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Responding to Boehner and the Republicans – “Who Bitch This Is?”

I'm Israel's bitch and so are you

Recently the neoreactionary web jester known as the Duck contributed a post to the popular PUA blog Chateau Heartiste. Duck commented on a video taken at a video game tournament, wherein a young Negro celebrated his gaming triumph in a particularly boisterous manner, in such a way that some crude racist stereotypes might have been confirmed for the knuckle-dragging contingent who haven’t learned the lessons from boastful right-wing American radio hosts and their audience members that a “color blind” ethic in day-to-day life should always be adhered to (presumably even when set upon by a pack of Knockout Game contestants).

A fairly rotund woman, annoyed with the histrionics, attempted to physically sit the Negro down whereupon he uttered the now infamous phrase: “Who bitch this is?” Duck suggested that this response be memorialized as a rallying cry for those engaged in the fight to salvage American manhood from the relentlessly retarded assault of feminism.

In a very different context, this very phrase popped into yours truly’s brain when confronted with the grotesquerie of House Speaker John Boehner “inviting” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come to Washington in March to “speak” to Congress. John Boehner? Who bitch this is? Answer: the Jews. With all due respect to the Duck, “Who bitch this is?” (WBTI) arguably has a far broader “rallying cry” potential and application outside the world of male resistance to feminists. It can be used to provocatively call attention to the Jewish money running the political brothel that now bestrides the Potomac.

We are told that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) “invited” Larry Silverstein’s bellicose friend Bibi Netanyahu to Washington. First off, Boehner doesn’t even call the shots in his own family, as evidenced by his daughter’s Jamaican Rastaman husband. However, we can be sure that such a maneuver was demanded by the Israelis and American Jews in seeking to apply pressure to the as yet not entirely broken mulatto in the White House to ratchet up economic sanctions against Iran as a prelude to war. Jewish-owned media will provide cover for this astounding usurpation of the executive branch’s constitutional and historic duty to negotiate with foreign heads of state and governments.

Symbolically, we’ve entered a new filthy shtetl where congressional dabbling in foreign relations has now become public with a grand ceremony with leverage complimentarily applied by the media, even though it’s been standard practice for years for Congressmen to make all-expenses paid trips to Israel where they clandestinely receive their donor’s orders behind closed doors. While there they get paraded around like complete donkey’s asses and they don a yarmulke, visit the Golden Holocaust Calf, and stop off at the Whining Wall (all the while being plied with alcohol and whores for blackmail purposes).

Boehner weeps for starving Israeli children

Boehner weeps for starving Israeli children

The Obama administration is not happy – inside sources have reportedly said that Netanyahu’s gambit is a “slap in the face.” Let’s hope Obama doesn’t ask “What would Jesus do?” and turn the other cheek.

Relations between Obama and Israel have been cold for some time. Essentially the problem is that Obama won’t go whole-hog (excuse me, whole-cow) on Israel’s enemies. He’s given them Libya, helped pull the rug out from under Egypt’s Mubarak, and armed radical jihadis to take down Assad’s Syrian regime. And don’t forget, not one banker has been held accountable since the deliberately-caused recession of 2008.

However, that’s not enough for Jewish Supremacists that know no sense of timing and proportion, as Paquita Deshishmaref has memorably put it according to Michael Collins Piper. Obama, perhaps finally coming to grips with the mounting chaos he has helped instigate in the Middle East, has sought to diplomatically approach Iran to discuss a deal that would prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons. That’s right – prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons. Now why would Israel be opposed to this? Simply, because Iran is an obstacle to Israeli hegemony in the region and they want it absolutely destroyed, not negotiated with.

This goes way back for Bibi who co-authored the notorious paper in 1996, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” which was essentially an update of Oded Yinon’s masterwork, “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” that called for an aggressive divide and conquer strategy in the Middle East by eliminating anti-Zionist governments in the Middle East. Furthermore, Netanyahu, who claimed that 9/11 was “good for Israel,” even wrote a book back in the 80s called Terrorism: How the West Can Win, in which he suggests the War of the Semites (my terminology) is actually the West’s fight (according to neocon doctrine, to think otherwise is to plant yourself firmly in the swamp of anti-Semitism).

What can we expect when Netanyahu steps up onto the dais: Will he pull an illustration of a Looney Tunes bomb out of a black hat like he did at the United Nations? Will the Jewish media allow him to disgrace their cherished mulatto President with nary a rebuke? Will Congress surpass their 29 standing ovations that Bibi received the last time he bellowed to Congress while standing betwixt the Capitol Building’s ornate wooden-relief fasces (some of you Patriots will recognize that as a sign of the forthcoming FOURTH REICH!), leaving the production bonanza of the State of the Union comparably in the dust?

Will Bibi click his heels and invoke the mantra “Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust” and mentally transport a Jew-propagandized American population to the mythical gas chambers of Auschwitz, a psychological blackmail tool to prevent dastardly “isolationism?” Or more grimly, will the speech be timed to accord with a momentous terrorist attack, thereby amplifying Bibi’s demands and magically conferring upon him a superior authority, making this bit of Zionist theater the crowning piece of a psychological operation to whip the embattled American Empire into another war for Israel?

This Zionist operation, whatever its intended nefarious goals, was planned without the knowledge of President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry, the crypto-Jew who has been repeatedly clowned by the Israelis as he shuttles back and forth to Tel Aviv while various government officials openly mock him in major Israeli media and torpedo his overtures. Indeed, anonymous sources in the Obama administration have said that Neyanyahu has “spat” in their faces by going behind their back and aiming to sabotage the administration’s diplomatic efforts vis-à-vis Iran. Well, it won’t be the first time. Incidentally, it won’t be the first time a Jew spat in a goy’s face – in fact, that’s a daily practice in the Unholy Land with Christian clergymen standing in for spittoons.

So, will Obama live up to the anonymous threats that surfaced from his administration, namely, that Netanyahu will “pay a price”? I doubt it but I’m still slightly optimistic. You can only be made a clown so many times, particularly if you’re an egomaniac on the level of Obama. And there are numerous historical examples of individuals who owe their careers to Jews but later turned against them (e.g, Stalin, James Forrestal, Michael Jackson, etc.).

Whatchoo talkin bout, Bibi?

How should he react? As opposed as I am to Obama, liberalism, and the entire decadent anti-society that we have today, I still would relish seeing a President retaliate against a thoroughly craven Israel-first toady like Boehner by yelling out this powerful phrase, broadcast around the world and sure to reverberate through time. “Mr. President, excuse me, what did you think of Speaker Boehner’s invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress?” “Boehner?! Who bitch this is?!” And consider – it is all the more authoritative considering Obama’s Negritude.

On a more practical level, I encourage you to point this out to your friends who may not be so informed politically or call in to right-wing radio stations if you dare soil yourself in that wretched mire. Point out how unprecedented it is, how corrosive it is of national sovereignty to have policy hijacked by foreign governmental officials, and finally, point to the Sheldon Adelsons of the world and other Jewish money-men that control politicians like Boehner and most of his Republican colleagues for the perceived benefit of Israel. Even if you support Israel as a good Judeo-Christian (you clearly have much to learn), how could you possibly support forfeiting America’s right to determine its own foreign policy unhindered by external manipulators?

If they haven’t cut you off yet, then comes the payload: “In the final analysis: Who bitch this is? Answer: Jews.”

Don Logan


10 comments on “Responding to Boehner and the Republicans – “Who Bitch This Is?”

  1. donlogansfortress
    January 29, 2015
  2. icareviews
    January 29, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Welcome Don Logan to Aryan Skynet. This bloke’s first post is hard-hitting as hell.


  3. clytemnestra57
    January 29, 2015

    Awesome post, Don. As Craig from Australia astutely observed, a lot of WN memes are leaking into the mainstream media lately, for several reasons:

    1) Hemorrhaging viewers

    a) They are too busy setting up the narrative to report real news which makes any viewer with two working brain cells suspect their credibility.

    b) Their narrative skews too Anti-White which alienates any self-respecting White viewer.

    c) Their narrative skews too pro-illegal immigrants which alienates any legal American.

    2) Low ratings

    a) Because they cannot be bothered to report real news, they limit themselves to two or three topics and ignore everything else.

    b) Repetitive means boring.

    c) The agenda behind what is being reported is at strong variance with the average American’s agenda.

    3) Slowly reserving course

    a) The Usual Suspects are scared that they have gone too far and they are destroying the host too quickly.

    b) Their Non-White allies are not as malleable as they thought.

    c) They fear the brewing White backlash

    4) Co-option, which is proving very tricky for them right now.

    Don’s meme needs to be spread all over the internet. Especially when it comes to the Republiscam. Any time a Republscum tries to weasel out of any of the promises that he has made to the constituents who voted him in, Everyone should be asking “Who Bitch This Is?”

    Enemies will always be a major problem to our people, but one that can be easily dealt with if we focus on exposing and punishing our traitors, even if all we have the power to do is point and sneer.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Administration
    January 30, 2015

    Don Logan, you have some skill.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Don Logan
    January 30, 2015

    Thanks clytemnestra57. I fully advocate the weaponized meme.


  6. Hipster Racist
    January 31, 2015

    I suspect the GOP love affair with Israel is simply this: Jews are Democrats, they form the core leadership of the Democratic party and donate most of the money. Jews are the “ATM of American politics” and they are the vanguard of liberalism.

    The GOP uses the Israel issue to get some of that Jew political money – they aren’t going to get any Jewish votes, positive Jewish media coverage, or Jewish institutional support. But they can pit the foreign Zionists against the American Jews, and that’s what they do.

    The fact that Zionist wars are supported by two important GOP constituents – the military-industrial complex and the Christian Zionists – is just gravy.

    Of course, Jews win either way, while whites lose either way. Hence, a lot of our problem.

    I suspect there is a way to swing this in our favor; we should support pro-Palestinian Democrats and libertarian, isolationist, Ron Paul-style Republicans.

    Great writing, by the way, you clearly have a way with words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • icareviews
      January 31, 2015

      You might enjoy listening to a David Cole speech that the IHR put out on two CDs. Drawing on his experiences as a Republican fundraiser, he addresses Jewish influence and claims it’s really mandatory to be pro-Israel to get anywhere in either party. He says that only “at the fringes”, basically in a ghetto voting district, is it possible to put forward an anti-Zionist candidate.


  7. Hipster Racist
    January 31, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist.


  8. Craig
    January 31, 2015

    This is very good writing, intuitive indeed.

    I made a prediction 4 years ago, in a message conversation with a Portuguese man who is rather pissed off at his countries Freemasons political antics, in regarding ME Zionism. At the end of our conversation he complimented me on my Hermetic Gnostic knowledge, I’m not even a Gnostic. Go figure.

    Our conversation was related to the geopolitics on the ground in the Middle East, my Portuguese friends data inspired my meme involving an isolationist position of bare minimal support on the USA’s behalf of the coming conflict. Though I’ve never published this meme too publicly.

    Obviously Iran’s ‘K’ selected people and culture are targeted for fracture and destruction, just as we are, Iran faces the danger directly on it’s border, not just in relation to Israel’s expanding hegemony, also directly in demographics of the Sunni encircling the Shia Shiite. Iran could be the Democratic War Generals best friend in crushing this little ISIS problem that’s been created to expand utter chaos from Damascus, across the Sumer.

    Either way much blood is going to run in the sands over there, better they fight for their own lands then us.

    Thing is, could a Democratic USA help countries they are in direct ideological opposition to involving Russia, or will the USA and Russia shake hands again?


  9. Pingback: Western Civilization in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time | The Kakistocracy

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