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Blog’s Big Boy Speaks: An Interview with Artist and Race Realist Germanicus Fink

Germanicus Manson, I mean Fink

Germanicus Manson, I mean Fink

Germanicus Fink, known variously as Rollingwriter, Squidfoot, Weedwacker, and other handles, maintains the racialist news, humor, and history aggregation site Murder by Media and has also kept the eclectic and comparatively frivolous assemblages of weirdness and occasional autobiography to be found at Technicolor Phantoms, Germy’s Far Out Freaky Blog, and presently Mr. Weedwacker. A colorful son of California, Fink is an accomplished graphic artist. He is also a white nationalist. Here he speaks with Aryan Skynet about his life, views, art, and online activities.

RCvK: When were you born?

FINK: I was born, damn, you’re going to think I’m a fossil, back in 1964, April 1st. My grandfather assured me it was a miserable, rainy Wednesday evening when I made my debut. It was a good year, it was the last year they actually used silver in making coins.


Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, California; known locally as a cultural treasure and landmark because Germanicus Fink ate burgers there.

RCvK: You’ve claimed that America peaked culturally during the mid-twentieth century. Please explain.

FINK: I suppose ’63 was the apex of of the United States, at least up until November when the President was assassinated. Then, in 1964 they passed the Civil Rights Act which took away our freedom of association. Before anyone even had a chance to adjust to that in ’65 they passed the Immigration and Nationality Act. Despite the fact politicians were frantically assuring everyone this would not defile the character of our nation it has obviously, more than anything else, greatly altered everything about America.


I can remember how nice everything was when I was a little kid back in the sixties. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. People looked out for each other, you always felt like you were with family, and considering most of us shared the same heritage and had, for the most part, the same values, America was like one gigantic coast to coast family.

Now the country is a living hell on earth. So much hatred and distrust. It’s really saddening to think of what we lost. I honestly feel our Semitic friends allowed us to prosper as never before after the Second World War because comfortable, satiated people are less uptight and more easygoing so we all collectively let our guard down allowing all these horrible things to be done to us.

I also recall it was near the end of the sixties everyone started getting more “casual” about everything. Until then everyone always dressed nice even to go shopping. You’ve all seen pictures of city streets from the early-to-mid-sixties. Women wore nice dresses, maybe a hat, men wore suits, nothing expensive, maybe just a grey flannel number. Also everyone was polite and considerate. Very few people used foul language, and if they did you can be sure they never did where women or children could hear them. You may think, based on all this, that everyone was more uptight but I recall just the opposite. The atmosphere was more friendly and relaxed.


Fink as a Carl’s Jr. server in 1982

RCvK: You once said you were raised by television. How so? Which sorts of programs had the most pronounced impact on your development?

FINK: Yes, I watched way too much television growing up, at least, I recall it always being on in the background while we were doing other things, but never at meal times. You have to remember television was still relatively new so people still had a sort of fascination with it. Also it was pretty innocuous back then. The propaganda was still there, of course, but since television had only been popular for ten to fifteen years they hadn’t time to get too old yet.

I was an entirely normal child in that I liked cartoons the best, especially the old Warner Brothers cartoons where everyone was always falling off cliffs and blowing each other up with dynamite or getting hit by speeding trucks. LOL! That shit just never gets old man! After that I’d say my favorite shows were science fiction and weird ones like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Those old Outer Limits really freaked me out. By today’s standards the special effects are laughable, but to a young child with a well-honed imagination they seemed to open a Pandora’s box of strange and wonderful ideas and possibilities.

Of course since it was always on I got all the other bizarre stuff coming out at the time like My Favorite Martian, Mr. Ed, I Dream of Jeanie, Land of the Giants, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and all the countless other mind-bending shows. What was really weird about all those unusual show concepts was that they were made for a general audience. Clearly they wanted to prepare everyone’s minds to accept the strange. It was also the most common theme promoted, telling people in hundreds of different ways not to fear that which was different and not to judge negatively that which you don’t understand. It was clear they wanted everyone, even Joe Lunch Pail and Suzy Home Maker not to be afraid to embrace the freaky, after all, who knows? You might even like it!


Of course I’ve not watched television in ten years now. It was just getting so sickening, so over-the-top, not to mention insultingly stupid.

As far as what I took away from my early viewing, well, I suppose it actually did open my mind. Because of that I have tried many things for myself, but all that experimentation has only ultimately served to prove to me that my initial perceptions were absolutely right in the first place, so you could say that all that messing about and looking into things just wasted a lot of my time more than anything else.


I was raised fundamentalist Christian. I know it’s fashionable to ridicule all that, and I can’t honestly say I believe much in it either, but the values it teaches are all solid. A least in my experience they are. For instance I’ve never chased after a lot of women, and although I may regret that from time to time I am happy to have a nice, quiet, peaceful life for the most part. Guys who are always on the prowl to get with a lot of women usually seem to have their share of turmoil. I used that as a random example of the benefits of a Christian outlook on life, just based on my experience.



Destined for hateness; voted most likely to secede.


RCvK: What is the importance or significance of Bob’s Big Boy in your life?

FINK: Ha. You ask me about “Big Boy”. Where I grew up in North Hollywood we had three or four Big Boy restaurants nearby. I remember my Uncle Frank, when he was dating his fiancee, would sometimes take me to the one in Burbank, which is still there. It’s considered a landmark. They had the area in back where people parked their cars and the waitresses came out to your car on roller skates to take your order and bring you your food.

RCvK: How did you become interested in art? Name a few of your favorite masters.

FINK: As far as art it seems every child enjoys drawing. In my case it just happened to be something I had an exceptional flair for. I should have listened to my family and learned a useful trade, but the economy was good and I saw no reason to believe things could drastically change so I guess I was never motivated to learn plumbing or electrical work. Anyway, I’ve worked in nearly every medium one can think of but I was always best at graphic arts, you know, stuff involving a lot of line work. When I was in High School I spent a lot of time copying the pen and ink sketches of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, as well as anything else I found interesting, like advertisements, panels from comic books. Hell, I used to draw everything. I took a lot of figure drawing classes and print making classes too.



When I was younger I, like most people, had a lot of ambitions that now embarrass me as being terribly naive. The most unrealistic one being that if I just worked REAL hard and became an awesome artist, that I’d just automatically be rich and famous not long after I achieved that.

I did work hard at it too. I’ve worked very hard at a number of things during my life, no one can deny that to my face, especially towards my art. Unfortunately nearly all my best work has mysteriously disappeared over the years, most of it unrecorded. I blame myself in that I should have been much more fanatical about recording my work, but the disappearances have been far too “methodical” to attribute to mere coincidence, so, although I may seem egotistical by saying so, I can only conclude they were due to theft.

Fortunately I have managed to hang on to a lot of my sketchbooks. When I was younger I was always drawing. I copied frames out of comic books that I thought were particularly dramatic, I copied the drawings of the old Renaissance masters, and I even went to the zoo to draw the animals. I also went to the beach to draw the bathers, I drew my friends, I drew my grandparents, especially my grandfather, as he was reading. I used to like pausing the action in videos and drawing the action, especially for wildlife documentaries, when I wasn’t doing that I’d just draw the talking heads as they read the 6 o’clock news. I used to frequently draw myself in the mirror, and I took a lot of life drawing classes, and, If I may be permitted here to indulge in some well-earned bragging, I had a flair for drawing the female nude. Maybe it’s because I’m a straight guy, but I never cared much for drawing men’s bodies.

I also used to frequently doodle and draw cartoons. In that free flowing state of consciousness I contrived and composed most of my pieces. I used to make it a point to draw and sketch EVERY day, dedicating at least two hours to it, not counting time I worked on saleable pieces. Whenever circumstances didn’t permit me time alone with my sketchbooks, I felt guilty, like I wasn’t keeping up with this race I had set up against myself.

I drew when I was bored, angry, confused or sad. I drew when I was drunk, stoned, flying on mushrooms or fried on acid. I even tried drawing while I was getting a blowjob once. It was important to me that my work knew me intimately so I felt I had to communicate with it in every state of mind that I experienced.

My only regret is that I never pursued painting more earnestly. This may be sort of excusable because, aside from taking the buses out to the museums out in Los Angeles, I had no access to really good painting. The subtleties of a really good canvas just don’t show up in photographs, at least not in the photographs of the seventies and eighties, and we only had the usual commercial hack pieces decorating our home, or amateur attempts by relations of dubious gifts. But I have tried painting in oils and acrylics as well as watercolor and gouache. I’ve done work in most mediums. I’m tempted to say “all”, but nobody can say that really. I’ve tried nearly all of them, but my best work has been in graphic mediums. I also have a strong knack for sculpture, but, as with the painting, studying good examples of it, coupled with storage problems and how messy the materials are, understandably, I think, I was never able to seriously study it.

Pen and ink has always been my favorite, either straight black and white, or I can get fancy with all the different colored inks. Brush and ink with ink washes, in color. Scratchboard is really cool, good scratchboard with colored ink washes. I’ve done all kinds of printmaking, wood and lino blocks, etching, engraving, lithographs, even potato prints and other vegetables. Chalk and oil pastels, charcoal, graphite, alcohol markers and colored pencils (which work beautifully together, by the way). I’ve worked with sticks I found out in the yard dipped in India ink and have even done a lot of work with common ball point pens. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but those are the ones that I can recall now. I also do work with the computer, mostly photo manipulation.

Taking Pictures”, Technicolor Phantoms (January 28, 2014)



Acid was pretty easy to get back in the early eighties, so I did it quite a bit. Also, as far as drugs go, it was a bargain, $5 a hit and it lasted at least eight hours. Also there was the fact that I never considered it a drug, quite the opposite in fact. Me and Dr. Leary, picking the locks on the doors of perception.

From my very first trip I found I really enjoyed drawing while on it. My first drawings were like my trip, everything was swollen, rounded and joyful, in a sneery, snarly, sarcastic kind of way. 

I remember my second trip after that [. . .] The drawings were just flowing out of the ink pens onto the paper, naked microphysical warriors with exploding heads, popping ketchuppy tomatoes in their brawny hands, while sensual female humanoids with big, hungry smiles dripping with lipstick, jiggly boobs and dripping snatches prowled in the corners of the picture like trap door spiders. I just tossed all these wonderful pictures off like it was nothing, working directly in ink and never making a mistake.

Adventures in Inner Space”. Technicolor Phantoms (October 7, 2013)


The old dematerializing hand trick never looked so cool.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mugwump

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mugwump

Thinking about my teen and young adult years and all the stupid, pointless stuff we all wasted our time with. All the weird and obnoxious music on late night shows transmitted from tiny radio stations, on vinyl, or at small, fly by night clubs. The stupid clothes and embarrassing hair cuts. How we most of us tried to stay high as much as possible with drugs and/or constant excitement and stimulation of some sort. The creepy people this often got us involved with and the dangerous situations all this combined created. I’m sure all this wild life has left us with some of what are, to us at least, iconic, epic memories that will be with us forever. They don’t have to be terribly exciting or even particularly noteworthy to have burned themselves indelibly upon our subconscious minds. For instance I was in Hollywood in the late eighties in some back alley behind some gallery I was setting a show up at, slightly drunk one overcast afternoon in the spring, and these three or four punk rockers in full regalia with leather and plaid complete with boots and saurian mohawks came trudging through and one of them suddenly fell to his knees and started loudly vomiting his guts out under a big stencil spray painting of Alfred E. Neuman as it loomed smiling idiotically over this scene of debauchery. He then got up and resumed marching with his mates as if nothing happened. I strongly suspect the punks had just shot up. Likely heroin. Anyway, maybe it’s kind of cliche, I dunno, but this is one of those memories that seems to epitomize that whole period not only in my life, but in Southern California at that time in general.

Suicide Robots”, Technicolor Phantoms (May 13, 2013)

Mad Headroom

Mad magazine was one of Fink’s influences.

RCvK: When you were most active, in what venues and formats did your artworks appear?

FINK: I was showing at a lot of cafes and “underground” galleries in the L.A. area in the early nineties. I was featured in Flipside magazine a couple times. No big deal. Things were on the verge of getting big but things were also getting real weird. It’s a long story but I obviously never did get “famous”. LOL. Just as well. Knowing what I do now I don’t see how I could in good conscience contribute to the growing insanity we see in the world today.


[. . .] in my late twenties when I started showing at cafes, and eventually galleries, I put everything I had (when I wasn’t working at my full time job as a cake decorator) into publicity and networking for my fledgling art career. I’d always take the time to make a real cool flyer, print off around 4 or 5 hundred copies, and distribute them where they would be seen by the right people. I was also as sociable as I could be with the gallery owner, curators and magazine editors, which I confess wasn’t at all difficult since they were all such wonderful people.

Unfortunately I’ve been forced to surrender my dreams of being an artist recognised solely for the strength of his work.

Taking Pictures”, Technicolor Phantoms (January 28, 2014)


RCvK: You’ve mentioned that as a young artist you were encouraged and expected to perpetuate a subversive sensibility in your creative output. How was this pressure manifested?

FINK: I always drew strange things and since I frequently showed with other artists I felt I had to try to be as weird as I could be not just to fit in, but to try and stand out. Of course I always expressed an almost insane amount of attention to detail so I did take a lot of pride in my work. It all may have looked a little twisted but I always put a lot of craft into my pictures. I think I was most influenced by Durer. His print work always blew my mind as being so, I don’t know, “worldly”, “earthy”? Almost satanic, but not quite. “Human” is how I would describe it. Anyway, it all strikes me as very emotional with a lot of suffering in it.


Anyway, as I said, of course you have all these artists kind of competing with each other, and of course the money people behind the whole scene were basically schlockmeisters. I remember one of the first shows I had the gallery owner was Mickey Kaplan. He also dabbled in painting himself. He was always intentionally trying to “shock” people. I remember one series he made, silkscreens of huge blown up photographs of women giving blowjobs. I think you can see his aesthetic sense now.

RCvK: Of those artists you have known personally, how many were political and ideologically committed as opposed to purely profit-driven?

FINK:  I was categorized under “Gen X gross art”. That’s what they called it. It was basically the kind of work that gets featured in Juxtapoz magazine. I think they still publish that. Robert Williams was like the leader of that scene. I don’t know how well known he still is, his work was in the early issues of Zap Comix. Last I heard he was selling his paintings for $25,000 each, at least he did back in the early nineties.


As far as how many artists I knew were profit-driven, I’ve yet to meet and artist who seriously thinks he will ever get rich at it. Although I knew one guy who went by the name “Bad Otis Link”, he used to make flyers for punk shows. He was always working on various goofy projects. Once he made a deck of serial killer trading cards. He packaged them in a box that looked like a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes. Then he got sued by Philip Morris and it was a big deal and he was on TV a few times. I guess that was his lucky break.

I never got the impression any of the artists I knew were overly interested in politics. Of course everyone is PC these days, but aside from that not really. Of course everyone donates pieces to be auctioned off for certain causes and stuff like that, but it’s done only for exposure and publicity.

Fink's late friend, the legendary L.A. lowlife Roger Jesness

Fink’s late friend, the legendary L.A. lowlife Roger Jesness

RCvK: Is the popular notion of the artist’s bohemian lifestyle an accurate one in your view? Based on your experiences, what fraction of workers in the creative fields would you assume are sexually abnormal?

FINK: As far as the sex scene in the art world I don’t know all that much since I didn’t participate much. Of course there were a lot of weird chicks who were obvious about wanting to sleep with me, but I always thought the whole thing was too weird so I never involved myself in any of that.


RCvK: What percentage of those involved in the L.A. art scene – artists, dealers, patrons, critics, et al. – would you estimate are Jewish?

FINK: Of course there are tons of Jews involved with anything “creative”, and you know how promiscuous they are . . . people sharing their girlfriends for group sex, there was a lot of strange activity going on all around me, but aside from the drugs I never partook. That kind of business always leads to trouble from my experience. Anyway, if you’ve ever known either a popular amateur or a professional musician you know what it’s like. Almost the exact same deal.


RCvK: Describe the most disgusting person you have ever known.

FINK: I’ve never thought much of people who like to stir up controversy for its own sake. It seems there’s a certain group of people that get a kick out of constantly agitating the goyim and this tendency is obviously sadistic in nature. Such people are obviously very selfish and immature.

Der Finker

Der Finker

RCvK: Briefly, what are your feelings toward Timothy Leary, William F. Buckley, Cher, and Charles Manson?

FINK: Leary was obviously a very intelligent man. I actually read a few of his books back in high school. In fact, he’s so intelligent I can’t understand why he dedicated his life to encouraging everyone to take drugs. I don’t think he’s Jewish, so I just don’t get it. I’m sure he knew how harmful such activity would be for most people, not to mention society as a whole. I guess certain people just feel kind of suffocated by safety and crave the excitement of danger.

Buckley was on a Sunday afternoon political show my grandparents used to watch. Being working-class I always felt he was sort of stuffy and that the Republicans were for rich folk. Of course I can’t imagine he was ever very useful since he always played it safe and avoided mentioning our Semitic friends.

Cher? You serious?


Trailblazer Cherilyn Sarkisian


“I guess certain people just feel kind of suffocated by safety and crave the excitement of danger.”

Poet, philosopher, musician, criminal, humorist, and accused mass murderer Charles Manson

Poet, philosopher, musician, criminal, humorist, and accused mass murderer Charles Manson

Now Charles Manson, there’s a very intelligent man. Look past the crazy act and you will see a very active, penetrating mind. I’m convinced he’s a White Nationalist.

RCvK: At what point did you become aware of a disconnect from the polite discourse on matters of race and culture?

FINK: I always intuitively knew PC was garbage. It never sat well with me. The things I’d say and the kinds of jokes I made always gave that away. Of course I always got away with it in polite society because everyone always assumed I was very intelligent and they actually felt it was impossible for a smart person not to be liberal. I’m serious, hardcore liberals are really that retarded. It just always seemed like common sense to me to stick up for your own people. Of course, being raised by my grandparents they always had common sense concerning racial matters. We were never allowed to make fun of or say mean things about Negroes, but they were wary of them all the same. Unfortunately, being religious, my grandfather had way too much respect for Jews. He honestly thought they were the Chosen People and all that rubbish. My uncle and I educated him as much as we could about them, but you know how wacky organized religion is nowadays.

RCvK: You recently learned that, unbeknownst to you, you once enjoyed an acquaintance with the notorious A. Wyatt Mann. How did this come about?

FINK: Although I was always busy with art I usually worked at bookstores for my bread and butter, except for my 6 year stint as a cake decorator, but that’s another story. Anyway, it was through my first bookstore job at Book Castle in Burbank, in ’84 and ’85 that I knew Nick Bougas, also known as A. Wyatt Mann. He actually worked next door at Movie World, which was owned by the same people. I wasn’t into movies much at the time, but the bookstore was awesome. The walls were covered in authentic World War One and Two posters. I got so much National Socialist memorabilia working there too. They sold everything there, not just books, all kinds of collectibles.

Typical A. Wyatt Mann artwork

Typical A. Wyatt Mann artwork

Anyway, Nick worked next door. Although a lot of the various employees there were artists, I wasn’t aware he drew. He did have a good sense of humor though. He used to go on book buys at a lot of the Hollywood homes around there to get memorabilia for the store. I remember some writer he saw had been corresponding with Manson, thinking of writing a book about him. I guess the guy lost interest and sold Nick a huge folio of his drawings and letters for $100. I was so jealous.

Unfortunately I never got to know him very well. He was just another guy at work. A little more, well – you’ve seen pics – “flamboyant” than most of my coworkers, but I just went to work every day, then came home and drew and didn’t socialize much. The people who owned the store were very smart. They told me the facts of life concerning race and all that. They were good people. I liked them.


Fink in 2006

RCvK: Describe the Clinton years in a single word.

FINK: Clinton? How would I describe him? Oh God, I dunno, “silly”. Or maybe “stupid”. I remember all my college aged friends were really excited about him. They actually voted for him because they thought he smoked weed. I guess that’s the same mentality of all the idiots who voted for Obama because he’s a mulatto. I really don’t think anyone under the age of 30 should be allowed to vote and this is why.

RCvK: Why did you stop creating art?

FINK: As far as my art, I guess I’m having a crisis. There is of course the practical aspect – since the YKW controls the scene I won’t be very likely to make a lot of money, but also I don’t know what to even think of my work now. It seems evil and degenerate to me. I wish I could draw heroic Arno Breker figures, but I’ve never been that kind of artist. I guess I can illustrate a lot of the wicked news stories I post on my blog, you know, criminal Negroes and evil Jews I guess. Actually that’s not a bad idea. That’s an obvious niche I can take it upon myself to fill.

Degenerate art

Degenerate art

RCvK: Where were you on 9/11, and what were your initial thoughts? Has your subsequent assessment of that event, its impact and meaning, transformed your view of the United States?

FINK: I remember the day 9/11 happened. I was at a job interview and the guy told me “some crazy person just flew a plane into a building in New York”. Of course, at the time I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went so I just listened to everything they said about it on the news without thinking about it one way or the other. Of course now it’s obvious to me Israel did it and our own governments are covering up for them. I was pretty on-the-ball about a lot of things back then, as on-the-ball as any relatively normal person who never went online could be, but I remember still being sort of impatient with people who were always paranoid about the government. I guess I felt you just had to trust certain things and take them for granted just to maintain your own sanity. Now I know that, although ideally that should be the case, unfortunately it’s not. They say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, but as I said before we seriously dropped the ball back in the mid-sixties.

RCvK: What prompted you to begin your blogs? Is blogging an organic outgrowth or progression of your concerns and your work as a visual artist, or are your online activities in news and humor aggregation compartmentalized and separate?

FINK: As far as my blogging, I seriously started in 2010/2011. I kept a blog that I forced myself to spend a few hours writing in every day. It was a little bit of everything. I wrote poetry, short stories, recorded my experiences and memories, talked about my sex life, books I was reading, dreams I had, oh, and I wrote about Negroes because I lived around a lot of them. Naturally this got me curious about all the crazy stuff going on in the world so I started researching a lot of things online. It seemed most of the time I was merely confirming suspicions I already had, but I made a number of shocking discoveries too, like the relationship between Jews and communism, and, what really depressed me, the White genocide. It was like learning that the world may be coming to an end soon. It was almost like nothing was even worth doing anymore. It’s truly a spiritual exercise staying optimistic and active in the face of something like that. It’s clear that these super-rich people believe that they are cut from a superior fabric than the rest of us. Since they can have anything and everything they want they now decide they want what no one has a right to want.



The White dream of a better world for everyone has been hijacked and now it’s headed for a very dark place. A demented Jewish playground where they can exercise all their sadistic fantasies on a halfwit population of mulattoes. It’s all so surreal that it’s hard to actually believe most of the time but we have to accept their madness as fact and fight body and soul against it, but it’s depressing as hell all the same. I keep telling myself I’m going to take a break from my blogs for a while because I’m in a much better mood when I don’t think about all this, but I just keep getting sucked back into it. It’s hard to put down.

Long before I actually moved here I kept hearing about how big meth was in this town. After I first moved in here it seemed everyone else who lived around here was Hispanic. Maybe a few blax and Asians here and there, but it seemed I was the only White guy around. A few months after I moved into this area I began hearing a lot of strange things outside my window at night. There was some Hindu guy who would walk by sometimes early evenings singing one of those crazy Indian songs. Keep in mind I have thick blackout curtains hanging from my windows to block out all the light because my sleep schedule is erratic and sometimes I sleep all day, so I can’t see anything going on outside.

It seems to have been happening with ever increasing frequency that in the dead of night some person, out of their mind on drugs, likely meth, walks down the sidewalk outside angrily yelling incomprehensible gibberish at anyone who can hear him. Sometimes it will be two or three people yelling crazy things at each other. Can be as late as 4am.

Sometimes, very rarely though, there will be cats screaming outside in the bushes. Once I heard someone stomping down the street as if they were drunk, and they stomped right up to my window and stood there for several minutes. A couple times, now THIS is creepy, in the middle of the night, I could hear a creature standing right in front of my window growling. Naturally I assume it was a dog, but some people who are prone to more esoteric explanations would assume, because there’s such an active drug underground here, apparently, that it may have been some kind of demon. Maybe he’s mad at me because I’m not getting high enough?

Speculation on the Supernatural”, Technicolor Phantoms (December 31, 2012)



RCvK: Are Tyrone cartoons an effective tool for promoting race realism to the general public?

FINK: Some of the Tyrone cartoons are hilarious, unfortunately most of them are just dumb. Whenever I find a clever one I post it. Would be cool if someone would make a book of all the funny ones. I’d buy it! I do think humor is a good way to attract people to the movement. You know the stereotype Hollywood promotes – us all being unimaginative and humorless. Unfortunately it holds true for a great many of us, but, to be fair, most of the general population isn’t very remarkable.

RCvK: Do you sense you are changing any minds, or merely preaching to the choir?

FINK: I’m never uptight because every once in a while someone notices it and actually takes an interest in what I think. Anyway, the worse things get the more people will have to wake up to reason since they just won’t have the luxury of being able to delude themselves any longer.

Since I mostly just post straight news and clever memes I see here and there I’m sure I get through to a lot of people who are beginning to sense something is indeed very wrong with the world. If I was dropping lots of names and describing everything supposedly going on in secret behind the scenes I think that kind of talk would make the message too opaque for most people.

Reading the comments after random news articles is generally very encouraging these days as it seems a lot of people do actually know what’s going on. A very refreshing change from how it used to be when a vocal minority was constantly spouting cultural Marxist hogwash and nobody dared to contradict them. Of course, now thanks to the internet all this important information is easily available to everyone. Still it scares me how many people are even afraid to look at it. Can you imagine how much the world could change for the better if everyone just lost those assumed prejudices?

RCvK: Do you receive much hate mail?

FINK: As far as hate mail, aside from the occasional Negro who just came home from his black studies class, logged on, saw my blog and chimped, hardly any at all. I do get into it with a lot of the clones on YouTube. I don’t know why I even bother with them most of the time. It’s like the most stupid part of the internet.

RCvK: Are you evil?

FINK: As for this whole idiotic notion that anyone who stands up for the rights of Whites is evil I hardly think it deserves to be dignified with a response. Unfortunately there are a lot of angry people involved in the movement, and while I think it’s often justified, it’s unfair to put the focus on the frustration a lot of us feel. We feel these negative feelings because we know the world can be a much better place but most people are just too self-involved and stupid to see how good it could be. Most Jews are panderers, they make you want something then tell you what you have to do to get it. What they usually make you want is something stupid and/or destructive. It’s invariably something selfish too. We all need to stop being so selfish and support one another more. That’s the secret to the Jew’s success, they are a small minority, but when one has a lot he helps the others. If we could just remember how to be like that ourselves most of our problems would disappear overnight.



RCvK: You sometimes upload idiosyncratic videos of yourself eating in restaurants. What do you hope your viewers take away from these experiences? My personal favorite is “Karen Loves Subway”. Would you describe this as a screwball comedy, a horror film, an homage to the French New Wave, or something altogether different? Was it scripted or improvised?

FINK: As for my videos I’m not happy with any of the ones I’ve done recently. I used to plan them more. My recent ones have all been kind of off-the-cuff. I try to keep them light so I usually don’t enlarge on any overly heavy topics. I guess you could say they are expressive of an existential ennui. I was a pretty funny guy when I was younger, but you know, “older, sadder and wiser”. It was really Karen who got me into making the videos. I was talking animatedly about something once and she was secretly videotaping me. I saw it and decided to make some videos. She’s a great inspiration. I’m very happy to have her in my life. She does so much for me.

I’ve never before been inclined towards any kind of performance art since I am basically shy and would rather people look at something I’ve made than stare at me. In fact, I think that’s one of the reasons I started drawing in the first place, to divert attention away from myself. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about doing videos at my age. I should have done them 20 or 30 years ago. Now I’m old and saggy and the world has left me tired and weary so I’m not very pleasant to look at.

RCvK: Which means of propaganda would you say is white nationalism’s greatest asset? The word or the image?

FINK: If I had a stupid amount of money I’d like to make films. I don’t know how well we could actually compete with Hollywood since everyone has been conditioned since birth to feel comfortable with their formulas, but I’m sure we could win over a lot of intelligent people since those types naturally gravitate towards the truth. Actually, considering all the advanced computer special effects programs and video editing programs I don’t suppose soon that one will even need multi-million-dollar film studios to churn out quality film entertainment. As it is now, you know how Hollywood sneaks its poison into everything it touches.

Hollywood sign

Anyway, I think that if everybody felt free to actually tell the truth without fear of ostracism or even physical harm, every book written and every painting painted would carry our message. It’s like most people are living in a make-believe fantasy world these days. Music, movies, and television are more real to people than the lives they are actually living and they use this to implant false memories in the minds of the people. Plus everybody wants to be a hero, they want to be heroes so badly they are always desperately looking for downtrodden Negroes to uplift and evil Nazi racists to defeat, and if they can’t find them they will try their damnedest to create them so they can uplift or defeat them as the case may be.

It would all be hilarious if it all wasn’t so damned depressing.

RCvK: Any parting sentiments for the readers of Aryan Skynet?

FINK: Actually I’m just kidding. I’ve dwelled in darkness most of my life and I’m glad I finally know the truth about the world. Unfortunately, you know, once you take the red pill you can never again be happy and naive.

Growing up I spent all my time around old people and I’ve always been interested in history and all that. I guess I’ve felt old myself ever since my teens. I suppose that’s natural considering how foolish and trivial the world is these days. I just wish we were leaving a better world to our young people. Actually it’s the fault of my parents’ generation. Damned hippies ruined everything.

RCvK: The Aryan race thanks you for your time, candor, and generosity.


Rainer Chlodwig von Kook


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Author, Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies

27 comments on “Blog’s Big Boy Speaks: An Interview with Artist and Race Realist Germanicus Fink

  1. icareviews
    February 4, 2015

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  2. Hipster Racist
    February 4, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Oh wow, Rollingwriter/MurderByMedia was a frequent poster on MWIR and we’ve posted on each other’s blogs numerous times!


  3. Hipster Racist
    February 4, 2015

    My main criticism of the kind of humor posted at murderbymedia is I think it’s usually counter-productive. You have to ask – who is the humor directed to? What is the purpose? Showing cartoons of Blacks looking like half-apes might appeal to the most anti-black racists, but it doesn’t appeal to people on the fence, or people who would be racially conscious but are afraid to. Same with images of Jews with hook-noses and rubbing their fingers together. In small doses, and with the right kind of “ironic distance” ala RamZPaul it can be good. But mostly what that kind of humor does is play into the hands of our enemies. They want us to appear like hateful meanies. All the constant harping about “mudsharks” just gives them an opportunity to say that we’re terrified of “blacks stealing our women” or that we have some sort of inferiority complex and that white women really want the black d***. It’s not true and it really just makes us look bad.

    In fact, MindWeapons oft-posted “Why Reverse Evolution” flyer against miscegenation I thought was pretty much tone-deaf as well. I doubt it convinced a single person to come over to our side.

    What is effective, rhetoric wise, is Bob Whitaker’s Mantra. It’s not about other races, it’s about anti-whites. It’s not critical of other ethnic groups, it is critical of people – of whatever race – that are against white people.

    We’re not trying to win over non-whites, we’re not trying to win over Jews. We’re trying to win over Whites that are afraid to be explicitly white and explicitly and openly be pro-white. We are trying to shame and shut down the anti-whites.

    The main reason Republicans pretend they care about brown immigrant children – “compassionate conservatism” – is not because they are trying to win the votes of brown people – it’s because they are trying to not scare away White women that don’t want to be seen as hateful, mean, or uncool.

    As someone on RADIX said recently, we really only need to appeal to above average IQ White millenial men; after that we’ll get the above average IQ White millenial women, and then it’s just a mopping up operation.

    P.S., Timothy Leary was paid by the CIA to do what he did; the MKULTRA program.

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    • weeedwacker
      February 4, 2015

      Well H.R., I think there are obvious significant cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K. I don’t know how else to explain it.
      I’m actually a very sensitive guy, and while I do feel sorry for negroes in many ways, the idea that they repay our kindness by killing and mutilating White people only to be celebrated and congratulated by their fellows makes me very, very angry with them. I don’t even necessarily want to hurt them back in revenge, I just want them far away from us as it’s obvious to me that as a race they’re not as evolved as us. I’m sure I could get fined or possibly even imprisoned in your country for saying what I just did over the internet, but here, at least for the time being we still enjoy an appreciable degree of freedom of expression. I suppose what people on your side of the pond are experiencing intellectually is Orwellian, in that since no one is allowed to say certain things it’s more difficult and that much more unlikely people can think those same things. At any rate, the truth may be ugly, unpleasant and rude, but does that make it any less true?
      Or maybe it’s because I have a little southern European blood in me that makes me a but more crass. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a little of both.
      I don’t think that at this point in time Americans are as easily shocked as the English (I’m assuming you’re in England) concerning racial matters.
      I guess A Wyatt Mann cartoons don’t go over very well over there either.
      Anyway, squeamish Whites need to understand that even though they may find most racial humor to be in bad taste, it’s the bread and butter of all the so called ‘darker races’. They don’t have P.C. limitations on what they can say to each other about Whites and other ethnic groups. Have you ever eaves dropped on a conversation between two or more negroes out in public? If British negroes are anything like American negroes I’m sure, given your sensitivity to racial matters, you would be absolutely shocked. Also, I hate to tell you this, but I guarantee most negroes would have absolutely no problem murdering you if they thought they could get away with it, just because you’re White.
      I guess you’re saying it will be easier to win new converts by playing their game and pretending the situation is in reality relatively harmless? I don’t know about that. I honestly believe most Whites will be in for a very rude awakening someday soon. I only hope it’s not too late to do anything when it finally happens.


      • Hipster Racist
        February 5, 2015

        No, no, I’m not worried about offending black people, they aren’t the audience. I’m not worried about “offending” anybody. It’s just that Tyrone the Big Lipped Negro and Schlomo the Hook Nose Jew cartoons appealed to hardcore racists in the 1970s – if then. It would appeal to the same people that William Pierce appealed to. It won’t covert anybody; it’s not my target audience at least. The Daily Stormer and /pol/ do that level of humor, but it’s with sense of irony that the two cartoons in the article don’t have.

        John Cleese said the best humor is somewhat mean-spirited, but it has to be more than just mean-spirited. Tyrone and Schlomo cartoons, by themselves, are just mean-spirited, thus they aren’t enough. Making fun of a retard for being stupid isn’t funny. But making fun of a retard for thinking he’s smart can be. Making fun of a fat girl for being fat isn’t funny. But making fun of a fat girl for wearing sweatpants with “SEXY” written across the butt can be. Making fun of an ugly guy for being ugly isn’t funny. But making fun of an ugly guy claiming to be a “Pick Up Artist” can be.

        Jews aren’t funny because they have big noses, they are funny like Mort Goldman on the Family Guy is funny – they whine and are obsessed with Hitler and the Nazis. Blacks aren’t funny because they have big lips, they are funny because they brag about their stack of $20 bills and bullet holes in their Tommy Hilfigers – like in Daniel Tosh’s “is it racist” video.

        We’re not trying to appeal to Blacks or Jews or Asians, we’re trying to appeal to Whites.

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      • weeedwacker
        February 5, 2015

        Obviously not.
        I suppose the bottom line is that it is next to impossible to create new comrades when people just don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation.
        Most people, women especially, are very comfortable living in the PC fantasy world the Sheklesteins have created for Whites. Until we can offer them a more warm, fuzzy alternative, or until their existence has become so insufferable they can no longer play make believe at all, I think it’s pretty hopeless trying to get them to see the light. The YKW have unlimited financial resources at their disposal, so unless somebody is already intellectually ready for our message it will be like trying to shovel smoke.
        I think most smart people go their entire lives feeling there is something terribly wrong with the world. These are the people who will just fall into our laps once we reveal to them the bare bones behind how things work. Even the women in our movement have always had an inkling something was not right for most of their lives.
        Anyway, I see no point in arguing.
        Studies have shown that even though most women claim to be disgusted by “far right politics” they are much more likely to be attracted to men who hold such views. So, obviously, women are a fickle lot to begin with.
        So obviously physical stereotypes don’t sit well with you, I used to be the same way. Also I never used racial slurs because I thought they made me look uneducated. Of course we know racism isn’t ignorance, pretending everyone is the same everywhere is.
        Many people go for cheap laughs. Some people laugh at fat people falling down or seeing a pick up stud get a drink thrown in his face. I just happen to think negroes getting fried to death while trying to steal copper wire is a hoot.
        I’m not saying I in any way disagree with you. Maybe it’s just that I have given up on trying to educate deluded people. In fact, trying to do just that has ruined many a life.
        Eventually our country will be as bad as your country and I will have to, per force, adopt your approach to the whole thing.
        Uh…and, ummm, yeah. So you don’t like our humor. That’s your privilege and I’m cool with it. You people across the water have always been more refined than us yanks and I think that’s great!
        Anyway H.R., don’t be such a stranger!
        Stay cool!


      • weeedwacker
        February 6, 2015

        It just occurs to me you may actually be in Canada. You guys are EVERYWHERE! Hard to keep track.


      • Hipster Racist
        February 6, 2015

        You know I raised in DC though. Believe me, it’s not that I haven’t had experience with Ghetto-Americans…

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      • weeedwacker
        February 7, 2015

        Well I’m majorly sleep deprived lately so I may ramble a bit. Actually I’m so dizzy I wouldn’t even know if I am.
        Anyway, you do great work, I do check you out at least once a week. Keep up the good work.
        We agree on the important stuff. I just think the truth is grotesquely ugly so I don’t see how I could sugar coat it and still be honest.
        I actually used to listen to Howard Stern back in the late 80’s and they had some Klan guy on they all used to goof on. Even though he was low brow and uneducated, someone my family would have considered a ‘trashy White’, I was intrigued by much of what he said, so I don’t think MBM is wasted effort.
        Besides, most of what I post is straight news.
        I think it’s silly to worry too much about rocking the boat, especially considering we’re all headed straight towards Niagara Falls.
        The future is going to be ugly no matter what any of us say nor do.

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      • wilfred
        February 18, 2015

        The situation now with those cartoons is not comparative with some Resist unit throwing them on peoples lawn in the 60s or 70s when the life in the suburbs looked like from the NSDAP posters .

        You have to see the mentality of (young) people who are keeping them alive now-a-days and their relation to various other phenomens etc. the collapsing of feminism and other bullshit. They are not drawed by skinheads but hipsters like you, coders, creative people etc. People we want in our media department.

        I agree Tyrones are not that important and too much energy should not be wasted on them. At some point they just turn out to be nigger-fetish.

        They work as a gateway and first step. Kind a like AmRen without the pseudointellectual bs. They state the same thing and are absorbed by people of lesser intelligence and people with higher IQ but lower BSQ – this last group is what we want.

        On the Merchants I disagree completely. They are gold. You have to understand the mentality of the next generation they appeal to and the dynamics they reveal.

        Thanks to jewish garbage media and taboo breaking the next generation and anyone with usable intelligence laughs at their childish fairy tales and ridiculous taboos.

        Youngsters educated and raised by garbage media used internet to look for taboos and weird shit. They found the Shylock and neo-nazis and found them laughable and a good source of extreme jokes and one more taboo to break. Then they realizes those ridiculous neo-nazi cartoons actually decipth the reality they have become to loath. When jews responded with their stereotypical behaviour staright from the cartoons it was just more gasoline to the fire.

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      • weeedwacker
        February 18, 2015

        You make absolute sense, that’s how it started with me. At first I was just making ‘shocking’ jokes that either offended or tickled people, depending on their level of intelligence.
        Of course after a while, after noticing all the illogical things the media said about Nat Soc Germany and anyone else who preferred company of their own kind (not to mention after noticing how different groups actually behave when they aren’t on television) I decided to look into all this stuff myself and found it all makes perfect sense. This is why I think it’s important to just expose people to the truth by any means necessary.

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    • Hipster Racist
      February 5, 2015

      Dude, how many blogs do you have anyway? By the way, I laughed at the blow job-while-painting story. I guess men just can’t help themselves, at some point we all have to tell our “best blowjob ever” story lol

      Reading about the art gallery stuff – I see now you are somewhat of a “hipster” yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • weeedwacker
        February 7, 2015

        Thank you kind sir. I’m not sure we had a word equivalent to ‘hipster’ in my circle back then, but I gather your meaning.
        Rock on.


  4. Hipster Racist
    February 4, 2015

    Great art though, I had no idea about any of his other blogs. Just subscribed to all of them.

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  5. Ryu
    February 4, 2015

    Good interview. Manson probably is a WN and I too have learned much from him.

    George Lincoln Rockwell used to make comics that were wildly funny and popular. That would be a good angle for a WN artist.

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  6. weeedwacker
    February 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on mrweedwacker.

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  7. Craig
    February 5, 2015

    Great read Fink thanks mate, your life story sounds very interesting. Good interviewing skills icareviews, you have a highly honed analytical skill, yet strangely with a mix of feminine, which keeps the reader reading. This reader anyway 🙂

    My eternal thanks to “Jay of Melbourne”, if he reads this thank you(I still know where he hangs, trying to persuade the journalists and academics on-line…). For it was he who first introduced me to the white and pink rabbit meme and in fact all of Whitaker’s stuff. Changed my life I guess. It literally forces your mind to pick a side.

    I know how free speech forums can attract more people, the right people with the intestinal fortitude to keep plugging away.

    The open free speech forum attracts everyone, all creeds, all races. How to attract the people we want? It’s a simple formulae really. Create chaos of racial animosity via sock puppets, this attracts all forms of SJW, concerned Liberals and colour blind conservatives like moths to a flame. Once critical mass is appropriated the bubbles of the SJW are then busted with great pleasure with our subtle WN memes. This also gives the indication of who in the zoo you can convert, as in who allies with your subtle WN memes.

    The SJW will be scared away very quickly, their stomachs just can’t handle the truth. It’s pretty even Stevens between the concerned Liberals and colour blind conservatives. Once you know who’s on your side, you can then frame up the threads, and your new converts literally help you fight the forum war going on in comments. You lead them yeah… you must be there rock, the eternal spring of enthusiasm and the hammer that crushes your enemies minds.

    Once your allies become friendly with you the message communication begins, and then industrious people start to make other forums so we can communicate freely(With out being watched by foreign moderators on open free speech forums) and then co-ordinate our efforts for maximum effect, through out the mass media on-line apparatus.

    One thing you’ll notice about the people still stuck in NS mode, they sure as hell work together much more efficiently. Even if it’s a troll forum… You know the forum I talk of yes… I’ve not contributed to that either by the way.


  8. Craig
    February 5, 2015

    For you Fink, some cool Arno art there too.

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  9. Hipster Racist
    February 5, 2015

    Look my basic point was this – everything George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce did was wrong – everything. Back in Rockwell’s day, everyone was “racist” and casual racism was commonplace. It took a clown like Rockwell to make it “uncool.” Rockwell, and people like him, were the worse things that could have happened to White people.

    I was just responding to the question in the interview about the “Tyrone/Schlomo” cartoons. Only three of them are good – the famous one of the Jew rubbing his hands together is great, because it’s mocking the stereotype. The “What’cha doing, Rabbi?” one is good – it’s not funny, but it’s good in an editorial cartoon sort of way. The one with the FBI agent saying “gas the kikes” is good in the same editorial cartoon sort of way.

    But all the rest of them that I have seen are terrible, and they do more harm than good.

    It’s the same thing that happened with the Republicans after Obama was elected. They made two memes – one with Obama as a Witch Doctor and one with watermelons on the White House lawn. Neither were funny, because Obama doesn’t act like a stereotypical ghetto Negro. They just made the Republicans look bad.

    George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce serve as “Anti-models” – if you do the exact opposite of everything they did, you’d be on the right path.


  10. donlogansfortress
    February 6, 2015
  11. whiteworkingman
    February 6, 2015

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  12. rjamesd9
    February 6, 2015

    An excellent read thanks.


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