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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

 Yes, it is better to go with a White candidate that looks like you than a Person of Color, but it is more important for Pro-Whites to gauge whether that White candidate “walks the walk” than just pick the most “conservative” sounding White guy.

Let’s face it, in this day and age, we all find ourselves having to mouth politically correct or expedient platitudes to either get and/or keep the job and preserve our social status.

Politicians are no different.  Indeed, politicians are even tasked with finding the most creative way to “dog whistle” to their constituents without either getting busted by a hyper-vigilant political watchdog group or blasted for breaking an implied promise.

So, words mean nothing, but actions mean everything.

Before pulling that lever, the Pro-White needs to do all diligence and take a closer look at his family composition to determine whether or not he may have divided loyalties that would make him ultimately betray his White constituency.

  Esther Denounces Haman To Ahaseurus

 A great cautionary tale about a White leader with divided family loyalties is in the Bible.  It’s called The Book of Esther.  It’s where a Persian king elevated a Jewess planted in his harem to be his Queen and ultimately signed off on the deaths of 75,000 Persians in order to purge any factions perceived as her Uncle Mordechai’s enemies.  The Jews celebrate it as Purim.

Will a prospective White candidate prevent Black aggression on Whites if his wife and children are varying shades of Black?

Will a prospective White candidate back his police against Black criminals if his family is Black?

Is he going to have a big problem with unfettered illegal Latino immigration into this country if his wife is a Mestiza?

Republican, Jeb Bush, with his wife, Columba and their kids

Will a prospective White candidate want to halt HB1-2 work visas to Asians that displace White Americans if he is married to an Asian? How well will he pursue America’s interests against China if she is of Chinese descent?

Mitch McConnell with his wife, Elaine Chao.

Will a prospective White candidate be that concerned with a future for White children if he encourages the adoption of a Non-White child over a needy White orphan (like, from Eastern Europe)?

Mitt Romney shows off his adopted new Black  grandson.

Will the idea of Whites undergoing bedroom genocide through miscegenation bother him if his own daughter is a race-mixer?

John Boehner Welcomes His New Son-In-Law.

How about if it’s his son?

Meet John McCain’s New Daughter-In-Law!

How likely will a candidate be to put America first in cases where America’s interests and Israel’s interests don’t align? His personal life might be a great way to determine that dilemma.

John McCain with his first wife, Carol

He abandoned Carol and their three kids for the charms of a richer, younger woman because Carol was disfigured in an accident while he was a POW in Hanoi.

John “Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain with wealthy Jewish wife, Cindy, now never meets a war for Israel he doesn’t like.

Carol: Crippled and Muzzled. Symbolic of Heritage Whites betrayed by a White Elite Who Disdains Them for The Other?

If the 2016 presidential nomination rolls out the way it is expected to, we will have a Republican candidate that is married to and has three children by a Mestiza:

Wow. This “conservative” Republican just oozes empathy and compassion for that poor Mexican immigrant just trying to feed his sweet little brown children; perhaps because he raised three adorable little brown rug rats of his own. Oddly enough, he shows no empathy for the poor White American just trying to feed his sweet little White children, because he doesn’t have any of his own to worry about.

Jeb Bush’s reaction was strikingly different from this “liberal” Democrat, Chris Dodd, with two adorable White children of his own to raise. Observe Dodd’s kneejerk reaction when asked about driver’s licenses for illegals at 1:10:

Democrat, Chris Dodd, with his wife, Jackie Marie Clegg and daughters, Grace and Christina.

Or how about the visibly uncomfortable reaction of would-be President Hillary Clinton who kept weaving and dodging the issue? She finally supported New York governor’s decision to give drivers’ licenses to illegal immigration as a way to identify (and prosecute and sue) any illegal immigrants who hit an American driver without giving them full privilege (legal status as voters).

Democrat, Hillary Clinton, with husband, Bill, daughter Chelsea, son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, and granddaughter, Charlotte.

As a side note, that was a clip of Grandpa Prescott Bush to compare this compassionate conservative weasel with. Interesting man, if you go by the press about him.

But still, look at the difference and cringe over how the Bush family has deteriorated from this:

Prescott “A Fascist Who Can Speak Intelligently and Articulately” Bush

To this:

George W. “Family Values Don’t Stop At The Rio Grande!” Bush

Because, in a decade or two, THIS?  ”

President George “A Bush of a Different Color” Bush the Third?!  Eeeeek!

King Ahaseurus was described by Greek historian Herodotus as “vain, foolish, fickle, and hot-tempered.” But one would think he would be a ginormous hero to the Jews? Right? After all, he made all their Purim celebrations possible. Right? Wrong!

In Rabbinical testimony, he was described as “wicked from the beginning to the end of his reign.” According to Rabbi Gamaliel II, “he was simply whimsical and vacillating.” But according to Abba Gorion, “He was so unstable that he sacrificed his wife to his friend, and his friend to his wife.”

And by Ahseurus’ friend, the good Abba Gorion did not mean Esther’s dear Uncle Mordechai!  That’s right, Haman was a loyal patriot who was a true friend to the king, not Mordechai and certainly not Esther! 

And if you study the Bolshevik Revolution, there is a better than even chance that the 75,000 Persians who were slaughtered by Mordechai’s forces were Persia’s intelligentsia, their elite, the flower of Persia.

Which is probably why Ahaseurus of the Bible is also known as Xerxes, the guy who got his ass handed to him by the Greeks in the Battle of Thermopylae.

Here is how he and his Aryan empire are treated in The Three Hundred by producers who probably celebrate Purim.

Unlike the hapless Persians who inherited Ahaseurus, we elect our leaders, which is why we owe it to ourselves and our posterity to look at their private lives a little more critically than the subjects of Ahaseurus could. Yes, to a certain degree, all candidates for public office have to be some rich oligarch’s bitch, be that Sheldon Adelson’s bitch or George Soros’ bitch.

But will that bitch ultimately have skin in the game? There is nothing to indicate that she or he does like a hostage to the future, i.e. White offspring. OTOH nothing indicates better that a candidate’s whole attitude is that “apres moi, le deluge,” (after me, the end) than a race-mixer who produces no descendants who look like his ancestors.

Pay no attention to whether that candidate is affiliated with the Democrats or the allegedly “White” party, the Republiscam. As George Wallace astutely noted back in the sixties, “There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” Besides what do we get with the Republiscum but a bunch who wants to drive the country a little bit more slowly off the cliff than the Democrats? Look at his private dealings. Look at where he lives. Look at who he surrounds himself with. Look at who he is married to. Look at his children and the way they act. Better yet, take a look at his family album before you pick your candidate.


28 comments on “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

  1. icareviews
    February 2, 2015

    Great selection of pictures! Pick one as the “featured image”, please, so that it displays from the Aryan Skynet homepage.


  2. icareviews
    February 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Clytemnestra redefines “skin in the game” for politicians.


  3. donlogansfortress
    February 2, 2015
  4. Erin
    February 3, 2015

    Voting is a waste of time and Chelsea gave birth to a micheling.


  5. clytemnestra57
    February 3, 2015

    Voting may not change much of anything, but IMO it is still important to view finding a candidate who appears to have as much if not more skin in the game than the rest of us as damage control even if the course of the political agenda appears to be set and unalterable.

    I know that Chelsea’s husband is Jewish. To a lot of WNists that is important, but to the vast majority of Whites, it doesn’t matter. Especially since Chelsea’s husband looks White and can give Hillary grandchildren that look like Hillary’s ancestors.

    In a race war, where one’s skin is one’s uniform, Mark is going to be drafted to the White ranks whether he wants to be or not. Or, another way to put it, in the cannibal’s crockpot, Jews are the other White meat!


    • Hipster Racist
      February 3, 2015


      Remember how Bush “choked on a pretel” and showed up with bruises on his face? An obviously bullshit cover story for the likely reality – he had a stroke. Decades of heavy drinking can do that to you. Bush was not really stupid – his speeches during his governorship of Texas were rather articulate. His famous misspeaking was likely caused by the stroke.

      The stroke would have been around January of 2002 if I recall correctly, just months after 9/11.

      I think you are greatly underestimating the You Know Whos. Bill Clinton was the Kosher candidate and it was under his administration that they cemented their control. They had to get rid of Bush Sr., because he was an Arabist and actually stood up to the shitty little country. Bill Clinton is, er, crotch deep in the kosher Alan Dershowitz underage prostitution scandal.

      The problem with these White/Jewish marriages is that it’s almost always the White getting folded into the Tribe, and almost never the other way around. Jews don’t consider themselves white, and part of their strategy is interracial/intertribal breeding. There are tons of Jewish men with Asian wives and half-breed children; their sons will grow up and marry Jewesses and their daughters will convert. It’s the way they operate. So I don’t think you get to count Chelsea are marrying white – Hillary grandchildren will grow up Jewish.

      If you are looking for a woman Democrat to be President – it’s Elizabeth Warren. She’s an honest to god populist and all the silliness about Fauxcahontas was just her getting in on the gravy train. It turns out that her ancestor was not Cherokee, her ancestor had murdered a Cherokee (lol.) She is almost certain to be the VP candidate for the Democrats.

      I actually don’t see the Democrats having anyone to run this time around. Biden is a light-weight and doesn’t seem interested anyway. Hillary is just too old and in poor health. The next President will be white and almost certainly not a Jew. It’s going to be Jeb or Romney.

      Romney really made his fortune as a money launderer for Bush’s Iran-Contra. So that means, like Clinton, he’s got the goods on the Bush clan. I actually think that Mormons are going to be the next Great White Tribe – they have the cohesion other White tribes don’t, and they don’t worship Jews like the Evangelitards do. Plus, Mormons are rich, they have lots of kids, their women are ultra-fertile and “racism” is built into their religion. Plus, they are just some really good looking people.

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      • icareviews
        February 3, 2015

        “Mormons . . . don’t worship Jews like the Evangelitards do.”

        But they are for sale to them, as the Romney candidacy demonstrates – that is, if you consider Romney an actual Mormon and not just an avatar of Mammon.


      • clytemnestra57
        February 3, 2015


        I think you are greatly underestimating the You Know Whos. The problem with these White/Jewish marriages is that it’s almost always the Whites getting folded into the Tribe, and almost never the other way around. Jews don’t consider themselves white, and part of their strategy is interracial/intertribal breeding. There are tons of Jewish men with Asian wives and half-breed children; their sons will grow up and marry Jewesses and their daughters will convert. It’s the way they operate. So I don’t think you get to count Chelsea are marrying white – Hillary grandchildren will grow up Jewish.

        I don’t underestimate them, HR. A study of their history indicates that this tribe thinks in terms of centuries, not years. The problem is, that all their “social justice” activism is starting to bite them in the ass big time. Their historical alliance with Blacks is strained to the breaking point, no matter how hard they try to repair it, not to mention all the other alliances they are trying to forge with Non-White groups are shaky, at best.

        The time to “put up or shut up” is long overdue and there is no end of “historically oppressed” minorities lining up to collect. And there is a limited number of White Gentiles from which to redistribute the goodies. All the little squirrels they have unleashed on this country are starting to climb to the higher branches of the Money Tree, because the easy pickings on the lower branches have been picked clean.

        Remember that article by Tal Fortgang (a Jew who felt that the suffering of his ancestors in Europe and Nazi concentration camp not to mention all the hard work they did in this country earned him the good life)? His piece, “Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege” was his own shot across the bow to the Leftists.

        Fortgang was in college and knew that most White Gentiles, particularly White European males, have been pretty much purged from the Ivies, so the only folks left there with “White Privilege” were Jews!

        This “White Privilege” meme is bad for the Jews and Fortgang knows this. Mark Twain was absolutely right when he said their numbers in this country were greatly underrepresented. That means there are lots and lots of Jews out there with higher aspirations who haven’t all made it into an Ivy League and into a cushy job. And they are not going to be happy to have to give up their dreams for a Black or a Latino.

        I’m also thinking from the POV of a White middle class counter-jumper who probably encouraged Chelsea to marry Mark, because that’s where the REAL “White” Privilege is. Did you see her blink and swallow hard when Chris Dodd referred to a driver’s license as a “privilege?” Remember that she herself already was already in a fight she could not win because Barack Obama’s race trumped her gender as an historically oppressed victim who the country owed it to make right with a history-making vote. There were already women prime ministers, i.e. Maggie Thatcher, so she lost her chance at the Democrat Primary to be the shoo-in president in 2008.

        She wanted the presidency bad, HR. She may be thwarted again, but those presidential ambitions will probably extend to Chelsea and if not Chelsea, then Charlotte. She was not happy at the idea of yet another “historically oppressed victim’s group” being bumped to the front of the line ahead of her own descendants whether they end up being Jewish or not.


  6. Hipster Racist
    February 3, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    LOL. Cly delivers a swift kick to the groin of “conservative” Republicans.

    I really don’t understand why white interests are necessarily “right wing” anyway? What is all this talk of a “New Right” or “alternative right?” Why “right wing?” Do the terms left and right really have any substantial political meaning these days?

    The Republican party supports imperialism and global capitalism. Both of those things are major causes of multi-culturalism, mass immigration, and globalization. How are they in the interests of white people anyway?

    If you run an Empire, by definition, you are ruling over multiple cultures and peoples. If you are running an international business, you are obviously going to be seeking customers of different races and different cultures. Of course. How could it be otherwise?

    It’s not that the Democrats are any better, of course, but the Republican party is anti-white. It always has been. It is the “party of Lincoln” after all.

    It makes more sense for pro-Whites to be a swing vote, that way, each party has to work to get our votes. If all Whites vote Republican, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will have to cater to Whites, in fact, they will be in competition to get the votes of non-Whites. Isn’t this obvious?

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    • icareviews
      February 3, 2015

      “I really don’t understand why white interests are necessarily ‘right wing’ anyway? What is all this talk of a ‘New Right’ or ‘alternative right?’ Why ‘right wing?’ Do the terms left and right really have any substantial political meaning these days?”

      I embrace the “right” label, at least as it’s applied with accuracy. As employed in typical “left” vs. “right” discourse, it’s clearly a fraud, and for that reason self-identification as “right-wing” would probably mislead mainstream media consumers as to what you’re about; but to the extent that white nationalism concerns itself with the preservation of a people and its civilization, it is literally conservative, if not necessarily “conservative” in the sense in which Republicans deploy that term.

      The “right-wing” smear carries associations of rebellion and radicalism in an age in which almost every traditional taboo has been overthrown. The right-winger is the brooding Marlon Brando or James Dean figure of the twenty-first century. MLK for rising whites is the equivalent of some boring “dead white guy” no minority kid wants to learn about in high school.

      American Free Press is also promoting Elizabeth Warren as a populist. I don’t know enough about her to speak favorably or unfavorably about her, but if she’s tainted by the typically insane liberal Frankfurt School agenda, I wouldn’t touch her.


      • Hipster Racist
        February 4, 2015

        My impression of Elizabeth Warren is that she’s a standard issue left-of-center Democrat from the North East. But she has shown no evidence of outright cultural Marxism as far as I know; she’s obviously not going to be anti-black, she probably is no different than the typical McCain/Romney Republican on immigration.

        But when they come from the Democrats, they swerve right in the general elections – Republicans swing left. I just can’t see Elizabeth Warren pushing race replacing immigration due to ideology, maybe due to politics. I would consider her hardly different than Mitt Romney, frankly.

        I’m not saying I’d vote for her, but she’d probably be better than Hillary, and probably no worse than Romney – maybe even better than Jeb.

        I have no problem in staking out a liberal pro-white nationalist platform, in fact, I think it would work in our favor. There are already enough “right wing” or “new right” pro-white people – why not get the other side now? To be honest, other than racial issues, I’m essentially a left-of-center liberal myself. I really couldn’t care less about anything the Evangelicals care about. I am in no hurry to destroy the welfare state or privatize public assets so billionaires can get tax breaks. As a race-realist, I understand that some sort of affirmative action is necessary for social harmony. I like Ron Paul and supported him, but the idea that we are going to go back to the gold standard is a ludicrous fantasy of ideologues. Ayn Rand was just the flip side of kosher communism.

        I take progressives to task all the time – if they really cared about women’s rights, gay rights, a social safety net, and anti-semitism – they would not support bringing in radically misogynist Muslims, superstitiously anti-semitic mestizo Catholics, fanatically homophobic Africans, and bankrupting the social safety net with millions of third-worlders. If they really cared about progressive social values, they would want to keep America white – as whites are the only people that actually care about progressive social values. If they don’t support a White America, they aren’t really “progressives” – they are just anti-white.

        Trust me, it works. They go nuts when you point that out. It’s like PC Judo – use their strengths against them.


      • clytemnestra57
        February 4, 2015

        @hipsterracist & icareviews:

        My impression of Elizabeth Warren is that she’s a standard issue left-of-center Democrat from the North East. But she has shown no evidence of outright cultural Marxism as far as I know; she’s obviously not going to be anti-black, she probably is no different than the typical McCain/Romney Republican on immigration.

        Okay, I will probably be charged with gender-treason for stating this, but I don’t like the automatic assumption that Elizabeth Warren should be the presidential nominee just because Leftards are getting another “making history” wild-hair up their asses a`la Barack Obama. One would have thought they learned their lesson from it, but I forgot that Leftists are dumber than a cat that won’t sit on a stove twice after getting its ass burned once.

        I don’t want a woman president for the sake of having a woman president. I especially don’t want a woman president in charge of a caponized military and feminized institutions.

        Isabella of Castile was credited with being a great monarch, but she was nothing without the good strong, sword-arm of Ferdinand of Aragon. We could have an American version of Maggie Thatcher running for office, but she’d be ineffective as hell with the bowdlerized structure we now have.

        I want a competent, hard-ass White man with populist leanings to clean the goddam place up.

        I want a White man with combat experience who knows just what kind of sacrifice he is demanding of young White men when he sends them off to war and sees them as something more than toy soldiers.

        If it’s that damned important to make history with a woman, than fine, put Ms. Warren in the more ceremonial role of Vice President. And as a sentimental sop to the Clintons let Hillary assume Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s position in the Supreme Court when she leaves. Then focus on filling any new openings with White Protestant men whose forefathers had a hand in writing the Constitution the court bases its judgments on.

        The former Democrat Senator of Virginia and ex-Marine, James Webb, is considering making a run for President in 2016. He’s talking about the need for Democrats to return to populism and address White Working class issues. I wonder if he’s the ticket?


      • Hipster Racist
        February 4, 2015

        I don’t really care either way about having a woman President. Elizabeth Warren first came to my attention in her role as the Wall Street Bailout “watchdog” – she was supposed to just rubber stamp the bailouts, but instead used it as a platform to restart her career – by going after the banksters. That’s about as good as it gets as far as politicians go.

        IIRC, James Webb is married to a non-white …


  7. Peltast
    February 4, 2015


    “I think you are greatly underestimating the You Know Whos. The problem with these White/Jewish marriages is that it’s almost always the Whites getting folded into the Tribe, and almost never the other way around. Jews don’t consider themselves white, and part of their strategy is interracial/intertribal breeding. There are tons of Jewish men with Asian wives and half-breed children; their sons will grow up and marry Jewesses and their daughters will convert. It’s the way they operate. So I don’t think you get to count Chelsea are marrying white – Hillary grandchildren will grow up Jewish.”

    This is something I’ve noticed a few years ago, when the Elite guys aren’t jews they’re married to jews, a example is Conrad Black, there is even a Russian muslim billionaire married to a jewess.


    • Hipster Racist
      February 4, 2015

      Cly’s point about the story of Esther is spot-on – I have two or three half-written articles saying essentially the same thing, using that story.


      • Peltast
        February 4, 2015

        Yeah, the Book of Esther really show how jews think even if the story is fiction, jews always go straight to the source of power: the King, Emperor, Pope,.. and become a privileged class, the story of Joseph in Egypt on the Book of Genesis is also about this jewish Modus Operandi.

        There is a little know book called Acts of the Pagan Martyrs or Acts of Alexandrian Martyrs about Greek pagan patriots from the City of Alexandria, Egypt during the Roman Imperial period, the Greeks talked with Roman Emperors about Alexandria but the Emperors are always influenced by jewish advisors against the Greeks and were executed. Even on the internet is hard to find information about this book, I wonder why.


      • clytemnestra57
        February 4, 2015

        The Book of Esther is important to remember where race-mixing White men are concerned. I know that White Nationalists get really torqued over the idea of any White woman mixing out, but because she loses all her value to the White race, she cannot influence any power agendas when it comes to the White race the way her White male counterpart can.

        She is dead to us, but he is not. He loves his Non-White children no less than he does, but he retains his autonomy, his position and power to effect their advancement where she cannot. Often at the expense of White children. She is cut off from and shunned by the rest of us, but he is not. It’s where the double standard bites us right in the ass.

        Whatever else you can say about them, the Jews from jump street were a very observant people. They recognized the havoc a powerful man’s Bimbo Eruptions have wrought on a country. That’s why they do everything they can to make sure that bimbo is Jewish and the Torah is larded with admonitions about taking up with any woman who is not Jewish.


  8. weeedwacker
    February 7, 2015

    I seem to recall there were a lot of rumors flying around that Chelsea Clinton was a lesbian but last I heard she married a jew. Oh well, such is life among the rich and famous in this day and age. There was a time when the elite were much more waspy and homos and jews just weren’t even allowed into the better clubs and neighborhoods. 90 years of media programming have done wonders to alter the fundamental fabric of everything.
    Yeah, I have no patience for people who still believe there’s much difference between the two parties since it’s obvious they are both feed from the same hand.
    Oh, btw, I’ve been watching some clips and trailers from those “Prometheus” movies. Have you seen any of them? Get a load of those “engineers”, pretty obvious anti-White propaganda there. I swear, that crap is literally EVERYWHERE in this semitic matrix!


    • clytemnestra57
      February 7, 2015


      There was a time when the elite were much more waspy and homos and jews just weren’t even allowed into the better clubs and neighborhoods. 90 years of media programming have done wonders to alter the fundamental fabric of everything..

      And because they didn’t let Jews into the better clubs and neighborhoods, we had a kinder, gentler, more patriotic White elite who loved and protected their lesser brethren?! SNORT! Gimme a break!

      That’s one area where I have to respectfully disagree with Kevin McDonald’s assessment of the Jewish takeover of the elite as a “hostile elite.” Before Jews infiltrated the elite, that bunch had no problem living large and feasting in palaces while White serfs starved and shivered in hovels.

      Look at the Bible again to see the Jewish power play book in action. Sidle up to the seats of power and become a Court Jew. Help the king and the aristocracy to rip off and enslave the lower orders. Marry into the family to further align their interests to that of the Jews over their own indigenous people. Ultimately purge that class of any indigenous stock and take over, i.e. the Hyksos.

      But …. where in the Bible does it show that when the Egyptians were starving, Pharaoh gave them back enough of the grain stock Joseph advised him to take from them to keep them going until the famine was over?! NOWHERE! He had no problem with them giving him their gold, their land and eventually themselves and their children into slavery to him for THEIR OWN FOOD!

      It’s stunts like these on the part of the elite White leadership that makes me lose all sympathy for them when they fall victim to the outraged White citizenry like during the French Revolution. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

      Pharaoh’s greed and complete lack of concern for the welfare of his own subjects, not to mention his laziness in allowing that fox, Joseph, to watch over the henhouse, sums up the traditional White elite where it comes to the Jews.

      It’s an indictment on the lack of intellectual curiosity on the part of White elites throughout history that only one empire, The Byzantine Empire, lasted for any length of time, even though they allowed the Jews within their borders. They excluded the Jews from government posts, from teaching their children, and from controlling their banks.

      In future White countries, assuming they exist at all in the future, the White populace in general, also must do all due diligence and be vigilant in watching their elite more closely; they are supposed to be the gatekeepers, after all. They must make it a point to purge from the ranks of power anyone who even appears to be too cozy with The Other. That’s all there is to it.


      • weeedwacker
        February 7, 2015

        I only said they kept their distance from them and you took up where I left off and got all baroque with it then you seem to have declared some kind of victory.
        I’m not sure of the terminology, but is that what they call a ‘straw-man’?


  9. clytemnestra57
    February 7, 2015

    I’m not trying to attack a straw-man, weeedwacker; I’m just sick and tired of the constant excuses WNism makes for the White elite. Call it “Little Billy” syndrome. Little Billy is never held responsible for any of his bad actions by Mommy, it was his friend, Sheldon, who is a bad influence.

    That excuse may work for prepubescent children, but it should never be allowed to fly for adults, especially adults who are supposed to be the gatekeepers. It’s like blaming the fifth columnists for sneaking past the sleeping sentries and taking over the town rather than the sentries who decided to take a nap at their posts.

    In the battlefield, sentries who fall asleep at their posts are court-martialed and shot for dereliction of duty. Only our elite seem to get a pass for winking and cutting their own side deals with a group that is clearly at odds with the national interest.

    One thing I hope blogs like this one can accomplish is to educate the White masses of asses out there to the necessity of doing all the due diligence they can when it comes to posting those sentries. If this had only been done from jump street, we would not be in the mess we are in right now.


    • weeedwacker
      February 8, 2015

      So you’re saying that if a guy hires someone or gets help killing of robbing someone that he himself is also at least partially responsible?
      Wow. That’s a revolutionary concept.


  10. thordaddy
    February 10, 2015

    Miscegenation is not a clear-cut instance of self-annihilation like abortion, homosexuality or suicide. Furthermore, the desire of white females nationalists to EQUATE white male miscegenation with white female miscegenation is a tell-tale sign that one is erroneously embracing “equality” without a conscience recognition of the fundamental absurdity is produces.

    Let’s say a white/red nordid male mates with a strictly white nordid female… SHE will produce LESS WHITE children although one may barely notice. Likewise, let’s say a strictly white nordid male mates with a red nordid female (technically miscegenating)… SHE will produce WHITER children than herself (genetically, but not necessarily visually). And there lies the problem in a nut shell. White males who miscegenate PRODUCE a more white child in relation to female who births said child WHILE a white female who miscegenates produces a less white child in relation to herself. And for the white male who mates with a whiter female than himself, she will then produce less white children while a female who mates with a whiter male than herself will produce whiter children. In short, there is no “equality” between white male and white female miscegenation BECAUSE one is the seed and the spawn.


    • thordaddy
      February 10, 2015

      ^^^…because one is the seed and [one is] the spawn.


    • Hipster Racist
      February 11, 2015

      That doesn’t make any sense. If a white man miscegenates with a non-white, his children are “less white.” If a white woman miscegenates with a non-white, her children are “less white.”

      If a non-white man miscegenates with a white woman, his children will be “more white” and if a non-white woman miscegenates with a white man, her children willl be “more white.”

      Your distinction of “seed and spawn” is meaningless.

      It’s true, miscegenation by women is more damaging than miscegenation by men, because women’s fertility is limited, while a man’s is not.

      But that is only in the abstract theoretical sense. In reality, homosexuality, abortion, miscegenation – none of those things really matter all that much. The real limit to white population growth is anti-natalism among (young) white women. This is more of a social problem than some issue with white women themselves.

      Cly’s mistake is thinking that AmRen, with their Asian wives, are “pro-white.” The are not. They are “anti-black” and “anti-brown.”


    • clytemnestra57
      February 11, 2015

      Thordaddy, I have to respectfully disagree with you and Hipster Racist. On two things. HR erroneously assumes that I believe that the Men of Amren are Pro-White. That is wrong. They are definitely Anti-Black, somewhat Anti-Brown (unless its’s their squeeze) and a little Anti-Jew, but I would say they are Pro-White Male and White Male Sexual Privilege.

      The paradox of the Men of Amren is that they loathe the idea of White women miscegenating, because that results in no White men, BUT they are not attracted to them, because they are wired to find Asian women attractive. In a perfect world, they’d use Asian women for sex and White women for breeders.

      I am not equating White male miscegenation with White female miscegenation. In fact, I think White male miscegenation is one thousand times worse.

      Both male and female race-mixers produce more Non-Whites to vie with White children for resources and territory. BUT:

      A woman who mixes out is a pariah and influences absolutely nothing where Whites are concerned. She becomes dead to us. She ultimately is shunned even by her family. Her friends all write her off. Her children will be Black or Brown and mix back into those communities. She is in no position to change or improve their status though she may love her mixed race children desperately.

      A White man loses absolutely no standing whatsoever when he mixes out. His mixed-race children benefit with a better education and access to more resources. He is still in a position to influence and effect other Whites to great deleterious effect as history has shown again and again and again. The most glaring example being Ahaseurus and Esther and the Feast of Purim resulting in the deaths of 75,000 of Persia’s best and brightest. The most recent example being the White men who assisted in the Bolshevik Revolution married to Jewesses all.

      For example, if half of the White men in this country do what Jeb Bush did and marry a brown-skinned Latina, are they going to be at the front lines fending off the hordes of brown masses if Mexico sends in an armed invasion force? Are they going to kill their wives’ people? Their children’s kinfolk?

      When a White woman results in race-mixing, only one womb – her womb – is taken out. When a White man results in race-mixing, the whole nation is taken out! And I don’t care if it’s an upper crust White male politician or the average White man on the street.

      There is a saying that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” That is true enough for Jewish ancestry to go through the mother. But women influence more than their children; they also influence their children’s father. That is why Jews have no problem with Jewesses marrying out to influential men. White women, even if they are racially aware and Pro-White only influence things on a Micro-National level. But men influence things on a Macro-National level, because it is the men, not the women, who are the gatekeepers and the defenders of a civilization.


      • thordaddy
        February 12, 2015


        The “white” males at Amren are by and large anti-white Supremacists and in no way have a distaste for “white” female miscegenating because it results in the annihilation of white males. They have a distaste for “white” female miscegenating because they don’t actually know why and their infatuation with Asian is our best evidence. The problem with above “white men” above who chose miscegenation is that their is simply not a shred of evidence that they are driven by imperial intent. The white Supremacist KNOWS that 99% of “white” females who miscegenate HAVE NO IMPERIAL INTENT, either. And of course, because the final result of miscegenation can’t even begin to be glimpsed for at least 3/4 of a generation later then miscegenation not rooted in generational thinking and thus lacking imperial intent becomes assimilationist… The miscegention above so diabolically odious because it is explicitly self-annihating equal to abortion, homo-sexuality and suicide/euthanasia. BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE and imperial “white” female miscegenators is a nonsensical construct only valued by the radical female liberationist. Unlike, abortion, homo-sexuality and suicide/euthanasia, all miscegenating IS NOT EQUAL. In fact, NO ACT OF miscegenation is equal because the results are never immediate and appearing right now. Imperialism and assimilation are ONLY EVER OBSERVED after the fact. Replicating the white man’s distaste for white females who miscegenate with something “equal” can originate in the desire for equality. The white man cannot create whiter children IN MATING WITH whiter female IN REALTION TO HER, but would seemingly create whiter children in relation to himself. But again, there is optimal and less than optimal, whiter children in relation to the white father or to the white mother? Which is more likely to perpetuate white Supremacy and reject anti-white Supremacisf?

        And just to clarify, I do not think it wise for the white male to gamble with miscegenation for the simple reason that most white males are not white Supremacists and therefore lack generational-thinking and seem destined to be assimilated. And the reason white males should have visceral distaste for WF/BM “union” is that it’s a subtle reminder that in the shoes of the white father with white daughter is a miscegenation as rejection of CREATIVE seed, a rebellion against the Father, a submission to radical sexual autonomy… With the pathological indifference to the sexual selection of your white daughter. And yet in “our” sons, we subconsciously project onto their miscegenation an imperial intent and a sexual conquest that rejects assimilation when there is no evidence to suggest such a verboten ethos actually exists in father or son. From my standpoint, my daughters marry a whiter man and my sons marry a whiter female BUT IF he were to miscegenate then he must do it with imperial intent, rejection of assimilation and in the name of genuine white Supremacy so that he would, at minimum, teach his children the idea of mating whiter BUT IF…


      • thordaddy
        February 12, 2015

        Sorry for all the typos, missing words, etc… It’s an iPhone thing.


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