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The Espionage Model II

So I’m reading my usual White Nationalist blogs, Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer, Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal, Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents, and Colin Liddel’s Alternative Right, when I decide to check the statistics and incoming links for Aryan Skynet. Seeing traffic coming from reddit, I click over and find myself eventually browsing the /r/conspiracy section when I stumble across a “crowd sourced” piece by investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed titled “How the CIA Made Google.”

Immediately, I became enlightened.

Aryan SkynetIn the White Nationalist blogosphere, Greg Johnson is musing on Jan  Assmann’s “Moses the Egyptian,” about the probable origins of the Jewish religion as an Egyptian heresy. Andrew Nowcki of Radix Journal is podcasting his latest “Wank Session” about avoiding sex with women, various Christian commenters on TOO are arguing over Protestantism vs. Catholicism while “Fr. John+” (Friar John Plus?) – a self-styled “orthodox Christian priest” with no actual connection to any actually existing orthodox Christian institution – is explaining how Europeans are the “True Israel” and Jews are actually the “Deicides” who killed Jesus. On Radix, “Laguna Beach Fogey” is predicting an imminent Rambo-style shooting war between Whites and non-white immigrants while “Wat Tyler’s Revolt” is complaining about presumably homosexual authors in the White Nationalist movement and explaining, in pornographic detail, the mechanics of anal sex.

“Wank Session” indeed.

Meanwhile, in the 21 Century, Ahmed gives a brief history of In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm that helped to create the modern internet behemoth Google, the NSA’s world wide online espionage and information warfare program, and “the intersection of advanced Pentagon strategy on surveillance, covert operations and irregular warfare: mobilizing mass surveillance to develop detailed information on violent and non-violent groups perceived as potentially threatening to US interests, or offering opportunities for exploitation, thus feeding directly into US covert operations.”

Reading the White Nationalist blogs, one is reminded of the old saying about generals always fighting the last war. Or in this case, about ten wars back.

It’s not that culture and history aren’t important – they are. But they are important in how they shape the present, thus the future, of the race. It’s not that sex and family formation aren’t important – they are. But sex and sexual culture are important in how they create and nuture the next generation of the race. It’s not that the potential for violent conflict is not important – it is. But fantasies about guerrilla warfare against “ZOG” are just that – fantasies – in the era of mass surveillance and drone warfare.

Can we be serious for a moment?

black-bar-sunglassesIn 2015, all white countries – and only white countries – are being singled out for mass immigration to physically replace and breed out the existing white population. While it is undoubtedly true that the self-described “non-white” Ashkenazi Jewish ethnic group – a powerful faction of Western elites – is promoting this race-replacing immigration, Ashkenazi Jews are but a minority of Western elites, and could not replace Whites without help from various elite Whites.

While it is true that the religion and culture of Islam are particularly complicating and dangerous aspects of the race replacing immigration into Europe, the Muslim world, for nearly the last 20 years, has been the victim of constant military attacks from Western powers when not being under the occupation of Western puppet governments.

While it is true that the post-1960s sexual revolution has added a toxic element into our sexual culture, and economic changes have made family formation riskier, more expensive and more challenging for American middle and working class women and men, it is not as if we’ve forgotten how to reproduce our race and raise the next generation.

American “White Nationalism” as a modern political movement had its genesis in the reaction to post-WWII forced racial integration, and it has a track record of 100% abject failure – it hasn’t won a single battle, ever, not one time. One of the first prominent White Nationalists was George Lincoln Rockwell, who all but invented the “costume clown” stereotype. A decade after America had fought a war against National Socialist Germany, Rockwell adopted the public persona of the official enemy, dressing in a faux-Nazi uniform while doing publicity stunts in a self-styled “Hate Bus.” Regardless of his actual intentions, his act may as well have been developed by the ADL and the $PLC, much like the Westboro Baptist Church of the 2000s may as well have been “made to order” by the gay rights movement – both had the effect of discrediting their own putative causes and generating sympathy for the other side.

However compelling William Pierce’s analysis of the enemies of Europeans and our plight, his legacy was a short-lived cult of personality and a completely ineffective subcutural ghetto that inspired virtually no one and turned off far more Whites than it attracted. William Pierce’s main claim to fame in the public’s mind was his support for the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Bulding – itself likely a “false flag” having more to do with Iran-Contra than the siege on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas – and his ludicrous posturing about winning “Timothy McVeigh’s way.”

David Lane and his “Order” managed to rob a few banks and pornographic bookstores, kill a popular liberal Jewish radio host, and give the ADL and the $PLC legitimacy in the eyes of the FBI and law enforcement, not to mention provided 20 years of fundraising for the enemy based on their actions and public image. Lane spent his last days in federal prison writing lesbian spanking porn.

Again, the post-WWII White Nationalist movement has an unbroken and consistent record of abject failure. All we can learn from them is what not to do.

So perhaps it might be a good idea instead to look at some successful models. Ashkenazi Jews and the Zionist lobby certainly have a rather successful track record post-WWII. So maybe it’s a good idea to at least look at what they have done and perhaps emulate some of that model for ourselves.

In keeping with the “Espionage Model” theme, and taking a cue from the Mossad’s slogan, “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War,” let’s look at a few successful propaganda campaigns from the kosher crowd. Let me introduce to you Frances Cohen, Jospeh Cohen, Adam Pearlman, and the very interesting case of an internet poster called “Ham Bacon Eggs.”



18 comments on “The Espionage Model II

  1. Hipster Racist
    January 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Choose your enemy like you choose your battles – fight the wars you can win. If your enemy won’t cooperate, become your enemy.


  2. donlogansfortress
    January 29, 2015
  3. icareviews
    January 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Hipster Racist’s best post yet? You decide!


  4. thordaddy
    January 29, 2015

    Truly elite whites would call themselves white Supremacists. What “we” have is a “default elite” comprised largely of “white” anti-white Supremacists whose elite status is “gained” by virtue of doing absolutely nothing elite, but rather, coaxing a nation of whites into self-annihilating.


  5. clytemnestra57
    January 29, 2015

    The guy feuding with himself as Anti-Semite and Philo-Semite posters reminds me a bit of Amren’s John Engleman. I notice that any really interesting threads that look like they might be productive, lead people to all the right conclusions, and even coming up with effective strategies are routinely disrupted by John Engleman because these threads deteriorate to all the posters “debating” with John Engleman about John Engleman’s Asian fetish and Jewish Supremacism, even though he swears he is neither Jewish or Asian.

    A lot of the posters there loathe him. I have tried posting there to tell people to make it a point to ignore John Engleman and let him jabber to himself, but for some strange reason, my posts never see the light of day there, LOL.


    • thordaddy
      January 29, 2015


      “Jewish Supremacism” is no such thing. The Jew qua Jew DOES NOT BELIEVE in objective Supremacy. The Jew Jew, whether orthodox or leftist, IS an anti-Supremacist, i.e., a rejector of the The Perfect Man as empirical fact.


      • thordaddy
        January 29, 2015



        “Jewish Supremacism” is no such thing. The Jew qua Jew DOES NOT BELIEVE in objective Supremacy. The Jewqua Jew, whether orthodox or leftist, IS an anti-Supremacist, i.e., a rejector of the The Perfect Man as empirical fact.


      • clytemnestra57
        January 31, 2015

        I have to respectfully disagree with you, Thordaddy.

        Supremacy isn’t about The Perfect Man; it’s about the Mentally and Physically Fittest surviving and dominating everyone else. Though many of them aren’t the most physically fit of specimens, the Jews have historically chosen to self-select for intelligence, figuring a smart man can dominate any brute, no matter how strong.

        Contrary to all their Snivel Rights and Social Justice Activism, Jews don’t believe in true equality. Only Whites have and still do fall for that malarkey. And it’s all on us for buying this bill of goods. Jews know that one group must dominate and they are determined to be that group. Thanks to their focus and cohesion, they have been very successful.

        Interestingly enough, Jews don’t believe in Perfection. Even “G-d” isn’t perfect to them. They believe He thoroughly screwed everything up from Jump Street. In fact, in one story, they have this Rabbi out-debate “G-d” who tells him how much smarter he is! That’s why they have “Tikkum Olam,” which literally means “perfecting the world.”

        Of course, it’s been disastrous for them, but even 109 or 110 expulsions haven’t convinced them otherwise.

        My own premise is that Nature (or God, if you will) is perfect and logical in every sense of the world, it is Mankind that is flawed and irrational. Whites used to realize this and work within Natural Law and the reason why we are in such bad straits now is that we have forgotten Nature’s Law.


    • Hipster Racist
      January 31, 2015

      People come under a spell when reading the internet that’s very similar to the kind of spell they get under watching TV.

      For instance, I feel like I actually know you; but of course, you could be five different people posting under the same handle.

      In my more paranoid moments, I think about how MW is a Russian-speaking “former” military that was once involved in the National Alliance – the background screams “spook.”

      By the way, folks, it would be really useful to read that Common Dreams article and really understand the hasbara techniques. I would say that it is very, very effective. You control both sides of the debate.

      The Russians call this “the enemy face” – you put the face on the enemy.


      • Craig
        February 1, 2015

        Surveillance, Targeting and Acquisition… Sound as spooky? It’s not really, unless you’re in the febver of war dropping bombs.

        Guess that has prior learning the STA, if you have the brains to transfer that across to other mediums. I knew a few computer spooks in de military, and they do nothing like you suggest. Only one part of the military is semi ABC spooky really, and they’re the pointy end. What you suggest is really ABC agency or NGO Agency, same thing sometimes. Though as you know the military institution does feed into the ABC agencies.

        I’ve even spotted a Chinese sand stormer(There equivalent of ABC Agency on the net) deleting communist stuff of the Rhodesian war, the Chinese communists contributions via the gun trade to the Bantu Bantu.

        Funny thing about having long names in de military, if you ever get pulled up by the cops for say speeding, and you live on base, your address is your Unit. If the cop is being an arsehole you don’t give him the acronyms to shorten the Units name… 🙂 Done that a couple of times. Even mind fucked my way around a bad cop, good cop routine, cause they didn’t get me with the laser gun, too quick…Last remark of the cop. “If I had of had my laser gun, I would of had you.!” Lucky too, other wise I would of lost the car under the new hoon laws.

        Had a sleeper van, only a 1.5L Exa Turbo, but the van only weighed 810Kg, so in the day I’d fly by WRX’s, RX-7’s and stuff. Oh to reminisce

        I was 21 young, dumb and full of…


  6. mindweapon
    January 29, 2015


    The people doing real stuff are not posting on the internet, for the most part. However, I got something good I’m about to post right about now.



    • thordaddy
      January 30, 2015

      Huh? Then how do “we” know what these generic people are doing?

      Most white people need do little more than form a family and raise said family as well as possible… And overcome their learned psychological resistance to white Supremacy.


  7. White Rose
    January 30, 2015

    I think the challenge with our people is that it is so hard to get our people to believe we ARE a people, let alone a people worth fighting for…

    It’s exhausting and disheartening, to say the least, trying to navigate through the infighting, subversive trolls like Engelman, and truckloads of straw men. It’s like trying to herd bloody cats in a thunder storm.

    I think the dream of having a prominent White leader unite us all under his charismatic charms and lead us to a brave new world can be safely filed away under Things That Won’t Work at this point in time. We are going to have to use our incredible genetic creativity and talent to fight for our people using the weapons that are being used against us, and, likely, it’s going to be under the ever-increasing radar of the anti-White. Nothing wrong with going undercover and using the same psy-ops weapons being used against us. It’s time to realize our forthright, honest attitudes and generous natures need to be reserved for our people and our people alone, and those who aren’t us don’t get any more of our lifeblood. The party is over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hipster Racist
      January 31, 2015

      @White Rose

      it is so hard to get our people to believe we ARE a people

      Yes, European/White individualism – it’s both a blessing and a curse.


  8. Erin
    February 1, 2015

    Great article Hipster!


  9. wilfred
    February 17, 2015

    Read the jews answers and try to intuite him.

    Also, that Common Dreams response is worth seeing.

    “The website’s executive director, Craig Brown, was personally appalled at the anti-Semitic comments–and had a financial motivation to block these commenters. ”

    Make that 500 million times and we have the current situation.

    They didin’t even dox the fucker who attacked them and tried to destroy their reputation.


  10. guest
    August 13, 2016

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