Right, the neocons became the American “Deep State”, the Obama Administration is still following the “Wolfowitz Doctrine” in Ukraine.

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      • clytemnestra57
        February 7, 2015

        My theory is of Whiteness as a commodity. The more Whites that are around, the less valuable Whiteness is. Travel around the United States and you will see that the poorest Whites comprise the largest population of Whites. Desperately poor Appalachian Whites, for example, live in Maine and West Virginia.

        However, if you visit browner states, you will notice that, though they comprise a much smaller population, Whites comprise the richest segment of populations that live in metro areas of California, New York, and Florida. That’s where you see the White Privilege complained about by People of Color.

        When this country was the Whitest it was, there was more true egalitarianism. The income gap was a lot narrower. There were more opportunities for upwardly mobile Whites. The rich considered it in very poor taste to flaunt their own wealth and sneered at any “nouveaux riche parvenus” who engaged in conspicuous consumption.

        That changed once the effects of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 began to be felt in the early 90’s. The gap between Rich and Poor Whites became broader. Affirmative Action and other Minority Quotas cut off all avenues towards upward mobility for ambitious Working Class Whites. Greed became Good. The rich started engaging in very conspicuous consumption covered on television in “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

        So, I think all this unrelenting Anti-White propaganda is the attempt of the White elite to destroy the White Middle Class and then use racial marginalization (lack of access to welfare benefits) to maneuver the poor Whites into intermarrying with Non-Whites.

        This is all about creating a race of people who are smart enough to keep the machinery running, but not smart enough to mount a threat from the favelas and topple the incompetent mediocrities comprising the White elite and topple them from their palaces in their gated communities.

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      • Hipster Racist
        February 7, 2015

        This is all about creating a race of people who are smart enough to keep the machinery running, but not smart enough to mount a threat from the favelas and topple the incompetent mediocrities comprising the White elite and topple them from their palaces in their gated communities.

        This is probably true, and really scary because it just might work.


      • wilfred
        February 18, 2015

        Might? Look at what difficulties we have trying to get people see something other than street level brawling negroes and musulmans. And we are dealing with average IQ 100.

        Let’s face it. IQ 100 is still stupid.

        IQ studies show that drop of just a couple of points shows signifigantly in crimes statistics etc. Don’t need much mixing to create falafels.

        Most WN etc. have been trying to wake the whole white race. What you going to offer to the slaves of TV; no more TV, hard thinking and vigilance?

        I’d consider as an realistic option to create network of enclaves of smart racists to live inside darkie / retarded society. But not in too much jewy way. We know what that leads to.

        And here’s about that evil plan from the European side:

        Around here people with IQ 90-110 are not able to comprehend such issues, but only manage to picture cartoon like leftist-green-feminist-tolerants being totally responsible for multikulti.

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    • clytemnestra57
      February 7, 2015


      I have to echo your sentiments, but add a few opinions of my own. Peak Negro was reached shortly after the 2012 elections. I think the 2014 elections indicate a building backlash against Black Power that will really be felt after an historic president leaves office, taking all his Black appointees with him.

      That will be the case no matter which party wins the White House in 2016 and I am not as confident as others here that the Republicans will win. Especially since the Republicans, led by John Boehner, pushed through The Great Betrayal on funding Obamacare and Amnesty within weeks of the Republican constituency handing them a mandate to Stop Obama.

      In fact, I am convinced that the Democrats will retake the White House, especially if they are smart enough to co-opt the Ross Perot voters who handed BHO his victory over the Republicans by sitting out the 2012 elections. Smarter still, if they can find a White Democrat with a strong populist platform. Smartest of all, if they can find a White Democrat with a White spouse and children running on a strong populist platform. Because, visuals are everything and a picture paints a thousand words.

      Joe Manchin, former governor of West Virginia might be a wise choice. He kept his popularity pretty strong in a state that was becoming increasingly Republican and was popular with working class Whites there. If he runs on a strong populist platform, he could probably pull many disaffected Republicans to vote for him.


      • clytemnestra57
        February 7, 2015

        So, I agree with the writer that, if Whites stop living their lives as attractive nuisances, i.e. sporting a lot of “bling” vehicles and other conspicuous consumption that would attract Blacks and if they practice “situational awareness,” i.e. avoiding any areas or situations that draw a lot of Blacks, it is possible to ignore them.

        I don’t know if “forgiveness” is the word I am looking for as far as Asians and Mestizos go. I think we need to look at them as the competition and strategize formulas to outcompete them or at least lessen any adverse impact they present to Whites.

        With Mestizos, it is as simple as getting fluent in Spanish. More and more jobs are wanting Bilingual workers with the emphasis on communicating in Spanish, but Whites have the edge (or they should) in communicating in English. Encouraging our children to get fluent in Spanish should be top priority. I still recommend that young White parents also “Hispanicize” their surnames to take full advantage of any Affirmative Action benefits for Hispanics (who still mainly self-identify as White anyway).

        With “study, study, study, get good job, get good job, get good job” Asians, Whites are going to have to find a way to work smarter, not harder. If White parents can afford to home school and take advantage of any of the superior home school programs out there, great. If not, they should get their kids AP-ready and supplement their children’s public school learning materials as much as possible from home-schooling networks.

        This may sound like heresy, but I would propose that we extend forgiveness wherever possible to non-leadership Jews. I’m not talking about kissing Abe Foxman’s ass or any of that kind of crap. I’m talking about doing everything imaginable to help the Tal “Why I Will Never Apologize for White Male Privilege” Fortgangs or what Mindweapons called the “Jonathans” identify with Whites.

        It behooves us to do so, because it appears that the American Jews fortunes are also effected by the Ponzi Scheme our elite and their Jewish allies have been running on this country. I would say that the Baby (1945-1954) Boomers, the Echo (1955-1964) Boomers, and the Gen Xers of the Jews are doing just fine, because they got on the early rides of the Airplane Pyramid Scheme.

        Whites started seeing downward mobility with the tail end of the Echo Boomers and
        on through the Gen Xers, with the Millennials pretty much accustomed of bearing the brunt of Affirmative Action measures that discriminate against them. This phenomenon seems to be starting with the Jewish Millennials.

        We saw evidence of that when MW highlighted the plight of a Jewish female Harvard Graduate who found herself stuck in a dead-end job and ended up doing on-line porn to pay the bills. Fortgang’s shot across bow of Leftism over the latest “check your (White) privilege” meme came from a Jewish millennial Princeton student who was all too well aware that the traditional American Heirloom Whites had already been purged from the Ivies and that Jews were the only bunch left that had real “White” privilege.

        So, that leaves who to punish? That’s easy. White race traitors. Wherever possible, whenever possible, however possible.

        We must be every bit as hard on White men with Yellow Fever as White women who suffer from Mandingo Syndrome. Never let them advance into positions of power or influence. We must quietly shun race mixers; even those in our own families. We must force Disingenuous White Liberals to live by their words and call them out when they don’t as much as possible. We must ignore and marginalize them as much as possible.


      • wilfred
        February 18, 2015

        It is not enough to ust try to avoid darkies. Then you will give submissive signal when you encounter them. You have think you are encountering a bear or a wolf. And i’m not talking about some retarded nigger hunting stuff. Psychologically a rapid chihuahua might be a good pick.

        Asians in white countries wouldn’t pose much problem if whites would practice racial solidarity like others do. They wouldn’t get any inlfuental positions. Chinese inside are a big risk if / when the China – West relations heat up more.

        Jews are alien and detrimental to our survival. Any more words on the issue is either spineless cuckolding or deliberate propaganda. You use a lot of words and try to play a nice future for most jews sucking our tit by sacrifising just a handful of leadership. Don’t you trust jews being capable of building whitelike societies when their vampirelike leaders are gone?

        We have serious historical evidence and exprience with jews and the retarded idea of assimilating them in our societies. Somehow you have managed not to notice it has been very bad for us. If we’d be as stupid as our ancestor have been, then our offspring 200 – 400 years from now would curse our name. Why repeat the same shit?

        Too many words and pro-jew. That tells something for anyone with any experience in racists quarters.


      • Hipster Racist
        February 18, 2015

        >That tells something for anyone with any experience in racists quarters.

        Considering that the White Nationalist movement has a long, unbroken record of absolute failure – I’d generally speaking do the very opposite of what people with “experience in racists quarters” do.


  3. icareviews
    February 6, 2015

    “There are plenty of Mexicans and Central and South Americans that are White – people of Spanish, and thus European, ancestry.”

    The Hispanic mestizos in my area have no interest in whites and are totally self-segregating. They want to maintain their exclusive group identity and language and are carving out areas of the city for themselves. These are people who want to watch TV, read menus, and listen to church sermons and radio stations in Spanish. This gives them increasing power in both public and private sector areas where businesses and organizations must consequently hire Spanish-speakers in order to get their business. It fits the profile of what Alex Kurtagic describes as “settler colonization”.

    The one arguably “white” Hispanic I’ve known was American-born and definitely a racist, but also a chameleon, a code-switcher, and a manipulator. He was white when he wanted to ingratiate himself with whites who might be able to do something for him or have sex with him, but was privately an Obama-backer and an anti-white professional climber who psychologically identified as a minority and a subversive. His social behavior was all a matter of opportunism. He married a racially self-loathing white woman but gave their daughter a Spanish name.


  4. icareviews
    February 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews.


  5. donlogansfortress
    February 6, 2015
  6. Craig
    February 6, 2015

    Good strategy, fleshed out well overall.

    It wouldn’t be hard to push the East Asians into our corner(some of them already are), then the rest shall follow. The East Asians are the most Nationalistic ‘K’ selected peoples we could potentially be allied, with a temporary non-punishment platform.

    I watch “If you are the one” it’s on our multikultural SBS channel a Chinese dating show, now why would I watch this? Well, to see the monogamous culture reminds me of the 1980’s Australia dating show. Plus it’s educational, when the Chinese woman says, “I will not go with you because you’re not Chinese” that classic was told to a self hating, blue eyed, blond haired, French man, he was so anti-white, anti French, anti French woman, it would probably make most self respecting French sick. You could see the horror of the Chinese women with the French man’s attitude towards his own people, and his sickness of yellow fever, made it oh so much worse. My favourite was when a try hard fluent Chinese speaker, New York AngloJew was rejected for making one single cultural mistake, that made me laugh so much. If I was so inclined I would not of made that mistake. Another great aspect is the Chinese men always say they want a Chinese woman, and that Chinese should speak Chinese only in China and not mix it with English, the whole audience agrees, apart from the main male Chinese hosts who have to sell it to the western world…

    The show was so damn Nationalistic the multikulti crew of SBS had to do an unusual 1 hour skit program on just how great and multicultural the show was… LOL 🙂

    Your Negro problem is similar to our Aboriginal burden, imagine the Negro problem mixed with the ideology of the Native American Indians, Ugh. Ignore, seems best, perhaps another angle of pointing out the Jewish involvement of provoking the latest race riots would be very good for our side.

    The Jews well they gonna keep Jewing for the hostile elite for they are now apart of the hostile elite whether we like it or not. The Jews will be apart of it as long as Israel holds onto it’s nuclear arsenal. To make them sweat fear from the left and right is the best strategy, who knows it may spook the Israel geopolitical goons into activating the Israel/Chinese/Indian strategy. Which would give us far more propaganda to wedge the white hostile elite against the eternal Jew.


  7. Erin
    February 7, 2015

    Great article. How do we punish Jews though?

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  8. guest
    August 13, 2016

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